Stray Kids 『ALL IN』M/V Teaser

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    JAPAN 1st Mini Album『ALL IN』
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    ■Stray Kids JAPAN 1st Mini Album『ALL IN』
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    ■JAPAN 1st Mini Album商品概要
    2020年11月4日(水) Release
    Stray Kids JAPAN 1st Mini Album『ALL IN』
    *32P PHOTO BOOK (Type A)
    *フォトカードA封入 (メンバー別8種ランダム)
    ・Jacket Shooting Making Movie
    ・「ALL IN」 Music Video Making Movie (Relay Cam ver.)

    初回生産限定盤B(CD+DVD) ¥3,400
    *32P PHOTO BOOK (Type B)
    *フォトカードB封入 (メンバー別8種ランダム)
    ・「神メニュー -Japanese ver.-」 Music Video
    ・「神メニュー -Japanese ver.-」Music Video Making Movie
    ・「TOP -Japanese ver.-」Music Video
    ・「TOP -Japanese ver.-」Music Video Making Movie
    初回生産限定盤C(CD+スペシャルZINE) ¥3,200
    *20P PHOTO BOOK (Type C)
    *フォトカードC封入 (メンバー別8種ランダム)
    *スペシャルZINE (メンバー手書きメッセージ付)

    通常盤(CD only)  ¥2,500
    *フォトカードD封入 (メンバー別8種ランダム)
    そして、Japan 1st Mini Album購入者特典も決定!!
    ■Stray Kids応援店特典・・・Stray Kidsオリジナルマスクケース
    ■TOWER RECORDS全店(TOWERmini/オンライン含む)・・・オリジナルクリアカード(各メンバー絵柄全8種の内、1枚をランダムにてお渡し)
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    1. charyeong skz

      Stray kids l love you 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗😗☺☺☺😚😚😚😊😊😊😇😇😇😻😻😻😸😸😸🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊💝💝💝💖💖💖💗💗💗💓💓💓💞💞💞💕💕💕💟💟💟❣❣❣❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🤎🤎🤎🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤙🤙🤙👌👌👌🤏🤏🤏

    2. Vale

      JYPE produces so well. The staff works so well.

    3. Dianie Bubaga


    4. Samantha Carreon

      I just wrote this today but when thsi teaser went out I immedietly played it and the first thing that came to my kin after hearing the sound of the song is clowns and circus. I thought that they made a song for us clowns before the whole song got released but I was wrong HAHAHAHAHA.

      1. Vale

        HAHASHA I thought the same, like ohhh a burlesque MV? theatre performance? it would be amazing, but the actual song is amazing too kaskj

    5. Goose Goose 8.O

      Yeaaaaa.. 1 month.. >_


      Su sonido me encanta se parece al de la casa de papel ❤️

    7. d

      Let's go 1M

    8. sofia quispe eusebio

      Merecía 1M LPTMR XD

    9. fullsunrya

      what if- what if felix said “my safe is stolen” with his ‘deep’ voice i-

    10. tonicraftツ

      oh my g

    11. tonicraftツ

      oh my g

    12. Stray Kids

      Stray kids: Siempre divos nunca indivos

    13. fan girl

      skz skz skz

    14. YEIJY Nethe


    15. Tal Bxp

      It's like a MOVIE I NEED A MOVIE OR TV SHOW OF THIS WITH SKZ PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Ugh criminal skz are so hot and so are detective skz i'm in love

    16. randomactsofpastelle

      Felix did both of the voices in the beginning Damn duality

    17. Rehabeight

      فوز الستاي والله

    18. keisha aulia


    19. keisha aulia


    20. keisha aulia

      1M for teaser

    21. Fatin

      Stray Kids who? I know Mafia Kids

    22. keisha aulia


    23. Eve Chen

      Omg Hyunjin is hot as hell.

    24. あいり。at the てき島

      友達に勧められて見ました! とてもいい曲ですね✨

    25. Nasuha Auni

      0:24 hyunjin has a wing

    26. keisha aulia

      ALL IN

    27. Cindy Modita


    28. keisha aulia

      jadiin teaser ini 1 M

    29. Queencyamelia Suwangsa

      From a police to a stealer

    30. Snow stay Spring

      This is the police office . Said felix. That is felix said.

    31. Saranghae_ Kpop

      why was this notified to me in my notifications. 17 minutes ago? I literally watched the music video yesterday

    32. wnnalis cioov

      Don't forget to vote for stray kids on EMA best kpop act

    33. keisha aulia

      hyunjin wings?

    34. keisha aulia

      happy birthday lee know

    35. Valentina


      1. wnnalis cioov

        اعلان للعوده الجديده اففففف قلبي😭😭

    36. Valentina


    37. Jimin My love

      I am very excited

    38. sinthia ronsumbre

      Stray kids have crown , Blackpink have crown.. Is there any theory behind these mom and their kids's concept? Or am i just think too much?

    39. Kurtney Love

      AaaaaaaaAaaaaa omgggg🤩

    40. UraUra Hen

      𝙺𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚎𝚎𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚗𝚗 𝚋𝚐𝚝𝚝𝚝𝚝

    41. UraUra Hen

      𝚌𝚎𝚙𝚎𝚝 𝚋𝚐𝚝𝚝..𝚕𝚊𝚐𝚞 𝚋𝚊𝚛𝚞 𝚕𝚐𝚒

    42. keisha aulia


    43. Niy Williams

      I’m not doing this with these fools😂😂 I love that they voiced the teaser

    44. abbsnn cose

      Let's give this the same energy as any of their Korean comebacks!!!

    45. Multi_fandom_

      Hyunjin be like : YOU CAN’T SEE ME !!!

    46. Megan Rose

      I love you all so much you make me so happy your all my bias 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. kat

      why am i getting the notif now qjsbj

      1. kat

        @abbsnn cose the wheeze i let out

      2. abbsnn cose

        JYP company is so hard working ! Their work ethic is stupendous . Deserving success.

    48. Yolo_YouOnlyLoveOreos

      Wait I'm confused didnt the mv already come out ?

      1. Yolo_YouOnlyLoveOreos

        @keisha aulia ight

      2. keisha aulia

        yo str34m ALL IN

    49. Marua z

      Woooo😍 stray kids every day a new song ( omg man ) 🤣 very nice

    50. عائله رزون و نواف و رورو

      اعلان للعوده الجديده اففففف قلبي😭😭

    51. Analy Park


    52. Ruela May Salazar

      Love this song. Huhuhu ♥️♥️♥️

    53. Christian Scott

      Just found the best hacker, @kelvin.lemo just got back my disabled account. Find him on Instagram to get this and more services.......

    54. busenur çakır

      Turkish mi diyo ben mi yanlış duyuyorum

    55. Christopher bang Bangchan

      the best odading mang felix

    56. Christopher bang Bangchan

      Anjay the best odading mang felix

    57. Arifah Arifah

      Tidak sabarrrrr😂🤩

    58. Bretzelbruder Yangyang

      omg it sounds like an anime title song... I hope it's like slump and top

    59. sky pastel

      Han looks like jungkook in this teaser. Sorry if am wrong😅

    60. Ash V

      I wonder whose safe is stolen 😃

    61. hoiy vinosa

      Let's give this the same energy as any of their Korean comebacks!!!

    62. Gaurav K Rathore

      JYP company is so hard working ! Their work ethic is stupendous . Deserving success.

    63. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

      Wow Wow Wow Wow

    64. Eesha Umer

      Watching this back after having seen the full video and i still got chills

    65. GoHaeRi Park

      I'm ready

    66. Bruna Batista

      Morrendo de ansiedade

    67. Lily Semsar


    68. beatriz Xavier Ruas

      Gente plmds q dia vai lançar a música?? AAAHH

      1. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

        No entiendo portugués. Pero ya está afuera el mv

    69. Woo

      Sin comentarios .__.

    70. stayzen

      is it only me or jisung in the thumbnail looks like GOT7'S Mark 😭 both of them are my biases 💜

    71. NJYR Love

      2020 we’re gonna get ’em Stray Kids in the building We’re gonna go ALL IN Just do whatever we want Holla at y’all Ey, let’s go トバすぜ 端からでっかく 絶対逃せない Game plan 止められても We gon’ break that Can’t even take that できない Step down 例え壁にぶつかろうと 壊れてみるまでわからない またスリル求め Flow 全てを投じる いつだって変わらない ただ ただ フラ フラ フラ ダラ ダラ ダラ 暮らし ただ時間だけ無駄 無駄 無駄 That’s why you ひんしゅく喰らう 意味ないそんな時間に Clap oh その夢 Grab oh 出来ないまま逃げ出す前に We shoot ’em and we blow ’em down 全てをかける それが答え 消せない もうこの胸の炎 例えこの身 焦がし燃え尽きるとしても 僕の辞書の中に “STOPの検索結果がありません。” “WHAT!?” ALL IN さあ ぶっぱなせ Now ALL IN さあ ぶっぱなせ Now 照れていないで (Na-na-na) 自由にやって (La-la-la) ALL IN, ah, ah, ah, ah Stand up and show your skills You know the drill 最後まで Just keep it trill That’s how we deal Sometimes you feel like giving up 最後までブレないで耐えて 今変えてく順序 180° We turn the tables Like ehh 好きな様 楽しめ like Ehh (Do it, Do it, whoo) 失敗? Don’t give a thang このまま We bang I do it with my gang 手をかざし Shoot ’em, and we blow ’em down 全てをかける それが答え 消せない もうこの胸の炎 例えこの身 焦がし燃え尽きるとしても 僕の辞書の中に “STOPの検索結果がありません。” “WHAT!?” ALL IN さあ ぶっぱなせ Now ALL IN さあ ぶっぱなせ Now 照れていないで (Na-na-na) 自由にやって (La-la-la) ALL IN, ah, ah, ah, ah やっと やっと 辿りついて 終えても (hey, hey, hey) Oh why 予想外な予定見て Rеset this game (Whoa, ow!) 何があろうが もう悩みは捨て 暇なんかないからただ進める 何が正しくて間違いなのか 判断して Pour up ぶつける 離さない手綱 夢だけ追い続けるハンター Ain’t nobody do it like mе 止まるまで 終わらないまた新たに始める “STOPの検索結果がありません。” “WHAT!?” さあ ぶっぱなせ Now さあ ぶっぱなせ Now 照れていないで (Na-na-na) 自由にやって (La-la-la) ALL IN, ah, ah, ah, ah

    72. Uma D

      How many comebacks in one year!!!!??🤯 still I can't get out of BACK DOOR tho..

    73. Andrea

      i don't like it. I SUPER LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMMA RECRUIT MORE CLOWNS.

    74. - Strαy World -

      I'm just listen stray songs and sleep in my bed 😌✌

    75. Ebrar Hellac


    76. iam stay sub

      Swag sekali mereka ini

    77. Erzascarlet Heartfilia

      I did not read the title correctly and I am highly disappointed ☹️

    78. ketuly de sousa


    79. Flos Lim


    80. بيدنيم والاقزام السبعة واسمك الكشخة

      يشبهون الملوك اااهه ااوو اممممم

    81. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta


    82. stray but kids

      This teaser is %%%%

    83. Hyunjin Jungkook

      I could tell from this teaser it was gonna be jisung era

    84. Hyunjin’s Americano

      Who’s here after watching the music video???

    85. Swapna V

      Its killing.. no comments on this..... Woow

      1. johann mikhaella buhain

        0:15 look at jisung, it looks like jungkook in the album love yourself

    86. Prince Mendoza

      I will fully support this next comback with my whole hart and soul

    87. Prince Mendoza


    88. 귤꿀

      00:15 와 무슨일이야.. 잘생긴 사람들이 잘생긴 얼굴로 잘생기게 쳐다보니까 심장에 무리 오는데???

    89. sctsmiley


    90. Talya Nigoumi

      I’m still not over miroh wtf😃✨

    91. Emma Montanez

      yes officer SKZ stole my heart ❤️

    92. Elizabeth Smith

      I'm still no over backdoor and again this attacks me

    93. aihlesh buhg

      So are they the police or are they the one stealing the safe-

    94. Putri Sevia

      Ayo streaming stay

    95. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

      Wow Wow Wow

    96. Ijraal 10

      I know this song is going to be so good, but I hope hat the boys are getting some rest

    97. Lyla Peters

      Stan stray kids we have comebacks every week

    98. Adinda puth

      bye world

    99. Famo mim

      OMG! New MV?! Let us rest.

      1. Darly eliana Gaitan atuesta

        The mv is already out

    100. Slalu Jadi Stay

      i'n here again