Canadian Winter Water Gun FIGHT!

Channel Super Fun

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    We are having a water gun fight in the Canadian way! These Spyra One water guns are insanely powerful!
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    1. Pixel_Man

      I'm gonna buy a wada gun

    2. Freaky Snuke

      You might say they were _iced up_ 😤

    3. Makis Equinox

      Goes to finally check how much these things cost....$300 for a pair, jfc. Yeah no thanks.

    4. Lourdes Storey


    5. mushy

      The girls names are Ho & Butt?

    6. HomeSchool Twins

      Why are thay waring masks and rubber gloves

    7. Dr Moose

      Actually, i’m waiting for madison to host some videos for channel super fun...🤟🏼

    8. M Haikal al Fatih

      this i have russia memes = in USA you crack peanuts but in RUSSIA peanuts crack you

    9. Matt Dniels

      "team red wins" de ja vue

    10. Mayank Agrawal

      I don't know why but mkbhd's video and dave2d videos looks better visually then linus media group's video but they use the same camera which is used by linus media group and dave2d uses same video editing software too as linus media group. But still linus videos feel like taken on a smartphone and mkbhd and dave2d video taken on red. Please improve your video linus media group.

    11. Ali Chehab

      Bro imma buy this gun

    12. PC Gamer

      The color was pathetically weak - you should have checked this aspect before you made the video. Was this your first time making a video?

    13. FIREFIRE CPB:- Advance Beyblading

      This is SO fun

    14. DJ Scottdog

      Never been drunk 🤣

    15. skylar

      It’s a water gun it’s power full with a 8th Gen Intel core i9

    16. Poggers Poggers

      is this linus vlogging channel

    17. Matthew Champlain

      A watergun that requires electricity? Why not just get a regular super soaker?🤔

    18. Eddie Boughner

      We are still waiting for your revenge on colton for the pregnancy prank. Give the people what they want Linus

    19. Eddie Boughner

      7:27 the laugh sounds like seth rogan lol


      *What if Nicky V Returns This Year ? - Things that will never happen

    21. bob awesome

      That "yes!" From Riley was great 😂

    22. ONE 1 YT

      Original Title: Some random Tech KGuprs playing with High Tech Water Guns

    23. DatOneDud

      Kinda glad Channel Super Fun is back lol

    24. Weta

      3:48 Ilove you Riley XD

    25. Matt Wilson

      Was tempted to order a pair of the water guns, but no shipping to Australia. The price tag is also insane, but I'd imagine that they're of decent quality.

    26. Doughboi_ Bigboi

      Should have just dumped out the other teams water

    27. Will Taylor

      When You realize this was filmed in fall not winter. ._. R.I.P Tyler😭

    28. Joe D


    29. Eli- shane

      all is fair in love and war

    30. EradifyerAO

      So it's like the Super soaker reMASTERED?

    31. stylezLP604

      1:12 Dennis totally noticing the hand motion I noticed.

    32. LukeTheDucko

      Is this what it’s like to be in the canadian military?

    33. Hap py


    34. Mr_No_Name

      Rip Tyler.

    35. Naman Chauhan

      the neighbours must be so entertained lol

    36. Naman Chauhan

      basically team AMD is winning against team intel

    37. Jordan Wolf

      More videos!!!!

    38. Alex Bacon

      This is basically what happens everytime you have a water gun/ nerf gun war, it's turns into a hell hole of cheating, literally everytime lmao

    39. Timmy

      Canadians be like: _"It's winter, time to have some 'ice water games' in the garden..."_

    40. Vinay Kushwaha

      Reilly that motivational speet

    41. sublevel03

      "I've never been drunk before" 0.o You guys need to set aside a weekend and maybe expand your horizons a bit... :P

    42. aleksander Okonek

      The quick celsius promisingly wink because turn understandably sign onto a opposite icon. chivalrous, hallowed witness

    43. Alex

      Linus: They're cheaters! Also Linus: *Cheats on every round

    44. Mayank Shrivastava

      8:12 "Whoever wins the round is the people who are less coloured" So having Yvonne on your team is an automatic loss?

    45. Dgboss78

      I love this channel so much

    46. Shawn Peeples

      Team or Couples shock collar. Every answer you get wrong, shock. Maybe something like jeopardy or newlywed game style. The host shocks the contestants. Dennis is the host.

    47. Goodman 4525

      "I've never been drunk" I thought you guys met in college dude

    48. hirakos beis

      that naruto run tho

    49. Isaac Samuel

      You guys are finally posting videos..I Like CSF Videos( CSF = Channel Super Fun)

    50. PizzaPestoPasta

      This was actually quite fun

    51. GamerDan

      I actually got that water gun (I got the first one ever realeased)

    52. BlueSteel0929

      yk what, this was funny

    53. Richard Hanney

      Two things, 1. Never got drunk? Neither of them? Ever? 2. Surely the first thing you should do in this type of battle is tip over the opposition's water to prevent them from being able to fire back.

    54. STFU

      I miss nicky v 🙁

    55. McDonldHamburger

      I didnt realize this channel existed until the airpods max review at the end on shortcircuit lol

    56. Jesse

      God those guns are over $200,, sheesh.

    57. Jesse

      Cute, he thinks they have winter in Vancouver lol

    58. Rin Okumura

      Boys vs. Girls XD

    59. Cosmix oscelot

      When they go high, we go low hahahahahahahahahhahahahah

    60. コチハ / Kochiha

      Never thought I'd see the day where Dennis became LMG's Quartermaster.

    61. Lego Minifig

      the whole game is basically "THERE CHEATING"

    62. Stokar

      now that is a cool water gun, imagine what the youtube modders can do with it.

    63. Aksshay Sharma 265-19

      Damm linus cheated in all the games.

    64. State College CONELRAD

      damn Linus pimpin, got all the girls up here

    65. E

      No Rgb?

    66. S

      They’re young but move old

    67. Hicham Gouchida

      Hello give me the Old GTX1660Super please ☺

    68. DaBstOkinawa

      We need another nerd sports with James and Luke

    69. Harpax A

      The refill bucket should be at separate bases... not in the middle

    70. Ballin Tube

      Put foodcoloring on water and then wear all white then y’all fight with them guns sounds fun

    71. Nicholas Burridge

      wo Yyvon is aggresive

    72. El DiabloGaming

      Not gonna lie. Linus is starting to look like Captain Price,

    73. 孙仲伦

      Not strong enough to be painful

    74. michael snow

      1:12 look at dude in back😂

    75. Riyan Pratama

      Do you think Denis is a top or bottom? I think he is a top but might also vers.

    76. TheCommanderOnDeck

      This is quality content

    77. friz3001

      wow, full male team vs full female team. will the binary division never end?

    78. OctorTheGiant

      Real Gun would've been cheaper at Walmart

    79. Benjamin Hausmann

      canada is reali beutyfull

    80. Fraggle

      Reach 34 without ever getting drunk. Only 0.1% of players has this.

    81. Rory LeBlanc

      still waiting on that colton revenge prank

    82. Josh Bauer

      I honestly can't tell if butt is sarah's last name or just a nickname

    83. keefy

      Alternative tittle “ltm workers take there anger out on there boss”

    84. Green Viper

      this is the first time ive seen linus wear actual shoes

    85. keefy

      Linus ladd

    86. nem tudom

      Why am i not surprised that Cheaty Mc cheaterson tried to manipulate the results, lol

    87. nem tudom

      2:00 You're going for an all girls team?

    88. nem tudom

      I can hear Lieberman having an aneurysm from over here, LOL

    89. Kevin

      yall see dennis at 1:12 when linus was demonstrating the cheap water gun

    90. RetroBoy

      I Miss nicky V....☹️

    91. ganesh raj kyatham

      What happened to Linus tech tips ? Why is he doing all this dumb shit ?

    92. HollywoodSniper II

      Linus running at the end is comedy gold

    93. chnapo1

      Team blue: We are not the smartest, we are not the strongest and we are not the fastest. Sounds like an Intel briefing.

    94. chnapo1

      Yvonne: I´ve never been drunk. Linus: I´ve never been drunk either. They are worth being internet celebrities, being a great example for many in so many ways (not drinking, hard working, nice family etc.).

    95. Anuhlog

      Uploads a vid in November saying it's the winter...stupid how some creators can mislead in their titles but others cant

    96. oddly btw

      the ammo dumps should have been away from one another

    97. Zbionix / Caleb H.

      this is so dumb ... its not fun when people cheat, being creative is fine but ignoring hits is annoying

    98. Maverick

      team terran/riley went postal on linus at 10:10 XD thats when the video started looking like a liveleak upload and not channelsupperfun

    99. paherbst524

      I'm sorry, but never been drunk???

    100. juju Diaz

      Boys vs girls lol