64 bits 32 bits 16 bits 8 bits 4 bits 2 bits 1 bit except Kirby


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    When the Kirb hits
    Alt title: 64 bits 32 bits 16 bits 8 bits 4 bits 2 bits 1 bit except I constantly show images of previous generations of kirby also please stop complaining about the bit repesentation I can't edit videos that were already uploaded
    #Shorts #Kirby
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    1. i-win

      *Subscribe* or Kirby will accidentally inhale your house There may be a gap between uploads right now. MORE QUALITY CONTENT IS TO FOLLOW!!!!!! This video peaked at U.S.'s trending page at a rank of no. 5 (it's pretty rare!). I never expected that.

      1. Swift C-stick

        How did you do those coloured subtitles?

      2. Swift C-stick

        Hey how did you do those colored subtitles?

      3. Chanchal Dutta

        Keep this at 899 likes plss

      4. JJ Cayenne

        I'm already in his stomach,its paradise because everything is here

      5. The real guy AUTTP

        Don’t tell that with kids

    2. Lorbas

      I so like original meme

    3. Christopher Blackwell

      how the fuck did you do that with the captions im scared

    4. Barry B. Benson

      The stages of puberty in 10 seconds

    5. SpiralPoli Productions


    6. Giorgia Cherchi

      Ratorix approva

    7. HFT 291

      Me: Kirby 1bit is a Kirby when get blur.

    8. Night raider T

      Nintendo please don’t turn me into a marketable plush! 64 bits Kirby;

    9. Powerhead201


    10. Lex's Universal Studios

      The plush at the beginning, I own it! I have that plushie!

    11. Adeeb Little Ninja

      Ajajajajajajajaj hsndjsnsjsmananansjsnsnsjsbsksns and jajajaja dhsjwbiwiwuwue yehsuemw we eyheb and email egeh and jehey to use duejh and I have y heuristic even even eiejshhsjsys eu use dissemination distribution dh use na X X dyehwu even even eudhdhueu to the eudhdhsi eiejshhsjsys eu use of this is an asset to any of the day of the relationship of the day and I u in the morning and then u have to be in a room for the payment of the universe and everything is going to have crazy one is a room ☺️ hsnjsnssjsjshsjshsjshshshdjdjdmdjsknsjslllmkkkkk I have been divorced and

    12. Elili8 Games

      32 is 64 16 is 64 8 and 4 are 16 2 is 8

    13. Arianna De Nicolo


    14. [I Can’t Animate]

      Why does it sound like Jevil at 4 bits- *nsjsbaksj*

    15. Loretta Rentas

      Corrupted sus Kirby

    16. Douglas Plays

      The 1st was like the actual plush I have In my room lol

    17. Jp Pj

      2bits tp a half quarter of seems to me a hentai censored parts

    18. 007

      Yes like 43.000

    19. Santi Diaz Morales

      es ovio que asi no luce kirby en todos esos aspectos

    20. Ronade

      My youtube for no reason:

    21. GREAT

      Fun Fact: 16 bits is like First Sonic The Hedhehog Game

    22. Adrian Johansson

      1 bitch

    23. cat43

      how do you make the subtitles colored

    24. Kaylee Anderson

      That's cute

    25. Deltarune Lancer2

      Omg 32 is better than 64

    26. Red us Gaming


    27. CHX Mod APK

      Ep ep tu 😂

    28. Ryan Pikarest

      64 bits should be kirby 64 and everything below that should be 2d sprites.

    29. probably blue

      I have that Kirby plush...

    30. Flying Drakys

      When Gamecube Kirby is 32bits

    31. Antonio Games

      Æõę21gdsčsxzg bist

    32. Brandon Contreras

      64 bits

    33. Why

      That 16 bit one would actually be 64

    34. Emma Elise Fagerholt-Braathen

      My cat is named cirby

    35. ХУК

      Please rate my animation, I will be grateful! Оцените пожалуйста мою анимацию, буду благодарен!

    36. HUE Marlon

      But the 32 bits is actually 64 bits

    37. Bodacious Lemming

      You beach

    38. Ze Chonky Fox

      It’s crazy this is how it was originally but we’re so used to the backwards version

    39. Satoru yelena

      1 b*tch*

    40. Retr0flare_king

      Wow just wow

    41. Coolbud

      I wonder how 128 bits would look like

    42. Mr. jaw titan


    43. ok

      *shows 8 bits for 2 bits*

    44. Genesis Robles

      TA FACK

    45. ReinhardXD

      Wow the 64 bits is so cute

    46. DumitrelȘtefania-Mihaela

      Fun fact:Those 2 pink dots are from the minecraft pig :)

    47. DeXЯ ReAnimacja

      4 fckn pixels

    48. Vulcan PG3D

      When the bits got low did anyone hear b*tch instead of bit?

    49. Langston Kimbro

      When you make a video of the Kirby lore and can’t even get the timeline right


      those captions look nice doe

    51. soy el marty youtuber


    52. cat

      I like how it drops from a plush to just a pixel

    53. Syed Irbaaz Ahmed

    54. Femboy Appreciator

      i have that kirby plush

    55. The nugget From kindergarten 12&3

      1 bit looks like kirby doing the naughty naughty's and is on the news

    56. Furryberto ok no


    57. Griffin Mahoney

      Obviously you don’t know how many bits are what

    58. Kilyan Regnier


    59. sayori kens

      Sounds like a song on the 64 bit and 34 bit part

    60. John Gabriel Songco

      I’m 8 years old I’m 8 bits👌

    61. UsernameNotDefined


    62. memezo shitmada

      Finnaly a popular one that at least tried

    63. Jed Penticase

      32 to 1 he say bitch

    64. Rub

      32 Bits = Super Smash Bros 64-

    65. juana valdez


    66. 1954Bentley TypeR

      That 32bits sounds a lot like Shaggy

    67. Jhao Ashley Amores

      I remember kurby when I was 5 she was a small pink block🤣🤣🤣

    68. Lissett Diaz

      This is actually copied but it's just counting down.. the original one is counting up .-.

    69. ajaannblankenship Blankenship

      I have that plush

    70. Danold123 THK

      Wtf with the sub

    71. Hamstergang


    72. rohitinc

      How did you do the subtitles like that please tell me now or else I will call the FBI to your house

    73. Sev Dev-99

      64: *gay voice* 32: *mild gay voice* 16: *man voice* 8: *buff man voice* 4: *retro ones but deep* 2: .....

    74. NooB


    75. QuantumV

      How did you make colored subtitles?

    76. No_Ideas7

      0:03 That's roblox kirby

    77. YuhBoiBaker

      Wow I actually have that Kirby plush

    78. Sarah princess


    79. Lis Pineda

      It sound like bitch

    80. im_a_poopy_head517 Hoop

      The fact you used the sound that cut off the 6 angers me to a level of pure disgust

    81. Baguette Bro

      Story of my life: cute baby to ugly *ss teenager

    82. Mzkittypaws400

      *m i c r o b i t*

    83. Chulitalola

      ʷʰʸ ᵐʸ ˢᵗᵒʳⁱᵉˢ ⁱˢ ᶠᵘˡˡ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᵐᵉᵐᵉ

    84. Miguel Yam


    85. Shai Martinez

      I like 8 Bits

    86. Gh0stified_Playz ツ

      128 bits?

    87. Hungermantwo

      you never fail to make great captions

    88. ¿?Vërōn?¿

      It says: bits My hearing: YOU B**CH!

    89. ツBl4ckxwsツ

      The way he said 64 bits was adorable XD

    90. Dash-ish

      4 and 1 bit look like those “anime videos” I watch!

    91. Gamerbro XX

      How to epic subtitles

    92. Alma Arriondo

      :3 xd

    93. Death Craft13

      "8 bitch"

    94. Veronica Guadalupe Leiva Tijerino


    95. Dawson S.

      I have a feeling that this is a foreshadowing of a kirby video

    96. SeeTheKarma


    97. regular gamer mobile


    98. قاسم مقسم

      Captions : 16 bits : >what the food in my microwave sees 8 bits : NO IT'S NOT 8 BITS LOOK IT'S NOT 4 bits : >when you are real

    99. WingedYoshi64

      How did you do the captions with colors? :0

    100. Marco Valentino

      Tas som gud nolegd about bidea gaames