GMC HUMMER EV | “Superstar Meets Supertruck - with Lebron James”| GMC


200 миӊ. көрүүлөр93

    Lebron James shares his exclusive first look at and reaction to
    the GMC HUMMER EV, the world’s first all-electric supertruck.
    Learn more about the GMC HUMMER EV and reserve yours today at
    Limitations apply. At participating dealers.
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    1. mhydn5prtype

      Don't want it🙄.... Stick to B-Ball Lebron.

    2. Vau K

      He is so big that hammer fell small in front of him

    3. Sureshwari Singh

      My childhood dream to buy this car

    4. JTHAWK101 T.

      Now I am jealous! If you got the money flaunt it.

    5. Rob

      Truck so smol next to him

    6. Jay Jay

      Exactly why not to buy GMC anymore

    7. joe lovercio

      Why would you have LaMonron talk about this.

    8. Challenge to get 1,000 subs with no vids

      fake ad. this is a big car. NOT SMALL..

    9. mcjogom

      👍Thank you!.👍

    10. Melvin M

      0:12 Nothing a little green tape can’t fix 😂 how Elon stay winning without spending a single dollar on ads let GM pay for it ... btw Lebron owns a Model X and i8

    11. FamilyFirstJ


    12. Chirantan

      Here for the Tesla Wall connector XD

    13. NULL

      The wall connector is the best part of the video

    14. Wham Baam Teslacam

      I spy with my little eye: A Tesla wall connector in a Hummer Ad.

      1. Trebortf

        Lool i saw that on twitter haha. It was posted by a guy called bennettm.

    15. burlingame87

      Nice Tesla Wall connector.

    16. Hassan

      There's a Tesla charger in the garage lol.

    17. Ghana Mafia

      Lebron would be one of the best celebrity faces for this car.... I can see 3 celebs.... Lebron, The Rock, and Tom Brady....

    18. Robert Hill

      The king🤴 of trucks the Hummer move over the queen 👸🏾 of trucks the Range Rover

    19. RATNAM

      പഴയ ഹമ്മർന്റെ ലുക്ക് ഇല്ല

    20. Waths Up

      GMC, revive the Lincoln and Cadillac from the 1970s with a new brand 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    21. Big Chris

      He can't even fit 😭😂🤣

    22. Jose G

      Isn’t this the same clown that claims to be so oppressed here in America?

    23. hanif siraj

      i love it more 😍😍😍😍😍

    24. Devil Kain

      Car enthusiast punching the air right now

    25. Michael mason

      WHITE.. Wow surprising choice for the full blown RACIST

    26. uhmeizuhngralphf05

      Why do people dislike this video

    27. Isai Sapien

      Can’t anyone tell he has to duck to look out... he ain’t gonna drive this thing much A lot of people talking how short it is in height from the windshield perspective.. but very wide

    28. Frxud

      uh oh- my dad goin' buy like 20 of them .-.

      1. BepTex

        -20 of them

    29. The Jazzy Life

      Bet the police won’t be hunting him down in that

    30. Tam Tam

      More like hummer meets super truck ..LeBron is a beast .

    31. 123OGNIAN

      Wasnt this the china sellout dude?

    32. abdoul aziz sembene

      You deserve this car from Sénégal

    33. V8Supercar1

      Not a big fan of Lebron, but GMC picked the right person for this.

    34. EL NINI


    35. Christian Ocampos

      I went, "that Hummer is kinda smöl" and then realised why

    36. Arch Angel Michael

      Great pairing😇.

    37. Kyle Owens

      Weird, I figured he’d be crying about something

    38. USA

      Remember when he fell and cried like a baby

    39. Robertico

      LeWoke James

    40. Austin Romo

      Michael is better!

    41. David Nierzwick

      Lebron wrecks everything.

    42. Markell Williams

      Look at how "oppressed" Ya'lls PAGAN god is!! Whips that ain't even out yet, Rich as 💩 but he's kept down by the WHITE MAN. YA'LL must have forgot the skin colorof the man that writes his checks. GTFOH!!!!

    43. A. P.

      Rod Stewart said it best "Some guys have all the Luck"

    44. D C

      Making cash but spouting trash. USA!! Freedom and opportunity on display

    45. Bayrem

      He's bigger than this huge car.😳

    46. CesarConH

      Always love to see over payed athletes get free stuff

    47. Hiep Truong

      i would love it to if i got paid to drive one.

    48. Mike Lliteras

      Anything that racists pos is selling, I’m not buying

    49. Donny O'Neil Jr.

      I bet GM thought we will get millions of views, hahaha. Too bad it will be the rich like Lebron that can afford them

    50. Doc Hammer

      I'd rather have an old school HUMMER.

    51. sunshinemodels1

      The "car" looked small even before Lebron got in it. Wouldn't pay 80,000, let alone 119000 fully loaded

    52. knight knives

      That hammer made Lebron look skinny

    53. 1990Thunderbolt

      didn't lebron used to own a hummer h2 back in the days?

    54. ruffrida100

      Sooo how about a truck for us common folk?

    55. Dice Mane

      I got mine and take to work to show off but then I wake up

    56. Ernie Tejeda


    57. nick Charli

      Lebron likes it no thanks. He’s a fraud

    58. Justsome Randomdude

      Like the hummer. Don’t care for Labron

    59. Marshal 9913

      I wouldn't buy anything the race baiting Lebrown James endorses.

    60. BladeRunner

      LeBron backs down to China bc of money, then turns around and bashes his own country for inequality. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    61. Hyun Wigel

      The ill rod enzymatically face because dance phytogeographically beg onto a serious fender. delicate, entertaining package

    62. Jamaican Seagal

      Man gotta love this man making millions of Chinese sweat shops

      1. Jamaican Seagal

        @Callisto could care less if he’s black or not but okay let’s make it about skin color as if we’re not all humans why does your skin pigment matter so much?

      2. Jamaican Seagal

        @Callisto not hating on successful black men, hating on hypocrisy

      3. Jamaican Seagal

        @Nathan Osbourne I have a flip phone sir 👋

      4. ruffrida100

        @Callisto did someone mention race? Or now is every non white person that gets criticized a victim of racism? I’m guessing yea

      5. ruffrida100

        @tayloredsince83 we do, and we used to have a president that was taking steps to encourage companies to come back home. Not any more, let’s keep raising taxes, at least it will keep the sweatshops open

    63. Jerome p

      This suits him perfectly

    64. Elon Musk


    65. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

      1. ruffrida100

        @wiiuboy619 yea if only

      2. Charlinator_3001

        Still FAR less pollutant per mile than a typical gas car though

      3. wiiuboy619

        @ruffrida100 petition to make nevada only solar panels

      4. ruffrida100

        Or, or, enjoy rolling blackouts, cause California can barely keep the lights on, 200 million electric vehicles? unless we turn Nevada into a giant solar panel lol

      5. Cyborg82SS

        So true

    66. DetailXPerts


    67. chase


    68. nathan koroush

      Your wife wants her yoga pants back, queen james.

    69. Jonah Ravi

      Imagine this pulling a trailer loaded with his 918 as well...

    70. boogey gunman

      Oppressed bum

    71. #1strangealaskan aloha

      LeBron is a sellout.

    72. notoriousvegan

      What a diva.


      dodge n ford is better]

    74. KF

      Lebron is a 🍑... Bad choice GMC

    75. cloudali

      This man went from a hummer scandal in high school to being paid to promote them. Legend

      1. ξlitΞzer Soldierௐ ̈

        @Dr. Alexander Hamilton Lol, you're right!

      2. Dr. Alexander Hamilton

        @Deganawida X're white.

    76. Scott Deaton

      Hey wait a minute, I thought Lebitch was against expensive material objects and loathed priviledge?

      1. Scott Deaton

        @II_DYNASTY {WR} I wouldn't frame those like that.

      2. II_DYNASTY {WR}

        He owns a 918 and a cullinan I guess your wrong

    77. Rob Young

      Dude is garbage get him off your advertisement! Nice ride though!

    78. Sponge Bob

      that car is pretty big because even LEEBRON can sit in it

    79. Esequiel Monzon

      I’m surprised he hasn’t called it racist or bring his oppression into this.

    80. E. Vasquez

      Only rich people...100k+... great job GM...not

      1. II_DYNASTY {WR}

        79k base model

      2. L Milli

        Almost 120k🤦🏽‍♂️

    81. Mokset Harous

      W😎W this is so unique just Im gonna say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب

    82. Halil Ganiev

      The car is so bad that it requires you to pay a subscription fee for the autopilot when autopilot on Teslas are free. And, Hummer is gonna be 90k, the Cybertruck 40k.

      1. II_DYNASTY {WR}

        @Halil Ganiev it was an icon similar to the g wagon

      2. Halil Ganiev

        @Lee Z Gas powered hummer an icon? Lol im pretty sure it doesnt have a good reputation but i get what youre trying to say

      3. II_DYNASTY {WR}

        @Halil Ganiev alr so your information isn't trust worthy then nice talking to ya

      4. Halil Ganiev

        @II_DYNASTY {WR} super cruise? Lol. Do you know that the "super cruise" isnt even compatible on most roads?

      5. II_DYNASTY {WR}

        @Halil Ganiev well it's cads super cruise and where did you learn that from.

    83. ace ace

      Lebron james should move to China since that's where he gets a good chunk of his money.

      1. ace ace

        @Terry DixonI retired when I was 31, I'm not hating. He makes millions off of sweatshop workers for his brand. He knows what goes on in those factories, he's not dumb.

      2. Terry Dixon

        Your hating comment reeks of envy and jealousy.

    84. Ben Jammin

      "So futuristic and so bold at the same time. So sleek and bold." -Ricky Bobby possibly?

    85. Rohan Shah

      Has nothing on the cybertruck

    86. Great People

      Left Wing BLM is Fraud Movement , He is Agitator in SPORT

    87. nii clark

      Lebron don't like white people....why support him?

      1. Miem Elm

        @Mo white haha

      2. Mo white

        For that same reason

    88. Karell Tulod

      NICE CAR

    89. R5150i

      Let me ruin Everyone’s Day or night I won’t be getting a Hummer by GMC I don’t think I will ever get one.... not because of my dislikes or preferences but because my credit score is below 500 and Ive tried for years to restore my credit and I’ve been hacked over the years (credit, SSN ) But it won’t stop me from visiting the dealership to window shop..... One day Hit a like for me to get one.. and trust me I will get one Or a Tesla cyber truck

    90. Wee Wee

      He got paid for this one

    91. Adam Palma

      What is the song used in this video?

    92. Mark Plott

      GMC - you tried and YOU FAILED. send to the TRASH bin and start again.

      1. Mark Plott

        @theflew - most People who ordered EAP + Tesla have already converted to SR+ Tesla or have bought the DM Tesla.

      2. theflew

        @Mark Plott Reservations are not sales. Technically Tesla should still be working through Model 3 reservations, but that's not the case.

      3. Shane O' Mac

        @Mark Plott Porsche was founded in the 30s

      4. Mark Plott

        @Shane O' Mac - PORSCHE invinted the Pratical Electric car in 1890. but, they went BANKRUPT. and the ICE cars dominated from there.

      5. Shane O' Mac

        @Mark Plott GM has been experimenting with electric vehicles since before the ev1 in the early 90s

    93. K h

      But the colour is white... this is oppressive for this pandering simpleton... we want one in black, designed and built by blacks... ow wait...

    94. Yogi Chiranjeev

      Brings a smile with every replay...

    95. Rob Thomas

      I have an 06 Buick.............if anyone cares.

    96. IpadPro Gamer

      Only truck he can fit in

    97. Terrell Melvin

      Gmc don't stand behind they products... beware!!!

    98. Dedwarmo

      How did they get it in and out of the garage?

      1. Drone World

        With the battery duh it’s a pre production

    99. SW

      I don't know how many people will buy the Hummer EV because of James? A big waste of money by GM

      1. SW

        @Bill Roy ok, I will learn how to read people's minds instead what they wrote

      2. Bill Roy

        @SW sorry not accepted.

      3. SW

        @Bill Roy it must be the way you worded your response. It sounds like you are saying it has already sold out (because of James) Misunderstanding, sorry.

      4. Bill Roy

        @SW James had nothing to do with people buying the truck. It was sold out within the first 10 minutes. Just answering your question. I have no idea what your grumbling about now.

      5. SW

        @Bill Roy What does that have anything to do with what I have said?????? So, it is a sunny day and it must be me looking through the window that causes it to happen. All the first editions of Ford Broncho have sold out, is that because of James also?

    100. TangledThorns

      Do you know who didn't spend millions of dollars on a celebrity endorsement for their electric truck? Tesla!

      1. theflew

        When Tesla has fanboys willing to comment and downplay other EV's for free why pay a celebrity? Also, Lebron's first vehicle was a Hummer, so there is some history.

      2. Google Mail

        To be fair Elon Musk literally is the celebrity and founder. He has PR people like most. Their public relations and release event system are literally designed to be the marketing to save on budget in large part. Marketing is one of the largest expenses of car companies generally. GMC and the other auto co in its structure dont have front facing exec leadership in the same way as Tesla anymore because the company has been around far longer than its founders at this point. William C. Durant has been dead for more than 70 years (RIP). Id hope he would like this vehicle however. Regardless that isnt exactly a fair comparison and im sure GMC could get any number of celebrities/social media people to support this vehicle without paying them as theyve already done if im not mistaken especially for some of the earlier previews. Btw generally ohhhhh nooooo theres going to be 2 fairly different use case/market segment electric truck type vehicles..... im sure both wont basically sell as many as the market can get from their production if theyre reasonably solid when actually produced. Most of the other EV trucks anywhere close to those arent expected for a while after these and also have virtually zero real world proven production experience so its probably going to be a little more difficult for them compared to GMC or Tesla for that matter to actually deliver. Manufacturing reliable vehicles at scale with consistency and precision at low cost quickly is difficult IRL. Hopefully eventual competition in the segment more widely and M & A/IP licensing brings some invention to the market thats really novel and useful generally. This concludes my ted talk. 🤷‍♂️

      3. jonathan barker