King Kaiser: Time Will Tell | My Story Documentary (OFFICIAL)

TheReal KingKaiser

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    King Kaiser- Bussin Out da Vault Music VIDEO

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    1. Theodore Minors

      It’s making me cry 😢

    2. Queyna Lee

      I felt the pain from both of you guys I can tell there is still love between y'all ❤ but things only get better if you be honest, talk to her, explain how you feel to her not to youtube. She been there since 9th grade you owe her loyalty not us. You wouldn't be sitting here without either its not all about your fans its about family.

    3. Makhya Nicholson

      And do a lie detector

    4. Makhya Nicholson

      Y’all just need to get on Maury show

    5. William Ramirez


    6. M•a•d•y •gacha•

      Men ain’t nothing I swaer. What a cheater 🤦🏾‍♀️

    7. DEZ

      All Blessings 2021🐐

    8. Sierra Greimel

      Y’all praising him for being honest when he wasn’t honest at all? He lied to her OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It wasn’t a mistake. He chose to hurt her over and over again. No one was stopping him from leaving from the jump. His pain has nothing to do with his actions ( that happened over and over again). Y’all funny

      1. Sierra Greimel

        @Liababby Rivers nah lmaooo stay sorry

      2. Liababby Rivers

        girl shut tf up.

    9. Niyah Savage

      The facts that he gave nique up for whatever that is 😭😭

    10. life with nicky

      Just get back together

    11. tgfl whooo

      All of y'all say y'all first but I made the video hit 1mill😉

      1. tgfl whooo


    12. Jerry Thomas

      What’s the song at 19:10 ?

    13. Esther oriol

      One million

    14. Shane Terry

      In reality as much as we want it... being with one person forever is not realistic.

    15. Charlie Ave

      We all make mistakes king, the best part about that is we learn from them. We make better decisions and find better routes to detour around the bs. Keep you're head up, stay motivated and know we all here with you 💪🏿❤

    16. Layla Ned

      Look the way he smiles when he said they looked at each. He loves Nique so much it’s cute 😊

    17. Danielle Segundo

      Kin g I know you are feeling guilty for cheating on nique but we have got your back and nique will some day forgive you

    18. Danielle Segundo

      who did you cheat on nique with? Or is it to personal for you

    19. Danielle Segundo

      You should have thought about when you were cheating on her king. You should've thought what it was going to do to your relationship

    20. Danielle Segundo

      I can't believe kind cheated😢. Nique was your sole mate man no other women can break that guy yet she did

    21. Danielle Segundo

      I still can't believe nique and king broke up. I wish y'all were back together😢

    22. Sarah Dabideen

      He miss that moneyyy

    23. Username

      I’m to lazy tell me da good stuff I’ll come back and check later ☕️ 😒

    24. Tony Hicks

      Listen to my point of view king man you come on long emotional way to this documentary so for you to admit this is respectful and you are a young mature father keep it up

    25. Odreille Ntihebuwayo

      damn if you truly love her why did you cheat her like for really you guys was mu youtube favorite couple bro wth is long with you

    26. Jada Rogers

      its ok king everybody make mistakes , just try to move on with your life in be a bigger in better man than wat u was back than, let the hater say wat they wanna say ignoring them because they dont know exactly wat u going threw in this problem

    27. Alexis Joseph

      He was smiling so hard 😊

    28. Marie Pierre

      this is how many times he said "u know what im sayin"

    29. Heavy Pressure American bully

      F..ked up how much dude smile when he talk about nique. That’s real love. P.S damn she was hit in high school 😂😂😂 so I know it had to be real love 😂😂😂

    30. Calvin Lewis

      I got nun but respect fa you king great documentary 💯💯💯

    31. Cherish Cochran

      Are you ok

    32. Kaleb The guy

      “I still find myself where the time go” I feel that 💯💯

    33. Ethan Charles


      1. Ethan Charles


    34. Karizma 00

      Doesn’t matter if u admitted ur wrongs ur still shitty asf for doing it and knowing it was wrong

    35. dtb mason

      dis jawn got me cryin dawg😕.

    36. KayKãy 24

      You the man !!! King c'mon

    37. Swamp Nation

      💯 Respect

    38. Julius Franklin

      i felt his pain when my dad cheated on my mother he slept in the guest room downstairs and he didn't like it so he moved out before i was born and me as a kid hurt bc my father out of my life is a difficulty place to be in i watch this documentary and it made me cry but 2021 can be kings year and i want to see more of him and nique for 2021 but qwazy mod will live on in the deepest olf my heart 🖤🤍♥💙💚💛💖❣

    39. Tamaj Ruffin

      Despite the shit that happen don’t let nobody lie to you bro. You got integrity Yk what you did wrong and Yk you can’t take it back. But you not a bad dude bruh don’t let nobody take tht away from you. You good man, don’t speak it in to existence show em you a good man don’t even do it for them do it for yourself 🗣💯.

    40. ponnie Jackson

      I felt his pain and this video.

    41. money love


    42. Caribbean Royalty

      This dude really feel all this shit but goes and jumps into another relationship ASAP? Lmao yea okayyy he is a joke! And nique deserved better!

    43. L D

      Two looped earrings, braids braided down. I'm getting old cause this new 2 me

    44. Shanika Jackson

      It’s so wack that I see he is a real man because he admitted it 😂😂😂 what kind of example of a man did y’all have ? A real man thinks about how his actions will impact him his family and the people around him! Admitting to some shit after the fact means nothing when u didn’t have to do it ! Grow up !

    45. Life with kez

      Ur the one who cheated so it’s ur fault at the end of the day and if u felt unhappy u should have told her instead of cheating so I don’t know how ur the victim and I get that I don’t know nothing abt ur family life eventhough I watched u guys from what u have said u clearly didn’t make it clear and demanded alot

    46. David Scott

      This artist is legit fire just found him 👀 🌋🌋🌋 this got a pop smoke type beat I was blown away. May pop Rest In Peace

    47. David Scott

      This artist is legit fire just found him 👀 🌋🌋🌋 this got a pop smoke type beat I was blown away. May pop Rest In Peace

    48. Life As Kiyara

      I Genuinely understand you King😌‼️

    49. Cam Collins

      Bruh remind me of me and I ain't nun but 19

    50. Devin Kidd

      As a person who has a child wit tha same person I was wit since high school now a 22 year old man child almost 3(next month) and still wit that same person.. I just wanna say I felt that💙

    51. Jamaica's Rising Star

      Thank you so much for creating this video and inspiring me to create my own documentary on my mother’s death. Nd finally not hiding it away but just to release it nd let loose with it. It is something coming in the future for my youtube channel

    52. •Arianna•

      You wrong. For doing nique like that.

    53. Reignof MileyJ

      He moved out cause he was already talking to somebody!all them years they was together and he moved on that fast FOH

    54. Simply Mari

      i like how he was telling the truth and i respect that like crazy

    55. kenyada johnson

      first off how you doing how are you feeling but king look keep your head up your time is coming bro i cryed from your story dont let this get to you keep your head hight you made a misstake that you should have made but do hold that agast yourself dont beat yourself up over that your time is coming just stay on your stuff and you will make it i belive in you man you is a youngman that made a misstake everbody make misstake but lear from your misstake i hope you read this and keep your head hight we love you and we hear for i will pray for you too just talk to god ok we love you and this coming from a 13 year old boy .

    56. the crazed fam

      What ever is healthy and okay for then do it just worrie about you and your kid and dancing I understand why you did that your right it is not ok but you were not happy and I fill you when your not happy and you have a lot going on your not in the right states of mind and when your not in the right states of mind you make mastakes and I am not saying what you did was right but you have to learn one way or another and also who ever you hurt next and I am not saying you will but if you do take sometime to your self and think about what you did this time and be like if a am not going to get my stuff together I need to stay single until I don't keep on making the same mastakes again and once you promise your self that go back out in the world and explore a little more before life ends and that is my positive message from me to you love you so much if you have anything else you want to talk about hit me up ok love is everywhere if you just accept it in your life and mine and from the bottom of your heart love you so much

      1. the crazed fam

        And that is all you need in life love and you kid and dancing

    57. Kimani Hardy

      Do you have a new girlfriend if you do make a video with her and don’t make no baby with her you already got a child king

    58. Sulatto Leray

      She honestly fucked up telling people y’all business

    59. Sulatto Leray

      Niquie insecure 😕

    60. Only_1cebrazzy 1

      Im just now finding out he’s a dancer

    61. Sexy Lady

      I hate you she was the best your a bitch you broke her heart you broke my heart and you just leave her with the kids and all that your not a good dad

    62. ynw j4 savage


    63. Simply Brittany

      Deep down inside... he slick want his family back

    64. kyanna knight

      You'll need to go watch nique video. This aint a man,he's a cheater. Periodtt

    65. James McLaughlin

      I need for y'all to tighten up n get back together 🥶

    66. Ciara_ Three

      Hope u hit 1mili ❤️

    67. Jakaila Rodgers

      You good cus?

    68. 4k_terrell

      awwww tell me y i feel bad

    69. Deedra Moore

      Sometimes for you to be happy you just gotta move on people don’t know your life or what you go through

    70. Makayla Collins

      Him & nique met in 9th grade bro. Their definitely soulmates. They’ll be back together 💙

      1. DMV Workz14


    71. nasir robinson

      omg so sad king

    72. Brittney Thompson


    73. Haitian Brattz

      you could’ve left before you cheated tho... ugh

    74. Bbsmm Fysh

      Can someone please tell me what his first name is😭 is it king one splain or t😭

    75. SaFire Destiny

      Why acting like victim tho ur one started rumor bout sleeping w Carmen when wasn’t true uu wanted end relationship tht bad say anything get out of it uu cheated she forgave chu and kept doing things ur not supposed to do in relationship but making it seem like it’s her fault cuz she told chu she was unhappy cuz kept breaking her down treating her like crap uu one told her uu was unhappy when cheated and tht she wasn’t doing enough for uu as ur woman thts no excuse tell a woman why cheated it’s her fault first of all uu said she was to up under chu that’s how fell out of love w her so how wasn’t she to woman enough but she loved chu and was up under chu more than uu were under her I don’t get tht tht shit goofy ur wrong asf and I can’t wait for her find someone actually deserves her love uu said wasn’t good enough fir chu but didn’t give her same love she gave chu wasn’t on her line how she was up on yours but she wasn’t good enough

    76. Lexi Marie

      Much respect

    77. sweetdream entertainment

      Are you okay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    78. Tazyah Walker

      i miss nuiqe and king

    79. Tia And Keke plays roblox

      I littery cried its not your fought


      What’s the last song

    81. Ashe Millwood

      Capricorn squad you here drop a like when u see this🙃❤️

    82. Ashe Millwood

      It's just me calling on the phone yeah🤧💔 #music

    83. Ashe Millwood

      I feel yah pain bruh #workonyourself #godgotyou #dowhatsbestfahyou.

    84. Ashe Millwood

      And when he start explaining when things went wrong🤧🤧💔... Y'all should have give the media a break and fix yourself properly it wouldn't have reach to this stage I think‼️•

    85. lyrical lips

      I'm sorry but the dance he was doing was funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    86. Liberty Zamarripas

      Tap into YTN BABY MUSIC 🤯

    87. Candle Love

      This really made me tear up

    88. Travonna Shackelford

      You can tell that he is hurt 😞

    89. Bruh Girls

      My respect for king went 📈 I never stopped supporting him🥰

    90. Demariuh Jones

      I'm a capricorn too

    91. I’m Tanky

      ur fkn wrong point blank period

    92. QubanLilRome

      To get over sum one you have to more on if you don’t your gonna always think about that person & that will really lead you to doing sum real dumb stuff💯 it doesn’t mean it wasn’t real because he moved on, they will always be good they have a whole child together. It’s all about your Heath inna relationship. We mess up than own up to it but the female will never get over it so it’s always gonna be problems💯 y’all forgive but don’t forget.

    93. Chytown74

      I respect King more after watching this...

    94. life of Licia

      This made me cried , very emotional bru 😂.

    95. Mariah Crenshaw

      dang yall was cute together tho

    96. P Piee

      Capricorn are the best♑️🥰🥰

    97. Latevia Bond

      Bruh get yo girl back man I’m telling u the grass ain’t green on they other side, shit happen nobody perfect , y’all need to why y’all pro’s and con’s

    98. Cherry Blush SKN

      Great video and what not but I believe King wanted to leave. If he loved Nique as he said he would have tried to comfort her and do better not worst. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Best wishes to him and his new girlfriend I hope yall have genuine love and not just for media fame.

    99. Love mya the tide awaken Nyay

      You broke up with a queen for a gold digger

    100. Marshay Hampton

      wow never knew he was a dancer omg yaaaaaas him and nique was cute together