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    MSG is something used quite often in many restaurants. Today I Dry Aged Steaks with it and the results are insane. After dry aging so many meats I never thought this would happen and here I share with you the results.
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    1. Guga Foods

      Check out to get 10% off some amazing knives! Thank Dalstrong.

      1. Sergio Solórzano

        i fry pelecos, meat trims and give them to my dogs, or eat them if their color aint too dark 🤔

      2. Andrew Caballero

        He did

      3. Only for Youtube

        How do you feel about gordan Ramsey roasting

      4. Ricardo Torres

        Guga I love you videos you need to check Uncle Roger video he reviews this video please watch it you need to make a video with him.

      5. AL N.

        @Space Scoog you

    2. ben spencer

      And with those knives..every swirl what ever it is,is a deformation..and wont last 6 months in high work..

    3. ben spencer

      hows about this guy donates money to a soup kitchen,homeless shelter kids that dont got anything and not acting like a over fed pig..29$ for shirt bro? I wont buy that so just you and yer buds get a nice meal.

    4. Benson Mark


    5. Lennard

      I'd like if you could try to dry age a steak in honey.

    6. DaDarkDude I

      Now do crack cocaine

    7. GruntOrBust

      Love dalstrong knives!!

    8. Sexytim

      The squeeze you feel in the mouth, is the saliva getting ready to consume the food. Vinegar does the same. It makes your mouth ready for the food, and creates the pallet more «experienced» så you taste the food better

    9. dodiddone

      actually I think msg is safer in term of health impact than Sugar and Salt. too much msg in food will make taste "overtone" and unable to eat.

    10. Plovdiv DashCam

      That's a lot of cancer there!

    11. David Vaughan

      MSG with dry aged Wagyu or Kobe

    12. KiloWhiskey716

      What happened to angel

    13. Michael

      Guga, while shitting himself with excitement: “what do you think?”

    14. deniz DG

      & try put some msg into ur cooking. You'll love it even more... hahaha

    15. Ezekiel Manliguez

      Uncle roger: your cheeks squeezing? Thats because msg can make your cheeks *** (Phub intro) Nigel ng: sorry children, this is suppose to be a family friendly channel

    16. mr yob peon

      I came here because of uncle roger

    17. MARK Araneta

      you sound like a Filipino bro. I don't been watching yo channel and I just decided to give you a big hug on you channel..

    18. ericka logan

      10:01 = GUGA HULK

    19. Mike Honcho

      Buddy opens a new bag of charcoal for every video

    20. derp

      guga MSG dry age japanese wagyu a5 i think it would taste better then the dry aged a5

    21. mario anto

      Dry age masala meat?

    22. mario anto

      Make wagyu dried aged msg steak hee

    23. Alexander Mozgovenko

      How about dry aged in sodium nitrite? Stuff that makes sausages red.

    24. Fernando Santiago

      1:10 *forbidden snow*

    25. gamer game

      MSG isn’t good for u just saying .im Asian

    26. Gachalicious

      i loves micin

    27. Sein nies


    28. Leonardo Louis Caniedo

      Here in Philippines we don’t usually use that cuz that’s with chemical and to much of that can damage you body and can get cancer While watching this I feel like I’m eating that I don’t feel good

    29. Jonathan Lau

      It's because your saliva glands are going, "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMAAAAAMMMIIIIIIIII!!!!"

    30. mario anto

      I m here because uncle roger

    31. Joe Shmo

      I could of sworn he said: thank you Donald Trump😂

    32. Ike Belida

      The only guy who uploads 12 videos per year.

    33. Andrew Caballero

      Always blow your meat @ 2:59

    34. HeavyTheCarnage

      I thought it was Cocain for a second

    35. ericka logan

      Imagine being gugas neighbor and looking over your back fence only to see Guga using a leaf blower on a steak 😂

    36. Draco Uzumaki

      Old Lady: "Where's The Beef?"

    37. Jed Penticase

      anyone in the Philippines seasoning 🇵🇭 👇

    38. Superwaxer

      guga rightnow squeazing his cheeks

    39. Babatunde Olajid

      "MSG is dangerous" is just another food scare hoax just like the GMO scare. MSG is found naturally and gives food savory flavor, and countries that use MSG extensively in food such as in Asia, have high life expectancies (which doesnt indicate that MSG causes longer life expectancies either) while GMOs has been a thing ever since humans began to farm and an increase in the availability of GMO food has led to increases in life expectancies. Of course everything must be taken in moderation and any health issues MSG causes is simply due to over consumption, no different than salt or sugar. Companies profit off of these fake health scares by advertising their product as "no sugar" "non-gmo" "no msg" and use less researched (possibly more dangerous) alternatives in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    40. Ismail Perez

      You make video with Uncle roger.

    41. The Awesome Homestead

      Once I get umi I'm going to try msg dry age

    42. The Awesome Homestead

      Why does it say not to try this at home?

    43. kim alfar

      Who told this dude that msg is salty ?

    44. Micromation

      Popcorn? Bruh, you've never seen a popcorn... this is clearly cauliflower through and through.

    45. B c


    46. Archy Dolder

      Thank you for an interesting experiment video. Also, the images are great! Nice work! However, I was completely confused at the end of the video. Without very clear explanation or on screen graphics, I was confused as to exactly which steak was which. I sincerely did not understand which was the control steak, and which were the MSG aged steaks. Also, there was so much talking, and probably some serious amount of time between when the meat was cooked, sliced and place on the table before they were tasted. This made me wonder how warm and fresh off the grill the steaks were by the time they were tasted. Personally, I find meat most flavorful when it was still hot. This video implied the steaks had sat for some time before being tasted, so I wonder how much different they might have tasted if they were tasted at an appropriate time after leaving the grill rather than letting them grow cold first.

    47. Ben G

      Is it safe to eat or will it give me a heart attack lol. I can’t even imagine what this tastes like. As a kid I used to dip my finger in Ajinomoto and snack away

    48. Coowoo Coyle

      I bet what happened was all the salt from the msg one was dissolved in the water you added!

    49. Kelvin Lee Kin Loong

      In asian we have 鹽焗鷄,this guys literally invented 味精焗牛 inspired by 鹽焗鷄.

    50. Keith Tran

      MSG is just umami, it isn't salty at all.

    51. Mjollnir1983

      More flavour than Guy Fieri.... lmao at the amount of MSG

    52. 팡성이미래편집자

      승우오빠 보고 온 사람 손

    53. IRZ Kaizer

      Generasi micin spotted

    54. Lord Gmblr

      Bego nya meresap 👍

    55. FroZenThai

      Unless it's been done. Should have added another normal steak using msg as seasoning with salt and pepper. And it looked like the msg started crystalizing outward from the moisture in the air?

    56. ebon B

      this man ask someone to react for his foods, but he's the one reacting, they're only job is to agree or disagree with him

    57. ebon B

      i bet you got so sleepy after eating that msg aged stake

    58. Paladin Donnie

      An asian guy brought me here xD

    59. Ang Cheng Ze

      Best steak ever!

    60. king purple

      forbidden cocaine

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      Uncle roger approved

    62. Luka Maisuradze

      hi guga. can you please try some Georgian foods? like chachapuri, khinkali, mtsvadi...( not state, Georgia is country too🇬🇪🙃). if you can't find recipes, I'll help you, find me on Facebook with the same name and same photo I have here🙂♥️♥️( sorry for spam😅)

    63. Kachunk Error

      Imagine you walk out to your back yard and look over at your neighbor and he’s using a leaf blower on a steak

    64. GreenboyCooking

      It all looks fantastic

    65. Saintphoenix

      What other channels does this voice actor do, coz i know his voice i just cant pick where from

    66. Wayne G

      I love your video tho . But I think your guests judge never forms of their opinions on their own .

    67. ミゲルジェームス

      Aji no moto is pretty famous in my country

    68. Sunfresco Healthcare Channel

      do not try this at home MSG very expensive not cheap.... i love this experiment , gonna try soon with beef hahaha..

    69. Kevski🎵

      Damn I love it when he self praise hes cooking so much than the other guy obviously trying to enjoy even tho I think he doesnt actually like it

    70. Hyp3r-ash

      6:16 Just leavinh my self a time stamp

    71. D

      When you don’t realize that MSG is actually poison

      1. Cuban Nerd

        It's really not as bas as people think.

    72. ғᴏᴏ & ᴍᴏᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴇʀɪᴇs

      This guy is a knife fuc boi.

    73. Syafiq Kazmi

      Lol never doubt it for a second. MSG is good with anything

    74. Imran

      It is dangerous to use way too much MSG. MSG is a chemical that affects the neurons that involve in taste. It is used for plant food, not for human consumption in large dosages. Causes migraine. Don't feed it to a pregnant wife. MSG can cause autism to newborns and it has been proven.

    75. Rosemary225

      Ajinomoto mayonnaise!

      1. Rosemary225

        @Cuban Nerd I dont know what I mean tbh

      2. Cuban Nerd

        You mean Kewpie mayonnaise.

    76. Andito W

      Where is angel?

    77. I am Happy

      i thought i was watching the gigs video but it was a thermometer ad..

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      Where's Angell?!

    79. Ronk

      normal dry aged vs msg dry aged

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      "Do not try this at home, but it definitely makes a better steak!"

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      Guga you need to check out Uncle Roger video he reviews your MSG video, you need to collab with him on a video

    82. Sea View Rentals Management

      Would you come to Costa Rica and cook a steak for me please?

    83. Tony Li

      9:56 Literally having a mouthgasm lol

    84. mink mink

      probably the safe one is make organic msg from kelp. did you ever seen the dried kelp the "konbu" have some kind white powder on it skin? that i mean that white powder from the dried kelp is the natural MSG.

    85. seanixt

      MSG should come as no surprise! Just open a bag of your favorite potato-chips.

    86. FatBoiShawn

      Lol I got your meater add on this video

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      이것이 전설의 MSG 드라이에이징 스테이크..

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    91. นาย ชิว


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      It’s the UMAMIEEEEE☺️☺️☺️☺️

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      this is a weird episode of narcos

    94. BlackAdam52

      I'm here because of Uncle Roger.

    95. Meloveu Longtime

      I dont get that salt over night or longer. All the meat tastes like is pure salt.

    96. Heru Dewantara



      MSG is mineral extracts from seaweeds, completely safe. Govt hating on asian restaurant chains coz they dominate the food sector.

    98. Eesa Ali

      If youre using one as a comparison steak surely it should have a crust too like the others

    99. I GAME you game

      You know that uncle roger reacted to this vid 😊😊👍

    100. Starbuck32123

      With Msg, you're getting a lower sodium concentration than if you just used salt. Since the glutamate does absolutely nothing, this is actually safer than using salt.