“FIND HER A SPOT!” Dance Moms Audition CHAOS (Flashback MEGA-COMPILATION) | Lifetime


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    Rewatch the stress, sweat and tears that go auditions within the ALDC in this Dance Moms flashback mega-compilation. #DanceMoms
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    The road has not been easy for “Dance Mom’s” star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the famed dance instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. The new season of Dance Moms follows Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.
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    1. Lifetime

      Love Dance Moms? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at mylifetime.com/schedule .

      1. Leah and Penny

        @Half Horse lol same 🤣

      2. Half Horse

        @kathy sommerville truly touching Absolutely wonderful I’m in tears

      3. Half Horse

        No I’m just here for drama

      4. Leah and Penny

        This is a bot!

      5. Jennifer Davis


    2. 6xnnn

      why do they always fight


      37:47 Kenzie was fabulous!!

    4. hanna john

      and are too cute for me

    5. Caryn Jackson

      These subtitles are so bad.

    6. Pro Gamer

      This teacher is like a cow and she is eliminating everyone

    7. Joshua Brining

      Love. You. Guys

      1. Lifetime

        Hi Joshua! Thanks for the love!! Subscribe for more Lifetime content!

    8. Chris O'Neill

      Abby Keep your eye on the prize Girls Ok😶😬


      I'm i the one who see jojo there?? But she out there lol 😆 I hope you see it too

    10. Nayeli Vivanco

      ok but who is the guy controlling the music for the MattyB audition?

    11. Marely And Maggie gymnastics

      She should know that no is a no just deal with it

    12. Mahi Gupta

      Is it just me or Mackenzie Looks so cute 🥰🥺during the audition and when she folded her arms and got angry at her mom 🥰😚

    13. Leonia Sarvaic

      Why do these mothers think that they are the owners of this dance company and not Abby. They have no manners or respect and always mouth off on everything.

    14. Leonia Sarvaic

      At the rate that monster mom Lesli is going, shes going to have no dance studios left to dance or tryout at , eww if that was my mom,I'd hide from embarrassment

    15. Laura Valeriano

      1:59 there literal kids like what they are not adults

    16. hanan

      is this exist in netflix 💙

    17. Gwen Glass

      I hate Cathy

    18. Kirat Kaur

      you know whenn chloe did her audition for the broadway agent the song was in the movie ballerina and the tough girl in the movie is blonde and is named chloe and does ballet just like chloe!

    19. Conrad Owens

      When Kendall was like dance life not life life I was like yeah that shouldn’t be the best moment of your life.

    20. aesthetic.x_bae

      Chloe: sewing her hat maddie:trying to remeber her solo mackenzie: singing brooke: sucking her lollipop paige: healing her burn peyton: looking for a studio kendall: at candy apples nia: the only one who dances abby: nia your at the bottom off the pyrimd

      1. Chloe

        She was racist

    21. Jasleen Dhillon

      The sister code: The Look. MacKenzie: maybe she should be on camera...

    22. Stranger_things Fan

      6:24 the way Chloe reached out to shake her hand but got ignored 🤣🤣

    23. Hiba Amer

      Anyone saw Jojo in there!???!?!?!?

    24. Holly-May Franks

      all them kids that just started going up to abby trying to persuade her to let them stay....

    25. astroid angels

      can we just talk about how much christie and holly care for all the girls and not just their own?

    26. 5021bitchh fan

      Leslie. Youll find a place for her if. You DISSAPPEAR

    27. Lara Turtle squad

      I would acctully cry if abby said "The girl with the bad hair cut yea OUT"

    28. kelly doss

      Payton's mom is crazy

    29. olivia yang

      I wish I can dance

    30. Kailey Trepanier

      suta up

    31. Alex S.

      tbh leslie needs to chill. abby literally complemented her daughter and said she’s a fantastic dancer but she just doesn’t fit into THAT COMPETITION GROUP because she’s too tall. like girl she’s not saying your daughter isn’t talented she’s just saying how she doesn’t fit into that specific group

    32. Lielle Goldstein

      why is abby so nice to the "minnies"?

    33. Alyssa Hanlon

      I like how cristi was comforting nia!

    34. Alyssa Hanlon

      Awwww little Clara!

    35. Alyssa Hanlon

      Omg I just realized Gino was at one of her auditions lolol

    36. Amazing Gaming

      The people at the Georgia audition, those people were crazy like what the heck , I can’t believe abby tolerated the behavior

    37. JeongCoups

      what does "the great white way" mean 27:59

    38. • M i n a h i l •

      is it just me or 419 looks exactly like camryn

    39. Shaylin Patterson

      paige- we didn’t make it 😔 * starts jumping up and down* 😂

    40. Ameirah Bucay

      Abby is a good woman she's just doing her best for her girls so they could win!!

    41. Scarlett Perry

      34:32 was so wholesome 🥺

    42. Celeste Cervantes

      I wanna know the name song of the minute.. 5:24🤭

    43. Maranda Fisher

      35:23 Time for the Holly lessons

    44. Stxvie Vlogz

      Leslie is a caring

    45. Jalice A and j

      I honestly like Payton for the most part... but her MOM is the WORST

    46. Chayenne Buitelaar

      The fact that Leslie said "I do everything right" is just funny to me 😂

    47. Carol Martis

      I feel Abby is a bit rude it’s very sad how these beautiful dancers cry

    48. Kyle Gopez

      poor kenzie

    49. Xx Ari Sunny xX

      The fact that Melissa didn’t even clap for Mackenzie for the 45 second comp, was just upsetting :(

    50. Only Lilly

      Omg Paige said “we didn’t make it..”😭🤚

    51. Mhaezel Gammad

      40:56 that was really sweet aww

    52. Esther Georgina

      Okay why were Abby and Melissa getting mad at a 6 year old for being to scared to sing in front of a talent scout? I get Melissa payed for voice lessons and that was expensive but in season 1 Mackenzie didn’t wanna be there, she hated being in front of cameras and that understandable for a little kid who doesn’t know what going on.

    53. Sweet Caroline

      When Christi told Nia she did the best after the recital I almost cried omg you can see how much it meant to her, I love it when the moms stand up for other kids

    54. Katherine Hale

      hi katherine dance moms f

    55. Kerri A Moniz

      I mean addy was wrong because look we’re Kenzie is now...

    56. Sebastian Sosa

      I just want to 🙎🏽‍♀️🤛🏻

    57. Lydia Kelly

      when all the girls were screaming to their moms about the music video, kenzie was just standing there :( (6:50 - 6:53)

    58. Laila Whyte

      I’m sorry I just hate Cathy

      1. iiibubbling TNS

        Don't we all

      2. Lively Scorpio

        Me too. I can’t stand her

    59. pip er

      Oh my god that girl that don't want to sing she was scared And every one is so skinyyyyyyyyyyy~

    60. Boelle Niyongabo

      Why does it feel so weird seeing people group hug now in Corona💀

    61. ROBBO DOGO

      Did you see abby when they were all screeming aby got down and looked like a little girl lol

    62. Olena Zaitseva

      Z z z z z z z z z o o o o o o o o I i I i I i I. I I i I i a a a a a a a a a

    63. Olena Zaitseva


    64. auxllo

      Brookes an amazing dancer. She just needs to be excited and know there is something on the line to perform well. :)

    65. urdad

      question is.. who got those national solos tho 👨🏻‍🦲

    66. Sugar Peep

      The girl hearing Abby call her “the girl with the bad haircut” probably crushed her heart. Now that made me feel bad :(

    67. im chill


    68. Raella Rayside

      Spotted: jill’s other daughter, her little Ryleigh 😂

      1. Tracy katz

        I just watched the show Ryleigh was on (and Jill) it is a cheer show about the Ladybirds

      2. yeet it or get yeeted

        Wait what?!

    69. Exhibit Cooks

      The uptight verdict naively nail because seeder fourthly crush upon a green grey grieving card. barbarous, evanescent shears

    70. Exhibit Cooks

      The steadfast nancy cytologically copy because precipitation culturally mate off a marvelous revolve. physical, intelligent cut

    71. Fl00f Doof

      So if Abby says that they cant do it and be succesfull then whats the clout for?

    72. x.fxck_its .lucy_

      U saw jojo in the open call auditions

    73. Joys Lovely

      Christy is actually very nice 😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊. The way she was talking to Nia was so cute she is actually very very very nice

    74. Charlie Harte

      Abby didn’t disrespect Leslie,lesilie just needs to calm down Payton was never on the team Leslie just wants everything for her daughter but in the dance world that’s not how things work she says she did everything for Abby so did all the other moms and there girls may have gotten a spot but Abby doesn’t treat all of them with respect Leslie needs to learn that it’s not all about her daughter there are other dance moms too

    75. Molly Robbins

      "I get to give her a stab in the back a rooskey" IM DEAD-

    76. M.O. RD

      Maddie is a little devil you can see her talking to Kendle like she was the hole point she got her in and already Jill already new her like they have been watching her for like every it’s crazy Maddie is stupid

    77. Rachael Preston

      Is Abby Lee Miller Dance Company still going today

    78. Melissa I love her voice Engelbrecht

      That lady has anger ishows

    79. Ashs Drawings

      4:54 *she acts like she doesn’t do it*

    80. angelina x kpop

      I think holly dropped this:👑

    81. Dakota

      Okay but I low key Stan Caesar


      When I hear Mack Z I think of Mack'n cheeze

    83. Louie Luzong

      Leslie is such a karen HAHAHAHA

    84. Amaya Ali

      I like when nia was sing like nanana that’s my favourite part Leo😂😂😅

    85. Enda Newell

      Who else noticed peyton is taller than leslie


      5:20 broke is so happy dancing her heart out

    87. Whitney Blue

      “our girls are all american girls, they dont color their hair, they dont crimp their hair, they follow the rules.” shut tf up... like what

      1. Peyton Blanchard

        I think she means it doesn’t generally look professional to have bright pink hair at an audition you want to look natural even in older dance groups like the dallas cowboy cheerleaders they don’t dye their hair unnatural colors

    88. Ezekiel Nicole Delas Penas

      Cathy is literally a trouble maker

    89. Kendall Begley

      Omg I saw Gino

      1. Kendall Begley

        At the Orlando Audition

    90. One Proud Mama

      Look Abby pretending like she actually like those girls when we ALL know that all shes seeing is money signs

    91. itx_eliza _toca

      22:16 the girl with the number 419 isnt that CAMRYNNNN!!!!?!! OMG I think it's her and judging by the season I dont think she made it but was called later in season 7 or so😲

    92. FullyPilar

      Abby always tosses Nia aside but she’s great. I 200% think Abby’s racist

    93. Alan Hughes

      Hi my name is laurel

      1. Kaylene Williams


    94. The cynically Insane

      6:50 poor Kenzie

    95. iiFrxnchfriesii

      Nai lol 1:18 and that girls mom is a karen 12:39

    96. 1xi0n

      “Stab in the backarooski.” Cathy ur just-

    97. Grace Kennedy

      The part for the matty b music video the judges were laughing at the girls dancing

    98. Houston

      let me see you dance?

    99. 김서예

      19:11 that little girl in the front looked like Lilliana😂

    100. Katie A

      JoJo? Sassy? Never 😂😂