Why the Bidens Were Locked Out of the White House

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    The Bidens were standing out in the cold, waiting to be let into their new home, the White House, as everyone wondered why the doors were shut. Turns out, the chief usher who had been hired by Trump in 2017 was fired just hours before the Bidens arrived. The new first family reportedly wanted a chief usher with no ties to Trump. A chilling tweet from an Iranian account threatened former President Trump while he golfed. Dr. Jill Biden is already back at her teaching job.

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    1. Paula Jeffcote

      I'm convinced Jesus locked that door.

      1. Moonfish Dilate

        I'm convinced Satan made him president.

    2. Most Likely

      Voter Fraud Puppet 🗑🗑🗑

    3. s west

      I do not see the problem , any one who can steal an election should be able to break into a house .

    4. Renee Trimnal

      All looks like a bad joke

    5. Siddy Sid

      Good. Keep them out.

    6. Bernard Lewis


    7. Linda Bell

      Inside deletes your thumbs down dislike 😭 I’ll check back tomorrow inside 🤪

    8. Alcuin York

      New President of the United States arrives at the service entrance.

    9. LaCresha Tourtillott

      Get these frauds out of there! What a joke!

    10. javiel villa

      First time golfing? More like everyday.

    11. javiel villa

      Chump changed the locks.

    12. Beth Bruner

      Go too hell

    13. Beth Bruner

      Go to hell

    14. Mark March

      The doors was locked because the American people did not vote for this Potato Head! The election was stolen!

    15. Pennie Ayuyu

      They were locked out because he's not the president, voter fraud, stolen election, take your pick. 💩

    16. Jamison Smith

      We don't need no goverment politicians or police, I will use military, since the cops don't want to do their jobs and scan pussies all day, and its sick, this nation is sick

    17. Jamison Smith

      I'm gonna raise the vets pensions, teachers salaries, pay firefighters, ect not the police, not government officials or politicians, until I go through the government system and change things cause this country is flipped upside down, and the government is guilty

    18. Jamison Smith

      Your waiting for me to get killed, your not getting the gold, actually I'm taking my gold and I'll keep paying the military, vets, Dr's, teachers, firefighters, the military doesn't work for the government anymore

    19. Miss Chris


    20. Cory Pylkka

      Not my president. Just a resident.

    21. D J L


    22. Jamison Smith

      My avvaris channel is 117, since this is a government experimental thing, now you have to get on T.V. and submit to GOD, JEZUS CHRISTUS, AND JAMISON ALLAN SMITH

    23. Jamison Smith

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    24. Jamison Smith

      Jamison allan smiths mind channel is 117 or 777

    25. Jamison Smith

      Avarris channels 777 and 117

    26. Michael Stanaway

      The Bidens deserved that of course

    27. Chris Sheehan

      Biden couldn't remember how to turn the knob 😂

    28. Priscillianna Davis

      That's because the soldiers don't want them their stop all that fake news

    29. Mari Surratt

      They're not allowed in. His presidency is a shame. He doesn't have the keys to the cars or the planes either! He especially doesn't have the nuclear launch codes

    30. Moto Jockey

      That’s a shadow of a stealth 🥷??? I didn’t know we have sold any of those..

    31. salamisahuddin salami

      But kamala is black n that simpsons is yellow...no similarities

      1. Tony

        Kamala copied Lisas outfit. Nothing eerie then

    32. Jesse Vakulskas

      Voter fraud

    33. Joyce McFarland

      Like anyone believes a US president would EVER! be locked out.

    34. Jamison Smith

      You all didn't listen, so my family will handle it, no deal

    35. Jamison Smith

      Guess what MR PRESIDENT im actually overtop of the government

    36. Jamison Smith

      Military xray scan guns, radar detector guns, target practice engraving lasers to sight in guns, deadly weapons, not including being poisoned, and old xray machines from the airport in bozeman, ionizing radiation poisoning, I hope you all can survive it, it hurts and it makes you bleed, deadly actually when the whole cult does it to you at the same time, you will feel my wrath as they will too

    37. Jamison Smith

      If I survive all government officals and officers will be tortured like I have been and still is for 2 years

    38. Jamison Smith

      Do you want to be hunted cause I don't like being hunted

    39. Jamison Smith

      Watch what happens to government politicians

    40. Jamison Smith

      Secret service is finished as well

    41. Jamison Smith

      The governmentbis finished, no more using my gold as currency, no oil, that means I'm not paying anything with my gold anymore

    42. Jamison Smith

      If I'm killed my daughters and son get everything and the gold and oil rigs in the ocean and on the land, and the military is banned from using my ocean for life

    43. Jamison Smith

      Now watch the nation crumble, your trying to have me killed

    44. Jamison Smith

      You all didn't listen you did lose the gold

    45. Jin Ngan

      Serve you right. Waiting by the door like dogs. You shouldn't have fired that usher right away. This is what you get for having Trump Derangement Syndrome. 😆😆😆

    46. George sirris

      No one wants you in

    47. themanfullofwisdom

      Is this actual haha Trump is full swinging a iron on a putting green cmon man 🤣

    48. Zeinah Aisha Bin talal

      You dont belong in WH. Installed by CCP and your corporate donitrs and hollywood.

    49. Loes C

      Remove the camera & mic....💀

    50. Jamison Smith

      Avarris mindreader channel box

    51. Jamison Smith

      They communicate with mindreaders and changing mindreader channels

    52. Jamison Smith

      See donald trump didn't have to show his taxes, because I never paid him a dime to be president, so that was illegal to make him show his taxes, invasion of privacy and you know it

    53. Jamison Smith

      Or I will come take all my gold from fortknox gold reserve and thats no lie

    54. Jamison Smith

      Jen palski needs to get on TELEVISON and tell the nation the TRUTH about everything, that jamison allan smith isn't guilty and owns everything I say I own, that dickey ballerini left me and about the gold

    55. Holly Mac Neil

      They're an absolute joke

    56. Joe Barber

      The fake doctor and fake president.

    57. Kenny Nguyen

      A thief💩

    58. thelastDAN

      Biden doesn’t exercise, MSM trying to already push “poor joe” narrative

    59. Emma Hart

      Hahah they dont deserve that place anyway XD

      1. Emma Hart

        @latibule sims fufull what

      2. latibule sims

        @Emma Hart hate to say it but fox news isnt the most accurate and im not even i biden supporter i hate the guy people put way to much hope in someone who could never furfil that

      3. Emma Hart

        @latibule sims i may not be american but i know that

      4. Emma Hart

        @latibule sims fox news.

      5. latibule sims

        @Emma Hartproof?

    60. J T

      Fake and a plagiarist

    61. as mi

      Biden is a fraud

    62. Karen Apgar

      Hahahahahaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is the perfect video for the Biden dictatorship, locked out 🤣🤣🤣

    63. Palm tree Perfection

      That’s what happens when you aren’t supposed to be somewhere!!! STOLEN ELECTION!!! Trump won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Jamison Smith

      The smart thing to do is get on tv and tell the truth, not in VIRTUAL REALITY either, so everyone can see the truth

    65. Jamison Smith

      Then when I tell you what is going on, someone like toni rucker or military in helicopters say its a joke, I was poisoned is that a joke more than 3 times too

    66. Jamison Smith

      All the proof is on my phone, when missile silos was put on my land when dickey ballerini owned the land and ocean, offshore accounts for drilling in my ocean and on my land, I own all those rigs, your finished as a government, my name is on all those deeds even to the ocean

    67. Let the truth be told


    68. Let the truth be told

      Who is the idiot that let them in

    69. H Bomb

      It said no pedos allowed

    70. hazel willard

      It's not their house the Lefty stoled it that was Karma not supposed to be there

    71. xlkadenlx xlstyerlx

      Good old sleepy joe

    72. Jenny Campbell


    73. Helen Kluge

      This is hilarious!!!!!

    74. Chee Benallie


    75. Tommy Dunn

      That just goes to show how stupid China Joe cheater is!IMPEACH THE THE BUMB!!!!!!

    76. Joe Appleton

      Biden not welcome

    77. So Y Mik

      What a FAKE! You aren’t the President of USA!!! President Trump won Election 2020 !

    78. gonerman

      Let's vote with our thumbs down now that our vote counts

    79. Peace Out

      Dang the illegitimate President popularity sure is evident in these comment threads.

    80. Richard Baier

      Fraud most votes ever everyone knows President Trump won with the most ever. Traitor Biden cheated and won nothing we elect our leaders in America.

    81. Bout It

      Because he didn't win the election. He blatantly cheated

    82. Edgar Cardenas

      $#$#$# USA DEA

    83. Wonder Woman

      They're still not in the Whitehouse.

    84. Coming Soon, STAY TUNED

      Wow.... I like Iran but I suggest don’t post on social media.

    85. Alexandros Werewolf

      China's Joe, ccp🇨🇳 on your knees... ];)

    86. Jamison Smith

      I was gonna do a show for the lady government officals and the first ladies society, and even bring beautiful ladies to do a show for the dead presidents society

    87. Jamison Smith

      You know what is despicable, the government not taking care of the VETS, and the teachers, so students can go to college for free, believe that

    88. Jamison Smith

      I hate to burst the governments bubble, I've been paying everyone's salaries in the government for 13 years with my gold in the forknox gold reserve, I own the military not the government

    89. Mark W

      Biden child abuse organization

    90. Jamison Smith

      Whose names is on the deeds to the land and ocean, DICKEY BALLERINI AND NOW ME, JAMISON ALLAN SMITH

    91. Jamison Smith

      The longer it takes for you to get on the news and tell the truth, that I own what I own, the worse its gonna be on the government

    92. Johanna Germano

      Trump won. Demon-rats cheat

    93. Johanna Germano

      Fake president. Cheaters

    94. Tess Jackson

      They don't need to worry about hackers hearings from what the fraud is doing. Because he doesn't do much. Except play Mario Cart, nap and sign piece of papers he doesn't read.

    95. Alethea

      Locked out because you don’t belong there you fraud

    96. HC Tibb

      He should have been locked out of the presidency!!!!

    97. mark butler

      Because they don't belong there

    98. RGee 805

      What can an enemy gain by listening to Biden? All they'll get is mumbling and snoring.

    99. Debbie Lowrie

      Lol what a charade!!!Everything about this illegal REGIME is a pathetic farce!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    100. Sarah Owen

      They didn’t win. Everyone knows that.

      1. Moonfish Dilate

        Ignorance won