ORBIT - A Journey Around Earth in Real Time [ 4K Remastered ]

Seán Doran

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    by Seán Doran© / Meditate on the beauty of our home.
    Music by Phaeleh / phaeleh.bandcamp.com/
    Time-lapse photography from ISS converted to real-time video
    Based on ESRSU image archive / eol.jsc.nasa.gov
    'Orbit' is the first part of the 'Orbit Trilogy'
    Part 1: kgup.info/get/aIKMeI-id46vo2Y/video
    Part 2: kgup.info/get/aZ6Eq36sl3BnYoM/video
    Part 3: kgup.info/get/qXCqiK6mgniXpIM/video
    This film is protected by copyright. Illegal distribution is prohibited.

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    1. Seán Doran

      From Sergey Petrokov... 1:42 Portugal and Spain. Strait of Gibraltar. Entrance to the Mediterranean 2:50 North Africa and the Sahara Desert 4:30 Algeria 5:45 Tassili N'Ajjer National Park -left. Ahaggar National Park-on right 9:10 Suez Gulf. The delta of the river Nile. Sinai Peninsula. Faiyum Oasis, river Nile Egypt 10:15-11:20 Red sea 23:30 Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary. Dahlak Archipelago, Red Sea 24:00 Jeddah-left. Jazan on right. Saudi Arabia 26:25 Buraydah-left, Riyadh- on right. Saudi Arabia 27:40 Persian Gulf, Kuwait City-Kuwait. Al Jubail, Dammam-Saudi Arabia. Bahrain. Qatar. Abu Dhabi, Dubai- United Arab Emirates. 28:50 Isfahan-left, Shiraz- on right: Iran 30:00 top left Ashgabat-Turkmenistan, to the right Mashhad- Iran 32:00 Central Africa 34:32 Chad, Sudan 36:30 river Nile 38:00 Red sea 39:30 Al Khanafah Wildlife Sanctuary - Saudi Arabia 43:20 Caspian Sea southern part , Iranian Highlands 45:05 Kaplankyr Reserve, The Amudarya River, the Karakum Desert 48:35 Lake Balkhash-Kazakhstan 50:30 The Altai Mountains 52:59 Khovsgol Lake( Mongolia) and Sayan Mountains 54:20 Lake Baikal, in southern Siberia 59:15 Vladivostok and Lake Khanka- on the right, Primorsky Krai- Russia 01:00:10 Strait of Tartary 01:03:27 Europe: Alps, France, Germany, North Italy, Switzerland, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva, Ligurian Sea, Corsica 01:05:05 Europe: Adriatic Sea, western Balkans, central Italy 1:10:40 Caspian Sea southern part, Garabogazköl Basin, Turkmenbashi Gulf, Bay, Cheleken Peninsula, Balkan-Turkmenistan 1:11:57 Kopet Dag Mountains 1:13:25 Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pamir mountains 1:14:15 Registan Desert-Afganistan 1:14:50 Balochistan mountains - Pakistan 1:15:25 Los Angeles - California - USA and South West Coast 01:16:35-01:21:06 Gulf of California, Californian Peninsula, west coast of Mexico 01:21:07 Guadalajara and Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico 01:23:15 Grand Canyon National Park-USA 01:24:52 Colorado and The Great Plains - USA 01:26:15 Black Hills National Forest - is located in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. The Platte River. The Missouri River.

      1. emily

        no southern hemisphere at all? come on.

      2. Two words

        Thank you! for everything

      3. Vinicius M.


      4. عنب الربيع


      5. Chris Buhl

        Thanks for that breakdown. Sad to see so little snow on the Alps.

    2. Hakim Yüksel

      ODTÜ EE den gelenler?

    3. Buz Aldrin

      The crew quarters on the ISS must be pretty noisy (I'm guessing). So I wonder what they do to help relax and sleep. Do they use noise cancelling headphones? Or just ear plugs? Is there Wifi on board? LOL

      1. Tormod I

        Back in the days the space station was very noisy requiring the astronauts to wear hearing protection all the time. Now it's much lower and there are some threshold values that must be met when it comes to noise. At the ISS there is this background humming from fans etc all the time (there is videos here: search "Inside ISS Tour Q&A" for instance - very interesting). I think the noise level is in the area of 62-72 dB constantly.

    4. Sleepy Iroh

      Thank you Issac Newton. For your discovery of the calculation for orbit could give us this amazing video of our world hundreds of years after your passing.

    5. Paul

      We're so small and insignificant

    6. Arefin Alam Mahi

      Thank you so much❤️

    7. Summer Garlic

      Use a larger font for future videos. That intro text is fkn microscopic, and the average person needs a 70 inch tv to read.

      1. Seán Doran

        The text size is perfect for 4k. It's meant for large screens, not your phone or your tablet. Try watching it on a screen it was designed for instead of complaining.

    8. Tifa Feacher

      I live on Neptune and I wish I could visit earth one day!

    9. Outworld Studios

      "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."

    10. Carolyn Byrd

      Such a beautiful planet. It looks so peaceful. Can you imagine how beautiful heaven will be. There is so much ugliness going on in the world right now. I pray this beauty still exists when the earth is nuked. Russia, Ukraine, America, Poland, the Uk all out world war 3 could happen at any minute. We are on a high alert right now. God be with us. Bring us to your Heaven my Lord.. Stop the evil one who is trying to destroy everything. America will never be the same. The freedom we knew is gone. All we see are the left overs from a bygone era. It's a sad time we are living in. We can't go back. Trudge forward. Never give up on what is good and right. Jesus lives inside of us. Do good things and find peace within.

      1. Barrett

        No he isn’t

      2. ISHAN PATEL

        WHEN the earth is nuked?

    11. Solomon Grundy

      Earth is the most beautiful place in the solar system

      1. Animation Space

        IMO the solar system is the most beautiful place in the solar system

    12. Martin Lambrecht

      Why is it not possible to have a live 24/7 feed like this. How come we only get bits and pieces. How about Mars or other planets and moons as well?

      1. Leafy

        As Seán said before, bandwidth and infrastructure. a live 24/7 feed from mars or the moon would just be a "nice to have" type of thing. No real scientific benefit from it but it would be pretty cool to have.

      2. Qunt Face

        I see where you're going with this... t's not flat FFS.

      3. Seán Doran

        Bandwidth. Infrastructure. I share these films as a courtesy. Creating them takes time.

    13. Tim Nasseh

      3.2 k dislikes are the once that still believe the earth is flat

    14. Mikiness Analog

      This is what you would see 300 km up traveling 25,000 kph. You may think me weird, but I would go just for the food LOL. I know the ISS is not a restaurant, but from what I can tell from Vickie Kloeris, retired space food management says it's the safest food "on" the planet.

    15. edward lewandowski


    16. rod Hancock

      Used for satellite spying purposes 😎👀

    17. Suomi80 Finnish

      1:27:57 what is that?

      1. Dark Matter

        A small meteor

      2. ЗЕФИРКА


      3. Chokonma99

        @Suomi80 Finnish uhm, a glitch?

      4. Suomi80 Finnish

        @Fight&Flight TV no no.... there is purple flash

      5. Vascos _

        aurora borealis ?

    18. Tony W

      How can it be in real time with clear edits?

      1. Seán Doran

        Real time refers to the rate of speed of the video footage.

    19. Bl4ck F1zz

      What the hec was that at 1:28:00.....

      1. Animation Space

        @David Christy Jones Music Looks like lightining, some sort of flash of plasma. really weird...

      2. viddiot

        It looks like they hit the right angle to catch the lights of a landing strip at an airport. TBH.

      3. David Christy Jones Music

        @Benny BooBoo Bear He's not talking about the Northern Lights - There's a light in the center of the screen that I believe is a meteor.

      4. Benny BooBoo Bear

        The northern lights? How do you not know about that? Search it up...

    20. Eagle Lady

      Thank You for these amazing views and this is very spectacular

    21. Traceston Clark

      How can one look at this Masterpiece and say "there is no God"? I mean just wow! The Supreme Creator of all things is so so so worthy to be praised!!!!

      1. lqsers

        Also I'm not here to change your opinion on anything, nor am I rejecting or accepting the idea of a God, though it may be likely. I'm just listing of what we know and the fundamentals of the universe.

      2. lqsers

        It could be a simulation with an upper being/alien that created the big bang and the universe fundamentals then passing on to evolution. And based on the current oversight of the universe we're so insignificant that it's like comparing the weight of one grain of sand to the weight of our planet. Our planet is proved to be through evolution of gasses passing throughout the universe forming stars and planets, so if there is a God, he does not care about us and we're just here, rearranged from atoms waiting to die eventually and being continued.

      3. jaymz1999

        No gods were needed for this. Sorry.

    22. Johann Ward

      what is the intro song to the whole video? I can't find it

    23. atman abbassi

      As you all can see my friends, there is no borders on the planet earth, its just people who created them, I believe we can all live in this beautiful globe 🌎 peacefully. Sending you all love from Algeria 🇩🇿

    24. H K

      14:40 Top left-hand corner, two faces

    25. Bravo Nervoso

      Os terraplanista chora vendo esse video, the video that makes earthflatters cry, la video qui fait les platistes pleurer, il video chi fa piangere i terrapiattisti...

      1. Luan Henrique

        Bom de todos os terraplanistas vissem esse video pena que são preguiçosos demais pra isso

    26. BattleBorn 4X4

      Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds, - and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there, I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air… Up, up the long, delirious burning blue I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace Where never lark, or ever eagle flew - And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. John Gillespie Magee

    27. Cameron Herring

      I can see my house from here ;)

    28. Dischargedarrow Getback

      Clouds are moving abnormally slightly above the center of the screen at 22:19. What is this?

      1. Seán Doran

        Repair patch offset error.

    29. dyaksa megan

      So scary when you use a 3D mode ..

    30. ATV Media

      I thank the earth that we can live on you and admire you!

      1. Béla Baksay-Róka

        We still have about 50 years on this planet! ... (Maximum.) But it may be even less if U.S.A. and China fall on each other in the South China Sea ...

    31. a b

      Today a common person can only dream about it but one day this would be a normal form of travel just like jetliners today. Truly amazing.🤔

    32. Hector Foss

      Is their a way to buy and download this so It can be used as a wallpaper

    33. sk8mysterion

      Wow.... I can't.... Wow, thx, so amazing and beautiful ✌️😮

    34. Bindu Jaiswal

      The video is actually 1000x or maybe more times fast forwarded

      1. John Duffy

        Its really not, for example the Internation Space Station makes a complete orbit in around 90 minutes

    35. thomas jean-marc

      People who dislike this don't deserve walking on this planet

    36. Luker asd

      It looks kinda flat

    37. Samith Randilu


    38. Stephen meditations

      This film is a masterpiece of our time; science, music and visuals coming together to show us our planet as never seen before, making the most of modern sound system, tv and backlighting technology in a way I didn't realise was even possible until now.

    39. akafreza

      This video shouldn't have NO DISLIKE... THIS IS THE PLANET... not a music video. IT'S LIKE YOU DISLIKE YOURSELF. But this is why all this bad things are happening, because of this people... BAD PEOPLE... distroying the PLANET. That is the problem of the PLANET... Terra has problems now with sustaining life and it's starting to have problems with her harmony... We are destroying everything in front of us. We are like cockroaches... It's a little bit too late. . We are accelerating the inevitable! Ofcourse it's a CYCLE but why hurry it, why don't let it take the natural course as much as we can... It's a lot to say... I understand many things in different ways, but you know, don't over do it... We consume what's around us too much, a lot of waste, killing too much animals... problem with WATER... etc. We could have a chance but i'm affraid it's too late because the population is expanding, and that is great, it's LIFE, but this means that we have to be better and use our f*****g BRAIN...That is why we are advanced animals and we EVOLVE.If that expantion of people is a big percentage of those 3.1 K dislikers... I don't know what to say... PROTECT THE PLANET. IT'S OUR HOME.

      1. Sokol10


      2. Grinse Kater

        All dislikes come from Flatearthlers 😂

    40. Alexandru Chitac

      Shiny little spot in Morocco between 2:10 - 2:25 - "Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Thermo Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant" - 34°4′6″N 2°6′17″W

    41. Hiral Nagda - Inspiring Limitlessness

      In love with this 🌍. Such a beauty.


      Beautiful work!

    43. kenneth

      It is not easy to see how the more extreme forms of nationalism can long survive when men have seen the Earth in its true perspective as a single small globe against the stars.

      1. RandomName Last Name

        We're fools who let ourselves remain separated by nationalism and religion.

    44. Adam Wilkins

      Just curious. What would this genre of music be called that is in this video? I'd like to search for more.

      1. John

        There is quite a large body of work by Phaeleh on iTunes. Listening to it now.

      2. John

        Electronic Ambient

    45. Cal Mulligan

      This video, and the soundtrack, is partly responsible for my scientific awakening in 2015. Since then, I have had a cosmic perspective on the world. I just want to say thank you to Sean, you contributed towards changing my life in a very positive way!

      1. Stephen meditations

        I only discovered this film couple of weeks ago and I feel the same way! I have already shown it to one of my best friends who loved it and I'm excited to share it with more of my friends who haven't seen it.

    46. Richie Noel

      at this resollution and this image clarity it should be possible to see any planes or the contrails of it,,!! anyway the video is amazing,! maybe is edited, just asking.!!! nice video !! thanks.!

      1. Jonathan

        You can't even see individual buildings from this altitude how would you expect to see a plane or even a contrail that is a few hundred meters wide? But yes, this is an awesome video

    47. Simu Ageaaa

      Hi,I am from Jupiter. Happy to be first person to watch earth KGup from Jupiter planet

    48. Green Corner - Relaxing Healing Music

      how to convert timelapse to normal video and still smooth?

    49. Lukasz

      Me cries in 1080p screen :D

    50. Keith Ginyard

      Your video,s of earth from the Iss are some of the best i've ever seen. Keep them coming.

    51. Garbage

      I'm in this video

    52. C Day

      What is the cargo? 📦

    53. AirGVN

      those big cities looks so small wow

    54. Haroldo Da silva alves

      Como é pequeno nossos problemas!!!

    55. Tomasz Cisoń

      This wow 🗺️🌐🇧🇾🤍♥️🤍👏🏽👍🏼✌🏽🗺️🌐🇧🇾🤍♥️🤍👍🏼✌🏽

    56. Patricia Johnson

      MAGNIFICIENT thank you for the journey!

    57. G. D.

      1:15:45 Southern California

    58. G. D.

      8:25 The Nile and the Sinai desert

    59. Fernando Ribeiro

      Is it possible to spot an airplane in this video?

      1. IMB

        i highly doubt that, they're really small in comparison. At least I haven't seen one.

    60. sadira jones

      Why can’t we see stars from space?

      1. switchpete

        The light that earth reflects from the sun is making it impossible for the camera top pick up stars in the background.

      2. Trebor


    61. djp JoyRide


    62. Lamont Cranston

      Pretty planet. Too bad it’s infested with humans who only want to fuck it up and make every excuse as to why it was “necessary” to do so. Humans are nature’s biggest mistake.

      1. walker16

        fr. earth could give two less shits about us and once we become extinct life will thrive

      2. Lamont Cranston

        @SP I’m sure it will. Im just acknowledging a fact that humans are narcissistic parasites who justify destroying their home to make their daily lives easier. We aren’t the good guys here.

    63. Haitman RG

      This is the most beautiful thing I ever seen, Its a huge honor be part of this huge living being I love it so much

    64. kinkylid

      Felt shit for a long time then seen this, no matter what is wrong when you understand just how special we are as a species and the limits we can go to it's in this moment you should be saying I love life cos this is the ultimate, seeing it all below so small yet so massive so humbling yet so impressive simply awesome.....and a great soundtrack to boot I'm sure its 8D

    65. Татьяна Герасимова


    66. Magnum Morro

      I think, our planet is 70% water ,

      1. G. D.

        No it isn't. Only the surface is 70% water. But the oceans are 11 kilometers at the deepest, mostly only 4 or 5 km. If the Earthe were a globe with a diameter of 40 cm, the whole quantity of water on it would be less than a centiliter.

    67. DuncanAndFriends Pranks

      Venus needs this

    68. TheTruth Sayer

      It looks like there is no life on this planet.

      1. Lukasz

        Yeah everything just blends together

    69. César Rome

      😍Without human beings the earth would be much happier, why am I saying that? because there are more and more bad guys, and they are ultra powerful bad guys, they're not ordinary people, bad people capable of screwing everything up with the billions they drain every day, but there there are also good people, but good people don't have as much power as bad people, bad people are always more powerful and more numerous today, that is why our planet is bad, and yet our planet is so beautiful from afar

    70. Mason Conn

      Damn....das da Earf

    71. Ek doodoomun

      Cool Man!!!

    72. Cindy Haase

      Earth Symphony

    73. Here’s Jahnnie


    74. Prof. João

      One of the best videos of all KGup.

    75. Павел Чередниченко

      Ты Супер,слова нет,жду новых работ,Спасибо

    76. Mac Eliot

      Look how flat the Earth is as the ISS goes “around” it. FE believers are so retarded.

      1. C L

        Of course they are lul, you could take them to space and they'd still believe you were BS'ing them. They are delusional.

    77. whatsupsevensup

      would be nice if you could slightly lessen the curve to make more in tune with what it will actually look like, since the fish-eye lens makes it look more curved than it actually is

      1. Timchi

        nahh its good

    78. Mohammed Thouseef Khan

      Allahu Akbar

    79. Rising Cookie

      What's with that high number of dislikes? Didn't think that there'd be so many flat earthers.

    80. Frank M

      Seems like if you only go by eyesight it would be an open question, if there is life or not, until you actually land.

    81. prasannafy

      Omg this is so f goooood

    82. Shannon Elmore

      how can anyone dislike this video? This is majestic and beautiful. so very cool!!

      1. Gerson

        earth planners dislike

    83. luizgustavo4 Luna

      Fantastic, beautifull

    84. Kiko Feitosa

      It looks so hostil... Crazy... Look all the hurricanes😖😖

    85. razony

      Just thinking: What would it be like, to show someone from the year 1000 these images...probably get burned at the stake.

    86. roprox 24

      1:42 No es España ni Portugal.

      1. G. D.

        Strait of Gibraltar

      2. Martian Builder

        Si pone su pantalla de cabeza entonces sí se ve. Es la parte del sur.

    87. Panos stergioy

      so you need 1,5 hour for that and it took me 3 hours for german

    88. mityok999

      На такой высоте кривизна земной поверхности не такая.

    89. Stuart W

      Why upload in 60fps when it is only about 15fps lol its like a slideshow

      1. Martian Builder

        What? It's only 15 FPS? It looks much smoother than that to me.

      2. Seán Doran

        Designed for huge TV's & large projections where low frame rate can cause motion sickness.

    90. Yaq

      earth looks so beautiful , but there happens so bad stuff on here..

      1. Chrissianne Carpenter

        Humans have ruined it.

      2. hoperView

        haha haha

    91. Erik Satterfield

      How does this beautiful video only have 7.2MIL views????

    92. 4K HDR RTX Gaming & Benchmark Channel

      can you master these videos with HDR too?

    93. Randy Blattner

      Pin drops here and there would be nice

    94. Scott Noble

      Nice video. However can someone tell why the clouds never move or change shape? You know like when you watch the weather on the news, or when you look up at the sky and watch the clouds go by. Just wondering

      1. Trebor

        From the point of view of this camera those clouds are hundreds of miles away and very large banks of cloud. Small changes will be hard to see for the short amount of time the ISS was over them.

      2. BakedCheezIt

        @Scott Noble Also if you re watch the video you can see other specks flying around , these are other satellites orbiting about

      3. Scott Noble

        Also another reason ppl might think it's fake is bc they are thinking that the ISS is stationary and not flying in an orbit. So that may be where some confusion comes in. So they are expecting to see things moving about. I wasn't sure about how fast ISS was moving vs the speed of the video. Again thanks for the answer

      4. Scott Noble

        Ok that makes sense. I think that's why some think it looks fake. Thanks for the answer

      5. BakedCheezIt

        There's way more science muddled into an actual answer but I'm sure you get my point.

    95. Роsт Белый Свет

      Зачем искусственно "закруглять" горизонт?! С такой высоты он выглядит прямым..

    96. Miller 'BG


    97. amanda copeland

      How high up is this?

      1. BakedCheezIt

        As high as I'm getting this weekend. Kidding. Kinda..

      2. Erized

        about 220 miles or 350 kilometers above earth.

    98. Jorge Granados

      Excelente....que tan frágil es. Gaia...

    99. Slavica Pervic


    100. Jorge Martinez

      Wath happened with night time

      1. foxtrot yankee

        It Goth dark?

      2. Erized

        It shows night time several times in the video.