Eastside Dairy Corn Silage Harvest 2020

Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

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    Eastside Dairy Corn Silage Harvest 2020
    Video I shot in September 2020 at Eastside Dairy Farm near Markle Indiana. In this video Zimmerman Family Harvesting is chopping corn silage for the farms dairy cow herd. In this video is a good mix of farm equipment in the field and back at the farm pushing and packing the corn silage.

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    1. Anil Kumar

      Hi , I don't know wther u hv read it or not, I hv 50 animals dairy farm, the farm is small n v don't hv enough land to expand it. I used to work with MNCs , but my passion tk me close to nature. I seriously want to b part of your small team, want to learn, want to b part of farms daily activities, after hving small experience of farming, this passion increasing day by day. Can u provide me the opportunity to work beside you in your farm. It wld b great if I hv one. Please c into it. Thnx

    2. Dani Groot

      I've seen choppers miss the wagon way worse than this, this was pretty good if I say so myself

    3. An Individual

      Those wagons are monsters! I remember when I was still a kid my dad did custom chopping in the early '00s with a big at the time John Deere chopper and a whole lot of bobtail trucks. Great video!

    4. MF760

      That front axle on the 3 axle cart, is it raised and lowered by the tractor hydraulics or the weight of the load in the wagon?

    5. Mark Ellars

      Hi Mike What is Tritakal?

    6. Johnny Gomez

      Hi Mike - not bad.. Take a look how do it profesionals - silage is like a computer game: Czech republic, Central Europe kgup.info/get/mn99aICOpa2jopk/video

    7. Pastor Larry Potts

      Thank you for all the work you farmers do. You don’t get paid enough and you are the heartbeat of America! Thank you!

    8. Edward Miller

      Nice chopper nice tractors. I always love this season, the smell and the sound of the harvest. Great job at filming,just watch out for the shotgun, lol !!!!

    9. Jay Martin

      I ran with a crew for a number of seasons back in Eastern pa and we were opening fields a much higher percentage of the time and we had so many trees, turns, telephone poles, and wash lines to avoid. But we had a very good operator and though I never ran a chopper I will say this: it is the equivalent of driving a pickup through multiple serpentines in your back yard with less than a foot on either side and not hitting any trees or shrubs. Plus you need to text, shave, eat, clean your glasses, change clothes, and negotiate between your wife and mother in law at the same time. That is why they miss sometimes!

    10. Jose Lico

      Joselico gracias Dios 🙏🇺🇸🏦👷‍♂️🛠🔥⭐️🦅👁💪🏻

    11. DCW

      I though you were growing hair again. Thanks

    12. DCW

      Is the loader on the road to get dirt off road? Thanks

      1. Mike Less - Farmhand Mike


    13. Gabriele Gatti

      In media quanti ettari lavorate ogni anno?

    14. Cor Graveland

      Nice footage. Always a reliable Claas chopper doing the heavy job, and indeed what a huge trailers. Some of them seems to be of Claas brand as well? Nice to see the quad trailer with 3 out of 4 axles being steered and one lifted. These JCB Fastracs also looks impressive 👍🚜

    15. Brian Jollands

      Do you now mlenyl farmer

    16. J R

      Are the JCB Fastrac allowed to drive 70 kmh in the USA like here in Germany?

    17. andre igu

      The spiky millisecond ideally care because airship compatibly clip following a abiding sail. dry, spooky bathroom

      1. AndreiTupolev

        is this a random word generator?

    18. fbh31118

      Great video footage Mike! Wondering what the attachment on the back of the 290 is?

    19. Sagar Joshi

      So nice of your dairy farm sar any job for your dairy farm i am from India 👌👍💐

    20. Ren Höek

      As i sit here watching this , i am enjoying my bowl of Corn Flakes with milk. THANK YOU FARMERS. you're the REAL MVP here.

    21. Tom Cahill

      What a great video. We live in South Central Pennsylvania, and I have often seen farmers harvesting their fields, or just after, but never have seen exactly how they keep the siliage in storage. What a great video. Will share it.

    22. Farmer Update

      Wow Amazing

    23. Art Woggon

      good team work

    24. Rault Elie

      salut ! felicitation genial .bravo.quand je vois l'ensemble du Matos.nous en FRANCE on nous en FRANCE.on nous oblige d'avoir un permis special pour agri.c'est normal.vous depassez un poids lourds de categorie C.c'est logique.super panorama.encore un curieux qui survol.et qui film.c'est au USA?...Je suppose.en attendant la voix.bravo felicitation bye De La SARTHE les24h FRANCE.💪💪👍👍💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏✌👌🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩et du country yes.c'est l'amerique.👍👍👍👍👍👍

    25. mark

      If this was near Wakarusa I followed the fastrac and 3 axel for a little bit. Very cool video

    26. thomas leonard

      Lol, missed on purpose! Mike, do you have to buy a liscence to hunt drones? Was it Brian Brown?

    27. Raymond Janin

      Belle video ! 4 ensembles au transport ?

    28. Douglas Oakley

      How many tons of silage on a trailer?

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    30. Jerry Dowell

      no matter how good u are at silage chopping u do miss once in a while nobodys perfect this is so amazeing im used to seeing 4 row self propel chopers and my dad had a 2 row pull type he custom choped with this is so amazeing

    31. Eric Zwart

      3-year-old and I loved it! Watched the whole thing!

    32. Chris Lowes

      Great to see some farmers in the US embracing jcb tractors. That is one massive pile of silage , would like to know how they feed out the silage to minimise loss. As to keeping the road clean that to me is showing respect to the other people who use the road, after all it might be your tractor/semi windscreen that gets broken when a stone gets flicked off a passing tyre.

    33. SirRodericSpode

      Loved the video Mike

    34. marksandsparks1

      13:40 what is the name of the tune?

    35. NicoBrescia


    36. andre igu

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    37. Gary Kenny


    38. angus4 -07

      I like it much better when the only music is the sound of the engines and feed processor. If any music, keep it music.😁 The hard rock trash I hear on other channels sometimes, kills my brain cells. 🤔 Good job on the content and thank you!

    39. Carl Falt

      I'm just curious if this dairy farm would try and put any alfalfa silage up?

    40. Melvin Renner

      AWESOME video THANKS

    41. AndreiTupolev

      Those enormous four-axle trailers are something else.

    42. Mike Stanley

      Hay how much Acer are you doing now well you are doing corn

    43. Wilson Andrade


    44. BarnyardEngineering

      You pointed out missing the wagon to distract people from making "The tire's on backwards" comments about the MX230 on the corn pile!

    45. The Munter44

      Nice to see JCB fastracs working in the US.

    46. Adam Wiseman

      Cool to see the whole operation from this view!

    47. Chad The Artist

      Mike, to comment at 12:00, I never miss the wagon on farming simuator. Albeit, the game won't let you miss, so......yeah. lol.

    48. J Popcorn

      Awesome video. Love the Claas chopper.

    49. walter blow

      very good should show more videos of eastside dairy farm videos in markle indiana plaese

    50. Martin Skevla

      We back up the trailer on the first pass through in Europe!

      1. Ivan Van Keulen

        Depends on where you live, here in France they don’t

    51. Keith Robinson

      Man that was a huge silage pile good stuff Mike👍

    52. Jay C

      Great video! 👌🏻 Interesting trailers there..... nice and big💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😍 Strange way to push up the pit/clamp/silo via one corner......not what we’d be used to in 🇮🇪 but a well made/built none the less 😀

    53. Lucas J

      So not to be morbid but what happens if you run into a animal carcass?

    54. Hubert Lessard

      13:41 that is the music that COLETHECORNSTAR uses in his intro.

    55. Craig Simon

      OK Mike - How many days and how many tons of silage? that is a huge pile!

    56. Cody Ludwig

      I dont blame the operator if he misses a bit considering how fast the silage is being blown out of the spout and yet the wind can also be a factor noones perfect doesnt matter how good you are I can see it being tough blowing righ over the tractor cab that is quite a distance the chopper has to blow the forage rather than when the tractor is right beside it.

      1. BarnyardEngineering

        Yeah, try shooting from a galloping horse at a moving target and see how many times you miss, right?

    57. Cody Ludwig

      great video Mike thats a really nice looking crop, Im glad theyre havest is going good compared to other videos Ive watched where they were working in really muddy fields and were forced to shut down cause it was getting to hard for the choppers and tractors to work

    58. Cory Fritz

      Silage videos!! My favorite! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mike!!

    59. Paul Rush

      Dad and I used to do custom chopping out in Washington State in the mid seventies. We averaged 250,000 tons per season. Those wagons are really well built and awesome. Thanks for the great videos.

      1. Paul Rush

        @Ty Wilcox We lived in Basin City. We started season clean up in Moses Lake area and followed a head of the frost line all the way down to Pasco

      2. Ty Wilcox

        Where about in Wa?

    60. rum dog

      spilt silage is min,i would love to have every acre of corn that got run over by crop sprayers in our great country maybe1% of 92 million acres.i wonder if usda has that figurd in.

    61. MrDabaja

      Great video!

    62. Zeke 1982

      Love the longer videos. Man thats a silage pile!

    63. Peewee.31

      They never miss the wagon on Farm Simulator! The Massey and the small wagon is the red headed step child of the fleet’

    64. peter bilt

      When I miss the wagon, I call it putting some fertilizer on the ground 😂🤣

      1. Cor Graveland

        Sure does. It is very important to add some organic matter to the soil these days, it supports all sorts of soil processes and life and prepares nutrients to get ready for a next crop.👍👌🚜

    65. Richard Poe

      My God! Those wagons look like barges!

    66. Brent Lawson

      You could move a mess of silage with those wagons

    67. Simon Hornby

      I’ve been driving choppers for years and I’ll be the first to say I don’t get 100% in the trailer when opening up a field

    68. plane iron

      Down here in Ky I never missed the wagon on the left side, not talkin bout the right though

    69. plane iron

      cleaning the road for the karens that's a shame these days people comcry

    70. Simon KL 11

      That are some trailers👍😉 your corn silage videos are always awesome😁👍

    71. Olaf Schmidt

      Great video! Thanks a lot! 😊👍🏻

    72. Raymond Jackson

      Mike , Your videos are always great and the music only makes it one step better. Keep your videos coming ! THANK YOU

    73. J Drost Agriculture Video NL

      Nice video, greetings Johan

    74. Deplorable Libertarian

      Do the tires and tracks on those tractors and combines get damaged by driving over what’s left of the corn stalk? There’s no way it wouldn’t cause damage....how do you alleviate that damage?

      1. Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

        Yes corn stalks can definitely cause tire and track damage over time.

    75. Deplorable Libertarian

      I’m not saying I could get all that silage into the trailer with the cart behind the combine...but it DEFINITELY irritates me seeing the food being wasted. It’s difficult so I get it, people probably hate seeing it get wasted.

    76. Christian Pedersen

      Being a fellow in the tractor business maybe you would know: does JCB have any plans to enter the North American market?

      1. Marc Lecroix

        They are all over north America.

      2. ryan gemser

        I’m in bc Canada and jcb getting popular out here we run two

      3. Craig Simon

        Aren't they already here? I see plenty of them around especially on these type of operations.

    77. František Leiterman

      Pěkná podívaná! Děkuji.

      1. František Leiterman

        @proud american Tak si to přelož!

    78. Mark Mortensen

      I would like to see the diesel bill after harvest! I would think that's a big mountain of a bill!! Great footage of their operation as it's a big one! They do a good job that silage pile for sure! Thanks for your time Mike👍🏻‼️‼️

    79. Mark Hammar

      Another great silage video Mike. Quite an operation Zimmerman has there.

    80. Prjndigo

      Third axle on that quad is the only one that doesn't turn.

    81. Prjndigo

      Pound on the ground is better than a row in the snow. You *can* adjust the spout tip and boom controls so that they don't flip around like a slap-sprinkler tho.

    82. Andy Hutch

      Brilliant video, too long, noooo, but will have to knock one point off, you missed an excellent opportunity to ride in a JCB Fastrack at speed pulling a full load, show N.America how smooth a ride you can get in a JaCoB.

      1. Alan Reid

        Andy Hutch George Saunders has a nice video of passing a JD and a Lamborghini in his Fast ack

    83. Jim Holbay

      Awesome Mike , Great video 👍

    84. Chris Gossman

      I still cringe when they over shoot the cart.

    85. Joga Sidhu

      Great video Very bigg farm

    86. Derk Buiter

      Are this trailor of European make?

    87. Travis Tharp

      Wait somebody shot at your drone? That sucks

    88. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, Those Claas harvesters have lifted the game in silage making, good to see a team with the correct stack weight.

    89. Ruley channel

      Like see more the new quad axle trailer Tractor

    90. memecentral

      Someone tried to shoot your drone?

    91. Tim Heasley

      It ended to soon Mike great video 💚💚👍👍👍

    92. tsint

      These trailers looks really good in Claas livery.

    93. Snekkeren P

      How many cows do they milk?

    94. Bob Bruce

      Good job Mike lots of quality shots there 👍🏻

    95. L Anderson

      That 3 point packer almost looks like it could have used rail car wheels. Except I don't think Case would use them. The Claas is keeping those 3 tractors busy on the silage pile. Nice drone shots...especially with the crop duster.

    96. Scott Pykare

      Really enjoyable video Mike. Been a while since I've seen corn silage harvest. Two thumbs up!!😁👍👍

    97. Tippy

      @15:15 watch yourself!

    98. Tippy

      "I asked him to miss the wagon on purpose", it's good for the comment section" lol Mike is a funny guy 😁. Awesome video, thanks Mike!

      1. Deplorable Libertarian

        @Latemodelracing 11...yeah, I obviously missed it

      2. Latemodelracing 11

        @Deplorable Libertarian you ever hear of sarcasm???

      3. Deplorable Libertarian

        Yeah...there’s no way in hell that they miss the wagon on purpose, that’s a bull crap excuse. The other one I’ve heard is excuse that different parts of a field need extra fertilizer. Just man up and say some gets wasted..l can respect that.

    99. Tony Burelle

      Great video

    100. David Raaf

      What is that roller they were using? Was that a custom built tool? Looks like railroad car wheels.

      1. David Raaf

        @Jonathan Zimmerman very creative, nice!

      2. Jonathan Zimmerman

        Yes and yes.🙂