Level UP: Mario vs the Giant Goomba Maze

Level UP

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    After taking down a Giant Boot and Giant Bob-Omb, Mario takes on an even bigger threat... a Giant Goomba!
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    ***EASTER EGG HUNT*** There's 2 blue Goombas hidden in the video, can you spot where both are hiding? 🔎
    Characters and Music by Nintendo/Mykah/TheLegendOfRenegade/HeatleyBros
    SMB3 underground remix by Mykah:
    SMW boss remix by Mykah:
    Peach's castle remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:
    8 bit summer (outro theme) by HeatleyBros:
    #Level UP #SuperMarioBros

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    1. Level UP

      Hey guys! What Giant Maze would you like to see Mario take on next in the series?

      1. Penceroboh Kantoi

        Xjxjzjzjsd dh dh🥭🐭🐒🐨🐨🐨🐨🌴🌱🌳🌴🌲🌱🎄🌴

      2. Davi Vicente Ribeiro

        inside mario body

      3. raquel amorim

        Dear Level up. Did you Know i Like The Goomba Evolution? Yes... But can you make Bob-omb The Bomb With The Goomba's... Beacuz i Dream i Have The Bob-omb plushie. So... you better make him with The Goombas... Please... make him with the goomba's... You dear friend. -Pedro the Fan of Level up.

      4. Adrik Kidz

        Can you do the giant Snow Pokey maze

      5. firefox

        The giant wiggler maze

    2. R4qu3l and 3vE

      Your animations are getting better and better every year!

    3. Hertopan A51

      1:04 That's kinda remind me with Bionic Commando on the NES

    4. Khaled Ibrahim

      Largest goomba ever

    5. Hemlata Vyas

      Mario luigi u r so funny

    6. Joseph William

      2:55 i see a blue goomba outside the giant goomba

    7. Scott Wilson

      I know this is 2 weeks old but... 1:01 Bottom pipe 2:56 Outside the Goomba

    8. O.G. Ashtre

      That Underworld Level Music Was Dope Where Can I Find It

    9. Trystan Kitty

      1:42 haha

    10. Guillermo Gazañol

      Nice video

    11. Adrik Kidz

      Long live king LEVEL-UP, the king of editing and can you make a giant snow pokey maze because snow pokeys are my favourite

    12. Ahmad buff elmo

      ok nintendo needs to hire this guy he got some of the best game skill i have seen he can make creative levels and some of most fun levels i actually wanna play these level

    13. Ezequiel Titla


    14. Jadon Rohan

      please make Goomba Revolution ep 2

    15. Gioele Molteni

      you make the goomba revolution episode 2?

    16. Gioele Molteni

      there' s a blue goomba after the lava brige

    17. Natalia Pi

      Hi don’t know

    18. Cappy & António

      Did i just saw a blue goomba?!

      1. Cappy & António

        Because i saw it.

    19. 85holiday

      I saw a blue boom a


      Hah..😀 really funny g

    21. Ghjulia se connecter

      Do Extended

    22. Aiden Raney


    23. Vivian Lima

      Nome desse bicho

    24. Vivian Lima

      Fala português em e axo você incrível nos videos e no próprio jogo do mario e gumba vermelho de fogo? E um gumba pirata odeio os gumba chato de mais

    25. Aslan Demir


    26. Zidane

      Yo recree este nivel en un Fangame que se llama Super Mario Maker World Engine I recreated this level in a Fangame called Super Mario Maker World Engine

    27. Villager Boi

      Wow nice video

    28. Seng Chow

      Can mario level is 900000

    29. Seng Chow

      Why they's so big comba

    30. Nancy Juarez


    31. Santiago Sebastián Negro

      We´re going to trust you to make part 2 of the Goomba Revolution.

    32. Jacob Davis

      What's taking so long for the next goomba revolution

    33. shaan ferdose the dragon

      More gumbino videos its been 2 years plz come back we all miss you 😢

    34. tooyo1234

      Donkey Kong is next for the Goombas...

    35. GameXpert 64

      Come on,DK's not THAT ugly

    36. ppap 6 0 0 9 2

      Cool blue goomba Easter egg

    37. WOLF100 the LEGEND

      This is not a normal giant goomba

    38. Xirinplayz

      Do another episode of the goomba revolution

    39. andrew liu

      when are you going to make the second part of the goomba revolution?

    40. Monica Cisneros martines

      llaespero la parte 2


      Why is there a Blue Goomba on 2:56


      I love your videos.

    43. Arshpreet Singh

      Bro the game ‘Red and Blue Stickman’ used one of your Mario & Luigi maze vids. First that one game that used one of you vids, now that. What’s next?

    44. Jayden Small

      Goomba revolution coming soon!!! I've been waiting so long BRO!

    45. Sudarwin Tan

      What the f*** kid of move was that 3:39

    46. Hamster Man

      Impressive as always. Good job!

    47. Abdillah X

      New project for Nelly : Chiz the Cheese! 3

    48. Leo TwT

      :( we need it

    49. Leo TwT

      We need part three oh the goombas

    50. astrid geerman

      I hate the ending

    51. oyun kanalı

      2:54 blue goomba

    52. Po prostu MAXI

      Where is pokemon universe

    53. Ali Hosseini

      Can You make episode 5 minecraft mario

    54. Yusif Edan

      Aren’t you going to make new videos Level UP

    55. Mouphtaou Tidjani

      Was I the one who was responsible for you mKing this video because a phew days after it came out!

      1. Mouphtaou Tidjani

        Plus i said to finish goomba revolution.

    56. Kelly Ashford

      Try a Mega Mushroom.

    57. Dragonborn Luna


    58. Shadow Master

      Please Level UP The Next Episode of The Goomba Revolution Donkey Kong

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      Ep.3 pls

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    63. merwane Marseille


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      So we are continuing the Gold Goomburra series

    65. smoochum

      Will mario get payback? Like=continue dislike=never continue

    66. Tory Riddle

      I saw giant goomba

    67. Daniel Flores

      2:55 On the left is a blue guma

    68. Matias von Bischhoffshausen

      And the revolution of goomba continues in chapter 2: Donkey Kong! (This is just a prediction)

    69. Lego Angry Birds

      Now I understand what you’re doing in terms of the goomba revolution series!

    70. Noureddine Aissani


    71. lev

      Mario lost all his lives lol

    72. T Boy


    73. T,M and MC Archives Official Channel Studios

      **Mario is Kenny**

    74. Matthias Schlichting

      Das ist ja cool 😎

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    76. Cody Boothe

      Glad you didn't forget about the goomba revolution

    77. herb cookie

      2:37 HA-HOO-ADAGAG!

    78. Little Damien

      Lets go donkey kong

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      make more episode of mario craft please the story is remain paused please continue it again

    80. Tsubasa Terayama

      not minecraft

    81. НƏБЙ Амонг ас красныи

      👦 ? 👧

    82. Guillermo Ramses Sosa


    83. MegAmong

      Finaly! Goomba Revolution are back!

    84. WindowsFireFox / MarcusJosue2012

      I don’t like your videos anymore because of Luigi kept on winning by doing nothing. THAT IS INSANE

    85. sarah curvin

      I saw a blue goomba

    86. Mohammed Ilyas Rashid


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      giant fish maze

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      Did they know if they end the world he choose, they're dead?

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      Will anyone turn this into a smm2 course?


      E o mariocraft

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      Mario vs. Giant Goomba Maze

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      I'm doing my own Goomba Revolution, Inspired by Level UP