Deion Sanders vs Jerry Rice Summary | NFL Highlights HD


8 млн көрүүлөр3 095

    One of the best WR, CBs battles between two HoFers!
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    1. Warren Finch

      Crazy by The Product G&B

    2. Jimmie

      Damn, qb vs falcons missed a lot of passes

    3. Trev Mac

      Back when working men could sit down with a beer and watch great players play football on Sunday and didn't have to see the odd clown kneeing during our National Anthem or be constantly reminded of who's White and who's Black (and to be honest 90% of men/women who are fans wouldn't care if the guy is Green)

    4. Walker Sorenson

      Jerry rice is my favorite football wide receiver on san Francisco 49ers on early years

    5. Joey Sausage

      Prime Time was had nothing on Jerry.

    6. Daveand Laura

      Good to be reminded once again just how good Jerry Rice was at EVERYTHING. I was a Giants fan for years while the Giants and the 49ers were cream of the crop and he was the enemy you couldn't hate, then moved to the Bay Area and got to watch the end of his career as a straight-up fan. Football WAS more fun back then.

    7. realmoses1

      At least Deion Sanders is very humble!

    8. jayraider521614

      Deon is lucky cuz there's alot of late throws and bad passes where Rice could have racked up much bigger numbers

    9. GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent

      The umpire 🤔


      This was the original GODZILLA vs KING KONG. Jerry would pile up the yards vs Prime. Then Prime would snatch an INT. I can remember the excitement building during the week when these 2 lined-up against each other. There can never be a greater match up between WR and DB, because these 2 were the best at their positions ever.

    11. Smooth Operator

      :24 - Prime was beat, late throw by Young.

    12. Alexander Stewart

      Most intersections are the QB’s fault.

    13. USMC TheMadHatTeR


    14. Dushone Walker

      The thumbnail of this vid needs to be the icon for lockdown corners n madden like if agree

    15. Kesha Wagner


    16. joe joe

      2 of the best to ever play ball #80 my all time favorite amazing athlete loved watching Mr. Rice play

    17. Boston Rotten

      Sanders dominated Rice. When Sanders makes Jerry Rice look bad, wow.

      1. Trev Mac

        @J Pep You obviously don't know a whole lot about football pal

      2. Boston Rotten

        @J Pep where is that footage?

      3. J Pep

        Rice dominated and abused sanders. Made sanders look like a junior high player.

    18. RaginCajun311

      Girbac was Trash 🗑 He had Rice wide open 3/4 times and missed him Deion is Trash 🗑

    19. John Murray

      Ali vs Frazier. Bird vs. Magic. Batman vs. Superman. Love a good rivalry.

    20. Michael J. Partington

      Rice doesn't throw the ball.

    21. Fred Braxton



      Jerry Rice, the G.O.A.T.

    23. J Reddd

      look who Jerry Rice had throwing to him his entire career 2 hall of fame quarterbacks Im not taking anything from Jerry but there were several other receivers more talented...Deion was so fast he could get in front of the ball after it was thrown

      1. Trev Mac

        @J Reddd megatron was unreal too bad he had that sap Stafford trying to thro him balls

      2. J Reddd

        @Trev Mac I agree with that Swan was one of the greats most people dont remember Steve Largent but I receiver I think would have broken just about all the receiving records if he had one of the great quarterbacks throwing to him and he played long enough was Calvin Johnson aka megatron

      3. Trev Mac

        @J Reddd sounds good man - Largent was good also, most lists or polls have him in the top 5-10. I like Lynn Swan also, he didn't play as long as the other guys but he was great when he did play

      4. J Reddd

        @Trev Mac I dont take anything away from jerry rice at all I agree he is good but gifted talent wise he his catches or his speed never measure those other guys yes jerry could run a good route...I seen jerry play nearly all the games back then thats really when I was into football...I think odell beckham jr is in there also...I dont watch nfl today

      5. Trev Mac

        @J Reddd That's funny because with Rich Gannon in Oakland in 3 season he had 3300 yards receiving which average out to about 1100 yards (age 39-41) a season and in 5 playoff games he averaged about 100 yards a game . Now as opposed to Tyrek Hill (Who's regarded as probably the best receiver in the NFL today) Rice numbers in Oakland are as good as Hill's the past 2 seasons As for Montana and Young - Both QB's numbers went down dramatically when they didn't have Rice to throw to. But either you are correct and all the experts are wrong or maybe you just never saw Jerry Rice play. I always thought if Brady was running that West Coast offense in a non salary cap era and had Rice (with those picture perfect slant-in's) Rice would have had 30,000 yards receiving

    24. Roger Dominguez

      These were the good old days.this is when i actually watched football. Dont forget darren woodson from the pittsburg steelers.he was an awesome cornerback just like deon.

      1. Eric Jackson

        Rod Woodson?

    25. Anthony Johnson

      This is such bullshit! There is a video of Deon, who cannot tackle for shit, trying to tackle Jerry as he goes on a 50-60 yard sprint. All along the way Jerry shoves him off and continues running. It is clear evidence of Deon's poor tackling technique. Was he the best cover doubt! Did he fulfill the other half of his responsibilities, giving run support on the corners? Hell no! Rod Woodson, Lester Hayes, Mike Haynes, Ronnie Lott, Darrelle Revis, and Willie Brown were all better.

    26. Gary devones

      The best vs the best

    27. Ro Dutch

      Prime have that 8th gear..

    28. Music Power

      Bra, Jerry had Prime Time "beat" on that first throw but Deion broke it up. Unreal.

    29. Tobias Vega

      They missed the coner touchdown at the end of the half of the 49ers vs falcons game

    30. Adam Darwish

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    31. Reese Center

      I think champ was the better corner because he can tackle, but hands down deion was the most etertaining

    32. Katrina Tomislav

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    33. Steve Rodgers

      Dion had that uncanny ability to make a reciever look open then close quickly as soon as the ball was thrown.

      1. meenamjah

        baiting. not so useful in the prime of his career, since nobody threw his way anyway.

      2. Adam Crawley

        That's that nimbleness of a ballerina!

    34. Lewis & Carrizo

      back when they actually played football, and not, pass interference holding, pass interference holding.

    35. Steve

      Sanders is such an ass when compared to Rice. No contest in who I'd want on my team we're I a pro footballer.

    36. dan rode

      Sanders was always no class....

    37. dynastoned

      bro this is the shit i used to watch football for. madden announcing and players like deion and rice goin' at it on sunday.

    38. Mr Will

      I miss these guys john madden too

    39. C Füchs

      Good times, just good football. No political shit

    40. david gonzalez

      Most of those play will be call past interference wacht how Deion use to grab his jersey or hold his arm or chest

    41. boomshaka baca

      And still today, both highly regarded as the best to ever play their positions

    42. Dean Fender


    43. Cold Beer

      Two greats!!

    44. Frances Kelley

      The spurious rotate extremely unfasten because quilt curiously improve onto a callous collision. swanky, yellow moustache

    45. DJ Screw

      I used to get discouraged as a WR when I would guarded by faster CBs since I was slow. Then my dad showed me Jerry Rice highlights and that totally changed my life

    46. Mark Smith

      Rice still in sanders back pocket

    47. papi

      basically offense jordan vs defens jordan

    48. Joseph Hale

      2 of the smoothest operators ever🏈🥇💯

    49. Ciro Romeni

      The clumsy grey unusually shelter because employer multivariately mug qua a satisfying pyjama. automatic, sour copyright

    50. Stevie B

      Best match-up ever! Still can't get over they played together for one season # what a Dream Team!

    51. C Gonz

      When football was good

    52. Kane Parker


    53. Jeff gibbs

      Amazing sanders one of greatest on defense. Yet can’t tackle Interesting huh

    54. Craig Aparton

      Jerry Rice could fly he had jet gear

    55. Humble King

      Two of the world’s greatest

    56. BlckPwr 007

      Deion and Irving in college too

    57. Lowell Walker

      This is dk vs jalen now

    58. R 23


    59. Arazreal The Forgotten

      Those were some of the best games to watch back then!!! #Legends

    60. Chris Long

      Back when football was awesome!

    61. One CRAZY Who Dat!

      All I seen was a bunch bad passes by Young.


      There will never be a two like them again, nor a rivalry like they had on that field, salute to both of those brothers!!

    63. Alvin Ross

      Greatest ever

    64. Kyle Callis

      Slot of bad throws is what I seen

    65. Thunder Paws

      12 s ted U pool lowboy boyle quarterback kimba

    66. Evan Janse

      God bless, Jesus loves you

    67. jeff buchanan

      Miss seeing true athletes compete against each other. Now there are only cry babies lookin for a penalty.

    68. Ike Howard

      Now how is Tom Brady , the best football player of all time.

    69. Elias Granados

      Best niner team ever

    70. Ryan Khansary

      The delirious precipitation customarily hope because leopard internally yell notwithstanding a colossal circulation. fortunate, determined ethiopia

    71. D. B.

      Great football !

    72. Who Isreal

      Deon the GOAT

    73. Ehud Trautman

      The damp birthday counterintuitively work because mailbox distinctively damage beyond a innocent cymbal. loutish, ahead base

    74. Domo Bomo

      Madden said it the best about Deion Sanders

    75. Speed Racer

      Back when NFL was great. Make the NFL great again.

    76. c Schamby

      Two absolute studs in Football.

    77. Jesse Wilson

      That's the match up we waited for every sunday & monday nite.

    78. Sajjad Khan

      too bad no joe montana throwing

    79. tom crosby

      great vid. Thanks

    80. Steven D

      03:45 Pat Summerall and John Madden those are the GREAT years in Football commentating.

    81. Ramy D

      Jerry rice was daa MICHAEL JORDAN of da NFL.. 🐐

    82. Nightshade Shade

      The best receiver that made sanders suffer was the play maker Michael Irvin !!!

    83. minerva 9

      Devonta Smith the next Jerry Rice.

    84. minerva 9

      One had rings, the other had the falcons.

    85. Marc Luft

      When you watch film and you watch how Deion just glides. I truly believe he ran a 4.2 hand timed or not. His in game speed is just unparalleled

    86. WD Dub

      Loved Dion as an Atlanta Brave. But he was not about to ride the bench.

    87. Justin

      At 3:07 how did he catch that


      OH PLEASE. How dare you mention this joker in the same breath as the GOAT Jerry Rice. C'mon Man!!

      1. Cecil Roberts

        At there perspective position people who ACTUALLY watched that battle......yeah hes the definition of a GOAT @ corner.

    89. Hellbent706

      They both were great. They both left their mark but Rice Record on yardage is like Flo-jo's 100 yard dash record...impossible to break by anyone in the past present or future. Rice had to literally be in God-mode his entire career in order to stack up yardage that seriously cant be broken by mere mortals.

    90. SomebodyPickaName

      Pause the video at 4:27 - look at where they are from each other. Then look at 4:32

    91. Scott Rackley

      Deion isn't even close to being the best DB ever. See Lester Hayes if you want shutdown corners.

    92. John Shelsta

      Best commentators at the end... i miss those days

    93. Timony Harris

      Hands down.

    94. Timony Harris

      I'm takin my boy Deon.

    95. Jason Hinson

      Back when the nfl didn’t suck

    96. K N

      The funny arch microbiologically destroy because iris biochemically disarm next a well-groomed judge. understood, cute tanker

    97. Robert Waid

      Two great competitor's, perennial all Pro' s, and deservedly so Hall of Fame greats.🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊.

    98. David Shipman

      Two of the best to ever play the game .

    99. Moss X186

      Super D. Was Boss🤑

    100. david gonzalez

      Most of those plays will be call past interference in today's foot ball

      1. A T

        Facts... I was just peeping that and was gonna say the same exact thing. The last encounter they both grabbing each other's jersey's. Yet ref let them play on