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    Cali the golden retriever goes on her first overnight, canoe camping trip on one of the hottest weeks of the year. Thanks for watching! New videos every FRIDAY. Please subscribe.
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    1. Sunshine Patsoph

      beautiful mosquito island.

    2. Cynthia Millar

      Cali's got the best life, great to see. Amazing camera shots........

    3. seabrush

      Just one word: Freedom ....

    4. winder zhao

      Cali is such a good girl, she just loves being with you, no matter where that is. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    5. tim krause

      I've just discovered your "off grid" video's and enjoy watching them very much. You go into very interesting detail on "how to do it yourself" projects. I can watch these for hours. Thank you for sharing your "work style" and photo's /video's of "cabin life". Just wonderful!

    6. Sakahex

      Damn dude I am more than a week awake now

    7. MuzzSader

      I clicked on this vid as soon as I saw Cali's name lol. Love her!!

    8. Idalia Torres

      do you have combination of rain and thunder and lake or sea water sound?

    9. John de Jong

      I knew I recognized the campsite you were staying on. I was an interior ranger in APP the past summer, this was one campsite that I just so happened to do some maintenance on

    10. Al Hartford

      Such a smart move cleaning your fish a good distance away from your camp, some people might not know why you did that, but you and I both know that the last thing you would want is a beer or other wild animals coming into your camp after those fish entrails I am so envious of you living your dream. I wish you, your wife and family Long life and happiness!

    11. matro951 000

      I love seeing him and his dog together she is the happiest dog I've ever seen

    12. Novello Marcio

      I love your videos, congratulations, brazil

    13. Alan Camargo


    14. Jose Diaz

      Saludos desde Uruguay👍💪🌎🏡🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

    15. Andre G

      So beautiful 👍

      1. Andre G

        Very interesting and very nice dog!

    16. Derek Koziol

      Very concerned for Cali. The poor dog looks stressed out. lol. What a life.

    17. Jerome Barthout

      Magnifique vidéo MLJ

    18. Jimmi Musisi


    19. Nancy Larrosa

      Precioso todo lo que está haciendo usted

    20. Mark Thomas

      Excellent looks like the vegetable patch is doing well

    21. 黃桂美

      一個人出去露營⛺️會不會太無聊、太單調了、怎麼不跟家人一起、跟你出去不怕沒東西吃、你會打獵、釣魚、現在又吃到新鮮的魚、真好 祝你中、晚餐愉快

    22. Abdechafi Dkiuoak

      سلام الله عليك

    23. Sally in CT

      Love your videos!!! Very calming and Cali is a Super Awesome dog!!! However, there’s a sadness comes over me for you that these most beautiful times and experiences would be better sharing them with your loved one. I wish that for you!!! I’ve been on many a trip alone and my heart always longed for my loved one to see and feel the beauty of what I was experiencing. I know it’s none of my business but my heart hurts knowing you and your wife are at that early retirement stage and you BOTH should be living these things together.

    24. Michael Collins

      This is by far the best video production. Cali Is an absolute Star. Thank you for a video worth watching.

    25. Al Cruze

      It is sitting in a canoe with man's best buddy and myself in my mind enjoying all that beautiful scenery...Thank You !!

    26. Darrell Roeters

      Now that’s a great trip. Nice big bass. See you cleaned the fish away from camp. Tell me you let Cali in the tent with you at night?

    27. Enrique Ojeda

      Muy buen video, hermoso lugar . . . lo disfrute. Saludos desde Santiago de Chile

    28. Harry Rivera


    29. Linda Bauske

      This was so Beautiful!💖

    30. The Outdoor Seeker

      Amazing movie, you feel that you are right there in the middle of the nature.

    31. Elena Beza

      F frumos

    32. david mitchell

      Good stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed this video and will probably watch it again. Congratulations for following your heart...for following your dream, my friend!

    33. Jena Emerald

      Isn’t Cali’s whole life a camping trip? Ive never seen such an ideal life for a hunting dog. She only looks sad when you won’t stop working to play fetch

    34. Roberto Hernandez

      Porque no todos los capitulos o videos tien la alternativa de traduccion en español EXCELENTE FORMA DE SUBSISTENCIA EN el bosque gracias por mostrar la forma de ser autosuficiente .

    35. David Hersey

      There is a word for this...elegant.

    36. Jane

      You have beautiful scenery, nice weather and a great dog! I enjoyed the video Mr. James.

    37. Iron Man

      Man you are my rest after hard day... love watching, all the best!

    38. Radiogram & Gramophone toons

      There’s that sound again, which bird or animal is that at nighttime ?

    39. Kevin Rennert

      Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey, wherever that may be. Just simply the best of times... God Bless

    40. Khanh Do

      Is he allowed to cut those trees because he owns that land or for another reason?

    41. Eurípea Paula


    42. Katarzyna Wycisło

      Namiot tragedia.

    43. Karen Purvis

      You run into Bigfoot yet? Lol

    44. Karen Purvis

      You run into Bigfoot yet? Lol

    45. Karen Purvis

      You run into Bigfoot yet? Lol

    46. S. Maskell

      Pretty sure Cali was thoroughly dry only in the wake up shot.

    47. Dixie Ten Broeck

      Um, duplicate video footage as in the "Cali's 1st Overnight Canoe Trip" video? That's all right; enough differences that each is very watchable. Just odd.

    48. Joshua White

      i thought after he un tied the bag from the tree, he was going to pull out medusa's head!

    49. Ruben Ernesto Cordoba

      Hola, buenos días, disculpe, ¿la verdura que come con el pescado es zapallo o algún tipo de calabaza?....... Un saludo desde Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

    50. Dena Redford

      I love the wilderness ,

    51. Gary Brocken

      I've just subbed because your video's are brilliant sir, and I love your dog cooling herself down in the river's. Keep up these brilliant video's sir they are a great watch.

    52. Ali Backir61

      Food dok digres

    53. Gloria Diaz

      Hello Stranger ! . Nice meeting you . What a Beautiful , Peaceful , Breathtaking place . It’s not too late , we need to take care of our World . Ur are very Fortunate . It does take Hard Work , and Love , of what is Possible . My Lucky day to come across ur Chanel . Became a Subscriber , and gave u my Like . My Grandson has a Companion 🐕 like urs . Her name is Daisy . She’s Beautiful . God Be With You . 😊 .

    54. Sindy Simms

      Put those water lilies in your pond.

    55. Georgia Van Houten

      just dreamy

    56. Celsa Galeano

      Excelente videos.Hermosos paisajes.Saludos desde Paraguay.

    57. Jeff Nielsen

      The paddle is a canoe handle. Was that a partridge in a pine tree? A nice little camp site. I love to see a dog relax. Mosquitoes? Shawn rolls up a tent like I do. Push the air out the door.

    58. Iris Perez

      Cali should use life jackets too, you never know what might happen in the lake

    59. Raiden Moon

      I watch your videos and literally have a flood of memories. I’ve spent a lot of my life on the lakes of the Canadien shield. Mostly Sask., and Alberta. This amongst all your other videos has become nothing less then art to me. I think I need a Indiana Jones hat and a lot of land..... this has become my goal. God Bless.

    60. Iris Perez

      5:25 it's a beautiful picture, bello lugar... Cali te amo

    61. Robert Ottwell

      She had a great time my logs love to sleep in the tent.

    62. jahidul islam


    63. John Laccohee-Joslin

      Hi Sawne, i really like the music about three quarters through i think its both banjo and guitar but really is catchy and soothing. Building the cabin is important but i ghink also these trips away once in a while are good for the soul . Cali really likes the freedom, by the way who snorz? There is one thing that has got me really thinking, that is the build of the canoe you use in this video, it has the look of a birch canoe but clearly is planked, i really would like so details on it as it is nice and sturdy but clearly light as well , just wondered if you had the plans or know where i can get them from as this is just the type i have been looking for. Really lovely spot for camping a whole lake to yourself!! Stay safe, all the best.

    64. Jenny May

      Wish I was there, what beautiful scenery. Love Cali..

    65. Kathy McDowell

      14:35 Nice fish! Definitely a keeper

    66. Joseph Papale

      I thought you gave cali people food. I would always cook for Max. I guess I spoiled him.

    67. Joseph Papale

      Cali is in her glory, I dont think you can find a happier dog.

    68. Joseph Papale

      What a beautiful view what state are you in.

    69. gervasio rossini

      Dont understand why the tent meaning for children?!?! Thumbs up for cali, she such a good girl.

    70. Cheryl Staples

      To have heaven on earth, all to yourself with your best friend....i am PEA GREEN with envy!!!

    71. Isaac Brandewie

      Ain’t nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the cabin to get back to nature in a tent ;)

    72. Ashandy Chegevara

      What bird is singing in the beginning?

    73. Darth Nihilus

      37:10 What's the name of the animal??

    74. Thomas Little

      What type of person would dislike this video? Clearly people who have their notifications on and just hit dislike. This is another example of what is wrong with our society. Maybe get off your computer go for a walk and get out from under your parents wings.

    75. Carol Burns

      Thankful for your channel

    76. George Ramos

      Yo my friend I think that your doing the right thing with your dog as your dog companion and Please accept it as your partner and Please don't let him or her feel like they're not with you during the things that you're doing. But Please don't call me lazy cause I do what I have to do to keep things going the way that will keep me doing for the family ok.

    77. Karen Redding

    78. Cida Correia

      Adoro pescar

    79. Cida Correia

      Lindo esse rio

    80. Pota Plevritis

      Ο σκύλος σου είναι ο φύλακας αγγελός σου

    81. Pota Plevritis

      Λίγοι άνθρωποι είναι σαν κι εσενα τα χέρια σου πιανουν πολλά γιά στά χέρια σου νασε καλά να σε χερεται η οίκογένειά σου μπράβο σου

    82. Pota Plevritis

      Τη ε ΣΚ να βλεπεις τέτοια τοποία ποταμό αυ

    83. Terry Thomas

      Takes me back to many trips to Algonquin, often beginning with a run down the Tim River. I'm too old now and have no partner to keep me safe. Watching this brought me along. Skillful videography, thank you so much.

    84. Annie Viera

      Shawn you're a real loner considering your wife's with you now. I would've liked seeing her with you more often and actual communications between the two of you.

    85. Bud Jacobson

      Awesome show beautiful camp site so peaceful

    86. Scott Beisel

      My fiancé and I just got a golden puppy. She’s 10 weeks now. We do a lot of canoe camping. When did you start Cali in the canoe and in the water?

    87. 武田章

      It's Awesome!

    88. J.A.R. Family

      I have zero interest to live like you choose. But man I respect and absolutely love your lifestyle. It's so peaceful. Good for you and your family.


      I am behind on your videos and catching up brings me to this one. I am a youtuber and have been struggling with finding motivation to keep getting out there. I think i forget to enjoy being out in nature and it becomes more of a chore to film and produce content. This video has sparked something in me that I haven't felt for quite a while. Thank you for sharing this and all of the other great work that you do.

    90. Renata Abreu


    91. Rinaldo 17

      O cara mora no meio do nada e sai pra acampar.......essa porra é a mesma coisa que o cara morar sozinho e fugir de casa, não faz o menor sentido!!!

    92. Survived&Saved John14:6

      Great stuff Shawn ! Thank you...

    93. PeGsTeR X1

    94. Little Ants

      So relaxing,like watching your day dream on video

    95. Sérgio Quintiliano


    96. Tonto Bugsy M.


    97. Лилия Никитина

      А большего, для жизни, ничего и не нужно. Это человек, который по настоящему счастлив. Именно это и есть настоящее счастье. Спасибо автору видео за ролик. Желаю всем добра и здоровья. Будте счастливы.

    98. Cat O

      Wow...gorgeous! Cali is such a lucky girl.

    99. Angel Roberto

      EXCELENTE MAESTRO : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) ......................./:.:.:.:.:.| ......................|;.;.;.;.;./ ......................|.;.;.;.;.| ............._,,,,,_.).;.;.;.;.| .........,,-":.:.:.:."~-,;.;.;.| ........(_,,,,---,,_:.:.);.;.;..",, ......,-":.:.:.:.:.""-,,/;.;.;.;.;.", .....(:.__,,,,,,,,,___);.;.;.;.;.;| ...../"":.:.:.:.:.:.:¯""\;.;.;.;.;.," ....\",__,,,,,,,,,,,__/;;;;;;;;;/\ .....\.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.);;;;;;;;;/:\ .......\,,,,,---~~~~;;;;;;;;,"::::\ .........."""~~--,,,,,,,,,,-"::::::::::\ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    100. Paul McGuinness

      All I was thinking for 10 mins was.... Wheres the food for the good boy?!? .... Then he got some. All good :-)