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    Whatever You Make With Macaroni, I'll Pay For | ZHC Crafts
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      I wanted Michele to win😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    2. Eve Lockley

      I hope Michele gets her date night

    3. lalremsiami 21

      Love it! :)

    4. Madhur Agarwal

      The hammer would have been most effective against Parker...but coincidentally.. HE HIMSELF GOT IT!! they are making art with macaroni and here i am....can't even make mac 'n cheese!

    5. UnbeatbleGamez

      the lobster made me HUNGRY

    6. Olivia White

      Viv making a Mac book😉

    7. Chelsea Fry

      Can I have one

    8. Samuel Lapp

      mr beast copy cat

    9. Georgi Austin

      Didn't he say that McKenzie had 22 but Michelle had 27?

    10. Payton Schulthies

      you shoud do a tye die chalens

    11. Stacey L

      I feel bad for viv

    12. ivan lin

      Michelle masterpiece looks tasty

    13. lori mowers

      i like all of them can i have a shoutout

    14. Brooks B


    15. Brooks B


    16. Brooks B


    17. Aljawhara


    18. Sponge Bob

      who else thinks viv looses literally every time

    19. Aniyah B

      I don’t care either way Michelle WON!!!!!

    20. Stuck In a Tree

      Poor Michelle, that looked amazing

    21. Farwa Aziz

      I hate Makenzie 😠

    22. Farwa Aziz

      i feel so bad for michelle

    23. Nur Fathimah

      I love macaroni.

    24. Aleena Siddiqui

      since parker won he wins shoes but only one pair

    25. Mr Pickle


    26. MARYAM ALI

      i am eating macarooni OuO

    27. Dawn Raven

      How about one challenge where the artists don’t get interrupted

    28. #MargoArmy

      Ok but im eating macaroni rn..

    29. Kolbeinn Goði

      Viv is ugly

    30. Pooja Bishnoi

      ZHC kiss Michelle

    31. Ronnabelle Buenaflor

      Michelles reaction when Zhc broke her art was so heart braking ughhh cant and she did Effort and yah it was so nice and amazing :

    32. Sicarioo

      Come my house

    33. bannana lord Said

      Aw man the didn’t build the macaroni spaceship for g Th e minions :(

    34. Bianey Martinez

      I’m sad I was just correcting all your videos and I love your videos all

    35. Battleboy1987

      The only reason why Parker won, is because mckenzhi's stuff was to expensive lol

    36. ᗴᒪIᘔᗩᗷᗴTᕼ ᔕᑕᕼᑌYᒪᗴᖇ

      Nah I’d say Zach: whatever they make ill end up destroying.

    37. Om Patel

      6:28 CPS has been called

    38. Amazing Aussie

      They should have given 1 shoe since he only made 1. lol

    39. Benicio Martinez


    40. Kaleb Avalos

      What a great boyfriend

    41. RuStY CrUsTy GaMeRs

      ok the count to destroy michelle's painting 1 bang BANG! BANG! BANG!..........NOOOOOO!

    42. DiDi Kids Time Club

      Your art house studio and post a colors are so cool!

    43. Layla

      What Michelles was the best) :

    44. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    45. Vaibhav Reddy

      5:18- anybody noticed parker dipped his finger in glue to pick up the macaroni pieces more easily *cheating!!!!

    46. Lemon& Lime

      i think viv or michelle shouldve won.. but thats just me

    47. Dianna Clark

      Awww me tooo

    48. William Moffat


    49. J4YTUB3R

      I feel as viv had a hole in her canvas she still did a brill job so she should've won

    50. Yari Ruiz

      Michelle’s artwork was the best in my opinion:]

    51. Kat C.

      He really doesn't want date night

    52. Moa Green

      I Love Your KGup videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    53. Emilysoccer17 17


    54. Nia Sondagar

      Michelle’s was so good

    55. Anthony Sciarrotta

      *Michelle's art* was honestly the *best*

    56. Melly Mode

      Anyone else like always feel bad for Viv I feel like she’s not really appreciated, but that’s just what I think because her art is amazing

    57. morgan kiser

      he is copying Mr. beast, you can tell by the way he talks

    58. game sleep chill

      use your diamonds

    59. Shiya Patel

      1:57 Viv that was not English

    60. Trisha Macasa

      I feel so bad for Michelle

    61. Hương Phan Liên

      michelle art is so cool and cute, it is the best art i think.....

    62. Preyia Dozier

      I'm so sad never had macaroni art😿😿😿

    63. Krish C

      parker should get only one shoe because he painted only one shoe :)

    64. David Kelley


    65. Sham Rahimi

      I hate zhc Michelle is beautiful I really hate the blue man

    66. Srishti Das

      In the nest vedio "best iphone art wins $3000000

    67. Zev Polun

      I say hi to Mckenzie Jaz and Viv

    68. Magic Robloxgirl


    69. kingucho ;

      Eh why is she soo weak

    70. Adopt me trader Trading fly ride griffin

      I give the brown haired girl a 9 out of 10

    71. Adopt me trader Trading fly ride griffin


    72. Best Flipper

      He said a wapster

    73. bee me

      Zhc what breed is your dog

    74. Aoife Lottie

      He only made one shoe not a pair

    75. Nadj Tunjic


    76. Yap Teck Foo

      Thank you ZHC

    77. Blue Destiny

      Hi I am a big fan

    78. tyler ha

      Parker is good at this

    79. Dark Matter_09

      Juice wrld shirt

    80. John Raymond Balbin

      parker is an aso

    81. ItsBlossomPlays

      I feel so bad for Michele her work was so cool it’s was the best for me but congratulations to the winner 😇.

    82. Geraldine Tadeo


    83. Mujeer Khan

      Helo zhc IAM big fan of your I don't have a phone so pls can you send an I phone for me😭😭😭😭😭😭

    84. Muzamil Saleh

      U allways make a stuipit videos👎👎 everone dislike to him

    85. Candice Skike

      It looks like it's Mac and cheese

    86. Soledad Guevarra


    87. Odj Uw

      The foamy titanium basally whine because hole unknowingly serve before a long-term customer. stormy, ill-informed experience

    88. nureeno

      I like the way Michelle says wow when Viv pours the glue in the jar

    89. Khagendra Shahi


    90. Fahda Faizal

      Did Zach say “ who ever has the less amount of macaroni will be a-lemon-ated 🤣🤣


      Very bad work to all

    92. The McCamish Sisters

      I think that Michelle's art was the best

    93. First name Last name

      8:21 you just need to get him one shoe because you don't do a pair of shoes on the Painting

    94. Sebastian Tyrrell

      This mans shirt is sickkkk

    95. Nila Ci

      Use cheese, not glue!

    96. Eden .O

      I felt so bad for Michelle cuz hers was so good

    97. Anupriya Gruber

      Hulk the dog is so cute

    98. Jamilet Benito

      sorry but i don't like the girl that has blonde hair not viv the one that was next to michille

    99. Walter Allen

      Ahhhhh go Kenzie

    100. Walter Allen

      Nooo Michelle