Truck vs. Kayak Bank Pond Fishing

Scott Martin

109 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    Hilary Challenges Me Pond Fishing. We make it interesting by bank fishing with a truck vs. kayak in the pond. She is worried about the Gators!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Head on over to Hilary's KGup Channel and make sure to subscribe for future videos!

      1. Daniel L

        When you make your next upgrade, you should turn the warwagon into a crawler. Get a little closer to the water.

      2. 256BassFishing

        Your girl can straight catch bass!

      3. Albert Escalante

        What sup Scott Braden hey Scott got good question what’s best bait for yellow tail

    2. chef Zul


    3. Battleboy 21

      Nothing better than kayak fishing if you have too...try out a kayak you can stand up in like a Jackson Big Rig or equal(many brands now provide stand up stability)and add a power pole!

    4. B Winchester

      I use and love the Hobie peddle yack. Not sure if some of your spots there are deep enough but can always fold them in and use paddles if so.

    5. Paul Maldonato

      I would be very hesitant to fish in Florida in a kayak. Gators would have me spooked!

    6. Eren Kandogan

      a bass truck

    7. Terrible at Fishing

      Would love to see you guys kayak fishing

    8. Mickel Waldron

      I kayak fish in a 10 foot sun dolphin it sucks but it works fish pull you around in it. I enjoy watching you and your dad shows y'all taught me a lot thanks

    9. David Stone

      Bonafide SS127 great fishing kayak high seat or stand very stable

    10. Jill T

      Hillary was like a 2 year old in the kayak

    11. Warren louisiana

      What kinda reel y’all using

    12. JLO

      I would be too afraid that a gator would just pop up out of nowhere and eat me!

    13. Colby Lout

      Crocs do not have a “sport mode”... it’s called “4 wheel drive”.😂

    14. Justin S

      Just picked up a Bonafide SS127, you should definitely check it out Scott! Super stable for stand up fishing, has a super high seating position, and tons of storage for rods, lures, coolers, etc.

    15. douglas miraldi


    16. Drew V

      We need a James/Hillary team vs Scott and B in 2 john boats an see who is victorious

    17. gone fishing

      Can't kyiak with haters but can paddle board with shark's... That fear factor kicks in alot more when your closer to the water...

    18. Gary Godwin

      Awesome. The best videos father and daughter fishing challenges. Love it. Keep videos coming. Thank you and y'all be safe.

    19. Rubber Ducky

      Hillary is a way better guest than Josh from blacktipH

    20. ernest gelinas

      Scott, get a hobe! They’re foot pedaled and super hard to tip over, we take them in creeks or out in the open ocean very stable 👍

    21. edward clement

      Hillary should start out someday as a guide.

    22. derekspace

      Scott, great video! These videos where you fish with your family and friends in these no name ponds and lakes are the best. Keep them coming and keep Hillary making videos, she is a hoot and makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

    23. derekspace

      Scott, great video! These videos where you fish with your family and friends in these no name ponds and lakes are the best. Keep them coming and keep Hillary making videos, she is a hoot and makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

    24. Michael Crider

      These videos should produce a show on Tv.

    25. Michael Crider

      Scott you was doing great kayak fishing. I love the battle truck bass fishing .

    26. Ricardo Crespo

      Love the videos but I think I watched them all cause I binge watch at work lol. I had a question, how do yall deal with the gators if it goes after your bass or if it comes up on you as you fish? Do you have any gator encounter videos?

    27. Jayson Brown

      Oh no! THE GREAT SPINNER WORM may starve to death! Lol love the channel bros. Its funny I can tell you and Brandon are together alot, you both said 3 pounda and you were a long way from each other!

    28. Chris Nobles


    29. michael forbis

      Look into bonafide ss127 or the wilderness atak kayaks.

    30. Stephen Graves

      You 2 R frickin Hilaryious!😉...🍻! Enjoy Y'alls Father Daughter time Sir, Thanks!!

    31. William Wilburn

      Get a hobie

    32. Daniel Was Taken

      Luv u Scott and your daughter is honestly good! Bright future if she chooses to fish on!

    33. Patrick B Outdoors

      Scott you should pickup a Colorado XTS Inflatable pontoon for fishing. Easier to sit in, more stable and easier to add a trolling motor to. Some up to central Florida sometime and fish on mine or I can come to you!

    34. Brennen Markby

      Hillary is hot

    35. Brennen Markby

      Ur daughter is hot like if u agree

    36. Ritchie Cooper

      Scott the pond your fishing , private or public? Wish they had some public ponds like those you guys fish here in OKLAHOMA. Love the time you spend with your daughter. Sure do miss spending quality time with my daughter around that age. Lots of fun

    37. Ivan

      why didnt you guys check the forecast before you went fishing?

    38. Clifton Graves

      If you're gonna get a kayak, get one with a great seat and also you can stand in. You can also get a power pole for it on the windy days. It's a lot of fun, but it can be a bit tedious sometimes. I'm probably in my kayak twice as much as I'm in my big boat. Plus you can't take your big boat way up in the river and snag those big smallies. I have an Ascend 128t that's pretty nice, but you still have to paddle.

    39. jay cutty

      Man it's been a while since I've checked out your videos. Busy with life. how's everyone doing here today? Wassup Scott, wassup Brandon.

    40. Eugene Orr

      look at a jackson big rig nice fishing kayak love mine

    41. Bass Tales

      Kayak fishing >>

    42. The Shaggster

      I’ve been following you on Fishbrain for the longest time and had no idea you did KGup🤣 dropped a sub great video

    43. Camron Cubine

      You bot is cute i like hor

    44. Vance V

      The 16:21 scene where Scott flew by in his truck 😂

    45. River Williams

      Hey I follow you on fishbrain scott martin

    46. Michael Jackson

      Haha killed the kayak fishing

    47. Baked Asf

      Googan baits

    48. Josh Collins

      I’m sure you know quite a few kayak fishermen but dm me if you want some tips or ideas. I do a fair bit in the pnw.

    49. Arre Barre

      what rod is hilary using`?=?

    50. Minnesota 416

      Get a bigger kayak it will help

    51. BigRedBass

      Bonafide kayaks for sure. Super sturdy and hard to tip. Good price too. And Bending Branches paddle. Check it out.

    52. Lance Stumpf

      kayak fishin is much more enjoyable in a kayak that's made for it lol Also, get a NuCanoe Frontier 12

    53. Fishing MW

      Of course you're not going to catch any fish if you're just going to complain about the kayak the whole time.

    54. Sore Lip City

      So did I miss something but when did Scott start using shimano, them shammys are the bees knees. Well in my opinion anyway.

    55. william dobie

      Feel Free Dorado.

    56. High Tied Flies

      feel free lure

    57. Chef Bruening

      It was fun watching the kayak struggles, it's a real learning curve! Although starting or with high winds makes it more challenging. I enjoy Bonafide ss127 I stand and fish with ease and im 6'4 300# has stability but it still only ways 80 pounds so you can throw it on top or in the bed easy. But it all depends on the waters you fish. I miss that juice spot your at! Moved to PA for this year, back in Florida next year! That was fun to watch!! Thanks

    58. Chris Snider

      Ok hope I'm still around when she goes pro!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    59. Brandon Wilson

      Me vs Scott, Kayak vs Kayak, Rookie bass fisherman against Pro bass fisherman. Intermediate Kayaker vs Rookie....Bring it Scott, I think I can drop the hammer on you and take the Scott Martin Challenge. I win, you got to come to Lake Lanier for redemption. You win, you get my favorite fishing hat. Name the place when your ready to lose. I will show you the world of Kayak fishing. My kayak is stable enough to stand, fish and set the hook. Hell if you want I will get you a loaner kayak so we have equal equipment.

    60. Nick Kerr

      LIVE water sports boards are the way to go!

    61. Piped it Outdoors

      Hoby pro angler 14 amazing yak

    62. Andrew S

      Hobie PA12 or PA14 is a great option... I'm about 240lbs and can stand and cast and set the hook all standing up...Jackson big rig is a good one...bonafide is also a great brand that's really stable...I have the Hobie PA12 and it's awesome!

    63. Jeremiah Little

      You need to do some kayak fishing videos

    64. Jimi Jordan

      Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak.

    65. Kou Thao

      You rather get a hobie.

    66. Hunter Starling

      Anybody else see Fox News Channel on his radio?

    67. Nice Beard Bro

      As for Kayak suggestions check out Vibe Kayaks. Profiled them for a TV series I direct for. Great Georgia based company, who wanted to make affordable high quality fishing kayaks

    68. Chris Gibson

      Bonafide SS127. Perfect for bigger guys. I’m 6’ 3” 225lb

    69. john gould

      pelican is a good fishing kayak

    70. Nash B


    71. Thereel_life 713

      Native Titan 10.5 best fishing kayak out there. Light and peddle driven. I have a field and stream shadow caster, it’s stable but heavy and slow.

    72. Snippy Snoop

      Wen are James in a video agen

    73. Bic Lighter

      thatt first one wasnt 2 dude

      1. Bic Lighter

        lmfao hillary knew she was like 2! he over estimating i like him but ittts puting fake expectations when people wiih those sizes and itts 1 pound 12 oz

      2. Bic Lighter

        whattt 4 pounds lmao more like 3

    74. CrazyJiggers

      such calamity she says "i want my worm back" poor thing i was dying watchin her .... hold up the last one was wat?????then wats this one.. too good

    75. Juan Alvear

      Get together with LunkersTv and LFG for kayak fishing challenges

    76. Ricky Dziadek

      Hillary it's raining windy my paddles broke Scott it be aight

    77. Ricky Dziadek

      Loving the content man

    78. eabassing

      Scott needs the kayak with a minn kota motor

    79. Roland Deschain

      She is adorable! Oh Lord that Yosemite Sam blow up was awesome! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    80. carlos solis

      Nice video

    81. Walker Rochester

      Can we hook up some day and fish

    82. gonzo outthere

      I'm thinking if this bass fishing thing doesn't work out, maybe stand up comedy is actuality more your calling Scott.

    83. Michael Chapman

      It’s a little different fishing with shimanos huh😂 they actually work

    84. 256BassFishing

      You and Hilary fishing is just plain awesome. Makes for fun, hilarious, and entertaining videos. 😂🤣😂🤣

    85. quantumDude

      bonafied kayaks all the way scott

    86. Gino Quizon

      Scott, To be honest you need to get a hobie pro angler, im 6 ft 225 lbs and I can stand up and fish no problem, punching mats easily out of it. Do me a favor and look into it. The hobies are amazing Kayaks.

    87. Albert Duran

      Never fished on a kayak but really want to one day

    88. Randy Creason

      Get a oldtown Predator Pdl or a Hobie PA 14. Native also makes good kayaks. Just get with Greg Blanchard. He does the best kayak fishing videos.

    89. Justin King

      Seaghost 130 from Vibe kayaks are very nice and the bonafide ss127 would be the other one I would highly suggest looking at!

    90. DreamZ

      The Hobie pro angler 14 kayak is a great kayak and choice.

    91. KBP BEATS

      Brandon makes me laugh all the time. He’s fricken hilarious!

    92. wildlife explorers

      Hilary is hilarious

    93. nwboy

      Smf going to kbf next year

    94. Seth Ricketts Outdoors

      Your video is great and can’t wait to meet you.

    95. Allen Outdoors

      Need to get one of those tubes u sit in and fish. Lol

    96. Coy Dixon

      Hilary-ous Situation! ...Its time for another James vs. Hilary challenge.

    97. J Tee

      You need the biggest boat that will fit the back of whatever truck you use, of course it's gotta clear the shell & sliding locker/drawers you use. Something with two pontoons, it'd be great if you could stuff a TwinTroller or Pelican back there, put the seats in the back seat of the truck. Bass Pro Shops would probably give you guys one if you'd use it. I think it would make excellent content. Even if you had to tow it on a tiny trailer.

    98. tommie holton

      Scott, are you using that new math? 4+3+1 =9?

      1. Daniel Was Taken

        He said 4 3 and 2...

    99. DAY1fishing !

      Come cant be just me...doesn't Brandon always sound super stoned !? Lol

    100. mohamed dabo

      What happened to James ??