Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)

Joyner Lucas

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    1. Jerry Lee

      such a good video, fuck

    2. mwas after

      Yooh joyner is really open minded,,

    3. Michael Clinton

      How does 6ix9ine get 100 mil views with that tutu crap Joyner should have 200 million views with this nothing but bars and facts 💯% 🔥

    4. Yoh-Bruh

      I wanna be a Cop

    5. Leafs Life

      Nice acting on the detectives part 🔥 dude

    6. cody jones

      I shall show my son this so he stops telling on his little brother all the time 💀

    7. Rasmus Hølmer-Hansen

      This reminds me of the great Nipsey Hussle

    8. Mr Ingram

      Always deliver

    9. lil naru

      These rappers join gangs and talking bout the gang wasn't loyal to you when you joined it willingly you knew the code before you joined why snitch and then say stupid shit like that you shouldn't have joined in the first place practice to THINK before you make your choices 🙌

    10. Erik Weirich

      You can write more to this I can write some lyrics but my lawyer the only case you brought was I'm the monder tales of tom Sawyers parents put him on meth he go turrets was his choice I have the but explaining got me board I could sell a pound a day but can't afford it People shot down in life I can't ignore it If you spit the shit I wrote please remember I am it only for my frist born

      1. Erik Weirich

        I know what I wrote fam I've never wrote for me

    11. Jonathan Yueh Kai Hu

      they got budget doc rivers as one of the detective

    12. TheDoct0r

      people are so evil , changing "telling the truth and making it right" to Snitching is baffling ,, tell the truth , cuz there are families and homes that got wrecked by criminal acts

    13. John marathon Costie

      Trust he getting paid when he get out if he ain’t talk

    14. quaid marshall

      I would snitch to get out of life in prison

    15. BBQPig22

      feels like adhd was released last week

    16. People


    17. HU特

      is that a picture of DJ Kahlid on the table

    18. Lil Fella89

      Joyner u sir are a fukin dog 🔥🔥🔥🔥 BARZ


      Dis too Hard

    20. Lane Thomas

      This is how it is there's still true motherfuking out here in Northwest Arkansas we don't work for the man

    21. Noblesse

      i’m still snitching...

    22. Spook Statik

      They changed their race what the fuck

    23. sourdeez

    24. Dreadara

      Who started putting in laminate and gave up after they couldnt finish the first row? lol

    25. Larry Davis

      I swear this a shot a 69 snitching azz

    26. Slim_GoodE

      Em and Dre Guilty Conscious vibes..💥💥💥💯💯💪🏾

    27. Eric Lane

      I'm not about that life yo. Hope I never be in that situation. Im skinny, soft spoken, and booty cheeks clenched on a thousand. I'd never survive prison

    28. Gaming Savior

      Idk not having a dad would be rough so snitch. It’s not just your life you risk not snitching with a family

    29. tayda's a shithead

      i love how he showed what would happen in both situations

    30. Chief_Big_trees

      Joyner saving rap one song at a time.

    31. Jake Dubray

      Ohhhhhhhh 69

    32. Angia Diamonte

      Never that snitch..nah

    33. Angia Diamonte


    34. Renardo miller


    35. Sean Clough

      Lawyer up stupid!

    36. wayne wayo aveyard

      6ix9ine you can now add deaf to your dumb...because youre going to pertend not to hear this 🔥🔥 but all this wouldnt have been if you only had stayed mute.

    37. Baxidouh

      Let me tell you something right now these 2 guys are in the other room! And you know what they’re doing? THEY ARE FUCKING! *loading* 10 second later- SINGING

    38. my username

      Joyner Lucas is a horrible artist lmfao

    39. Jerome Pinnock

      You know what i wana see Joyner in a movie a good deep movie

    40. Kiran Dhamdhere

      i just walked in on my friends can yall help?

    41. Lovely Solomon

      I love you so much. You keep me from losing my sanity. And I'm a woman. Still understand you a mighty lot.

    42. M X

      Real talk, i'd probably snitch too. Good thing I'm not a stupid gangsta though.

    43. Ryder Lyons

      I think this is my fav song now

    44. Felix Reyes

      This shyt🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯!!!

    45. Kenny Leonard

      That’s why lately i don’t see 6ix9ine on Instagram no more


      *guilty conscience vibes* 🔥 🔥 🐐

    47. digital subliminal messages

      S R B You think it's in there too / possibly / //haa/ don't it/ I feel like I'm closing in on the walls ///// I caught that bite/

    48. NON STOP HUSTLE Channel

      Free Bobby

    49. Nathan Cammack

      This is just a new version of eminem's guilty conscience lol still sick tho

    50. RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

      That bald guy was Ali Abdelaziz???? From UFC..

    51. Ryan Philips

      This is a sick uk freestyle of snitch, worth checking out🔥

    52. quron Gilmore

      Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. .Jesus Christ is LORD.

      1. toxic goat


    53. Hippy House

      New songs added every week!! Peep my channel! *GIVEAWAY at every hundredth Subscriber”

    54. Nathan Richards

      Tekashi did nothing wrong, he told on his enemies not his friends

    55. Christina Davies

      Id love six nine to do a reaction to this video..

    56. Nexus999

      Joyner back to his story telling shit finally been waiting for the come back

    57. Sugar Shane


      1. Life Is a Game

        Like you

    58. Miel Reid

      Now this is hiphop, not those mumbo jumbo mumblin of asap rocky, kodak black, 69 and the rest of the druggies of the mumble rap niche.

    59. Sloan Frederick

      Free Bobby shmurda

    60. Graham Mitchell

      6ix9ine is tryin’ to disappear

    61. King Of Leone

      Love to see rap like this keep it up Joyner

    62. Alexandre Maurel

      Who recognize Steve Berman skits voice??

    63. max

      Joyner lucas is fucking genius I love him soooooo much 😭😭🥺

    64. Naabaahii Bitsuie

      Deep bro

    65. jake wojdak

      worcester stand up good song

    66. -Imagine-

      This Slaps

    67. Bryan Johnson

      Start WRECK-A-NIZIN' this man's talent damnnnnnnn!

    68. Joseph

      Manz made a whole ass song to say "free bobby smurda"

    69. Joseph Hudson

      Being a snitch is never worth it.

    70. CakeArmy_Max Gaming

      If the cops are talking to you, your partner is obviously not singing.

      1. MASSIVE 8

    71. Fi9Sonic

      Joyner’s level of creativity 💯🔥

    72. Scotty

      Watch this Movie FREE KGup Wants to Have it REMOVED!!

    73. W4R BE4ST 117


    74. Andy Lin

      video was slept on

    75. Ronald Reagan

      woah you made song about SNITCH NINE

    76. Gareth Evans

      Joyner is on fire.i love the realness of his from one of your British fans

    77. Noor Muktar

      He is too sophisticated to be popular. A victim of his own success.

    78. Jason Smoove

      [Intro] Hey, let me clarify something for you You're looking at a lot of fucking time So this is completely up to you We can do this the easy way (Snitch) Or we can do it the hard way (Snitch) I need some fuckin' information (Snitch) And I need it right now (Snitch) [Verse] This your motherfuckin' conscience, nigga, don't even do it Don't start actin' like a bitch 'cause you forgot where you goin' You made choices that done put you here, and now you just ruined And I don't care about why you did it or who got you influenced Nah, don't listen to that nigga, that ain't good advice If you cooperate, then it's your chance to save your life Just tell 'em what thеy wanna know and you won't pay the price Some would call it snitchin', but for mе, I call it make it right Man, fuck that "make it right" shit, you gotta sit through your bid You should've thought about this shit before you did what you did Give a fuck about your family or your bitch or your kids You either gon' respect the code or your gon' get what you give Who gives a fuck about the codes? No one follow codes We both know that jail ain't the place you wanna go Somebody fuckin' on your bitch, you tryna call her phone If I was you, I'd tell them boys everythin' they wanna know Pssh, okay, let's think about this, let's embrace it Let's make an illustration Let's say you switch up with it and bitch up and then make a statement Now niggas in jail, that nigga ain't tellin', had no snitch temptations Now you might be free, but you might get killed for givin' up information And if you don't get killed, then that's a wrap, everybody gon' know you as a rat Won't get no respect for the rest of your life, nobody wanna know you after that You might just run, but you never could hide, how long you hopin' that'll last 'Fore they catch you slippin' and give you somethin' that you know you had to have? Fuck that, let's say you keep your mouth shut and take the blame for it Now you need money on your books, ain't no one payin' for it No visitations or no letters you've been waitin' for That pussy you've been cravin' for, you may not get laid no more And all them niggas that you call your brothers'll be ghost The only one who got you is your mother if you close A bunch of niggas screamin' "free you" and makin' posts No one show up to your trial, niggas pray that you get smoked Man, please tell me you ain't 'bout to take this sucka's advice Your kids'll grow up knowin' that you just a sucka for life Lackin' morals and integrity, it come with a price And if you fold, then you should know that we ain't nothin' alike And if you leavin' here tonight, you better cop a burner Don't fuck around and be somebody ain't nobody heard of Now here's your choice, be a man or be somebody murdered It's either you can take the stand or you'll be Bobby Shmurda Free Bobby Shmurda (Shmurda, Shmurda, Shmurda, Shmurda)

    79. Troy Downing

      Y does this only have 7 mil views this is fuc*kin fire. But Gucci gang has 1 billion views shit is ass backwards

    80. Ky McComas

      Man he got the lyrical mind of Pac.

    81. Aliz yah

      He wasnt even listening to what they were saying, though he made the right and logical decision. Subconscious is powerful.

    82. Madison Pettis

      that good cop bad cop rap damn nigga i cant compete i rap but dam im not this good


      Don't be a ratt..

    84. Bootz Mcgîllîcuty

      Smh. Worst album yet

    85. Maxence Bys

      Très lourd ce son j'adore

    86. melina satanica

      Joyner is a beast..raps like old school north rap

    87. Petr Kozina

      I like how he did the same thing he did in im not racist

    88. Emily Hard

      I don't want to be questioned like that #ThanksbutnoThanks

    89. Luis

      This song is dedicated to 69!

    90. Nizam Ahmad Babajo

      Smartest rapper alive 💯

    91. B St

      Schöne Grüße aus Berlin

    92. B St


    93. B St


    94. Xcissors Beatz

      JL is amazing 🔥🔥🔥 RoundTableTV Dub$ - Good Enuff Xcissors Beatz - Highs & Lows

    95. malt_bydefault

      This that 2020 Guilty Conscience on steroids

    96. tailsfan 3000

      Yeah free bobby shmurda tayk ynw melly and kodak black

    97. Josue Klaingar

      This is crazy good and creative

    98. Jon Avery

      Hey everybody "Snitch" means to steal so everybody that's ever stolen something is a snitch.

    99. schpoingle

      Cryps gonna get you homie. S word gets sos..yeah they run by police

    100. Ben Dover

      To much negative rap shit try again.