Is Zach Wilson actually the second-best QB in the 2021 NFL Draft? | Get Up

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32 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    Get Up reacts to Todd McShay's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, in which Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Justin Fields occupy the top four spots.
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    1. Wayne Verhoff

      Mac Jones upside is 2021 Bama Mac Jones. He's never gonna be this accurate or dominant again.

    2. Alberto Pavan

      they put a dude that can't defeat coastal carolina over a heisman and cfp finalist

    3. Elijah Pemberton

      Cringing while watching

    4. Andrew Yacos

      Thanks, Mike.

    5. Roland Edwards

      Mack Jones will be there in the long run the rest won't last 5years.

    6. A D

      Lmao this man said his daughter isn’t salary cap friendly.

    7. Carlitos07

      4 really good prospects 5 actually at qb. Lets see who pans out

    8. frozenvapors

      Damm so what would Mike T give up for Trevor Lawrence 🤔🙉

    9. Shane Cortez

      If Fields doesn’t go number 2 he should force his way to SF 💯🤞🏼😹

    10. William Carpenter

      It's a blessing in disguise to be seen as an inferior quarterback just ask Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

      1. Shane Cortez

        You don’t think Fields Lance or even Wilson is hoping they end up in SF or Carolina instead of the the Jets, Lions, Falcons or even Eagles 😹

    11. T D

      Darnold was drafted 3rd overall, build a team

    12. The wizard Of oz

      Das stupid Panthers Never Trade up Example Last year whith Isaiah Simmons and why should the dolphins give up number 3

    13. daniel tays

      No 1 mac Jones 2 Trevor Lawrence 3 Justin fields 4 trey lence 5 Zach wilson

    14. Kilduce

      I bet buddy’s daughter is pissed. 😭😭😭

    15. Timothy Lacefield

      I wouldn't want mac Jones at the Jets anyway

    16. Timothy Lacefield

      Mac Jones is better than Zach Wilson, my opinion

    17. Rock Road

      Did he just compare Wilson to current NFL QB's?

    18. shawn simmons

      Mac Jones is the typical white Qb at a big school looks great with all the best players then turns into a journey men back up

      1. Jon Thomas

        Devonte Smith made Mac Jones look good

    19. Matthew Keane

      Houston was mediocre with Deshaun watson and had him for however many years. He alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll be good, especially leveraging your entire future on that.

    20. Justin Pelkey

      I think this draft will be like the 2012 draft. Lawrence is like Luck. Wilson is like Wilson. Mac Jones is like Ryan Tannehill. Robert Griffin III is like Justin Fields.

      1. UltimateSSjin

        Justin Pelkey lol no

    21. c dot

      Fields is better and went up against some of the best teams

      1. Jon Thomas

        For some reason I have a feeling Trey Lance will be a franchise QB

    22. Daniel Tayong

      The way Greenberg says the word what is amazing

    23. Louis Banks

      None of these people are ever right.

    24. AAron

      If the jets truly think hes the best 2nd best get him, I disagree but I respect conviction.

    25. Young Among

      Can't wait to see how wrong this draft was lmao

    26. Young Among

      I do not see the Jets keeping that Pick especially if Houston and Free agency on the come with quality QBs on the market

    27. Chris Funk

      The fact that Wilson is being regarded higher than Fields is ridiculous. Fields is the 2nd best QB in this draft

      1. Adam Almeida

        You are clueless. I knew Bama would shut him down. Clemson's D was overrated


        Why is he the 2nd best? Just cause you seen him play more?

    28. William Bullard

      Fields and Mac Mac Jones will be better than Zack Wilson. I remember when they hyped up Matt Lineart. Look at his NFL career

    29. Paid Tourist

      Welp, looks like I will have to buy the Jets to save them from making stupid picks with will further screw the franchise out of wins

    30. Paid Tourist

      He might actually be my favorite QB over Lawrence

    31. T. Rizbone

      Fields will be great with the Falcons and the weapons that they have.. Zach Wilson is the new Mitch Trubisky, an overhyped QB who will be drafted above guys who are much better than he is.

      1. Bosem Jeans

        I agreed I prefer pick Devonta Smith or Kyle Pitts before Wilson

    32. Jeremy Feeley

      Zach Wilson is quite a few tiers below Kyle Trask.

    33. Tru One

      HE ll know sir. Only 2 in the 1st 10 rounds

    34. Gower SUP

      Of course he is. But people want fields (for obviously reasons that has nothing to do with football) to go after Laurence. People were actually debating Laurence and fields 6 weeks ago HAHAHAA.

    35. dee see

      Wilson is Goff 2.0

      1. antoine malone jr

        Terrible comparison. 🤣🤣

      2. J Paw4421

        This is an absurd comparison

      3. dee see

        @rob f we’ll see in the NFL because honestly we are all just guessing even the so called draft experts

      4. rob f

        They couldn’t play more differently lmao

    36. Jblaze600

      Falcons need to address that defense

    37. ggwaffles21

      Mcshay is an idiot

    38. Henry Horne

      Wasn’t it only a few months ago these were the same guys who weren’t sure who was better out of fields or Lawrence. This is a joke fields is no doubt no.2. Wilson’s played nobody

      1. Borneo Coolpad

        @HANGTIME 7190 V3 thats true, they could be make mistake reaching for him just like Da Bears did with Trubisky and ended up bad pick, but again his trait reminds me a lot with Allen and if team have great organization and Oline ready such as Colts picks him up he will be shine.

      2. HANGTIME 7190 V3

        @Borneo Coolpad could also end up like trubisky tho, well see where he goes, i think the falcons would be a good fit, sitting behind matt ryan for a year or two could really help out devellopment provided he doesnt get moved.

      3. Borneo Coolpad

        @HANGTIME 7190 V3 he reminds me of Josh Allen. Small Scholl and late rise talents and great arm. Idk he could be as good as Allen right now 🤷

      4. Henry Horne

        @HANGTIME 7190 V3 yes but Wilson was also doing it with 25 year old freshman and against low tier competition that can be huge differences in ability. Fields had his best performance this year against 4 and 5 stars aswell.

      5. HANGTIME 7190 V3

        I agree that fields is better than wilson but there is an argument to be made that tho he was playing against lesser competition he also wasnt doing it with a team full of 4 and 5 star recruits like at ohio state.

    39. ursdj17

      Mr T! Trader Mike!!!

    40. Manton

      Tannenbaum: “this is why I’m not a GM anymore”

    41. submissions72

      Stop hyping up Zach Wilson!!!! He really had one good year! His throwing mechanic is weird just like justin fields.

    42. SingerDad Reacts

      Even though I agree Zach should go 2nd I don't want him to go to the Jets where he will have no chance to succeed in a broken program. Justin or Trey can have it. Falcons would be better for him.

      1. SingerDad Reacts

        @NYC Camper You're right. I apologize. My comment was a bit harsh. Who knows? Maybe he'll go there and it will be an opportunity to prove how awesome he is when he takes them to the Super Bowl. It would be cool to see the Jets go for it. Way to be a loyal fan.

      2. NYC Camper

        This is a completely different team. Stop comparing the jets to previous teams. Not too long ago the browns were a completely broken team. If you're a Hater just say your team.

    43. Peen Head

      Whoever gets drafted by the Jets will be bad


      zach wilson isn't better than Justin fields

      1. J Paw4421

        He is tho


        @Savage Cabbage 13 okay idk about all that trevor Lawrence has a very high ceiling he can become a better version of Ryan tannehill

      3. Savage Cabbage 13

        but they are both better than Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence is straight cheeks

    45. Yung Richie

      This giving me deshaun Watson vibes all over again

      1. Max Mulliner

        @Will Brench fields isn’t a gunslinger bro. Majority of his passes come in crossing routes over the middle....just like dak 😂...daks best trait is his accuracy....which happens to be fields best trait also...fields is literally a dak prescott clone with a somewhat better arm.

      2. Will Brench

        @Max Mulliner not at all fields is a gun slinger dak is a possession player

      3. Max Mulliner

        @Will Brench nah bro that's just wrong. closest player to fields is Dak Prescott. they play identical.

      4. Jay Willis

        @Sarah Smith Wilson

      5. Sarah Smith

        @Yung Richie Who would be Trubisky in this case?

    46. bronco devil

      They do this every year. Push QBs that aren't really as good as they think.

      1. Jay Willis

        @Kir neither is Lawrence

      2. MintBerry Clutch

        Yeah right Zach Wilson is about to ball out with the right team.

      3. christian

        @Jay Willis What are you talking about and no that’s not true. White supremacy is simply thinking you are better because you are white. Black Asian white every race can be racist. I’m black and Ik plenty of racist black people. You are mistaking racism with systematic racism which requires power to set up a system

      4. christian

        @Jay Willis Yo stop the cap Daniel Jones was not hyped up the giants just liked him. Also Haskins is not better dude is lazy and turnover prone

      5. Jay Willis

        @christian only white ppl can be racist, because racism & white supremacy is the same thing

    47. Grant Schwarzott

      I love this Trey Lance will sit behind Teddy Bridgewater for a year to learn Joe Brady's offense. Justin Fields will sit behind Matt Ryan until his contract runs out

    48. Fuzzy Tabby

      Would someone please tell me what is so great about DeShaun Watson?

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Fuzzy Tabby go ahead and log off

      2. Thomas Denson

        @Fuzzy Tabby exactly he won 4 games with that team name the other qb who would have won that or more now u know what's so great bc u only gonna name a few

      3. Ramon Hill

        He's consistent!

      4. NYC Camper

        IDK led the league in passing after his biggest weapon was traded. Imagine the chiefs trading Hill.

      5. Fuzzy Tabby

        @Alfred Smith I know he won four games this year.

    49. EO

      Justin fields has thrown 67 college TDs to 9 int against better comp compared to zach Wilson’s 56 TDs to 15 int against lower comp Also one was a heisman finalist

      1. Samuel Williams

        @Jay Willis explain to me how I’m delusional

      2. Jay Willis

        @Samuel Williams delusion of grandeur

      3. Jay Willis

        @Brandon Mason delusion of grandeur

      4. Samuel Williams

        @Marlee’s Kicks and another thing and if u watched the film u would also realize that dobbins was the better player that game than Justin. I’m not trying to hate on Justin but the dude wasn’t that good plain and simple they settled for too many field goals and they could’ve shut the door on them but they didn’t and u can’t complain about the targeting call when their was also the bs one on Justin this year

      5. Samuel Williams

        @Marlee’s Kicks all I remember is that they settled for field goals when they needed touchdowns and that they blew a 16 point lead in in like 6 game time minutes and I watched the game because I remember wanting OSU to win but I also remember that Justin threw 2 ints and one of them was miscommunication and the other one was a bad read and also remember that Trevor easily outplayed him so

    50. Jeffrey Clarke

      I think Trey Lance is way better than this guy wilson

    51. reynarain

      Fields is the best quarterback in the draft. Trevor will be the next Trubisky Zach will be below average at best plus he is injury prone. Trey Lance will be a good quarterback along with Mac Jones. But Fields will be a great qb.

      1. reynarain

        I just believe the NFL is a very tough league to play in.

      2. reynarain

        Boys and girls how many of these quarterbacks actually ball out in the NFL.Trevor is going to a bad situation. Trevor is so overrated but its not his fault. Im not impressed by him playing in the ACC with superior talent and then being exposed by ohio state two years in a row.

      3. Charlie Phung

        Trevor is more accurate and has more Arm Talent. He also had a better College career. Your comparison is terrible and no statistics to back it up. Fields is good but not better then Trevor as a NFL prospect

      4. SingerDad Reacts

        I'm going on record, my friend. Zach will be an elite franchise QB in the NFL and more successful than Justin. Time will prove all.

      5. reynarain

        There about the same athletically very good running quarterbacks. Trubisky is actually much stronger. They both played in one read college offenses. Only difference Trubisky played less and on a worst team.

    52. Oliver McCall

      Not even close to Fields, racial bias at it again

      1. Kyle C


      2. Steve Johnston

        OH MY HECK !

    53. Rhys W

      Ryan pace is the worst gm in the nfl with all his top 10picks busting except roquan Smith who isn't a top 10 type player

    54. Rhys W

      Mike tenenbaum is a loser he isn't capable of drafting and evaluating players Vernon Gholston

    55. Robert Harvey

      qb BYU daft day mak Sanchez draft day

    56. Jonathan Scott

      they are purposely burying justin fields its so obvious that he's clear of wilson.

      1. gnielsen07

        @Alfred Smith thanks for the 1 example. Can you explain Jamarcus Russell & Jameis Winston being the best in their classes? Race has nothing to do with it

      2. Alfred Smith

        @Jim White I think you mean theorists... Also, it happens all the time, just like they did with Deshaun a Watson...

      3. Jim White

        Please enlighten me with the rest of your conspiracy therapies you have.

    57. Mo Vo

      2022 draft for QBs looks bad

    58. Delandre Johnson

      Watch the film for all you guys who think Fields is better than Wilson. Also Mike LaFleur Offense is more tailored towards Wilson anyway.

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        Fym the film says Fields is at least as good

      2. reynarain

        Fields is a better leader better football player tougher more athletic period

    59. Daquan Greene

      What is crazy to me is that if this was five years ago Mac Jones will be a third rounder. AJ Mccarron was by far a better QB than Mac Jones is.

      1. Fernando Breton

        Cap , Mac Jones is the dude

      2. Homebody Todd

        AJ always over threw the long passes . Always . I'd scream at the tv .

      3. Peen Head

        lol Mac Jones 100x better than Mccarron

    60. GLADE C

      All four are good. But Zack over time will be the best

    61. spencer thurman

      Please no. Zach deserves more than the Jets.

      1. NYC Camper

        Zack Wilson to the chiefs, Zach Wilson to Tampa bay, Zach Wilson to the chargers, Zach Wilson to Green Bay, Zach Wilson to the ravens, Zach Wilson to the Seahawks. I'm sure those are the teams you believe Zach Wilson to go to. 😄😄😄

      2. Jon Thomas

        My money is on Justin Fields to the Jets

      3. Mitchell Ajieroh

        Jets aren’t as bad as y’all say....anyone expecting to get picked high goes to a bad team

      4. NYC Camper

        Why do you care?

      5. PhAnToM Of The AQUA

        Zach to the Vikings

    62. Midnight Blaze

      Falcons will not draft a qb with that pick unless they plan to trade Matt Ryan for picks

      1. rob f

        @Midnight Blaze with the team they have now they probably won’t have a top 5 pick again next year. Take a qb then finish out the draft with BPA defense and o-line

      2. Midnight Blaze

        @bronco devil not that high the talent just isn't there this year not to me not that high but yes teams will reach hope its not the falcons

      3. bronco devil

        Perfect time for Falcons to take a QB.

      4. Olzick Mont

        Matt Ryan is done after the 2021 season in ATL, those are facts. The falcons are taking a qb its past due.

    63. GooogleMan

      Soooo Mac Jones has a historic season, plays in the SEC, and wins the National Championship and you have people in trash conferences above him?!? 🤣🤣🤣

      1. GooogleMan

        @rob f was Joe Burrow throwing to scrubs? Use simple logic and get away from group think.

      2. rob f

        Bro is throwing to Devonta smith & Jaylen Wadfle with 15 yards of separation. Wilson is throwing to mormons with a degree in dentistry

    64. Trent Williams

      Nah...that's crazy....what big games did Zach Wilson win? Was that Justin Fields that beat Trevor Lawrence head to head or was I dreaming. Ryan Clark tap-dancing as usual. 🤔🤨🤔

      1. Jay Willis

        @Duality Unlimited field's is 2-0 vs. TL ,the Refs beat Osu last year when Fields out played TL agian, but the elite 11 & the game this year wasn't even close who was the better Quarterback

      2. Duality Unlimited

        Fields didn’t have the better team until Ohio State beat Clemson. Fields had the better career and season compared to Wilson and Lance. It’s debatable only with Trevor Lawrence.

      3. Broderick Coley

        @Jim White these aren't really experts tho. McShay and Kiper evaluated Deshaun Watson as 2nd round talent during his draft year. They actually convinced the Bears to move up to #2 to get Trubiski. That's perspective...There are other cases where they were so wrong I can't get into on this post. These are analysts who portray themselves as experts. Theyre not homie. They just been around for a long time in their job

      4. Jay Willis

        Race is always the issue, no matter what the we do, they have 2 place their selves on top

      5. Jay Willis


    65. julian huerta

      Been wit trevor since i watched that qb show on youtube

    66. Latrell Greer

      No I think fields yall gone stop disrespecting the black qbs

      1. gnielsen07

        @Latrell Greer i love my Buckeyes - but they haven’t had 1 successful quarterback in the pros since the previous century. Bust after bust.

      2. gnielsen07

        @Latrell Greer has nothing to do with race. Jamarcus Russell & Jamies Winston were considered generational talents & went #1. Race doesn’t matter. It’s football.

      3. Kyle C

        If you want respect, learn English grammar first.

      4. Broderick Coley

        @Michael Crismale that's a real assessment bro and I respect that take. My only gripe is with Kiper and McShay's analysis every year. I want all the young players to do well on the next leve, even tho the reality is they all won't. So we'll jst see what happens at the draft, and thereafter in the seasons beyond. And for the record, I do hope Fields fall to the 4th pick bc I'm a die hard Falcons fan, and Fields is from GA, so that would be perfect, since I already believe he is the next best QB after Lawrence. 😉

      5. Michael Crismale

        @Broderick Coley yeah i totally get what u are saying bc 90% of the time these "analysts" have pretty bad takes. Since I am a jets fan, I've been looking at this qb class and have been breaking down Wilson, fields and Lawrence's tape. Once the jets beat the rams and they lost all of their chances on getting Lawrence it went down to fields vs Wilson. As i have watched a lot of their games, i will say that i like Wilson as a better fit for the jets because of his ability to throw from any arm angle, arm strength, pocket awareness, read progression, mobility and ability to throw on the run. that does not mean that i don't like fields though because if the Jets were to take him i would still be very excited.

    67. Vinny B

      No not even close

    68. weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

      He would give up his wife and kids huh 🤔

    69. Cryptum404

      Why does everyone keep saying fields is being underrated? He literally threw 5 picks in the playoffs and can’t read moderate- elite defenders ie: Indiana and North western🤷‍♂️

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Cryptum404 when did he throw 5 picks in the playoffs?.....

      2. Aidan Cawley

        @IsmokeHiphop Live So instead of actually countering his points you just play the race card? nice job casual

      3. Oliver McCall

        @Roshan Yeah, fixed it now 👍

      4. Roshan

        @Oliver McCall did you mean Lamar Jackson?

      5. Oliver McCall

        @Cryptum404 As if race doesn't matter in QB evaluations, why did Darnold and Rosen get picked ahead of Jackson again? 😂

    70. Cryptum404

      Fields just isn’t that good and his arm talent isn’t there compared to Lawrence

      1. John Hendrix

        @Oliver McCall not sure about “innocent” bud...

      2. Oliver McCall

        @John Hendrix Don't you have an innocent black person to shoot?

      3. John Hendrix

        @IsmokeHiphop Live don’t you have a protest to be at?

      4. IsmokeHiphop Live

        man you white dudes dont quit do you? ypour right on time happens every year with you people. cant wait for another Mitch Trubrisky Hype job turn Left LOL

      5. Colten Ross

        lol might need an edit

    71. Babybacktillery

      The disrespect of Mac Jones is unreal. If QB doesn't matter long as you have weapons Chief's and Bucs would'nt been going to the super bowl. But instead it took Pat Mahomes and Brady to get there to make a difference. Mac Jones made the same difference at Alabama. Alabama don't win the championship with Kellen Mond at QB. It ain't only about the weapon's, QB is a big deal.

      1. christian

        @Wayne VerhoffMore than that but fr Jones is nothing like him

      2. Wayne Verhoff

        Mahomes can throw 60 yards on the run... Stfu

      3. christian

        @motown 1970 Mac Jones is less talented Mac is a Ryan Tannehill type game manager. Tua is more talented he just hasn’t made the adjustment in the nfl namely because Alabama doesn’t create great nfl quarterbacks. Think about this teams are looking to draft Zach Wilson and Trey Lance over him.

      4. motown 1970

        @christian Mac Jones is less talented? Please watch Alabama’s A Day spring game from 2019 and explain to me how Mac Jones is less talented. Tua only looked more talented because you didn’t see them sharing snaps. Mac Jones is actually not only statistically better, but he is just as accurate and he doesn’t break when he gets hit.

      5. christian

        Mond was lights out at a&m he would have delivered a championship as well. Mac Jones is less talented than Tua that should tell you something. Alabama qbs don’t transfer well. Tua is missing targets because he’s used to wide open receivers and easy reads.

    72. Stephen H. Smith

      no lmao

    73. John Barnett

      Thats racist

      1. rob f

        @Oliver McCall and watson proved them all severely wrong. Which is why it’ll more than likely the last. Kyler Murray for example

      2. John Barnett

        @Oliver McCall had 2 be

      3. Oliver McCall

        Trubisky above Mahomes and Watson was racist

      4. John Barnett

        @John Hendrix legit. I cant watch espn... It is pure insanity.... Then skip and Shannon.... Stephen a smith... Max kellerman....... All of the rocker

      5. John Hendrix

        @John Barnett some people aren’t lol, which is just sad

    74. gelene Celine


    75. Johnny D

      I know Mac had some great weapons but I can see him having a solid NFL career in the right situation. Good size, vision, and arm.

      1. Wayne Verhoff

        @motown 1970 What his highlights were him sitting in the pocket for 6 seconds. Immobile throws only 40 yards down field to wide open 5 star recruits that have to backtrack to catch it. Or darts to slats and screens. He's the perfect NFL backup. Tell me how he's better than Stanford Darnold or even Dime Daniel Jones. Cause even Darnold is a better athlete. Did they go top 10? Yes. Are they bad? Yes.

      2. Wayne Verhoff

        @motown 1970 Out of the last two years worth of QBs in the first round he has the worst arm.

      3. motown 1970

        @Wayne Verhoff You didn’t see his highlights I assume. He does have an arm. His accuracy is the only thing that is still left to be evaluated.

      4. Wayne Verhoff

        @MDbaseball3 And best coach.

      5. Wayne Verhoff

        @Cryptum404 😂😂😂

    76. Jay Brown

      More butter biscuits for you RC...

    77. TJ Sutton

      My honest opinion is that Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson being AWFUL in the NFL.

      1. SingerDad Reacts

        I'm going on record, my friend. Zach will be an elite franchise QB in the NFL. He has been working extensively with the same personal QB coach that coaches Brees and Brady. Time will prove all.

      2. TJ Sutton

        @Johnny D I think he will have a good career. He is one of those underrated high school career.


        @Johnny D dak prescott type guy were he goes late in the draft but ends up being good

      4. Johnny D

        @TJ Sutton You think Mac Jones does well in the pros? I know he had some lethal weapons but he got some good size and nice arm

      5. TJ Sutton

        @Johnny D Honestly I see Trevor Lawrence at 1, Zach Wilson at 2, and Justin Fields 3, but don’t see them doing what is expected.

    78. name not found


    79. Dr Pepper

      I can totally see Trevor Lawrence becoming a NFL bust.

      1. sid srivastava

        @Mitchell Ajieroh I agree

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        I all know is Trevor Lawrence expectations is that he better look like Herbert straight out the gate

      3. Fb Sports

        @TJ Sutton m

      4. Myles Hauser-Wallace

        @TJ Sutton I’ve been saying this for so long now I’m glad I’m not the only person that thinks this. I’m a jags fan and I’m not really sold on Lawrence. I never hear anybody talk about Trevor’s flaws but when it comes to Justin Fields you hear everything in the book that’s wrong with him. I rather trade the 1st overall pick to Houston and grab Deshaun Watson and build around him because he is a PROVEN Top 5 QB in this league.

      5. sid srivastava

        I don't think he'll be a bust, but he's being overhyped. He's a great prospect, but no better than Joe Burrow and probably what Herbert turned out to be.

    80. CancelAnime

      God the disrespect toward Fields is crazy..

      1. CancelAnime

        @Nolan Gibbs *”He can’t throw” Proceeds to drop 3 absolute downfield bombs on Clemson in the Sugar Bowl and throw for 6 TDs*

      2. Nolan Gibbs

        Dude yeah fields is fast and strong, but he can’t throw, half his throws are ducks, ALL of his throws are too far or too short

      3. So Flo

        He’s still raw that’s why he’s lower than he should be

      4. Marlee’s Kicks

        He coming home that’s all that matters

      5. Jay Willis

        @Colin Barlowexactly what I thought , antiblk racism coward