The Mandalorian | New Season Streaming Oct. 30 | Disney+

Star Wars

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    The countdown begins. Start streaming the new season of #TheMandalorian Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus.

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    1. Lee Andrada

      0:03 is that what I see? Black Sabre like in the animated series.

    2. Matthew Tarnow

      Guys, look, it’s Gus Fring’s past!

    3. ꧁BLUE• ʙᴇᴀʀɢᴀᴍɪɴX꧂

      Today is OCT 30

    4. Nostrodumbass Studio 8

      Mandalorians WERE cool...then they became another slop the buffet.

    5. Beth Lauren

      Isn’t anyone else freaking over the return of Boba Fett??? Come on, I can’t be the only one!!! (Reply if you are dying to see him return!!!)

    6. Mario Kart Gamer 47 /Evan

      TOMORROW 😁


      Seriously who would put a thumbs down on this

    8. adrian perez

      In disney plus all the series of Star Wars are in Spanish language or English all?

    9. Gage Proctor

      I Think He Wants Something.

    10. Pablo Malcomore


      1. Mario Kart Gamer 47 /Evan


    11. Mario Lopez

      Hello there

    12. Smukki

      Giancarlo Esposito is just amazing at everything he does

    13. Bob Pete

      The clone wars is so much better.

    14. Andrew Aguilar

      You guys should make more seasons

    15. Curious Bros

      If you go on 0:03 at a slower speed you will be amazed at what you see

    16. Sawyer Volm

      Yooo black lightsaber where did he find that relic

    17. Charlie

      Can’t wait for the virtue signaling ...

    18. Raclis-_-


    19. Raclis-_-


    20. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      Since when did Star wars have boats? This looks like another instance of Disney doing whatever they want because they don't care, regardless of how much it makes sense compared to the rest of the pre-disney canonical universe

      1. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

        @Jon Smith a sightseeing boat does not appear to be what we're seeing here

      2. Jon Smith

        There were boats on Naboo an Attack of the clones.

    21. cattigereyes1

      Well I still do NoT have Disney + but the show looks awesome!

    22. Max Corben

      So hot

    23. Airsoft E

      Show of 2020

    24. xTPad

      If only everything Disney Star Wars turned out this good.

    25. Tyranus Archive

      3 more days

    26. Thatdeadguy T

      Let’s just call the show Yodalorian 😂

    27. Silent Drew

      Is that a boat? An actual boat on water?

      1. Silent Drew

        @Jon Smith in space the air, given this franchise.

      2. Jon Smith

        Well where else would it be?

    28. God rules Jesus Christ saves

      Give it to me

    29. Pickachugirlcookie cookie gacha

      Baby yoda's face when his on the ship Lol XD

    30. Delta 9696


    31. Soso H.

      Check it out, it’s Stanley Edgar! I guess Vought controls the Star Wars franchise as well

    32. J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove

      The only reason I’m on Disney+ is because of the Mandalorian. I hope the execs understand that as soon as season 2 is over, I’m canceling my trial

    33. Jeff Graham


    34. Ismayil Ismaillinski


    35. Alif Prasetyo

      BABI 🐷🐷🐷

    36. Mike Martinez

      I heard the mandalorian got covid 19.

    37. Jacob Taylor

      *chants* AHSOKA! AHSOKA! AHOSKA!!

    38. Games United

      Cody: What’s that? Rex:HOW ARE YOU STILL HERE!?!? Darth Vader:WHATS EVEN GOING ON? Mandalorian: how are guys still alive?

    39. Ultraspire X


    40. Soren Stark chessa

      I would like this music please

    41. Raindrops _

      (ray mak is typing)

    42. DD Yodaman

      Great series!!!

    43. Jake JJ

      I am a Time traveler from the year 2070

    44. Andrew Maskal

      Is there only one season coming

    45. Da King

      Hey Disney like what you doing can we get some old republic too ?

    46. Iziak Martinez

      Who had to rewatch season 1 just so you can be prepared for season 2

    47. Eli Sanderson

      Season 1 is to let em know what’s up, season 2 is to set the bar, and season 3 is to blow everyone away

    48. Snyder Alvarez Sandoval AUTTP ATHDTC AKKTK

      HELL YES!!!

    49. rob cottrell

      Don’t worry Walter White’s gonna save the day

    50. Ace Wav

      omg yoder!!!!

    51. EddieRay VanLynch

      Yes, please!!!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    52. German Wojtek

      Jon Favreau is a legend

    53. raddit

      hey, here

    54. Ocelot_The_Dragon

      The only thing that’s keeping Star Wars relevant.

    55. Zapper

      And just like that I forgot about corona

    56. Francis Mazzola

      The mandolorian is better then the new movies tbh.

    57. Agent Black

      Hell ya, everyone’s favorite show is about to come out

    58. Mechanical Whale Productions

      Does Star Wars have boats now?

      1. Jon Smith

        There were boats in attack of the clones

    59. Home Of Talks

      I wish all the episodes would’ve come out in the same day 😞...

    60. King

      Mandalorian : Oh you playing Minecraft The Child : ........ Mandalorian : I like ya cut g

    61. Bailey Danseglio

      It's gus fring!

    62. That one German Kid

      Been waiting a hot minute for this!!!!!!! Can’t wait 😊

    63. Sam Da Beast

      Am I the only one who absolutely loves that black lightsaber?

    64. Bandyto

      Mandalorian Pog

    65. Bandyto

      Let’s gooooo bois

    66. Ronia Aime

      OMG YESS

    67. Revolving Destination

      Looking forward to it, pretty cool 😎

    68. Alpha Evan

      Why do I feel like cara dune is gonna die in season 2?

    69. Aquaa

      claim your here before 1m token here

    70. ZX GALAXY

      *"May the force be with you!"*

    71. Declan F

      1 week!!

    72. Igotwect

      I really wish that some confirmation on Ahsoka, Boba, or Rex appeared in the trailers. All I can do is hope for the best.

    73. Kevin Decker

      Why is Gustavo Fring in space

    74. Shane Green

      El Jedi hermanos!

    75. David Chase

      This is what star wars suppose to be unlike the movies they twisted 🤣 of course they hired the right man for the job. Best move they made for star wars, finally something I will watch and pay for .

    76. Ishmael Moh

      Giancarlo Esposito is everywhere. Just finished the boys. And now mandalorian.

    77. Mike Mike

      So very tired of Giancarlo

    78. catsndogs98

      First super heroes, now jedi

    79. Has No Name

      Is it only one ep or all release at once?

    80. Aaron E

      When like the third trailer gets released for the same show within a couple weeks “a surprise to be sure but a welcome one”

    81. Kevin Mcnamara

      I’m in! 2020 shitshow be damned!

    82. Valentin Panasevič

      He wants the blue stuff.

    83. Saxy Airsoft Gamer

      Ayyy he got one of those

    84. rockerteen8300

      Ok, I hate most of Disney’s choices lately because instead of just making good products they’re instead being politically correct, but I’ll check this video series out because everyone is saying this is the exception and it’s really good.

    85. Gabrielle Ochoco

      when they are stealing this on my real birthday XDDDDD

    86. Anon Sevenforsixfivesix

      00:25 well... that looks familiar

    87. Mr. Peke

      Well time for another free trial ya ya ya

      1. D R

        Disney plus doesn't have free trials foo

    88. Jarmingo

      Time to pirate this

    89. J Bizzle

      Been waiting 😁

    90. Rocklins Reactions

      Do you think that could have been hoth? Or possibly illum? Illum would be cool since he is looking for jedi.

    91. Hello

      Dude baby returns

    92. Max Fierek

      Can’t wait to make a new free trial account to binge it!😊😂

    93. Ruuged Beast

      I loved the first season but its been so long i forgot the whole storyline

      1. Lucky Specialist

        rewatch it. it's on Disney+

    94. DET48210 michigan

      MORE Wokeness from Disney.. I'm out

    95. Amazing Guy


      1. Admiral Pride


      2. New York Antkeeping


      3. Jon Smith


    96. Dylan Snowrove

      Once this season comes out, and in a couple years, the Obi Wan series, I could finally say I'd pick Star Wars over Marvel.

    97. Horseey Man

      I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I have spoken

    98. Borsalino Kizaru

      Why would anybody use boats in Star Wars?

    99. Veer Chasm

      That Dark Sabre didn’t translate well to screen

    100. MrNyceGuy

      0:27 somebody smokin deathsticks in the background