STORY TIME • Why I wasn't into him...

Liza Koshy Too

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    Blame it on the alcohol... and my refined taste in men. Thanks for watching babes. See you again so soon.
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    1. Liza Koshy Too

      To those who are keeping up with the Koshy, thank you. You’ve been watching me creep back into a KGup groove for the past few months (AKA I upload monthly on each of my channels now: LizaKoshy and LizaKoshyToo). And a thicc thanks goes to my creative family at @westbrook who’s helping me whip up this wizardry more consistently! Much more is in store, and girl, I know it’s different than it was before... but I’m truly just proud to share more of my creations, experiences and stories with you. I'll see you very soon.

      1. dee !


      2. ray Robinson

        Liza what have you been

      3. [:]xx_millxx[:]

        we love u 😘

      4. Jenaya.M.

        Happy birthday birthday twin hope you're having a great day!🎂💓💛💜💖💗🎂

      5. MyMelody

        Do ur part stand up for Asian!! They need u more than ever, u can make a difference & come back from making fun/mocking of them.

    2. Devina S

      "do I look like a liquid" 😭😭

    3. Evil kaal

      Liza be like David is going down lets take advantage of it CLICKBAIT...

    4. Skip Culton


    5. Libby Anne

      I miss Liza and Kristen 😭

    6. Tiarys hehe

      I love your videos

    7. The Merc Man

      Racist ... stop Asian Hate

    8. Caitlin Erdmann

      Not me thinking this would be about David.

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    10. The Duck

      why are you screaming

    11. Monky Dollqueen

      God one

    12. teddyzen09


    13. Fatima .A

      I AM A SOLID!!!!

    14. Inoやま中R소원love소녀시대

      Same 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I do react like that I mean I panic in my head like that. HAHAHAHHAHA

    15. Kheli Samarasinghe

      am i the only one that knew it wasn't david?

    16. Eilidh Redmond

      Please make more videos you've not uploaded in so so so long

    17. Jony Quid

      Um Liza be sounding like the Taget lady on SNL 😎

    18. Makayla Malcolm

      Liza should be a professional comedian

    19. Djebebeh Ndbe fv

      I miss liza and David they are such. Cute couple

    20. Sebastian Romano

      Happy late birthday!

    21. AssEyes DickEars

      Am u the only one who thinks Liza is a wonderful singer

    22. Marcus Lee

      Still talent shows

    23. Marcus Lee

      This isn’t funny at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. iliketatertots

        then why did u watch the entire video? and if u didnt why did u say it isnt funny at all considering u havent watched the whole video? and y are u commenting with laughing emojis if it isnt funny at all?

    24. UhM- LeXiE

      Happy birthday LIza! I hope you have a good day :D

    25. Eric McHenry

      Happy 25th Birthday Liza. I believe that everyone should have the best birthday that they can in this new year in a safe way and that includes you. So have an amazing birthday today.

    26. Kimon Gordon

      yeah it is cute

    27. Petergaye Chamberlain

      So.... I watched 6 minutes and 15 seconds of expecting the title to live up to itself. Liza, we love you and we love to see your growth in all aspects but coming on here only to promote merch and the whole click bait thing... It's not working. Take a longer break if needs be... But we want Liza Koshy the loveable conversationalist not the sales woman with deceptive titles.

      1. iliketatertots

        her old videos were scripted and stuff, shes basically doing improv now and is promoting things she actually uses, and the clickbait is basically what everyone does on yt.

    28. CBis Mylifee

      We miss “hey whats up y'all its liza,COMIN AT YOU”

    29. Dian Botax

      So Cool My Girl

    30. TwinkleDay

      Интересно, я тут одна русская?

    31. Awnalee Leonard

      Please post way more

    32. Jjkkssskj Zzkkkjisq

      She should do movie where Maya Rudolph is her mother

    33. The Bowl Show

      I think Liza is annoying

    34. Titi Lectric

      .....she's still doing too much.

    35. tsion basazinew

      Me at 6:01 still waiting for her to talk about him🤦🏽‍♀️

    36. lovelyjuliexo •

      2:47 it’s the echo for me 😂

    37. lovelyjuliexo •

      2:10 start of story time

    38. lovelyjuliexo •

      “has this happened before? is this dua lipa?” 😂

    39. lovelyjuliexo •

      1:8 oh i wasn’t expecting that 😂

    40. lovelyjuliexo •

      0:35 omg the magazine covers 😂

    41. Trashy Aesthetic

      How do you do this shit with a straight face??

    42. Valeria

      Bruh I thought this was about David

    43. Camryn Aikanoff

      Pov: you clicked on this thinking it was about David

    44. Princes Karl Jacobs.


    45. Tabii Alisa

      I’m so confused

    46. Luna

      Her content has gone WAYYYYYY downnn.. I definitely lost interest in her & it sucks. I miss the old videos that would make me laugh 😢

    47. Anna Nelson

      *everyone’s quiet* Liza koshy: “ I DONT GIVE A S*** ABOUT YOUR OPIONS.”

    48. Tacogirl

      I have never ever thought she www even remotely funny. The voices and the weird singing it’s super immature, slap stick lame humor. That’s why kids love it.

    49. jmarvo

      Beautiful ❤️

    50. Judy Dinh

      she’s such an aries lmao

    51. AILA 69

      “Is this dua lipa” 😭😭

    52. Milena

      On a parallel universe: 3:12 out loud I said "oh so there's where all my sweat went"

    53. HeyMiss Ambrosia

      I couldn’t sit through this whole video. She’s so weird and annoying

      1. HeyMiss Ambrosia

        @curl bye I agree

      2. curl bye

        I think her target audience is 6 yr olds. No one older would laugh at her "jokes"

    54. mikeal myers

      This is complete garbage 🤣 i cant believe anyone even watches this trash content

      1. mikeal myers

        @anuj gopal im someone that isnt a fn goofball like her haha

      2. anuj gopal

        but you are🤔

    55. Delanie Mathis

      you still wit david

    56. pallavi

      I love Liza. She is too pure for David.

    57. pallavi

      Leaving David was actually a really good choice. She is THRIVING.

    58. Q & Kiya

      Yo said I am solid not a liquid Liza we are gonna work together one day 🙌🏿🤣🤣

    59. Trisha

      You remind me of old school Grav3yardgirl😂

    60. Danielle Clark-Wegner

      IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU BACK ON KGupEE❤️❤️❤️❤️ been watching you since day 1😍

    61. S J

      She’s not funny.

    62. L K

      Ok I don’t mind youtubers using clickbait but to bait ppl with the title “I didn’t like him” which u knew ppl would construe it to be related to David Dobrik, who is in the heat rn bc he condoned & encouraged his r**ist friend’s actions, is just so irresponsible of u. Ur getting clicks by either unconsciously, or purposefully using a serious situation regarding SA to ur benefit, its just downright strange. Maybe u didn’t have bad intentions, but this comes across as really slimey, Liza.

      1. Lynnn 3

        girl, check the date of upload. This was before the SA thing with Dom resurfaced. You can't say "i wasn't into him" when talking about a guy u dated for YEARS. it's clickbait for sure...but any sane person would know it's not david

    63. Gabby Radin

      DUA LIPA PLS💀💀💀

    64. Galina

      Am i business savvy or evil? No, Liza you are the modern capitalist.

    65. Nicole Woods

      To everyone who's saying he's baiting(due to the title), why would she fucking need to include her ex who he's not interacting with anymore. Also, liza koshy is now a fashion model, actress, and an entrepreneur so basically, KGup isnt something she really needs lmao. Get over their relationship, David dobrik doesn't deserve her.

    66. Jah's Lion

      Yup she tricked us

    67. Qdoosiii

      I like Liza but this video threw me off I’m confused

    68. sabina sailauova

      she reminds me of doja...

    69. Roxana

      Take notes David 😌 this is someone being genuinely funny without making her friends miserable for a fucking vlog to get views.

    70. PRIVATE

      Fun fact David hooked up with my sister while he was in a relationship with you

      1. Luke Rossip


    71. kayaina bennett

      I looked up David and this came up

    72. iMO

      Deprecated....not deparcated

    73. bib_miiro

      I miss Target videos for sure.

    74. Badr Serhiri

      You are over reacting your over reaction. Ps. The title got me here, you know what u did there.

    75. Fruit Jovoli

      Yesssss girl yessssss 🥰❤️

    76. tykisha graham

      3 min story time

    77. witchy angel

      damn we all got clickbated

    78. Missy Marie


      1. Mackenzie Turpin

        ok so i’m not the only one here wanting to die at her “comedy”

    79. Morgan Ashley

      I'm sorry,she seems like a genuinely nice person, but what adult wants to listen to screaming like that for entertainment? And the story doesn't seemed geared towards kids. Who watches this? Seriously? Lol Edit, with peace and love

      1. Lynnn 3

        i'm 20. I love watching Liza cuz she's like a breath of fresh air. I don't really laugh at her jokes but she never fails to entertain me somehow. Hope this clears up some confusion

      2. Mibuk Desjarlais

        I mean clearly you're still watching this. Thanks for the views. 😊

    80. NOLA Baby

      Love you Liza don't take what these haters say to heart do you sis I can't speak for anyone else but I thank you are amazing and on no stalking stuff but I've been watching your videos since vine and I couldn't be prouder of the woman you are to and you have given these haters a run for their money so do you .... and that on little brown girl. period pooh

    81. Ryan Paladino

      Loud = funny

    82. Ian pixel gun bot

      I keep forgetting that rich people can scream in their house and not worry about neighbors unless if it’s loud music

    83. M. Exxogyn

      I’ve never seen a Liza video, are they always like this? (Obnoxious). Not trying to be mean, just want to calibrate.

    84. Gabby Cruz

      ( I haven’t watched this yet) future me how do you feel ?

      1. witchy angel

        @Pinterest Account they're having an interview with themselves, don't be rude

      2. Pinterest Account


    85. Matthew M. Stevick, CFP

    86. Emily Nelson

      I appreciate the Jessie Reyez reference with "suuuuck iiit"

    87. FatBabyOwner

      What The Actual F was this!? Get it together Ma

    88. Edwin Garcia

      Bruhhh your fucken weird I felt stupid watching this shit

    89. Maddie M

      Ight so who’s here after the David’s drama started😂😂😂

      1. valyn Godfrey

        Me 🙋🏾‍♀️😂

    90. just random

      "you can't suck me up like a boba straw" mood 24/7😂

    91. Patrick Harrington


    92. captainrobots

      I would probably say what that guy said.

    93. lea Zaifman

      clearly you can pull anything off! now if i tried this look..... thats a diff story lmao

    94. Imposter

      Over privileged youtuber

    95. Dr. Mantis Toboggan MD

      Unsubscribing taking the situation for your own gain.

    96. Monique Edwards

      5:53 i thought she said " do what ever makes you feel gay" BRUH XDDDD LOL

    97. S.J.J Stewart

      Yay... Liza is baaaaaaaccckkkkkkk 🙌

    98. Visual Reaction

      *This girl is weird, not in the good way. Like in the disturbing, don’t leave her around your kids type of way*

    99. Cori

      its the fact that we all didn't think this was about David until now

    100. Victoria V

      I love seeing happy Liza🤩