ANIMALS on PLANES? Is your PET SAFE flying in CARGO??? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Today’s video goes out to all passengers who travel or want to travel with their household pet on a plane. I’ll be showing you where your pet is being loaded. I’ll mention three possible ways of transporting your pet and what you should look out for!
    I hope you enjoy the video and it’s been helpful to you!
    Thank you very much for your time!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Angharad Llewellyn

      Thanks. Excellent info. I move around a lot and ALWAYS take my Chihuahua with me IN THE CABIN. She weighs 2 Kg.

    2. Andy Lopes

      because the dogs will smell the deid body and be very exited

    3. Del

      karens will dislike this video cause they dont care

    4. ⠀

      You can actually still experience a KLM Combi 747 (also known as 747-400M) in the Netherlands! There's an aviation museum called "Aviodrome" where they have such an aircraft open for people to walk through. You can even get a peek in the cockpit!

    5. ali hamid

      What strange kinds of emotional support animals you saw or heared about?

    6. SpaceCadet Youtube

      So uhh how many landings has doggone aced? 40? 50?

    7. Rose M

      We lived in the US. When it was time for hubby and dog Sammy to join me here in Israel, it was quite the big deal. We were told that from where we lived we could (and should!) only travel with Lufthansa because they are equipped and do a good job at handling pet travel in the cargo hold. And then there was the 10 day window to get all his papers (rabies certificate, health check, etc) ready in time to be let in the country. And then poor, anxious Sammy had to be confined to his kennel, separated from dad and go into the belly of the beast all alone for hours... The flight itself took much longer than a simple direct flight because of the layover in Frankfurt (only one for pets!) but 2 years ago they finally landed safe and sound and we were together again.

    8. Lara Rafalco

      I am a pet sitter. I get called by my neighbors who have flight that they can’t take their pets with them. I will stay with the pets until the parents get home.

    9. Sanjeev Kumar

      How about birds?

    10. ぅな鯉

      Hey, I just wanna say thank you for this video. I'm going to be traveling with my dog soon and because people were idiots I can't travel with him as emotional support in the cabin. And whilst I'm still terrified, this has honestly helped me with a lot of the stress. Thank you

    11. Arun Kumaar Poongothai Prabhakaran

      Well it's a good thing that this popped up on my feed... Just wanted to know if it's actually possible to get my dog on two consecutive 9 hour flights because I live in the US and I am planning on bringing my dog with me during the summer

    12. Lou R

      I just picked up a new puppy in Atlanta. Flew Southwest to pick him up. He flew back with me in the cabin under the forward seat. Cost $100 and just had to call the airline and register him ahead of time. It was easy to do.

    13. cryoturbation

      totally true. please do not put your pets in cargo holds. lots happen, heat,cold,rain,delays for hours,broken kennels,mishandling by airport staff , mistakes , staff that simply do not like animals ,trust me i was working as a ramp agent. only transport them if it's absolutely necessary (for example if you move permanently and can't go by car). the only way to transport your pet safely is when you are always with them

    14. M Mhetre

      This was stressful to watch.. I don’t know how to get my pet here..

    15. Juliet Vargas

      I love your dog Cody.

    16. Sylvia Jean Adams

      I'm moving East. Can I fly with two fifteen pound cats thirteen years old?

    17. sunalwaysshinesonTVs

      Wait... did you censor out the word, "dump"? Speaking of shit, can seats be purchased for an animal?

    18. Wendy F

      I had my toy poodle puppy flown by the breeder to me,from Portland to Reno,a 2 hour flight on Alaska,everything went fine,the little guy didn't bark ,or make a peep.Not sure if he had been sedated,but not something I would probably do again,too stressful.

    19. io

      7:27 I swear I heard "s***"

    20. SandhoeFlyer

      A stiff is food !

    21. ShneekeyTheLost

      I used to work for American Airlines Cargo back in the late 90's to early 2000's, eventually ending up on the Jim Wilson Desk, and shipping darn near everything from live animals to human remains to equitainers (don't ask...). Obviously, the first priority is the safety of the animal, both for obvious reasons and because of the media backlash when bad things happen. To book a live animal, we have to go through the Four T's: Temps, TRANSIT, Triplist, and Time. Temps are pretty obvious, and mentioned in the video. While the forward cargo bay is both pressurized and climate controlled, the Tarmac is *not* . You know, the big flat blacktop you have to get on and drive around on to get to the aircraft? Yea, it gets *hot* out there. Like 'melt the soles of your shoes' hot, in the summer. If the forecasted temp is over 85F (or 75F for pugnose breeds, as they are more sensitive to temperature), it's a no-go. The low is 45F, below that it's also a no-go unless you have a Vet's note saying they're cool with it being cool. TRANSIT is the system we use to check for embargos and other system wide alerts which might impact live animals flying into, out of, or through certain airports or regions. Times are important because we want to be sure your pet doesn't fly into a closed cargo terminal and have to park his butt all night all alone. Then there's Triplist... basically checking the manifest on the aircraft for some things you don't want animals flying with, such as Human Remains. In particular, you're going to be looking for Dry Ice on board, or anything containing Dry Ice (like aforementioned Equitainers). See, dry ice sublimates, it goes straight from a solid to a gas, in this instance, CO2. In an enclosed cargo bay. Needless to say, this can be potentially hazardous for any living thing, such as your pet, and presence of Dry Ice will immediately bump your poor pet so he won't asphyxiate. Another thing that can cause a problem is the size of animal vs the size of the cargo bay door. We're talking mostly dogs here for this one. There's several standard sized kennels, with standard dimensions. Since I worked for AA, we used a ton of 727 Stretch and still used a fair few MD80's and even a few F100's in our fleet. Cargo bay door height was only 28" on these aircraft. Which can fit up to a series 400 kennel. However, if you're bringing a Big Boi, however adorable he might be, and needs to go in a 500 series kennel, he physically won't fit in the cargo bay of the smaller aircraft, and will likely need to go on a larger aircraft such as a 767 or AB320. However, unless you're moving or similarly going for extended or permanent stays, I completely agree with Captain Joe... have someone sit with your pet or kennel them at a pet hotel. There are too many things that are completely out of your control that could cause your dog to get bumped for their own safety, causing him to take a later flight or even fly on a different day depending on availability and safety, and while we make every effort to make it as comfortable as possible for the animals, a certain amount of stress is inevitable in something like this. Oh, and to answer the question of why you don't have remains and live animals on the same flight, at least the reason I was given in training was "Out of respect for the deceased". Seriously, the airline treats the remains with the utmost care and respect. There's a separate cordoned off area in the cargo facility for them. We have provisions for side parties, particularly for military remains, we have provisions for meeting the remains at the gate for a separate disembark from the general cargo. There are even provisions for unembalmed remains for those with religious beliefs that prohibit embalming, complete with a Ziggler case specifically for such instances. You do, however, have to be a licensed funeral home or undertaker to ship remains in the US.

    22. Andrine Nichols

      We never took pets on vacation. We were a military family and one dog moved with us from Hawaii to Spain and back to the west coast of the US. He had more miles than many people! He did fine, was laid back.

    23. Rohini Sivamurthy

      Why would they put dogs / animals in cargo ? Aren’t they living creatures and why should they be put through harsh temperatures? I don’t get this? Instead why couldn’t t they have special cabins in every plane to bring them? I bet lot of animal lovers would prefer this. If babies get bassinets on plane why not animals get a small space somewhere ? This way the owners can bring them along and also check them time to time ? If they keep barking yes it is going to be hard but babies too do the same thing except they cry not bark. Either wise babies and animals are the same they are innocent and can be unpredictable.

    24. Pierre ERNOULT

      Hi Captain Joe, I’m a French fan. I would like to know how planes in formation can fly exactly at the same speed. Can you make a video on that? Thanks.

    25. Weazle


    26. emily cheetham

      The only reason I’d put my jack russels on a planet would be if I were moving abroad. The cost, hassle and stress both to the dogs and us would be too much to deal with just for a holiday.

    27. Mark Webster

      Flying with animals (of an acceptable species and size) isn’t that difficult for in cabin. You have to do the research and prep but it can be done fairly easily for cats and dogs. I would never travel with an animal as cargo. Too many potential incidents and stress for the animal. In a carrier under the seat and they’ll be calm and within reach.

    28. Kabayan BSL TV

      How about sir the birds,it is the same procedure?

    29. Diabetic Emily

      ok... pin this comment that minihorse is a service animal..

    30. Leelyn J. Saguid

      Thanks for the information ☺️👍

    31. Catherine Ellzey

      I just assumed cause animals might tear open coffins and eat them 😂

    32. Julie Gagnon

      Could we purchase a seat for a larger dog?

    33. Winthrop S.

      wait are you telling me that emotional support peacocks are not common?! who would have guessed

    34. Ramon Antonio Capistrano

      amazing pet you have Cody

    35. Toys. Travel. Pug

      We are putting our pug to travel cargo via Lufthansa soon! Sadly only Lufthansa can accept snub nosed dogs now. Cargo is the only way to go..otherwise, we will leave her with friends which would make her super sad and would kill us. I have heard great things about Lufthansa so that gives some comfort. 🙏🏻 all goes well! So anxious!!

    36. Oliver Porter

      My cat freaks out if a Cessna flies overhead. If I took her on an airliner, I'm not sure what she would do.

    37. tihi

      Was KLM the only one to fly the 747 combi?

    38. Amy Abendano


    39. Bitchh ;P

      The fact that you showed a service horse to represent the emotional support section😒.

    40. 周毛毛

      The human spirits will stay with the human remains and scare the shit out of the poor dogs lol

    41. Md Abul Hossain

      9:35-9:38 to stay out(grhhh)mmmhhhaahahahahahaha so you and your pet stay warm and comfortable no matter your up in business class or down below with the bags.what was that cody?

    42. chhaya varma

      Good information

    43. Vooch

      random guy : let's bring our whole pack of cows into the plane!!!

    44. B i a n ć a R a c


    45. Isabel Rodriguez

      I wonder how much i need to pay if i bring adog with me when traveling by plane is it considered a baggage?

    46. Tessa T

      So you're saying that LOST wasn't 100% accurate with both a dead body and a Labrador Retriever on board the same flight?

    47. Sumana Sengupta

      Informative vlog

    48. Roland Kovacs

      I was flown from NW Montana to Wisconsin with my 120lb baby girl. I had an "airline approved", large dog crate. Turns out, crate was 1" too tall to fit through my planes cargo door. They put her on a different plane. My plane was delayed in Minnesota for 3 hours due to technical problems. I was shatting myself, wondering what happened to my dog. Fortunately, she got to Milwaukee airport 3 hours before me, where my parents were waiting for us.

    49. Sarala Kupusami

      I flew out with two rescued dogs 2 years old from Malaysia to Atlanta via Amsterdam on KLM. I was freaking out but I know the best airlines to fly pets are either on KLM or Air France. The pilot of the plane told me they fly about 40, 000 perts per year all over the world. There were altogether 5 pet dogs on the plane (2 from Indonesia, joined half way in Malaysia by my 2 dogs and another pet dog) My dogs arrived safely in Atlanta, it took them about 1 weeks to get over the stress and get adjust to new USA lifestyle. But then they are doing well.

    50. Jay Imelda Lim

      Good information sir 👍😅

    51. IX C 25 Tanushree Mandal

      9:35 Cody is giving company to Joe

    52. funtimefreddy reis

      imagine cargo door explodes and the plane lands safely but your pet flown away in sky

    53. ilovetotri23

      Great video! I can't thank you enough for this post!

    54. rare collections

      3:30 in india chal suar sasura

    55. Cathie Faust

      When I was a child, my Dad was in the Army. While living Hawaii we got a dog, Rebel. When we moved back to the mainland Rebel flew from Honolulu to Atlanta, GA. After a few years there we moved to West Berlin Germany.. The family traveled first to get settled in our new house and my grandparents put Rebel on a plane to join us. I am sure this was a long flight with several transfers, but Rebel arrived safely. From Germany we moved to Turkey and then back to the states. Rebel was a well traveled dog and while he probably didn’t enjoy the plane travel he never had any problems. On every flight he was in the cargo section and except for the flight from Hawaii we were not on the same plane.

    56. Izuku Mydoriya Loves Ochacho

      Nobody literally nobody: Me:sees corgi dog omg cuteeee

    57. Ruth Donnelly

      During a horse transport, the movie will be " My Friend Flicka".

    58. Juna Crause

      But if i want to emigrate from South Africa i need to fly my cats...unfortunately no other way. And they are my children.

    59. Ulrik .Stephensen

      Is it true, as I have heard somewhere, that the 'climbingrate', when having horses in the cargohold, has to be rather flat, as horses otherwise tend to become unruly and nervous etc.? Is that true?

    60. Adamou Nour-eddine

      Hi Cne. I am looking for the response to the question.’’ Why it’s not allowed to carry humain remains et animals together in the fwd cargo’’

    61. Felipe Falanghe

      I flew in a KLM 747 combi back in 2003, sad to hear they are no longer flying

    62. Chaydex

      So what about guide dogs for example, how do you deal with them in airlines?

      1. Loulou Bos

        They always fly in the cabin.

    63. Quincy G.

      Of all the dog names Joe used,I'm surprised he didn't say Cujo!

    64. Tomatoe Undercover

      Welp, its scary when the pets get hungry, it will be scary then suddenly die.

    65. etiko GRC

      So as u soon as ur dog gets checked in by TSA, it goes to a loud place full of guys loading bags ,then gets transported to the ramp , waits under the plane with last minutes bags to get loaded with super load noise from the tail of the plane. Once loaded is freaking cold, and not to mention the darkness the load sound of it taking off and flying...I always thought its cruel to fly ur dog, unless he sits with u as a pax

    66. •Fiji Hαnεdα•

      7:27 did joe didnt censored what he say

    67. Nancy Presto

      Seven years ago i brought along all my pets back home, 3 big dogs and 4 big cats via Philippine Airlines... It was a 1.5 hour flight but my pets did it very well. They're well mannered pets because i treat them as if they're my biological children since birth. Sad to say, one dog and one cat are gone. Only 5 are living with me until now, all more than 15 years old and i'm 61.... I love my dogs and cats and i love all dogs and cats on this planet. Especially those abandoned, maltreated by cruel human beings... God bless all animals on this planet... Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    68. Srimathi banagalage

      How could i teak my berd is it posible?

    69. Anisha Clayton

      I'm curious, can dogs be in the same carrier in the cargo hold

    70. Meneverius Si

      We moved to Germany and took our dog. We couldn't get a nonstop flight and could only go on wide body aircraft. The airline said it was because the 100 pound dog couldn't fit in any other aircraft cargo doors.

    71. Keshini Thurairaj

      Thank You Captain Joe. We are totally against putting pets in cargo as well. Never will we put our Jasper boy through all that. 👍

    72. Om Jha

      Me to KGup - I dont have a dog KGup - Lets recommend

    73. nkristjan

      good video! But the intro video music is way too loud compared to your voice - or your voice track on the video is too low :) Recommend to increase it for the future :)

    74. Matea Šušnjar

      Hope baggage handlers treat "live luggage" better than suitcases when loading on a plane, we've all seen how they treat "fragile". Personally, I wouldn't take my pet on a plane, but then again, I have a choice which some people do not.

    75. Peyton Tabor

      Do u have a. Accident if so what is it

    76. Acrobatic Cripple

      Unless there's no alternative. DON'T put your animal through that experience. I have a doggy partner, and I don't travel!!!

    77. Madz Dedal

      Cody is so cute! ❤️

    78. Ann Haworth

      Oh I love Cody give him a huge kiss for me and a high 5 from his buddy Marmaduke the Sheltie

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    81. PH1LZ

      Yeah I would rather pass on vacation than taking my dog with me. At least for air travel, car travel is fine. When a trunk gets opened, my dog instantly gets hyped and jumps in. Even after a 8 hour road trip, my good boy won't leave the trunk.

    82. Jarek Jellison

      Any responsible pet owner should know transporting an animal on United Airlines is a big no-no, just as it is for transporting doctors.

    83. Shortie0428

      Loved this video!! Go Cody!!💖

    84. My Dog Rushi


    85. skylineXpert

      My little emotional support hippo (with baseball bat) is only 20 cm and he fits in most carry on luggage. he usually prefer traveling on fighter aircrafts or military cargo flights. Not on civilian. His name Is Dolph:

    86. Luke Mulvihill

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    87. p.s. tea w

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    88. envitech02

      Pardon me for asking, but do pets in the cargo hold get fed and taken care of? Who goes down there during a flight to care for the animals?

    89. Brian B

      Charming, entertaining and informative. Nice work :)

    90. No Namer No Brainer

      Anyone that enters an airplane with an animal should be hung, with the exception of blind people. There, I said it.

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    97. Caro's makeup & beauty

      Hi i'm from Uruguay and i'm planning to move to Canada in a couple of years and i have a quaker parrot that would have to do a flight from Uruguay to miami in cargo that is a 9 hour flight. I'm a little worry about that, how is your experience with birds in cargo? Thanks

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