Monster Girl Comic History Explained | Invincible

Key Issues

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    Welcome back to our continuing coverage of Amazon’s Invincible, based off the Robert Kirkman series of the same name. This is our sixth episode in this series, so feel free to check out our other videos on Omni-Man, Invincible, Robot, Battle beast and Atom Eve… there should be a card on the screen now if you need help finding them. For the best understanding of these videos its really helps to watch those videos as well, because in order to save time I may loosely cover things in this video that i covered more extensively in others.
    Today’s video is on one of the more bizarre characters within the Invincible universe, and someone that grows to have one of the more unique arcs in the comic. Monster Girl also happens to be one of the characters that people requested the most.
    Before we begin, keep in mind that this video is not going to cover every single issue, conversation, or action that Monster Girl takes, but it will cover the vast majority of the most important elements of her story. Additionally, in order for the story to make the most sense I may not necessarily cover every event as it occurred in the comics, but rather in a way that presents it most logically. That being said… lets cover Amanda the Monster Girl.

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    1. Key Issues

      Monster Girl was one of the MOST requested characters for us to make a comic history episode on. Thank you guys for your continued support on our Invincible coverage! Follow us on twitter! ► ►

      1. cablecow15

        @BladeSpark Studios dude has no accent, unless your counting "American"

      2. Worawat Srisawasdi

        That’s hulk

      3. Braxton Darwin

        @Zavier Sutton whoa! It took like 20 mins but it worked!

      4. Blvcked

        I thought monster girl was innocent, turns out she had a whole affair. This comic is so weird cause when you think there's a good guy, they always have a hidden agenda.

      5. Gabriel Sylar

        @Lattie Loudz you got to save the best for last in the comics and in the show black Sampson is the most selfless but most stereotypical "hero" of it all.

    2. Yorick Westendorp

      so they dont age , but they do age :P

    3. Syahrul Ridzuan

      Are they banging kind of scenario? You said it, not me

    4. Idread ?

      5:41 wait, Immortal was alive during that scene? Wouldn’t he have gone straight to Omni Man.

    5. Me Alexander

      If Amanda doesn"t want to deage anyomre she just shouldn"T transform, it seems that she can control her powers/

    6. Rimuru is Sus

      Is it really gay if you aren't of the gender your supposed to be?

    7. leontar kostas

      On greek tradition these curse wouldn't work. In order for a curse to work the person it is supposed to affect must have done something bad to the person evoking the curse (not something the person giving the curse perceives as bad something that is actually bad). Otherwise the evoker will be affected and not the other one. We have a saying about this which goes like "a curse is a jenny(female donkey) and returns to its master"

    8. Tom C.

      Not a big fan of this arc. To many twists and turns . Hope they change some parts in the animation

    9. Tom C.

      If she doesn't transform ,does she then age normaly ? That would make her immortal

    10. xeonome

      Damn, so Amanda is into adultery.

    11. Dillon Connolly

      Did you even read the comics? She makes advances towards Bulletproof not Rex.

    12. ホールJeremy

      Robot really just needed a friend while his life was basically spiraling downward

    13. that_b1g_vic

      Funny how the history of Etrigan is suggested below this video lol.

    14. Martin Minner

      That time stamp rates a subscribe 👌💯

    15. Phil Micucci

      So the grandma was right. She is a monster.

    16. Charlie Jones

      12:40 so pretty!

    17. Kofi G

      So Robot was right the entire time

    18. Explunky

      The fact that she can be both father and mother to her son is wild

    19. Sam Levinson

      She for the streets

    20. Mr Green


    21. Fryd Fish

      ya'll trying to blame Robots entire ark on the fact a women 'cheated' on him.? There are quotations because -correct me if I'm wrong - I'm 60% sure she sleept with that woman after she led a revolution against him and put him in jail because she thought he was unjustly ruining lives. Also, he was already acting that way before her? you're invalidating both of their characters

    22. CJ Styles

      So Monster Girl's journey start all because her old boyfriend's grandma doesn't approve of them dating.

    23. Kieron Mccree

      Black Sampson

    24. Yeleck Neroïd

      Lol "Robot" is a bootleg ultron

    25. LeCatization

      Wow, seeing this video and the panels covering Monster Girl's origin made me realize that I had come across this series about 9 years ago when I was just a kid. I can't remember where I saw it but it was probably a random comic book I was looking at in the library. At the time, seeing all these adult topics and graphic imagery (like gore) honestly just made me nauseous, and the designs weren't that appealing to me. It's weird that I'm revisiting this series after so long without even realizing it.

    26. PJ Ace

      Wait is that Spawn? What the hell?

    27. William Dupree

      I always found it funny that Savage Dragon would make appearances in this comic book when it seemed the Invincible storyline was set in a completely different world than the rest of the Image stories.

    28. FUNeRaL PyR3

      Wait ? Was that spawn? Spawn is in "invincible"?

      1. FUNeRaL PyR3

        And savage dragon? Wtf?

    29. Pines

      Looks young but actually old, more powerful than she looks, bit of a hot head, and green colors when using her powers. Is this like a Western version of Tatsumaki?

    30. Anon

      Robot > Monster Girl

    31. Trump's_Big_Lie

      I just can't get into this. If you like it, good. I just don't know.

    32. banana mancer

      Do an episode on titan

    33. Nyasia Manning

      Mans got cheated on and decided to commit genocide and start 2 wars

    34. Trever Belmont

      Why is immortal part of the garduans of the globe didn't omni man kill him and who us bullet proof none of this was in the show

      1. Gabriel Peraza

        Maybe you should read the comics

    35. Elysium

      Lotta sass today huh

    36. Samson Stiell

      Black Samson?

    37. Bolt otsutski

      Edp is happy rn

    38. Jesse Bentley

      It kind of reminds me of the 1980s thing cartoon on TV. Where Ben Grimm uses a ring to turn himself back into the thing. But in order to be Ben Grimm again oh, he is turned into a teenager

    39. Cinex

      This character don't make any sense. Just make her a Super She Troll. Not my favorite character, but still interesting

    40. Evan Evans

      Mark and Amber are the worst parts of the show

    41. Michael /

      robot is a weird obsessive predator lets be honest

    42. Yuriusu TR

      9:18 why is there spawn?

    43. Animedingo

      If they dont age in the flaxon dimensions, how did omniman grow a beard

      1. Gabriel Peraza

        @Animedingo They went in with child bodies and left with adult bodies

      2. Animedingo

        @Gabriel Peraza sounded like they don't age at all

      3. Gabriel Peraza

        They age slowly

    44. meg grotte

      Hi I'm a DC and Marvel fan and I grew up reading those comics but what exactly is this?

      1. meg grotte

        @Gabriel Peraza I've never heard of this before

      2. Gabriel Peraza

        It's Invincible?

    45. Hi

      Do red rush

    46. Medbii

      I really liked Monster Girl in the show, I'm sad to hear that she spends a large chunk of the series under trapped by Robot's selfishness. So far the show and the comic have had several differences so I can only hope that maybe her show counterpart has a happier life.

    47. andrew valentine

      The thing about Robot, that thing on the back of his head resembles a man bun.

    48. Kuroneko Chan

      Girls always prefer bad guys Seem true

    49. Hate Commenter

      Do dark wing! Wait.. he ded

    50. Ariadne Frolich

      I have to ask: Did the grandma who cursed her know about the de-aging side effect? If so than that's an extra level of spite, but if not than that's some pretty shoddy spell-work.

      1. SmileGuy Animations

        It wouldn’t be a curse if it didn’t have the de-aging effect

    51. sosone7

      Another great vid

    52. Brian Lingden

      Moral of the story: Don't fall in love.

    53. Buggydome 614

      Black samson plz

    54. EnVyPrIdDy

      I need to know about black Sampson

    55. Boss

      Cecil appoints Robot as the new leader of the guardians Bruh that one bit is all I retain from these videos 😭

    56. Long Gone

      I dont think robot in the show will go down the same path as the robot in the comics

    57. Long Gone

      How does wanda and vision nit make sense they love eachuther vision is obviously anatomically correct it does not not make sense lol

    58. Hyde Whyte

      I still think she's adorable.

    59. Radixz

      well done vid, i watched all invincible vids of yours and i love the story thx🙏

    60. Guess Who

      A boyfriend curse?? Wut

    61. friend maizon drilon

      Is that spawn on 9:19?

    62. Hokibukisa


    63. streetside


    64. Kareni Brown

      So Robot and Monster Girl never had a child together.

    65. Mecha Jay

      Monster Girl is Best Girl

    66. Leodhas W-S

      Random crap completed!

    67. Anthony Alvarez

      EDP would smash though

    68. Clean Harry

      I just /love/ how Amanda repeatedly undermines and betrays robot during their relationship, but because he’s “evil” she gets to have a happy ending while Rudy lost everything.

      1. Anon


      2. FleeBoy E

        Probably the main reason he turned evil

      3. Link Zone

        @Clean Harry I know right? That's bullshit at it's finest.

    69. John Schoonmaker

      So am I the only one who thought it be funny to see her become a little Baby? I am surprised they don't do that at least once in the Series.

    70. The English Loyalist

      Monster girl is technically immortal since she can de-age, I have yet to read more of the comic but in the show she is pretty funny. I like her character over Rex and Robot.

    71. Dane Miller

      Man, looking like a kid when you are an adult would have to suck. I'm remembering one scene from a webnovel (sadly I can't remember its name) where the protagonist finds an apparent 11-year-old is drinking alcohol at a superhero get-together. To her credit, the protagonist is hesitant when she asks the smaller woman if she should be drinking, given that she's fully aware there are some unusual superheroes out there. Even so, the response is pretty scathing, because this 200-year-old immortal fey warlock is pretty sick of getting these kinds of questions *every time* she has a beer. "The Equestrian" may have been 11 years old when she made a bargain with a unicorn, but the creature is highly intelligent, and far from a cute and fluffy kind of magical creature. Her job usually involves violently taking down fey that make trouble in the mortal realm.

    72. Dane Miller

      0:24 "Khajjit has _wars,_ if you have coin."

    73. TmoDDD

      Thats why Rex needs to survive to a avoid all of this.

    74. Nicholas Garcia

      ...............riggggggh ta .........

    75. Peter Scott


    76. ♆ Satan ♆

      Kinda into it

    77. s02 Pzychotik


    78. Dank_Souls

      i kinda hope they keep just going off the beaten path and doing their own thing in the show while not obviously making it too different

      1. Link Zone

        @Dank_Souls I hope so to.

    79. Cobalt Prime

      It really sucks that after 1,000 years of history she and Robot couldn’t make it work. But he was too damn focused on what he thought needed to be done. The Immortal was immortal and still found what was important in life. Robot was a benevolent dictator and turned his back on his friends.

      1. Cobalt Prime

        @Clean Harry yeah but he was like that before she did that.

      2. Clean Harry

        Well, tbf, immortal never had to live with the knowledge that his basically wife slept with his imprisoner after she helped to overthrow him. For a person who dedicated the first decades of his life to finding a way to essentially free himself, that must be an impossible pill to swallow

      3. Martin Baez

        Probably went coo coo after multiple betrayals, so he turned into Black Air Force Bot.

    80. Draven Main

      Nice video, loved it

    81. GetPaid BlackMan

      Good vid man your not lazy

    82. Kuro Kun

      I thought she was 25

    83. Frank Cabanski

      Non creative disguised as creative. Monster girl = poor man's Hulk. Proximity: Using his perspective power, he can treat objects as the size they appear to be from a distance. Far enough away, he can move a mountain as if he's moving a pebble.

    84. M. P. Sutherland Jr.

      I really hope they switch this up a little bit. I want them to be happy...

    85. Polar

      im confused, many designs look nothing like these comics in the animation?

    86. Aidan Trautsch

      so she's hulk as a little girl

    87. Ball of Grime

      I had to mute that part when she beat up Rex, it was such cringe and poorly written. Writers gotta set up those straw men, so their big strong wahmen characters can knock them down, this one by turning into something man-shaped. Good job appropriating the male form. The only time a woman lost was to the black guy and it was a white woman. This story about heroes is written by cowards.

    88. Satya Reddy

      Please do BLACK SAMPSON

    89. Jay Comic

      Ok so I love how monster girl likes to play the victim for cheating I’ve been reading the comics and minute they get back to earth she flirts with all the male members of the guardians and yells at Rex saying he through their relationship away over her one mistake and then when she tell him she cheated she makes the excuse she was just lonely after she’s the one who put Rex in jail she’s honestly just a horrible person at this point

      1. Link Zone

        @Jay Comic Facts!

    90. Faraz Ali

      I kinda feel sad for rex poor guy is dead and some random guy is using his body

      1. Clean Harry

        At least it was one of his friends. Though I can’t speak to how things ended up I’m sure Rex wouldn’t want robot to continue to suffer instead

    91. Ande Brown

      Ooo how about Dupli-Kate next then Shrinking Rae.

    92. Kirk Davis

      Black Samson next

    93. Lonely Stoner

      Hold on there in the same universe with spawn

    94. DjVincenzo2003

      H... he killed them trying to stop the train

    95. Ryan Hanna

      Can you do the Twins of Thragg? Ursa I think is the name of the sister I can't remember the brothers name. They were born the same way Oliver was (Nolan's son)

    96. JAYESS

      So monster girls infidelity/ imprisoning her husband/ having an affair and a kid with an alien, just go un-looked, like she didn't play a big part in all this. Shes just the hero at the end i guess🤔🤔

      1. That Guy

        I hate and like it at the same time. The like part is.... it's realistic she would get a pass. That's how the real world works and I'm assuming her misdeeds weren't told to the guardians and people of Earth so yeah...she would be looked at as a hero in the end.

    97. KING DOM

      Uhhh why is mark black

    98. FANG XIAO

      So basically if she turned to monster once a week, she can be immortal....

      1. Magnum Opus

        @KING LEO doesnt it age her back a week tho?

      2. KING LEO

        Once a week is too quick. Maybe once a year. To really keep it realistic

    99. Skyler Bagwell

      Wats up with the pic of a shit ton of invincible characters with spawn?

      1. John Panicker

        Those aren't just Invincible heroes, they're image comics heroes. Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Pitt, Witchblade, Mighty Man, Firebreather, Tech Jacket, the Capes team, Darkness , and Image's two most popular heroes: Invincible and Spawn.