Dave Chappelle Explains Why "Planet Of The Apes" Is Racist - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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    (Original airdate: 09/02/04) Dave Chappelle shares why he thinks "Planet Of The Apes" is racist, tells Conan how he plans to vote in the 2004 election, and talks about attending his son's parent-teacher conference. Watch more classic clips @ conanclassic.com.

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    1. John H

      Still one of the funniest dudes alive.

    2. Lionheart Roar

      Chapelle is not funny..never has been.

    3. Jonathan Shayeb


    4. O HP

      The genius of Dave's comedy is not only is he funny, but he's lacing you up with facts too. Like how he's talking about how he doesn't consume things marketed for black people because that's where the poison is.

    5. O HP

      One of the only comedians I know that’s joking but ISNT joking.

    6. Jaime Lichi

      Dave Chapelle ha no class and is a low life!. Don't care how funny he is. His mother should of taught him to respect women!.

    7. Amon one

      That's the real Dave Chappelle that was killed.

    8. fzoowick

      What a #)@!## racist.

    9. Shadrach Patrick

      Naturally funny

    10. Sage Sensei

      Thumbs down for posting this a month ago to get racist clicks 👎

    11. Karyn Garnett

      Loved the new stand up he did a coupon years ago but this is terrible

    12. The Real Ayatollah

      I thought Wakanda was the remake.

    13. Dogzilla Squad

      I would love to meet him Capel you awesome 👏

    14. Dogzilla Squad

      Love this guy😂😂

    15. Dogzilla Squad

      Yes everything stop for that last cigarettes 👁😂

    16. pandabearmadness

      Lol they have great timing and chemistry

    17. Russell Jones

      He is the best

    18. nadjib ninou

      everything started with racism in this country for the the slaugh*ter*ng of the Na*tives to now

    19. Mike Davitt

      2 funny people right there. Love Dave's original show.

    20. Ker Loz

      Interesting putting up videos from 2004

    21. Denis Reyes


    22. RedShiftRider

      Ahhh yes let’s post videos from 2004 with a racist headline to push forward the current racial agenda. Smfh.

    23. Terfe Badada

      This is the real Dave Chappelle r i p brother we miss you


      BLM t shirt in 2004

    25. Shaolin Style

      Is that a Breitling he is wearing?

    26. Piatt Johnson

      He never says why he came back from Africa if he loved it so much.🤔

      1. Abdou Belouizdadi

        Because its none of your goddamned business?

    27. Alpha Delta Romeo

      He went to re-educate camp is where he really went wearing that Hydra tshirt but Antifa doesn’t exist 😇 Got us all with that Doublespeak

      1. Alpha Delta Romeo

        @Houdinii Most aren’t aware of the third option of taking them both 😇 kgup.info/get/Y2-LkKjQprGNiq0/video

      2. Houdinii

        Don't overdose on those red pills 😂😂

    28. BIG HEAD

      Oh please. get over yourself

    29. 1357 DD44

      Everything he jokes about is racist. Notice also that the logo on his shirt features a clenched fist. There is no reason for a clenched fist except an intention to hit something or someone. In other words, violence. It's amazing how many black people complain about their plight yet take no action personally to change things. They hate the white people yet want the white people to save them.

      1. 1357 DD44

        @Incredible Tom I don't recall seeing Martin Luther King marching with clenched fist. Or John Lewis. I do remember the Black Panthers standing that way but they were a bit on the violent side. And watching TV riots where lots of blacks were hitting people.

      2. Incredible Tom

        Lmaoooo that's what you think clenched fists mean????? It's a symbol of FIGHTING racism through non violence since the 1960s

    30. twistedmetalplayer21

      Only a racist looks at the movie and sees it as racist.

      1. Incredible Tom

        Or folks experience/witness/read of racism can see racism

    31. William Farrell

      If you cant see that tge guy parading on netflix is mot D.C. then you are seriously hypnotized

      1. daniel hibbert

        This seems true to me ya know

    32. Mr. H

      he keeps it real!!!!


      Dave Chappelle speaks like a philosopher.

    34. Nancy MacKinder


    35. Rob Str

      Privileged black people

    36. Varun Gawande

      His energy seems different. Kinda sadder, slightly lethargic. Maybe he got high a while before😂😂

    37. Lily Steph

      Ev Afro knows it’s racist

    38. Lee Van Cleef

      I don't man, I've heard more racism come out of Dave's mouth in this one interview than I heard anywhere else.

      1. daniel hibbert

        You do not get it

    39. See Envy

      he is high as hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    40. G P

      Conan let's the comedy happen vs the talk shows host of today who can't allow for being silent.

    41. John Hereth

      Well of course PoA is racist. It is a slightly veiled attempt at reverse discrimination and

      1. John Hereth

        Gee whiz I'm having a terrible time with my voice recognition software. Dave may be right about POA being racist but it is not what he thinks. Taylor is the target of discrimination and racism. He is a descendant of a race that nearly destroyed all the world. The remaining humans were mutated and unable to speak. Bright eyes was the rare human animal that was captured who could speak. Naturally the apes had a extreme prejudice of the human because of the destruction they unleashed on the world and nearly destroying it. Some people may view the apes as a representation of the black community and its conflict with white Society. Again this movie is subject to a broad range of interpretation. Forgive me if I neglected the time travel aspect of Taylor's appearance in the planet of the apes which we all know is Earth in the distant future.

      2. John Hereth

        My apologies for my erratic

    42. Eloy Jaimes

      Chapelle is #Yanggang these days....💪💪

    43. Julian Walls

      Realest comedian ever omg he says anything big goat

    44. M.K Games

      That t-shirt was a message i guess

    45. PODS EMT

      identity politics?

    46. splashmt99

      Remember when the worst republicans could throw at you was Bush? Ahh, Simpler times. Simpler times indeed.

      1. Ed Wilson

        Bush lied to start a war which killed more than a million. I don't care how nice he is on a personal level, that man did as much evil in office as Trump

    47. Alioune Ndiaye

      this guy level of intellect is way so high so much so we can't understand it so we call it...humour!

      1. Alioune Ndiaye

        he's deep! thank you by the way

      2. daniel hibbert

        Correct!! wise observations proclaimed

    48. LP Dante


    49. The Shadow

      Nobody’s talking about how he gave up that $50 Million Deal

      1. infamous_

        He kept his sanity and got 60 from Netflix when he made a comeback

      2. Saleh Sharqi

        Cuz he's smart

    50. edobihac

      This is the real Dave the other is a clone we all know it

    51. dread knot

      Dave's doing a comedy in an interview.

    52. Augustus Freeman

      My two favorite comedians.

    53. Christopher Robin Garrish


    54. Mark F


      1. Agatha Agatha


    55. Casey Colgan

      I was gonna say, man, Dave and Conan sure aged well

    56. By any mean necessary

      I don't think racsim should be a forever problem.

      1. 6ixGod

        It’s slowly dying but we can’t ignore that there’s still some out there, it’s unacceptable

    57. G L

      I wonder if someone went on with a white power tshirt what kind of response they would get

    58. The kook Club

      Look at that dumb shirt he has on 🤣

    59. chalino19

      i miss skinny dave

    60. PolyTicks

      - You have two boys. - Yes. Facts. bruh. - You seem to be surprised by this fact. - Oh hell naw, bruh.

    61. EcoStar Zanzibar

      That top is for someone on top.

    62. casseem 07

      I was here..

    63. Richie


    64. apb38

      Having Chappelle on your show is guaranteed to boost your ratings.

    65. Alan Byrd

      Amazingly enough from the shirt to the social commentary everything is applicable to 2020. Its just Dave is skinnier. You can literally do this interview today and Dave would still be considered genious.

    66. Stevie Ray All Day

      Is it just more or does the clapping seeming a little weird at some points?

    67. RemiX SlasheR

      black lives matter shirt in 2004?

    68. CizreK

      Is it not racist to think everything is racist tho?

    69. Shafer Hart

      3:30 if you didn't vote for Kerry you ain't black

    70. Matt Ham

      Better watch out putting up old stuff even from 2004 someone might get triggered...

    71. Hellosh Klosh

      Neither one of those white people gone take care of you.

    72. Hellosh Klosh

      Dave is hilarious.

    73. Jonny Bravo

      Dave chappelle is a black supremacist

    74. Fabio Turano

      Really Dave ? After denigrating native Americans and making fun of them as u know better ? And you,one of the most racist stand up comedian,got the balls to talk abt racial discrimination ? Stop using skin colour,you first ! Such a phoney !

    75. Fikayo Oyewunmi

      He keeps scratching his arm 😞

    76. zombiesateourchannel

      Who is this Erica Strada?

    77. Andikan Otu

      Dave is one of those few comedians who can say matter-of-fact, true things in a hilarious way.

    78. Andikan Otu

      Dave is one of those few comedians who can say matter-of-fact, true things in a hilarious way.

    79. The Don

      Crazy how he went through puberty so late and his voice got so much deeper

      1. Sebas_thefox

        I was thinking that too...he keeps smoking. I like his deep voice

      2. Recorder

        The cigarettes if I had to guess.

    80. Buddy Guy

      I was wondering why that looked like Dave Chappelle. Then I was like, oh yeah! It is Dave. The current Dave, is a clone. Anyone who is woke would be aware of this. This DAVE here, is dead, he has been cloned and brainwashed under the MK ultra program.

    81. Motif Satori

      Sounds like a Paul Mooney joke

    82. Andrea M

      Hahaha David is King!

    83. The 80's Slasher Librarian

      So what are you gonna do with all the money from this comedy central deal?

    84. Aaron Hepler

      Chappelle show was the most racist show ever....

      1. Joku Sekou

        Yes , I believe that is the point.

    85. Abu-al-Hassan Pervaiz Akhtar

      The way he is mentioning black color complex, kinda strange for someone who's never been in USA. must be too much for him to handle or he is too much sensitive about it.

      1. Channel Grantito

        You are aware he was born in Ohio and grew up in the US right? This is an old clip before he did an Africa tour, hence the Africa shirt.

    86. FBFlames Tha REAL King Fyyah

      Dave from the old world

    87. Crafts Punks

      Lol I guess tryin to show republicans and democrats means to him

    88. San Francisco

      Make africa great again. Dave leaves again. 🤓🤣

    89. Koete Irvin

      The Goat

    90. joseph tchakerian

      Im sorry but dave should have taken the $. He could have had a lot of input on the show and made a differernce with his $. He could of made a difference.

    91. Dallas Orr

      Dave looks so different now

    92. Thomas Vincent

      why can’t you guys just leave the country alone. why does everything have to be racist when it’s not

    93. VPBOYZ904

      Dave is funny AF 😂😂😂😂😂

    94. xTheToolx

      Dave Vril Chappelle

    95. Joel

      I knew and soon as Dave opened his mouth this was the real Chappelle. The imposter now is a clone.. not even close to this guy above

      1. Joel

        @Fighting Fitz Just what I said. You can listen to his uncle and other relatives what they say. They think Dave was murdered. Because this new dude aint Dave!

      2. John Espy

        @Fighting Fitz it’s called delusion 😂 don’t mind this guy lol

      3. Fighting Fitz

        What do u mean??

    96. Gary Hall

      I think that Dave missed the point of that movie

    97. King Dass

      The real Dave ❤️ RIP

    98. Black Daddy

      This seems so disingenuous like he's being investigated to see if he's a threat to white society ,🙄

      1. Dude Man

        Yuck stop it. You're joking right? These guys are friends, both professional comedians.

    99. Gospel Bearer

      Chappelle is still a sell out...

    100. viewmaster617

      Who else thought he said I spent $ 100 grand on leather paints😂

      1. viewmaster617

        @MrSPIDEY21 are you deaf I said I thought lol

      2. MrSPIDEY21

        He clearly said “I spent 100 grand on leather pants” are you deaf

      3. MrSPIDEY21

        He didn’t?