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    I Paid for Anything My Friends Sculpted Out Of Clay
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe and I might let you sculpt something.. then I'll buy it for you :)

      1. Lambda Gene

        @Elite Gaming k

      2. BJ Roman

        I would love that

      3. Five for Fun

        I am subscribed

      4. Victoria Rodriguez

        Omg hiii

      5. Eliza Johns

        Hello i am i big fan i wanted to know could u do a give away where you pick i random coment and they get whatever because i cant get instagram and i wuold really like to be in a give away!

    2. Darren Scott

      If i was there id draw a dog haha

    3. Irfan Yusuf.S

      1:11 Nobody: Me: y is her nail missing in Middle finger

    4. Cece Grace

      Me:sculpts The world 🌎

    5. Zenaida

      Infinite has a secret love brother and its johnny cuz no frickin way lol he even looks like infinite

    6. Duble Dee

      For it I’m gonna leave

    7. Catie Greco


    8. Nicky thicky

      I wish the girl with pink hair wasn't in your video 🙁

    9. Daniel Kabasele

      Please make more videos on this channel! I really like this! :) I'm Daniel!

    10. NCDVlogs

      what are those cameras like the mini wons i really want to know

    11. Brandon Smit

      Guess what actually you know Mr. beast his actual name is jimmy the same person as my brother that’s the same person the same name

    12. Daniel Kabasele

      Wow! Did you actually bye all of that? Like that's A LOT of money! I hope you don't see 0$ in your credit card and bank

    13. Leonora M Mix music

      I am like 👍

    14. Bert Hankins

      I can’t believe people actually watch this ... are you guys kids or what ?

    15. Ryan Buchanan

      Jazz always does Jordans

    16. AquaDingo 8861

      Johnny looks like knock off Wilbur Soot

    17. Jayleen Tran

      He was like sense your the winner...u have to clean this up😀 What☹️

    18. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    19. Piyush Rana

      hi zhc h

    20. Mees Hamaker


    21. Georgia Smith

      Hi Zack you probably won't see this but only did iPad pro fit high school and I'm just don't have enough money for I live in Australiajust remember you're my favourite KGuprI'm not old enough to have Instagram swipe really sucks I can't follow you and your girlfriend on insta

    22. mega mayhem

      like the vid

    23. Meghan Gulickson

      I’m subscribed with post notifications on

    24. -Sunny Sunday-

      THERE SO TALENTED me have idia for video: what ever you mold out of tinfoil I will customize!

    25. Ayush Kunwar

      poor Viv she has only one 1 art challenge


      I wanted michel to win so I can see the hampster

    27. babygirlnessa713

      Hardened clay

    28. Roy Whybrow

      My man zhc is turning into me beast

    29. Kimberly Gomez

      Lets get him to 2 mill subs

      1. Santutis

        you should see his main channel man

    30. Iliana Joseph

      Viv always wins I want jaz to win

    31. sarvna richaed

      Me not stupid The dumb girl in the back: a candy bar

    32. Deven Goswami

      Jazz looks like carli dmelio

    33. Quinn & Norahs World


    34. Hmfthedude

      Frick this this is bull crap viv should have won

    35. Krazy Koala

      Vivs and Michels voice is very peaceful and quite. Vivs and Michel voice: heaven rest of the team: roar 🐯 jk every ones voice is great I’m a big fan Zach and your team jk about all that stuff

    36. Joyita Das

      i also subscribed

    37. minecraft boi

      Jaz + sneakers = jaz art

    38. Fun with Manaswini

      Your the best artist I have ever seen can I please win a giveaways

    39. Khalfan Ahmed

      Ohm zhc

    40. Khalfan Ahmed


    41. The McCamish Sisters

      I think that everyone's sculpting skills are at atleast 9 out of ten of not 10 out of ten

    42. Darling It’s me

      I vote viv!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her shoe is amazing!!!

    43. Rafael Drang

      I gotta say, I love zacks hair, it looks like cotton candy.

    44. Anjanie Ganga


    45. Maher Almontaser

      Michelle I have 5 hamsters and I lllllooooovvveeee hamsters🐹

    46. adil iqbal

      pls do a draw the best portrait challenge

    47. Harry Nye

      0:37 booger

    48. Marisol Garcia

      Hi I like everything that you guys make when I come home from school I watch you after school work and I love you

    49. willa kathleen

      how did he do that he is good

    50. Naila Rattansi

      That’s not far you always make the boys win

    51. tefa kaniseli

      Work hard

    52. Rob Beatty

      Hi I'm a really big fan

    53. Royale Giraffe Roblox

      Hoping the pets win

    54. A N O N Y M O U S

      You have 5 artists, this was posted 5 months ago and this has 5.5 M views... Coincidence? I think not... 😂😂

      1. Freyxrose

        And 5 packs of clay 😂

    55. Itsmekingplayss

      6:14 why yo eyes like dat Area 51 alien escaped LOL

    56. David White

      :Zch viv has already a burger done :me u mean a krabby patty

    57. _Sundae life

      i think viv should have one but goodjob dude!

    58. Haukur Ólafsson

      Reeeeeeeeeeeee Narod o

    59. Haukur Ólafsson

      I’m not trying to be rude Fortnite

    60. Shanice and Bruce

      I will scalp a palmeranen pup

    61. tefa kaniseli

      You're wasting your money

    62. tefa kaniseli

      Wasting your money

    63. Syeda Salma

      u guys dont give us anything u give those people things who live at ur place....u guys lie

    64. khumo mpebe


    65. Wasim Naz

      I love you yutoot chance ❤ 💓 💖 ♥

    66. Mcdonald's Big Mac

      Nobody sculpted a house ....it would've been SOOO easy for one of them

    67. Mcdonald's Big Mac

      Jaz has a really contagious smile

    68. nyimzy bee

      I feel like michelle does these just for fun

    69. Alayna Jilote


    70. Alishay Atif

      Me: sculpts universe

    71. Vlogster

      ⏩*Hi zhc will you give me all those magnets from your new video please!!!!*⏪

    72. DurpyGirlLexi

      Clay Ofc CLAY

    73. Charade Blacke


    74. Mennatullah El-Sakka

      6:18 haha 😂

    75. Princess Emmira

      Jaz is so kind ! She is very funny too 😁

    76. Goth Frogg

      I would sculpt a snake I *really* want a snake

    77. Sonia Ocejo

      I love your vids so muh

    78. Max Shen

      0:01 I finally found a pic of ZHC's back people who watched ZHC ever since the start: thats cute

    79. Gamer Playzz

      ZHC 2050:i rebuilt a rocket ship with clay.:)

    80. Zayne Sebro

      this challenege is bogus

    81. Joel Jaison

      Hi everyone from ZHC I am your big fan I will always watch your video every day and I am also subscribing to your KGup channel I love your KGup channel can you make iPhone 11 again do you one to de my friend all of you I almost forgot my name is serah ok bey for now I will see you in tomorrow morning

    82. STUpid KiDs

      I hope I win the money but I just don’t want to struggle anymore and if I do get it I will donate some. Of it’s

    83. Mayra Angamarca


    84. china butler

      hi zhc naxt time let me do the clay

    85. puG

      I wish I could do all these challenges

    86. Graham

      please add me so I can go into a compatition

    87. Apex Gamer 4x

      Zhc in 2050 I’m gonna decorate a 10 story mansion in 1 second ha I would like to see that LIKE that WOULD HAPPEN LOL 😂

    88. Angelika Perez Santana

      No viv was better

    89. Osvaldo Solis

      I live in a trailer in the rio grand valley in texas I have no running water n two kids n my gf we fallen on hard times and haven't found any source of money because I've had corona and they just say they well call me back any thing would help cash app $ozzysolis

    90. HC_pAnDA

      Scuffed mr beast🤣🤣

    91. Barbara Hanna


    92. To watch Videos

      I'd sculpt the USC Millennium Falcon

    93. Aafia

      Me: sculpts friends

    94. Piper Jones

      Ok so whoever has the best sculpture gets money but two of you can’t us tools because you didn’t build a stick figure well enough🙄 then one of you gets eliminated because of another contestant which is extremely bais then your sculptures will get unfair judging concluding this audio video and created who is a copy of mrbeast and is just trying to flex and is not funny so I’m unsubscribed go and disliking thank you for reading my entire rant.

    95. AmManny

      6:21 Never heard Johnny say something as loud XD

    96. Aiden Mahoney

      How old is Johnny he looks 15

    97. BTS ARMY


    98. Chimken tendies

      Viv is soooooo pretty

    99. EarthNine1642 0

      Let's make sculptures with no tools and gen doesn't get to sculpt That's exactly what u did And that's why u lost a subscriber and unfair judging

      1. Shatakshi Sudanagunta

        they earned the tools with challenges, and it was all for fun. So just let them be I dont rlly think loosing 1 subscriber is going to affect him...

    100. Abdu رزق nuor

      Viv never wins makes me so sad