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    I did not come out of the cupboard under the stairs for this.
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    1. ContraPoints

      First they came for the celebrities

      1. Mare

        Natalie, would you do a video on the CULT OF YOUTH, AGEISM, and its relation with sexist ideas about how a woman's biggest accomplishments are connected to their youth and beauty? I'm in my twenties feeling like my worth is withering away with each day, and I've spoken to other people my age about this and they feel the same. Also, how you expect these ideas to evolve in the future? (I'm sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my first language)

      2. GIDE328

        Then they came for Nostalgia Chick Are you guys prepping your appreciation posts at the Cheesecake Factory?? loooooooool

      3. Elnjolras

        If anything real sex is a PSEUDOSCIENCE!

      4. Matjaž Verčič

        Loved the video and laughed out loud at the Arrested Development reference.

      5. Citizen Insane

        @Sabrina S anti-rich prejudice (or whatever it was)

    2. Simon Agerlund

      Wow, I love her voice! It’s almost distracting cause my mind just kind of drifts off and starts to calm down and then I end up hearing but not listening.

    3. Calpsotoma

      Why is the cast of My Little Pony hating Natalie Wynn?

    4. Pinus Niron

      Oh my God

    5. Samara Nix 42

      And Richard Dawkins has just said the same bullshit.

    6. VossCubs

      Thank you for breaking down your stance on "trans women are women". I haven't heard this prospective vocalized like this before and it's very enlightening.

    7. Anna Weinrautner

      youre so beautiful holy shit

    8. ggn3

      50:01 Daniel Radcliffe milk bath gets a thumbs up from me. XD

    9. TheBigGameTheoryHDx

      Judging by that intro someone watched to much hannibal.

    10. MacKenzie Karsonovich

      It’s so obvious Joanne can’t see past her own nose. She either can’t or isn’t willing to even try to imagine to live feeling like werent born in the right body. It’s hard to imagine, yeah, but not impossible. No sarcasm, but it sounds like it would be really fucking hard to go through. And the fact that she just refuses to even acknowledge that boils my blood. It’s like she thinks that trans people just being allowed to exist in peace means that they’re “taking over” and getting “special treatment”. I can’t stand it.

    11. J

      Why do progressive bigots always hide behind irreverent humor? A bigot can be any person who is attached to a particular belief or ideology. If you state that the transgendered community is not trying to push its ideology on to others, the statement necessitates the agreement of everyone else to be true.

      1. William Cruz

        you brain is rotting

    12. Walmart Tavious

      Julia Foppington

    13. twoless BA

      ContraPoints transed me and im not even mad.

    14. bangersareforever

      when you said dark and stormy, i thought you meant you had to go to the bathroom

    15. Alvvin Toh

      why would anyone spend all their life savings going through years of hormone replacement and doctors just to sexually assault someone.

    16. just Chilling

      I know everybody’s already said this but BY GOD are your videos amazing!!!

    17. Fariz B

      Zionist occupying government is a thing though, weird that you equated that with being against rejection of progress...occupation is not cool no matter who does it 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Carrie Fifty-Forty-Five

        That’s true, but people talking about “A Zionist occupied argument” is often used as an Anti-Semitic dog whistle.

    18. Austin Desautels

      This is the most I've learned about being trans. Thank you for such a lucid and thorough run through. You're really good at this.

    19. Wyatt

      Ok, I just discovered your channel. And I’m in love with it!

    20. EZ2ACTux

      God the obsession of "predators in bathrooms" is wild because as a first year of transition trans woman, I JUST WANNA USE A UNISEX BATHROOM OR SOMETHING I DON'T WANNA DEAL WITH THIS GENDERED BATHROOM AWKWARDNESS AAA

    21. MulletKid

      Im having trouble with 21:49. Is there a way to talk about any of the issues on the right column without doing it in bad faith, according to the video? For example, my immigrant father's new-found touchiness on issues like "Free Speech" or "Law and order" or "Cancel Culture" are rooted in his disdain for the Soviet system he grew up in, where those 3 things were either purposefully curtailed or enacted to stifle voices of the opposition. Or is your point that it is only in the context of discourse about trans/gay/poc/whatever rights that these become dogwhistling/indirect bigotry?

    22. EZ2ACTux

      9:03 As someone whose Deadname is also Nathan, that hit HARD

    23. EZ2ACTux

      Fucking hell nearly one and a half hours. This will be good

    24. Christina Bennett

      I like calling people like jk rollin as Helen's * would somebody please think of the children* mentality

    25. Rachel Saunders

      Oh my god my anxiety... Your phone is being held soooo close to that bathwater. I hope that phone is waterproof! Edit- nevermind, found the hugely upvoted comment with multitudes of replies already. Thank God I wasn't the only one.

    26. Michael Campbell

      This was a wonderfully done piece! I have watched a number of Natalie's videos and find her endlessly charming. I love the little moments which seem to be spontaneous when originally filmed, my favorite being her moving the rose pedals to redistributed them more evenly, or her missing her first attempt to catch the fan.

    27. Mia Ferrari

      Maybe this point will be made later on in the video, but the "my dad wanted a boy", the main character in her most famous book being male, that pen name, and the way trans people infuriate JK so much leads me to believe she needs therapy. And I never, ever, use the phrase "needs therapy" as an insult or in a demeaning manner. I feel like she needs to uncover something very important about herself she's been keeping buried for way too long.

    28. Evelyne Ca

      Does anyone know where I can get Natalie's nightgown? I too wish to sit luxuriously modest in a bath filled with milk and flowerpetals.

    29. db cakes

      If you were a Gryffindor in a Hufflepuff body..... Then EVEN THE SORTING HAT would let YOU CHOOSE your path!!!

      1. Андрей Гутионтов

        ​@db cakes Well, my point is, I don't remember *any* mentioned cases of children changing their Houses after Sorting Ceremony, and it's painfully obvious that some chirldren don't fit their house. Like, how the hell Pettigrew is on Griffindor, "the house of Brave"?! And yes, Harry definitely has his head brainwashed. I mean, the only real reason he don't want to be on Slytherin was that Hagrid tells him it's Dark Wizards House, and then, as far as I remember, it was reinforced by Ron and co. But still: Hat knows that Harry doesn't know a lot about Houses and things, and she is trying, definitely, to push Slytherin on him. Like, he had no traits desired by Slytherin (Hermione is better Slytherin then Harry is), his life would be hell there, he doesn't want to be there, and still Hat is trying. Why? For story, I suppose.

      2. db cakes

        @Андрей Гутионтов I appreciate this... And don't, whatsoever, condone anything that's come out of JKs brain and mouth regarding the topic of Contra's video... But I think the issue w the hat was that children were pushed this narrative you outline above... vs what harry figured out BECAUSE he didn't have the magical parental influences that the other magical children were given while they were growing up... Even Hermione, who had noon magic parents, perhaps filled her head with her desired house and its traits because of how long the hat stalled to sort her... We didn't know for sure, but it's possible to infer imo... But thank you for the intriguing perspective. 😁

      3. Андрей Гутионтов

        Actually, that's complicated, because it seems Sorting Hat doesn't get the idea of __choice__. She is pushing some narratives onto children under the assumption that she looked into your traits and evaluated them, and then, when they "select", it's set in stone. If you was sorted into Griffindor, it means that on your 11 your main traits was already decided, Sorting Hat calculated your future in accordance of her understanding of social picture and stuff. And if in 14 you feel yourself kinda ambitious and social (because, for instance, you were living in your room and in the books because other children ridiculed you), and suddenly you get into Ravenclaw which gives you attention and acceptance, and suddenly you're not compensating yourself with books anymore... well, sad, you're already Ravenclaw. EDIT: I'd also like to mention that Hufflepuff is... like... listen Sorting Hat songs. She literally sing that Hufflepuff is a House for people who are not actually have traits of value. Brave are for Griffindor, clever are for Rawenclaw, blood-clean are for Slytherin, Hufflepuff is for others.

    30. The Grim Marcher

      ok have seen enoth. I will get back under my rock.

    31. Candice Evans

      shorturl.ca/girlscamegtds 🆂🅴🆇 🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴 🅽🆄🅳🅴 🔥👌 💋 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした. 💋 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 來調味g食物煮的時候 💕

    32. korvisca petrova

      2:15 - 2:30 *true words*

    33. Kolby Carnes

      I’m like super late to this but the phrase “I’m honoring God with my sex change” just hit me like a bolt of lightning because as a religious studies student, who finally did the reading at 2 AM, I can say that this is historically on par with some practices in the early Church where ppl would literally change their sex because Matthew 19: 11-12 is a thing


        wow. are there books or other sources that I can explore about this?

    34. GDC

      ngl u can speak german

    35. Alex Kennedy

      This has to be the most eye-opening and at the same time the most entertaining video essay I’ve seen. Love it!

    36. Alastair B

      Disappointed by JK such a pity

    37. Carmen Jin

      "I'd march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans." IF?!?!?

    38. Sheo

      Even better the second time I watched it.

    39. HazelTheWeasel

      36:25 Hello Nostradamus

    40. thornprick

      Monster theory everywhere

    41. ademisc

      A lot of the problem seems to stem from attempting to simplify and categorize individuals despite each being deeply complex.

    42. luis david angulo solano


    43. Sabingau87

      You need to remember that those "tropes" are all based on a real man: Ed Gein. They murdered multiple women and dug up graves to make suits out of womens skin to wear because Gein was transsexual. They made vagina pants and breast vests. People have largely forgotten about Ed Gein, but the periods you refer to (from their crimes in the 50's to about the late 80's) were very aware of Ed Gein. The transsexual murderer trope call comes from the real-world, regardless if it was only one person. There is no giant conspiratorial hetero-normative alliance of bigotry any more than there is a "gay agenda." But we need to remember that in the past, we were not overloaded with information and memes and people actually had memories and associations.

      1. Андрей Гутионтов

        I'm sorry, you're literally offered an example of meme, which became a solid trope. People were always overloaded by memes, we're _making our culture_ from memes, we just call them "archetypes" and "tropes" if they somehow lasted more then generation.

      2. Baguette Gott

        No he was not. This story about Ed Gein was fabricated by a newspaper before any actual psycho analysis of had been done, and there is no evidence that he had any desire at all to be a woman or feminize his body in any way. It's literally just made up, the trope existed before that.

      3. Cahyro

        Gein was not trans, he, like Norman Bates, was overly attached to his abusive mother and after her passing used skin suits of women to feel closer to her.

    44. Voidaken

      So basically you imposing your own interpretations of what the Tweets mean, so you can get your talking points in. Fair enough.

      1. Radiodetective Wimerplant

        Its called "reading between the lines" or "picking up the tone/vibe". If it was only one tweet then, yes it mightve been poorly worded and or misunderstood but that is not the case here, because Joanne has doubled down on what she truly means so so many times. Thats what this video was for to provide context.

      2. Ivicix

        What's your interpretation of her tweets?

    45. Alexander Little

      Cancelling is not simply twitter mobs criticizing you. You built a strawman. And she isnt mad that trans people exist. She doesnt think its fair for transgender women to be taking what women worked hard for. Sports scholarships for girls? Well, those are about to not exist anymore. Records in female sports? Is it not a thing when biological men crack bitches skulls open in the ufc? Or absolutely destroy women with their 6'3", 225 lb frame in rugby, or lift twice as much as chicks as in Olympic weightlifting?? All those things happen, becauss everything is "bigoted."

      1. William Cruz

        lmao homie you literally dont know how weight class works i guess? it means more than gender ill tell you what

      2. Alice Deligny

        Did JK said stuff about trans women in sports or something ? Or is this just your personal terf contribution ?

      3. Андрей Гутионтов

        > Cancelling is not simply twitter mobs criticizing you. You built a strawman. And can I see actual, formal, finite definition? > She doesnt think its fair for transgender women to be taking what women worked hard for. So, "it's not fair, why didn't *I* got this kind of help from society in my years"? > Records in female sports? Actually, the idea that we needs some kind of "female sports", not "weight groups" or "heights" or whatever is important for this kind of sport, is inheritly sexist.

    46. Teo X

      You produce amazing content... Love you and loved this video! I sincerely believe that we must do our research before damning someone and girl you did your homework/reasearch! Kudos!

    47. Abigail Knowles

      I found your channel because I'm trying to make myself more educated and informed on trans issues, and I think that this video was so well researched and put together, I really appreciate your insight! p.s. i was listening to this whilst doing some work and the author of the book at 42:27 shares my first name so when you said "laying it on a little thick, don't you think, Abigail?" i just about froze thinking you broke the fourth wall to speak to ME

    48. Jobs mine

      what I do not understand is what you mean by it's part of my humanity part of who I am? isn't that a fallacy reasoning? just like saying "I love her because I like her, I like her because I love her".Also if the government is making a public law that states I have to hire at least 11.3% of my employees from a minority (lgbt, black, hispanic, or asian) group then doesn't that mean forcing people into agreeing to whatever law the minorities put into. Because you chose to focus on Identity politics, while I chose to hire people bases on their qualification and task delivery. We are not the same. Don't go out and hate me because I didn't agree with your views now because isn't that the purpose of SJW?

      1. Jobs mine

        @William Cruz okay first of all what has whiteness to do with being a qualified employee? For all i care companies want someone who deliver, not someone with a different color. I mean during college project, does your professors look for a diversity in your group or the delivery of your project? I’m not hating on anyone.. and before you something stupid know that I am black myself, and I do have two degrees. But like I said you can only get to be hired if you’re qualified not what’s between your pants. Grow tf up.

      2. William Cruz

        lmao those hiring laws are for huge businesses it would be pretty odd if you only found white workers for your huge business despite black and brown people existing and being exactly the same. if you have shitty opinions people will dislike you for them grow the fuck up welcome to being an adult in the world

    49. Andrea Cappi

      "War is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength trans women are women" Literally 1984, we sure do live in a society

      1. William Cruz

        @Andrea Cappi i cant get any higher without a prescription or a rocket ship

      2. Andrea Cappi

        @William Cruz rise up

      3. William Cruz

        oki doki boomer

    50. Margot Almanzar

      Ahh boomer women getting angry about incredibly unlikely situations that could happen regardless of someone's gender.

    51. Melissa Venditti

      You’re giving Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story vibes in this one, and I’m living for it.

    52. Sergio Escarfuller

      Ma’am, I need you rn. People still are victim blaming. Why. Why god why.

    53. Abbie Maurer

      Blaire White is shaking! 🤣

    54. Alexa Yang

      50:15 does anyone know what song this is lol

    55. Micheal Novak

      40:50 So I'm about here and I just... I wanna have a sit down with JK and see how see feels about meeting Transmen like me who... ARE Pink, and Frilly, and still boogie down to Feel Like A Woman because the song is a fucking bop? She seems to think all Transmen are these... butch women who're just insecure about their femininity. I can't speak for everyone but I can firmly say that, I'M not insecure about my femininity, because it doesn't make me any less of a man. I can't ignore the way she treats Transmen VS Transwomen either - She's trying to scold all the people she sees as 'men' for confusing and/or preying upong these poor, confused people she sees as 'little girls'.(Because if she saw them as WOMEN she might actually treat their choices and their journies like they were ones made and taken by people old enough to make them in the first place.) She's got a very 'mother knows best' line of thinking and it comes off as more than a little creepy, "I know what's best for these bright young girls, who are so bright they somehow can't see that they're just being brainwashed by the disgusting MEN who just want more proof of female inferiority, or worse - access to female spaces DISGUISED as our own!!" 43:41 Ahhhhh I knew she'd see it too

      1. Андрей Гутионтов

        @mortuusequusphobia people tend to care about __my__ wardrobe, and the only problem of gender dysphoria I have is a slight form of dystrophy, so sometimes, in dark places, from behind, I look like a skinny girl. I can't even imagine how a person can came onto job interview in, let's say, pink t-shirt, especially if they also bring "feminine" jewelry and nail polish. People DO care about other people wardrobe.

      2. Baguette Gott

        @mortuusequusphobia Lol he didn't even talk about his wardrobe? Just generally about also being feminine in some regards, which is relevant to the point he's making...

      3. mortuusequusphobia

        @Micheal Novak LOL you really want that to be true, huh?

      4. Micheal Novak

        @mortuusequusphobia Sweetheart, if only that were true.

      5. mortuusequusphobia

        Honey, nobody cares about your wardrobe choices.

    56. Kenneth Ostrer

      JK is making Lucius and Draco look pretty ok by comparison. Disappointed in her, esp coming from somebody who is a leftist in almost every other way. Ugh

    57. Tobiah

      Not to make serious of a light moment but in case there are any trans people of faith checking this out - you absolutely CAN honour God by undergoing whatever transition (social, surgical, etc.) that you need to live true to who you were made to be. If you believe in a loving God, there is nothing more honouring than living true to who you are. #transliberationnowyeseveninthechurch

    58. Marissa Nunes


    59. Kat

      Natalie playing the piano in such elegant whimsical dress is a whole aesthetic. Well, all the shots of this video are. Just beautiful! I agree with everything you've said, I like how you tried to extend some empathy yet not condone anything.

    60. Alex H

      The gremlin energy of “who knows, you might be missing out” gets me every time, it’s so funny

    61. At The Crossroads With A Mountain Harpie

      So well done. Thank you!!

    62. Kat

      Her holding both a phone and a book in her hands in the bath is giving me anxiety... i keep imagining them just slipping and falling in XD

    63. Kris Kraft

      I just made comment about her fb and this army of angry made sade ppl are flipping out cuase I just said I dont like her get over it

    64. HeyNonyNonymous

      Expecto patreon... took me a minute.

    65. Dillon Campbell

      First time time I've seen your channel. It's great!! Love the dialogue.

    66. ManiaMechanica

      I am content in my little bubble of misanthropy and Asperger, that whenever I'm confronted by the real world I'm absolutely shocked by how deeply dark and stupid people can be. as someone who was also sexually attacked (I'm sure many people have), I don't have any issue with trans women, or practically anyone, using the same toilets as I do.. however I do personally take offence to anyone claiming that some people can't be raped because of any reason, especially something as foul as being horny, because the connection of you can't be raped if you like sex, or you can't be sexually assaulted within a relationship, are the type of excuses assaulters use. (not far from when I've heard someone claims that prostitutes choose this profession because they're nymphomaniacs) anyways, I can never briefly sum up a comment, so noone will read it but I got here through a Lindsay Ellis video, and very glad I did

    67. Nikolai Karpovich

      Anyone know the name of the song Contrapoints was meowing at 1:04:24?

    68. Khamsin Brooding: Audio Journal

      23:50 - "Trans Activists." Act-tuv-iSTSS. STSS. SSTTSSS. Oh my sibilant compulsion is kicking in again ~~(>_

    69. stevo

      I love your videos but I couldn't help but to notice the wiz led on fireplace mode at full speed during the candle scene (only because I recently got these too) 😅🤣🤣

    70. Mark Anon

      This is first video of yours I've seen (and I was brought here by the rather more 'hyper' Lindsay Ellis, who I also have a lot of respect for). I'm sure it won't be the last time I look at your channel. It's also helped me think a lot more deeply about identity, abuse and trauma. Not only that... you also have a very calming presence... Thank you.

    71. thanbini

      Thank you. I felt like by the end of this video I had a far greater understanding of what the hell is going on. Also, I never heard of a "Dark and Stormy" before. Yum!

    72. Just Only John

      When some boys look around themselves to sort our who they are... They find an identity, some solace in strong women. What about the lesbians? Why is this always about architypes, not a PERSON? I LOVE A PERSON, and they LOVE ME. Playing a part in a shallow theatre of ignorance and stupidity IS HOLY? LOVE THE LIE!

    73. Adrian Wujtowicz

      If you want to be seen as a woman you should definitely have to do some form of transformation imo you can't just wake up one day and decide that's me a woman now you all have to call me she/her........

      1. William Cruz

        ​@Adrian Wujtowicz "manly women just aren't women i am a progressive watching contrapoints"

      2. Андрей Гутионтов


      3. Adrian Wujtowicz

        @Carissa Iook I have nothing against trans people, I like to throw a little joke here and there sometimes but I've been watching Natalie's videos for a while and I agree with her on a lot of issues but stuff like on this I can't agree on, if a guy wants to be a woman it needs to at least look a little like one, that is my opinion on this maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm not 🤷‍♂️

      4. Carissa

        It seems like a fair idea, but then there's several problems that can happen. The body not being receptive to transitioning medicine, lack of safety or resources, etc. -most of all, the hostility towards trans people is very blatant and all too easily can use that as a beacon to attack someone. (And then there's if the person is NB...) That, and it used to be the common way to look at it, but then it ended up being one of the reasons for gatekeepy trans culture that valued people and oneself by how well you'd pass. This may make for a harder footing to fight for liberation from, but if it can win over the people, it'll do better and make for safer for the trans people then the old look at it

    74. John H

      My fourteen year old daughter got me to watch this and am very glad I did. Was very enlightening and challenged some poorly thought ideas I had.. Thank you ... Also, Dark and Stormy’s are delicious.. Thank you for that enlightenment as well ... Cheers

    75. TryllaTröllMaistre Fictitious Fables of Europa

      Social impact bonds are coming get payed peasants $SPCb

    76. Agata Hyra

      Ypu’re great, girl. It’s ale I have to say.

    77. Raven Echo

      This new release schedule is killing me 😭

    78. Kepral

      Contra, I love this video, it's insightful and funny, but please, I can't watch you laxidasily be one slip up away from dropping your phone in a bathtub of rose petals and milk again.

    79. Zsuzsi she

      Honestly, I don't understand how a cis person can be transphobic...once again my only explanation for transphobia is being a closeted trans person. Like are you afraid you would have been "transed" if you were born in a more accepting environment? Hone, that just means you are actually trans but have so much internalized transphobia you cannot accept your own identity. You can't change my mind...

    80. Paula B

      I was not prepared for the the main cast of My Little Pony reading abusive tweets to me.

    81. Erin Feichtinger

      Thoughtful as always. I love your videos.

    82. Uncle Daddy

      There's something especially gross about, outside of everything, comparing trans woman to those participating in blackface. Yeah, a woman wanting to pee in the bathroom that matches their gender = Jim Crow smh

    83. Valerie D

      What's her name thinks that baby girls are born being afraid of sabertooth tigers and he/him

    84. m

      1:02:25 exerpt: alert around 'him' and relaxed with 'her' me: with they/them pronouns,,,

      1. Baguette Gott

        Us plebs can't even perceive you, let alone react to you with alert or relaxation. A very advanced form of existance, truly

    85. William Frost

      You are amazing, your work is amazing, and I"m grateful for you and some other amazing creators. Thank you.

    86. Jjj Ggg

      Ye ye and then you all blame straight people cause they preferer women over trans women xD

    87. Valerie D

      Norman is a transtrender

    88. phazonsuitzora

      Compelling use of Night on Bald Mountain.

    89. vincent sheen

      just found your channel, and I'm hooked and can't stop watching send help

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