Gary Owen Called Out This Celeb and #BlackTwitter Came For Him

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    1. serenity4ever2010

      I am terrified of black Twitter....probably scarier than the beehive.

    2. The Vegan Viking !!!!

      This is hilarious but it’s also the reason I utterly despise social media.

    3. Krombopulos Pichael

      "White cracka breaaad" gone be stuck in my head all week lol

    4. Sam

      Gary Owens reminds myself of every day going to school at NCAT and just having to most amount of fun I have ever had.

    5. rescueme

      I picked him up years ago at airport when I worked at a hotel. He sat in the front seat with me. I asked him how does a white guy get to be a host on comicview( that was back in the day)? He said "I just filled out an application like everyone else and got the job". 😂

    6. LibraLife 47

      They came for him and he responded🤣🤣..he mite not be black but he is funny as hell and he was right..👊🏿

    7. Kennetta Bradford

      Gary was right. Dont get mad at him for telling the truth

    8. Kennetta Bradford

      Lmaoooo. Gary is a fool I love him!!

    9. Muzik Amor

      I absolutely NEED Gary and Chappelle to do... ANYTHING together. Hell, get brunch at McDonald's and I bet it'd dominate the comedy world 😂😂😂

    10. BighomieJ5x -

      Gary took that situation and flipped it,.. xlnt comedian skillz

    11. NoStressZone

      This was funny but Monique told the truth about Oprah and Steve. I bet a lot of ppl are mad now that Oprah spoke on WS and their views have probably changed on her.

    12. Ellie

      "I just got thirsty" LMAOOO!!!

    13. Addict of Animation

      I only found out about this video because I heard it from my dad's room. His accent almost had me thinking he was black, so I was surprised to find out he was white, but I guess that just makes it funnier.

    14. Lo

      Man I’m in the cafeteria at school and when he said “white cracker bread” I laughed so damn hard 😂

    15. Make ItRight

      You're a vanilla wafer the forgot to put the pudding in the milk. Man I really like your shows

    16. Saquan Gwaltney

      Black Twitter come on now stop it y'all must not know Gary lol

    17. Patrenia Spears


    18. Wolfie

      I knew him as an actor... but not as a comedian! I love how he took the whole Black Twitter episode... he's great!!

    19. Atma

      2012 black twitter was amazing!

    20. Jae Lemon

      I love him. Always been a fan. He was right about Monique 🤷🏽‍♀️. People can't handle the truth though. But he's hilarious

    21. Salvador Marin

      I think he’s funny how he speaks but I can’t really understand why people are laughing.

    22. Shifu Sage

      Gary been part of the fam, this bullshit on twitter need to stop

    23. Kaizaro123

      Come to think of it, when's the last time Monique appeared in anything? How sad.

    24. ScaryCute13

      I dont f*ck with Black Twitter.

    25. Myles Miranda

      “I just got thirsty” 😂😂😂

    26. Steven Stanley

      Wonder how this goes if you switch it

      1. Halifax

        I don’t understand what you mean?

    27. Amanda Hirschfeld


    28. Tha Taurus

      I had no idea he was in little man with Shawn and Marlon as the cop

    29. Danny May

      Lol I don't even know why Blacktwitter feels they can go after him for sharing his opinion on a black woman. Like they think if you are white you dont understand and have the right to make a comment about what a black person is going through. What kind of stupid entitlement is that.

    30. Erosdox7

      So basically, they proved him right by attacking him for telling her, "keep your mouth shut' because they'll attack you.

    31. Egurpleton

      Just because he’s not black, people told him to mind his own business? Then they shouldn’t get mad when non-blacks don’t help with the BLM movement right? ( I support BLM movement, but I just think they did him dirty and are being racist themselves)

      1. serenity4ever2010

        @Egurpleton no they can't. Racism = power and prejudice. Black people can be prejudice but they hold no power in society which would make them racist.

      2. Egurpleton

        @serenity4ever2010 Anyone and Everyone can be racist

      3. Egurpleton

        @serenity4ever2010 BS

      4. serenity4ever2010

        Black people can't be racist.

    32. susan jones

      Dropping knowledge TODAY!

    33. Cassius Fowler

      I dont care what no one says. I got mad respect for him and he's funny asf

    34. mygbabies5

      Have always loved Gary's comedy. 🥰🥰

    35. Faiza I

      I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Andrea Beal

      Gary Owen (no S) is comedy pure and simple.

    37. Gay Ribs

      Omg lost it at Color Purple 2 🤣

    38. Kese Spotem


    39. Angelo Williams

      Lmmfao the goat

    40. Cupcake Swain

      Pleeeez did you know Oprah had Moniques 'Rapist' on her show and Tricked Monique to interview without her even knowing!!!!! WOW oprah plz thats some real shit

    41. Cassie Younqq

      😂😂😂He so silly!

    42. Phasinator

      😂😂😂....on a side note "BLACK TWITTER is an elusive entity.... something like the "cloud" and or internet. You know it's there, just not sure how it works.

    43. Ajia La’Niece

      This is comedy ❣️

    44. Ajia La’Niece

      He is hilarious

    45. angeljohnson234


    46. ToastWitDaDreadz


    47. GGIN0DASH00TA

      He been got a pass we fucc wit Gary 😂😂💯

    48. Steven Phelps

      😆 🤣 Gary makes everything funny, even if himself.


      0phra is NOT the proprietor of "OWN", Discovery Channel BOUGHT her OUT. She DID have 49%, then... "Discovery Communications Inc. is taking majority control of OWN, the cable network it co-owns with Oprah Winfrey. Under the terms of the deal, Discovery said it has purchased 24.5% of OWN for $70 million from Ms. Winfrey’s company Harpo Inc. Ms. Winfrey’s Harpo will still hold a 25.5% stake in OWN, which had previously been a 50/50 joint venture, and Ms. Winfrey will continue as chief executive of the network."

      1. Kaizaro123

        Uh... which completely misses the point of crossing a powerful and influential individual who has the potential to boost your career, or vice versa.

    50. Miss unapologetic

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I cant with this guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Irsy Raja

      Is Tommy from Power was a comedian

    52. tsfcancerman

      Id rather be without a job than join or speak good about the pedowood network

    53. Joe Howard


    54. Lily Rose

      I agree with him that Monique shouldn’t publicly air her dirty laundry, it’s one thing to argue with 1 person and another to argue with everybody. Maybe she’s right that Hollywood is fake but they don’t owe her anything. However, I’m also glad that Black Twitter reminded him to mind his own business. While Monique didn’t handle her business right the last thing we need is a white man telling us how to feel. We can disagree with our people but we should always support them when they’re fighting to change the system. Her grievances against Netflix were right and they signed up many black comedians after that to prove that they’re not racist, just like the Oscars made a black cast win best picture after the Smith family and many artists criticized them.

    55. wiz wiz

      Gray is most definitely one of us 💯

    56. Dien M

      I don t like Oprah for shiiiit. And i know there are a loooootttt of people who feel the way I do.

    57. Mae M

      🤣} " LOL " {🤣 😂} " 👍👍 " {😂

    58. Arkeeny

      Most people on BlackTwitter are stupid as fuk. They can't deal with the truth so they go into a rage and start flinging insults. Snowflake Outrage Cult is real and it's rampant.

    59. sunny fryed

      maybe she was just calling out them pedos opras the ring leader f her and her crew

    60. sharpaycutie2

      Does Moniqe know her pay is relegated to her popularity? I'm not even in Hollywood and I know that. Ut its my like she wasn't working AT ALL. She was doing tours and stand up STILL...

    61. TheMatrixHD

      Fun fact: This guy was Mr. Carrot in Daddy Day Care

      1. ThreeXIFan

        Now I have to watch that again!

      2. Minor Key

        Bruh...the more you know

    62. Jermaine Phillips

      “Mm mm...say it like I said it ☺️”

    63. Stephan Terry

      What frustrates me is he had a point but was attacked because they didn’t want a white man addressing a black woman about her attitude.

      1. crystal mapes

        They racist then

      2. keith moran

        Monique is her own worst enemy.

      3. Ghost

        @Useonlyforstudy M'Dear Incorrect.

      4. ThreeXIFan

        I just love how everyone makes their decisions or statements based on someone's skin color to this day still...

      5. Ghost

        @Useonlyforstudy M'Dear Thanks for your sharing your opinion with us 🤗

    64. David Hinton

      He won that bit about #StayInYourLane ..... have you been to his house? LMAO

    65. Brock Dickey

      Who is monic

    66. luvzfrance24

      Lol omg he has me crying I’m laughing so hard!

    67. Tonette Fisher

      I'm black and he's funny as fuck! I don't care what ppl say about him he was born the wrong color 🤣🤣😂 I absolutely love him! ❤️💯👍

    68. Rachel Wood

      south park

    69. Jose Holguin

      Im not black but im sure he has the N word pass.

    70. PhillyEagles Fan

      Get the police Twitter and then black twitter can get choked out

    71. Trucker Show Ro frm The N.O.


    72. Maxwell Romeo

      Gary is an honorary brother, he can get away with any black joke. It's fine...

      1. Gold Chef

        Maxwell Romeo lmao okay cornball

      2. Maxwell Romeo

        @Gold Chef he is if you don't like it STFU

      3. ybmia 0

        @Gold Chef right.

      4. Gold Chef

        No tf he isnt

      5. ybmia 0

        @Young Lon 8180 SMD

    73. A J

      2:54 3:27 😕

      1. A J


    74. Jewel Joseph

      I love this guy

    75. Kiki J Davis


    76. Nomizo Pro

      Damn! Tommy from Power triiiippin!

    77. Dani Levier

      I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. 🤣😂

    78. Keandre Green

      Exactly she blasted Steve Harvey for trying to help her dumbass😂

    79. Ang Casa


    80. yuthefL erlim

      Black twitter is the gold standard for using social media.

      1. yuthefL erlim

        @sportinlife jones pressed haha foh

      2. D J

        sportinlife jones I mean you commented tho so... 🤷🏾‍♂️

      3. sportinlife jones

        I wish I would give a rats ass about black red blue or purple Twitter 😂😂😂😂😂foh

    81. King A

      Monique’s energy is that of confrontation. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to be the bigger person, especially if it’s gona affect ya money.

      1. COX GYRL


      2. dbarefootlawyer

        She won her lawsuit against Netflix though.

    82. Awesome New Products ✅

      Gary always comes with it!😂😂😂

    83. Tanisha Lee Jones

      black twitter is

    84. Dar G

      He has VIP To alll BBQ 😭😄😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    85. Jaye Jonez mitchell

      i love Gary Owens!!! 😂😂😂

    86. Robin Redbreast

      I used to be a fan of Monique's until she started throwing pity parties all over the place. She's mad at everybody for everything. And then the reason she's not as successful she wants to be is everybody else's fault.

    87. Victor Creed

      Nobody finds the way he talks condescending?

      1. jollyomeatLA


    88. Nellz O Nellz


    89. kianna pob


    90. Thomas c

      One time I made a comment that Gary Owen got plastic surgery and he personally replied to clarify,and told me I was crazy 😁😁....He definitely reads fan comments and hater comments across all social media platforms

    91. David testa

      Corniest comedian to ever exist

    92. Love the World

      I officially love this guy!😂😂

    93. Debra Ross

      He is still funny even when you go up side or in ward and way out🙋🙋🙋

    94. Madeleine Webb

      Your momma told me she found out the hard way

    95. Eric Davis

      More black folk should have supported monique if for no other reason except for she is a black woman we black folk can support everybody but our own if you want to know how to enslave a people let the women and children know that their men cant support or protect them what monique told Steve was absolutely correct cuz b4 it's about the money game it's the integrity but many of us black folk give up our integrity to get at that all mighty dollar sad commentary

      1. jason alpha

        Idk anything about Monique but I agree black woman do get disrespected a lot but there’s a line like should you support even if their clearly this isn’t a question for me cuz I support based on right or wrong and the context for me I can’t just blindly support ppl

    96. David Guerrero

      This dudes soo corny

    97. changersbanger


    98. Abraham Banaddawa

      The KGup algorithms were on point with this recommendation

    99. Darrell Rhodes

      Funniest white boy ever

      1. STIXZ B

        Gary? That fool black ion kno what u sayin but brutha same color as me

    100. DeAngela Williams

      Put some milk on it lmfao