The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic

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    Having helped design the Mars rovers Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity, NASA engineer Kobie Boykins reveals what these robots are telling us about the existence of life on the red planet.
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    The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live
    National Geographic

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    1. 666blitzz

      I wish he was barefoot on that rug. Make it a thing, NASA.

    2. Irz Al'auvi

      The Movie cool

    3. Ram Kumar

      The same video should be dubbed in HINDI also

    4. Denis Ross

      Козёл лысый

    5. Kevin Craftonga

      Hope we won't destroy earth before being able to establish a base there.

    6. geo wallace

      you're not talking to children son. calm down and talk properly.

    7. сергей михайлов

      про лысого ролик....


      all very impressive except for the waste we are already leaving behind on a whole new planet

    9. emmanuel e. george

      If we eventually find aliens out there, I perceive they could be less intelligent than us.

    10. 20thCenturyBoy

      Thanks for this video!

    11. azam munir

      Those billions dollars, spent searching for life outside earth.... The same amount can make EARTH green again

    12. Imam Mahdi


    13. margaret-rose donnelly


    14. Greg Johnson

      The last 30secs of his presentation kinda got me emotional.🥲

    15. Desert Wanderer

      There’s a reason why pretty much all of this is an animation. It’s because it’s all BS. EARTH IS FIXED AND FLAT. this is all a big hoax to steal your tax dollars and your minds

    16. Khims Muklom777

      Is there any Living thing on Mars!????

    17. Felipe Arevalo

      What a waste of time and money, earth is so beautiful, we are looking for something magnificent somewhere else when we have everything here.

    18. J B

      Is this real? Everything looks like CGI?

      1. PB

        It's 100% real

    19. Brandon Wiley

      How does metal become ecosystem for fish

    20. Justin Law

      Ecosystem for fish, aka. polluted the ocean

    21. Vinayak Gupta

      This guy is really genius

    22. Anthony Carter

      Thought Mar was red coloured

    23. Sam Zam

      What if there is different type of minerals in mars that can give our technology a boost?

    24. Ricx Radke

      maniwala dto tanga. walang makakalabas sa earth mga bugok

    25. yuri the tibetan terrier

      17:10 ayo optimus

    26. Kleiver Prado

      What an amazing explanation!!

    27. Rajinder Singh

      Amazing 🤩

    28. Tony Smith

      CGI it's all lies!

    29. Patrick Smith

      16.48 my phone brought me here on its own accord so I thought I would listen into what it was about without looking at the screen my uncocious thought was this sounds like a mind wash of verbal coded talk or sort of suggested words of negativity planted in the mind, I don't know for sure but thing is I always listen to the gut reaction, your eyes decieve you came up first my unthinking mind said so without looking at the guy doing the talk I was presented with that up above . Felt compelled to share with you , because if I perceived that surely definitely more will too unless no one else in the world hears it than I guess I think too deeply 🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️☺️😜 l 16.48 was the time on talk where I was placed

    30. Kelley Mason

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    31. johnny lewis

      i want to live on mars to get a way from the rat race here nice and peace full think about that thank you nice video well done

    32. I don't want To add my name

      Anybody ever thought what would happen if they dropped a water baloon on mars?

    33. Jeremia-E. Pindra

      Why is it not in color ?

    34. Jesus Flores

      Where is the technology?

    35. Brad Condon

      Haha space comedy💩😂

    36. Tate Oh

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    37. Jay Moore

      This guy is the greatest kind of speaker in the world. First, he has highly interesting material, 2nd, he entertains - we laugh and "oooo" and "ahhh", 3rdly, his rapid fire voice is very clear and doesn't leave you wondering what he just said. This is my opinion, and I do feel somewhat qualified, having been trained by incredible teachers.....preparing me to teach and do corporate presentations throughout my career. He is a master-speaker in my book!


      Rip curiosity

    39. Justine Leuterio

      The Rock is always mentioned

    40. مواهب

      Is this old or in 2021 ??!!!!!! I'm so confused... is somebody know?!!!

    41. Slum City Marv

      I really enjoyed this video however, I’m not trying to go to Mars you all have fun though.

    42. Danny G

      Rife with deception! Rock at 9:37 isn't a small rock. Image was taken from space and that's a large area shown with the rover photoshopped in as well as lots of airbrushing. Don't believe me? Get a magnifying glass and look closely. I can see several structures. Look at the brown shaded area at about 11 o'clock. Air brushed over a structure which is not naturally occurring. Every image I've seen of mars shows evidence of a past civilization. Do you honestly think that we have sent rover after rover and probe after probe to Mars to study the rocks and sand? The same is true of our moon. Take a thorough up close look and catch a glimpse of what is really there or you can continue to enjoy the "rocks" they paint up and parade in front of you.

    43. Chris Papageorgiou

      Cool stuff

    44. Arif Setia

      Rumah nya master ERPAN1140

    45. Kenneth see

      Just like the moon landing was fabricated to save face to be first in the space race to capture americas ambition to have controlof all countriesbition to be the worlds controler of the world

    46. Kenneth see

      I personally believe mars rover program is fake just a psuedo project to draw trillions ofdollars out of the space program funds

    47. Pietro Stagi

      It is fantastic presentation of the human possibility to explore space.

    48. WHOISJAYE TheProducer

      He already said at the begining its an ANIMATION... this is the same images theyve use to tell you it was real... yet they still cant fly to the moon

    49. Alfred Lugo

      The late collar exclusively camp because betty ultrasonographically employ despite a rapid buzzard. bitter, left propane

    50. Ray Richards

      This guy is a great narrator.

    51. Aditya Sharma

      Feeling like I am on journey to Mars

    52. HHC HHT

      NASA VEry good💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

    53. Rob Webber

      Now i,m a bit confused. Is the entry angle on Mars 43-45 degrees as it is when entering earth? Or is it a different angle to earths due to its lack of atmosphere,?

    54. YasH ChauDhary 504

      17:02 I laughed

    55. Ethan Pierce Bondick

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    56. Chittavajhula S S R Nithin Bharadwaj

      I hope ISRO sends an Indian made rover to Mars.❤️❤️❤️

    57. Daniel Ezekiel

      Seven months journey to Mars I doubt; you called it a neighbor planet to earth.

    58. Jordan Leahy

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    59. Charles Bronson

      Thats awesome but also sort of funny because it already happened so the play by play call is waaaay after it all already happened. Like a sports announcer yelling GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!!! 5 minutes late on every shot. By the time he's done yelling GOAL! Its time to start the next one. 🤣 Now lets find some alien bacteria. Wouldn't be cool if we sent a permanent sensor box that a rover bolted to a rock that and had retractable solar panels so it could hide them during storms. It would take sensor data but also play indefinitely all of the music ever created from Earth? Mozart 1 minute, 2 Live Crew the next. No one on Earth would hear it but it would play anyways. Just for giggles . 🤓

    60. Roby Gadea

      5 years latter they will find the trash from rovers and they say they found aliens 👽

    61. Stevie P

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    62. Roseli Magela

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    63. okoli solomon chieloka

      Breath taking

    64. DorianDotSlash

      1:50 Not interstellar space, interplanetary space. Sorry but the space nerd in me made me do it.

    65. ZeDanishx

      Why is there a guy in the camera lense of the rover on the thumbnail lol

    66. Rudy Molina

      The image of the earth view from Mars got me so in awe. How crazy is that!! Wow.

    67. Wiryadi Dharmawan


    68. M R

      9:32 Yes that rock is very interesting and tells you so many things. the pits on the rock I assume either it is caused by microbial activities or because of the toxic rain (like acid rain)

    69. Spicier Ewe

      *he's trying so hard to be funny*

    70. Rahul Malvi

      Complete class was amazing, at once I was imagine my self on mars specially the pahrump hill👍👍 last few seconds of the video when teacher say that one day human would put step on Mars is really heart touching ❤️

    71. Colonel Angus

      It's animation, there are billions of people on Mars/Phobos

    72. Austin Bahl

      Drop from 40m and bounce over the empire state building? 2:48

    73. Alfa Romeo

      Matt Damon surelly are Martian now

    74. Lee Pryer

      Mars has an atmosphere!?

    75. i am flat earther

      Space travel exists because there are so many fools who eat all that CGI lol

    76. Stijn De Bock

      CGI rules !

    77. oujda TV1 Ville

      As long as there is soil on the planet Mars, it is natural and logical that the planet has witnessed life just like the earth, because dirt can only exist with the presence of water and plants, especially trees, so the planet Mars was where life was, and the evidence is its soil.

    78. Jeremy Germain

      3;40 he came lol

    79. Vicky Rodriguez

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    80. Gary Ballard

      Pure BS

      1. E. Rose

        @Gary Ballard The ORIGINAL Blue Marble image was taken with a camera using film at 18,000 miles away. Nothing digital, nothing pieced together, nothing photoshopped since there was no photoshop in 1972. I realize you don't care about facts that prove you wrong and you'll cry "fake" at anything shown to you that kills your fantasy but that photo is a fact that only flat earthers deny. It is one of the most reproduced photos in history for a reason. Now go ahead and say it's "fake" like I know you will.

      2. Gary Ballard

        Well you just go on believing all those cartoon CGI space pictures and videos you're staring at, lol. BTW try to find an actual real photo of earth (full view) that was taken from space, not one pieced together from low earth orbit but one from outer space. Good luck.

      3. E. Rose

        @Gary Ballard Well you just go right on telling yourself that if it makes you feel special. That's fine.

      4. Gary Ballard

        Space travel.

      5. E. Rose

        What is?

    81. Zedhan Zahi

      Well they’re dead now :c Anyone here for how amazing they did?

    82. Merulious Lacrimens

      Fascinating insights as to what the whole scheme was intended to achieve and explained so that even i can understand whats going on.

    83. Krysta Inch

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    84. Jazla111

      Fake bs.

    85. Riyaz Barman

      who is the camera men?

    86. Mesa Santikant

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    87. Alex Ortiz

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    88. K. TP

      What about the fly that a user has found in the rover perseverance in Mars?? Nothing to say? Or ingenuity will answer me probably

    89. harryjoseph ignacio

      Delivered to mars insect cocroach many times a life a year develope to mars for a living insect

    90. Atomic Boy

      I think that chrome dome has moved on.

    91. Enan Israel

      Your not going to live on Mars not going to happen your going no where what you gone do destroy another plant

    92. Umapathy Jaisi

      The next Carl’s Sagan. ❤️. Passionate.

    93. Umapathy Jaisi

      Thank you so much. I love ❤️

    94. Thatguidude

      So much passion!

    95. shuvashree pattanaik


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    97. Rizaldo Amper

      “to the one who spread out the earth over the water, for his loyal love endures,” - Psalms 136:6 (NET) Humanity lead by NASA is looking for water or sign of any elements that can be combined to form or create water. It's a futile effort and waste of resources based on the bible verse above. It's clearly mentioned that it's only the planet earth was being spread out over the waters. The earth is the only planet that has water. If ever water exist on Mars one day, that is because humans brought it with them..

    98. Rampyar Kumar


    99. Mjr007 Mjr007


    100. Hammer Gallegos

      Is that greenland at the base