Trisha & Ethan Reconcile...Kind of - Frenemies #6

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    1. Colette Lema

      Sometimes when I hate myself I watch the ace family videos to try to rationalize their existence

    2. Christina Ribas

      Why does Ethan remind me of a beard dragon lmaoooo

    3. Christina Ribas


    4. Cathy K

      Everything Ethan discussed was already online what is she talking about? Everything with Moses was already public.

    5. UWU Nayeon

      Trisha said Jeffress not that bad but in later episodes she literally calls him the devil

    6. Tay Ferg

      Ethans trying so hard to stay calm 😂

    7. jimberly

      Trisha you’re a queen I love you

    8. Eva Mcfarlane

      i dont really watch podcasts but clips from frenimies were just constantly on my tik tok fyp, eventually i gave in and here i am I've watched the last three recent ones and now starting to binge them all in order :)))

    9. Isabella Alger

      I fucking love watching Ethan with the eyelashes, now I know what I looked like at all my proms lmaoooo

    10. J L

      You didn’t acknowledge peace and love day ;(

    11. Amy Berg Art

      I fold my tp

    12. Lena Lena

      Wait.... so where are the Emilia Fart comments?!

    13. Mimi Singer

      I can’t believe I just discovered these videos! 😃 plus I love Moses! Lol

    14. Mimi Singer

      I love this month of these ! So fucking funnnyyy

    15. Emma 0_0

      "privileged, white, rich people" The definition of Trish.... but we still stan her actually caring about the pandemic

    16. angie

      he has PATIENCE

    17. Yoon Jang

      The slippery hill ironically shiver because pantyhose extragingivally stretch below a adhesive airplane. modern, defective sousaphone

    18. Etty Kat

      Im going to be honest i was not a fan of Trisha, but iv watched these episodes, and honestly i love her, she is very very stand offish and has alot of walls up, which i totally understand, seems like she has been hurt alot, i really hope these two do become close friends

    19. sea shell

      Lithium and geodon, Trisha they are giving you meds for schizophrenia. I’d tell them I want a mood stabilizer!

    20. Kristina

      Trisha needs to stop holding a grudge when Ethan clearly is trying to move on and be nice she’s fucking annoying 😂

      1. Mrs.Hirahara's wig

        Well he did continually share info she wasnt comfy with and she kept her annoyance bottled up so shes perfectly in the right here

    21. Bee Bumble

      I know he’s being genuine and wants this to be a good friendship but she’s just so used to being around toxic people and he’s not.... so she needs to make it toxic which is frustrating you can tell she’s hurt... like trish stop!

    22. Princess Fiona

      20:24 Rolls Royce talk 😂

    23. Surreal Beauty

      My opinion. Boundaries. Trisha has loose boundaries, and he does push her for answers from these 5 episodes I've seen. They both joke and tease each other, but he has good conflict resolution skills so when an issue comes up he'll try to get some understanding about what's happening where as she will lash out because her boundaries have already been crossed before. I agree with her about Ethan not being as open as SHE is but, over sharing is just another by product of loose boundaries. So theres a combination of Trishas loose boundaries, her loooving money, and not being open and vulnerable enough to say "hey I'm offended when you say these things about me stop", lashing out is apart of how she keeps herself safe. I could go on and on because I genuinely have noticed myself exhibiting some of these same behaviors and thoughts but Im working through this. Peace 💚

    24. Kevin Marshall

      I thought this whole thing was staged. After watching the series it's awsome.

    25. Broderick Ellis Productions


    26. Rockin' Readings Tarot

      Omg Trisha, please stop being so stubborn it's giving me a headache how you can never put yourself in Ethan's shoes

    27. Steari Franesden

      Ethans twitch damn near vanished and redirected toward him playing with his nails. The nails are the cure 🤔

    28. Ruby Cuddy

      finally, he gets the Rolls Royce

    29. Charlotte Riddle

      This is Trish on a few zannies

    30. Tobami

      Trisha is so effortlessly funny

    31. Dj Poprocks

      4 month later matching cars and the merch- keep manifesting Trish!

    32. antonina

      1:08:50 how do you ironically die in a car crash

    33. Pongo

      The way Trisha just makes insane shit up on the spot is so obnoxious. Her implying that Ethan and Hila abuse their dogs and neglect them is so fucking disgusting how easy it is for her to make rumours

    34. Nico

      30 minutes of unrelatable rich people problems :'-)

    35. Blanca P


    36. bimbokitty78

      am i the only one who ... kinda agrees with trisha?

    37. April Joy Aquino

      just recently got into the frenemies podcast and so far what i see is Trisha maybe crazy but shes the most sane and transparent youtuber than most youtubers I've seen here...i love it!

    38. Lilith Jade

      i still can’t believe trisha gets mad at OTHER people for exposing her abuse towards their family members.

    39. Sophie

      Trisha and Ethan saying straight facts about the ace family, I wish youtube would do something about all the children being exploited on their platform but they also demonetize people for calling out SA to the point where we have to use acronym. I hope something changes before all these kids turn 18 and speak out about their exploitation

    40. princess adora

      the dance is inappropriate for an adult let a alone a little girl.

    41. Alyssa Mae

      I hate her shut down thing. Like she just goes into attack mode and then goes “mmm k thank you” it’s so over the too

    42. Alyssa Mae

      Omg I love Trisha but she’s so annoying in these earlier podcasts

    43. Melissa

      I’m so late to the game with these podcasts but Trisha takes absolutely no accountability for anything and then will go home and search for things Ethan did to justify her bad behavior. It’s a whirlwind. These fights make the podcast so uncomfortable. I’m glad they’ve gotten less tense but I hope Trish rewatches these and analyzes her behavior bc damn she’s hard to watch in this state.

    44. Krista Ewasechko

      ethan out here looking like little john dressed up as the fortune teller in robin hood. tell me i'm wrong

    45. Morgan Ashley

      And he got the rolls this week hahahaha

    46. nick schmidt


    47. Grace Steele

      haunting of hill house season 1 is bomb

    48. Kayla Blankenship

      I wanna know who Trisha is talking about lol 👀👀👀

      1. sparkle jump rope gangsta

        Lowkey think it’s hair by jay

    49. Tatiana

      jeez Trisha is so dam mean... Ethan is so nice oh my gosh

    50. brianna spies

      idk i really started to like trisha again but she has too much fucking pride. she hurt ethans fucking feelings and can't even apologize and you can tell he's trying to go around the conversation but she won't stop being a bitch for what? he's apologized multiple times now and she can't even be fucking nice. she looks like she's forcing herself to do this.

    51. Liana villar

      He finally got the car :))

    52. Coney The Icecream Cow

      When ethan said i love that shit i really started dying he worded it so bad

    53. Katelyn

      Just so everyone knows a LOT of the things on Adam and Eve only allow up to 30% off for some reason so this code might be good for a few things but the more “normal” things that I’d think most women would want it doesn’t work for

    54. Nora Chavarria

      Mykie also did a tutorial on the american airlines passenger who was dragged off the plane

    55. Shimmer n Shine

      Trish my queen be more clear and to the point men have pea brains and men like legit need The Whole list because they are clueless. It’s so obvious that your heart but so use to taking the hurt tell him exactly why he hurt u and maybe do it off camera it’s hard when it’s like live to the world .. I get it I have my life behind the seems to someone that was popping in social media and it ate me a live .. song let them get it but honestly I feel like Ethan was trying to get it but he was out there

    56. Mariel Colley

      I forgot what a huge hypocrite Ethan was at the beginning.

    57. ghuleh

      I watch this entertaining podcast to see physco trish and logical Ethan talk lmao.Tbh trish dosent seem trustworthy she just seems like a stuck bitch who lies a lot and i honestly feel bad for Ethan not sure why he would want to be friends with her.

    58. Jhoselle Baldueza

      The sweltering medicine informally develop because pan endosonographically fill like a outstanding toad. uneven, decorous bangladesh

    59. Junele Ann Malapit

      I think the reason why Trisha comes off like she cant accept Ethan is just because the moment she feels offended she pushes him off . But deep down shes a good person and treasures ethan. And ethan is just soo understanding ...just like moses. So over time he understands why moses likes her. At some point what "normal" to us is crazy for others.

    60. Nora West

      Am I the only one noticing Trisha's hair gems don't match... One look like a pearl and all the others clear gems.

    61. Crista

      20:00 - the prophecy was fulfilled in February of 2021

    62. *ChristinaJean*

      Someone give that man some bobby pins!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. Michael Lucas

      Trish saying only white people go to Covid parties tf

    64. Olicity Queen

      Please get Bhad Bhabie on frenemies the dynamic would be epic.

    65. Victoria .G

      Y’all their both Brocken💔😭

    66. Skyna Mina

      Ethans makeup look just cracks me up so much omg this is really a good exemple of the big funny

    67. asdfghjla

      That mask somehow makes her eyes look more far apart

    68. Julie Jenkins digging isn't about the age,its about the coin, brother!

    69. Amy Hejl

      She needs to grow up and learn how to apologize because she did say mean things

    70. Brandon Furr

      Ethan needs to do the match maker scene from mrs.doubtfire

    71. Eva Wintersteen

      She didn’t leave it in the editor that the ace family has, left in.

    72. Ariss H.

      Ethan looks good as a woman esp w his hair flips

    73. Xiara Brielle

      it’s the way they both took each other so seriously while in costume

    74. 0RoarRoar0

      This is my favourite anime.

    75. lana gaga

      wow these comments. ALL FOR ETHAN! yikes. trish is clearly the right one here. fuck you all. ugh god. this is how all men are in real life.

    76. Kerry Jacklyn

      watching 20:22 after watching their new podcast where ethan gets a rolls royce 😍😍

    77. sarina zaragoza

      After watching the last video yes Trisha should have apologized she definitely tried to weaponize Ethan about the pills.

    78. Jessie Deemz

      I agree with Ethan. I get BADDDDD bad vibes from jeffree star. Like to the point that he makes me physically nauseous. Nothing to do with his look or anything but I just feel something reaaaaally off with him as a person.

    79. Jada Pascascio

      the beginning of this podcast is just trisha contradicting herself 😭😭😭

    80. Maria Cruz

      this was not the video to eat dinner to...

    81. Olicity Queen

      I watched 3 hours worth podcasts on my lunch break at work

    82. Cameron Thornton

      Not the table and curtain not matching up🥲

    83. x yg

      Trisha is so hard to reason with.

    84. Horror Queen

      Trisha come on lol as someone who watches everything horror and does reviews/has a horror channel and interviews actors etc I can tell you I've NEVER had a paranormal experience. Ever. So staaaaahp with that. Also, Ethan - I'm revoking my members subscription for your "Fuck Spooky movies" comment 😂😂 How DARE you lol

    85. Klier ,

      المشكله موسى مو مسلم ارسرئلي كيف تبغا تصلي بمكه 😭😭😂

    86. Bob Duncan

      Jesus Christ Trisha is a loose screw

    87. Joshua Hughes-Davies

      Trisha Paytas- textbook example of histrionic personality disorder

    88. Lucy Lu

      Who's here after Ethan's got his new black rolls royce? Their friendship is literally an entire story arc 😂

      1. Morgan Ashley

        Yes! Lmao I will replay old H3 for background noise at home and this one popped up tonight after he got his car this week 😂

      2. Lucy Lu

        @Tessa Knapp IKR! I only started watching them a little before the trash wig guy situation, I live their dynamic (i don't like it when they argue tho-) I'm watching their older podcasts now, I'm obsessed 😂

      3. Tessa Knapp

        YES OMG i literally never watch podcasts but got one of the new episodes suggested by youtube and now i can’t stop watching!!! (except the ones where they fight it makes me too sad)

      4. aMAX

        Yes! One of the best friendships to be on KGup!

    89. Ryan A

      these two

    90. Abbi Elder-Miles

      both very problematic, i’ll never understand how trish can go from ‘you’re like one of my best friends’ to ‘i really don’t care for you as a person’ like huh 🤔

      1. elizabeth !


    91. Vim Evan

      Trisha is 100% right. Ethan constantly pushes her to talk about stuff and exposes stuff she explicitly tells him not to. But the moment she mentions anything about him he can't take it.

    92. CheyChey Saracco

      I just noticed that Elle is wearing the same outfit in that tiktok as she is in their video. So it’s very ironic that his hair looks so bad that day, yet he made a very viral video looking the exact same

    93. Cocoisablackcat

      trisha is so toxic

    94. Sumer

      Does anybody else think it was Jon Hill who texted her? It makes sense.

    95. Jessica Longmire

      Ethan does look so sad sometimes 🥺🥺🥺

    96. Desiree B

      Glad he doesn’t wear his ring much. People get so weird about it but I like that he had no problem saying he doesn’t. I don’t wear my ring everyday because I just don’t like how it feels. My husband also takes his off but it’s because he plays golf. He doesn’t wear a watch or ring when he plays. That doesn’t make us any less married.

    97. Sashimi 27

      Gawd she’s miserable

    98. Julie Nisbet

      Here to see if anyone else is getting Mrs Doubtfire makeover vibes from Ethan when they make Robin Barbera Streisand 😂

    99. Rebecca Lif

      trish is the most annoying bishh

    100. maki yatow

      Lmao I just cried 😭