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    Monkey steals glasses from Coltyys friend!! #shorts

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Deivid Gonzalez


    2. Shinigami13

      Wait how do we know you weren't trying to steal the glasses from the monkey 🤔

    3. Shinigami13

      You have to roll a 6 on jumaji

    4. Tiana Haley

      Sooo did u get your glasses back🤔

    5. Courtney Alamo

      It’s just like in the movie Rio

    6. Python 0109

      Dang, smart monkey 🐵 and greedy

    7. Jax~o~lantern

      Dis reminds of night at the museum 🐒

    8. Thu Le

      Why do you always wear a hat that’s my question

    9. Blitzn

      Rip money

    10. Julian Martinez

      Im subscribed to refinishing

    11. Ashley Newman


    12. siemna Zoccoli

      Hahaha his reaction the monkey is just like umm mine now eee

    13. Gautam Rajeev

      The monkey do be lookin like weekend

    14. Mitchel Senior Gaming

      I hate monkeys

    15. Kitty Kitty

      They just wanna get out fool🙄

    16. fight squad ninja

      Monkeys are my favourite animal

    17. ItžMrPşyčhø

      This is why i hate mobkeys ._.

    18. -_-

      Everyone gangsta till curious George gets a little two curious

    19. kota

      Blakes exotic animal ranch

    20. Victoria Euan

      Wait a minute where is that monkey

    21. Jason Donlon


    22. Big Chungus

      mmmmm monki

    23. W. D. Gaster

      I hate monkeys but u just turned that around for those little theives. They are so adorable ❤️

    24. CHIN XIN EE Moe

      I like the monkey with that Japanese man hairstyle

    25. Doggo Stuff

      I feel sad for the animals inside cages #SaveAnimalCruelty

    26. HeadChaser

      Little does he know, cappuccino monkeys are deadly

    27. Krysti Ward

      Fun fact:monkeys can kill humans one a monkey ripped of a girls(scroll down to see) Face......

    28. Narvezy

      Swiper no swiping

    29. SaYceD

      Plot Twist: there wanted criminals wanted in 50 states

    30. NightMare

      So, monkey thinking about how to steal right?

    31. Jacey Autrey

      I love monkeys there my fav animal

    32. medic gaming


    33. Bernadette Ellis

      Ilove Monkeys

    34. Kelly Schroeder

      Trade with a banana

    35. Hygieux

      Anyone who spends $600 on glasses millionaire or not has lost all the respect they had from me. Unless of course they buy me a pair. 🥸🤘

    36. dylan

      very happy monkeys 👍👍 dylan approves

    37. THE GAME HUB

      *When you think someone is a stealer and they are following you until you find out you have their favorite candy on your back*

    38. ganhando almas pra jejus davi do Amaral cruz


    39. jase

      Wan are you gonna be hand fading a🐧

    40. Eva Wardeh •_•

      Charlie: give me the phone I need to do tick-tock’s!!!!🤬🤬🤬 him:NO!!! Charlie: okay then * bites him*

    41. Kiki Riki

      Is it your?

    42. Kiki Riki

      It is your

    43. Kate Isaac

      But that is kinda funny

    44. Kate Isaac

      Why would you buy $600 glasses and wear it around monkeys?

    45. Killmonger

      They like boy let me see that watch

    46. John Williams


    47. Nate brotonel

      Your with franklin!

    48. Mia Anne Zolyomi

      Hi I am a big fan I also watch raww fishing 🎣

    49. che omar Marzura

      Wait a minute that a rawwfishing

    50. Marvin Acosta

      This reminds me of johnny cage and his 500$ dollar sunglasses in the movie and the game

    51. gameing krz


    52. A real Mrs. Smith

      “Believe it or not, all of these animals were in someone’s back yard.” 😒 Ya. I believe it. America’s patchwork laws on exotic animals allow people to do this in their back yard. Its unethical and TERRIBLE for the poor animals. Really, why would you patronize a place like this??

    53. ꧁SinSeer Shy-La Mare ꧂

      OMG I've been there! That place is so cool!

    54. Debra Striker

      Monkeys ugly species!

    55. raww winning

      I love rawwfishing

    56. Tenille Williams


    57. 23. A.R.K.O

      It's the monkeys from rio lol

    58. Dragongamer 6891

      You must trade with the monkey

    59. mermaid shorts


    60. Deavinka Diandra Sopa

      Ma monkeys are smart 🕶🕶🐒🐒🐒

    61. LUV catz 1134

      Rawwfishing him franklin is that whi you are talking about.... r u at Blake's exotic animal ranch?

    62. Imam Hossion

      Hi Mr strongy you're very strong

    63. Parham Nd

      Helpful tip: If you give the monkey food he will give the stole item back, that simple.

    64. Katy Ballema

      Why the shit would you give your money/attention to a trashy backyard zoo?! For someone who seems to love animals, I’m getting the feeling that views/content comes before all else.

    65. Jula Nowak


    66. Alexandria Stegall

      “They even attempted to steal my home boys watch”😂😫✋😭 IM ROLLING

    67. FIRE

      Monkey:your glasses🤣🤣🤣he sad my glasses its our glasses

    68. Wolfking

      Why such small cages.

    69. GodzillaKJ12

      They were raised that way

    70. no one ever

      What fucken idiot spends that much on sun glasses

    71. Helena Bruwer

      I would slap the monkie like a karen

    72. Deanna Losee

      Question??Why are the locked in what seems to be very small cages..i understand for safety of ppl. However it could be way bigger. They should at least be in an enclosed area to roam free..

      1. Wiisari

        Becouse america has shitty laws

    73. Tsb Lemon

      That cage is wag to small for the monkeys

    74. reese cameron

      Hey man send you a snap and am going to send you a Dm on insta when you accept my request , would love to work something out to get one of my songs in a TikTok as your sound , so hard to get exposure in the maritimes with hip hop music and I know for facts you could kickstart my music career it mean the world to me if you got back to me !

    75. Destinyy

      I remember the time I went to this place in Indonesia with my family where it was like this ocean Cliffside and there were free roaming monkeys and one of the monkeys decided to steal my great aunt's glasses, break them and proceed to throw it into the sea. We had to get new ones for her Also they also tugged the flower decor off my sandal

    76. Mia Salazar

      The monkey didn’t say thank u he’s like mine now

    77. Eyron Atseuca

      Heres A Tip If The Monkey ACTUALLY BROKE The Glasses Just Get One Monkey To Make Up For It😎

    78. Arius Berry

      The monkey is like I want that watch

    79. Itsyaboi Drip goku


    80. Danny K

      “Hey give the monkey your glasses and let’s say the monkey stole them for a tik tok”

    81. Peacelineedits

      That’s what you get for hurting a snapping turtle

    82. Jose Luis Rodriguez Paulino

      Hah, MoNkE

    83. Free Time

      Damn bro I love rawww fishing

    84. FoxOfTheFlames

      Give him a large piece of food, then tease him and say he won't get it if he don't give back the glasses. If he breaks the glasses, you eat the food.

    85. Caffeineholic

      Are these the monkeys that are from Rio? The movie?

    86. Guitar for Life

      Cheeke monke

    87. Xx_Dyln_xX

      Wow im named dylan.....

    88. Linda Sojková


    89. Dizzy whizzy

      Awww Maggyyyy

    90. Anthony Mosher

      Mmm monkey

    91. Pumped YEET

      How did u get the wax out ur nose???

    92. Muhaini Othman

      These thief's returned tp monke

    93. Awesome Sauce

      “ Harley and Charley “ As a Charley I find this offensive.

      1. Awesome Sauce

        This do be a joke

    94. Adrien & Allen


    95. robbie Johnson

      What is your zodiac sign

    96. ThalyybusinesS

      Those animals should have them free they look so sad in those small cages they are animals that need a lot of space and do not give them the freedom they deserve

      1. Martin Roe

        @Sherianna Sallam living a shitty life

      2. Sherianna Sallam

        Maybe they are in the cage to not get hunted?

      3. Martin Roe

        Yeah ik

    97. Rashelle Ross

      You still haven't finished the cage for your reptile

    98. Anntasia Romine


    99. Claudia Mysiakowska


      1. Zynnx

        He already did

    100. Sara S

      Not great to see beautiful wild animals in those ugly metal cages...... depressing and i'm surprised those monkeys don't throw their #2 at you! ...... THAT would be funny AF😅🤣