Can I do it...Fishing for 225k - Finals

Scott Martin

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    The Finals - Fishing for 225,000 can be a bit stressful and you need everything to go just right. If I can put these Big Smallmouth in the boat I can win a bunch of $225,000! This would be so awesome to pull this off.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you so much for helping us hit 300k..Please keep sharing and dropping LIKES on the vids. Y’all are like family to me!!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻 #teamsmc 20/20 next..👍🏻

      1. Marc Evans


      2. Southern Life Forever™️

        Really enjoyed watching y’all this season! Great videos, music, behind the scenes & patriotism! Love to see Ol’ Glory!🇺🇸. God Bless!

      3. James Cartee

        Hey Scott I want to invite u to come fish a personal pond with me and my fiance in tallapoosa Georgia we have 14 and fifteen pound bass my biggest outta this pond is 11 .8

      4. Trey Hicks

        Treyhicksiii iii Scott Martin Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin roll tide roll Alabama Scott Martin fishing 🎣 Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing 🎣

      5. Civilian #72583119

        427k YUW CON DOOWEEEEET!!

    2. Piya Chetty


    3. George Ratliff

      How long do u fish with no bits til u go to another spot

    4. Shea Lee

      where was your first spot at i see you go there in a lot of your videos on st clair.

    5. Cale Summers

      Does anyone know the music used for these videos?

    6. Zero Content

      Is there a reason that you don’t seem to set the hook like most of the other anglers and could this have anything to do with how many fish you lose

    7. Infidel Hardcore

      I live on lake st clair. If it's july or august do not be close to shore if you are targeting bass. I shore fish all up and down the US side and once july comes the bite from shore really slows down.

    8. Mason .W

      I love the Hydrowave sticker you may not believe me but my dad's buddy owned that company

    9. Johnny Thompson

      I have learned a bunch from watching your videos

    10. Johnny Thompson

      Scott you are a classy guy

    11. Stacy Jackson

      What is it like catching a smallmouth. I never caught one before.

      1. Zen Dean

        It is one of the best fish to fight in my opinion. They will hit like a hammer.

    12. MuahMan

      What's up with those bugs in the beginning.

    13. TEJ Jensen

      For me a check for 100,000 US dollars completely and utterly unattainable. I can't even dream of it. Surely I'm not alone in that!

    14. Country Beauty Danielle

      Me and my son jr enjoy watching u guys we would love to go smallmouth fishing out on a boat.

    15. Trey Hicks

      Treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama

    16. Mark G.

      We have a 20" size limit where I live in the summer and 18" rest of the year. Only allowed 1 smallmouth above 18 on our river and 4 under 13. There's some 7-9lb smallmouths in Tennessee.

    17. Mark G.

      I can't stand the ppl complaining about Scott calling them big ones. He's from Florida and most caught largemouth his whole life, a small mouth will put up 3 times the fight of a largemouth. Hard to weigh them off their fight.

    18. Heath Fitzgerald

      Never fails after hooking every single fish it's automatically a big one lol it cracks me Up. If every fish was as big as he thought at first he would win every single tournament haha

    19. Stephen Graves

      Cheers SMF Crew!!!!🍻🥂☕☕...

    20. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii (423) 314-7956 treyhicksiii

    21. Civilian #72583119

      3:08 👍🏼😎

    22. James Whittington

      Stop saying it’s a bigun’ or giant every time. Makes wanna stop watching as much as I enjoy your videos.

    23. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing 🎣 Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii (423)314-7958🥈🥈🥈

    24. ray lamm

      Dude look at the bed head on Matt!!!!!

    25. ian morrison

      Loving your videos, amazing how your whole attitude changes when you get your concentration on! Great fishing but actually the thing that I love the most as a father of three daughters myself is that you are Hilary's hero, her role model and she adores you; that is worth more than angler of the year/$100,000 or whatever. Keep doing what you are doing :-)

    26. Steve Owens

      Thanks for the great vids and for glorifying God. You're a good man.

    27. Jason Born

      Wen I watch scott Martin I feel like I'm on the water with him. If he makes a DVD people will buy it. Tournament DVD, and a fun time DVD.

    28. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing 🎣 (423)314-7956treyhicksii40

    29. FatBack Fishing

      Yes,Scott was on toads in this video

    30. mohunter68

      Brandon greets the morning like Dracula greets Sunshine! LOL............Not a morning person AT ALL>

    31. john brocklebank

      god botherer

    32. Kevin Young

      What spinning gear are you using

    33. Pulpit Mail 101

      I am not sure what to think, one minute you are praising God and praying the next you use his name in vain. Example when that smallie jumps so high.

    34. Duncan Munro

      I love how that house at the beginning was sooo dirty 😂

    35. Benjamin Meinen

      man I just started watching and I'm a fan. I met your dad in the early 90s in Peoria at the bassmasters on the Illinois river. I was 8 he signed my hat. I grew up watching him and Hank Parker and singing the Bill Dance theme song in my boat. I still fish every week ( it used to be every day) and I now bring my son I love these videos

      1. FatBack Fishing

        That's cool to here.Yea,Roland was good at making fishing videos too.Roland Martin outdoors!!!

    36. Smoke Fumar

      Someone NEEDS to clean and do some dishes, I vote BRANDON!!!

    37. Chase Tassin

      Dude brandon does a damn great job on the editing

    38. Keelan Cartwright

      What kind of net are you using??

    39. NolanRides

      song at 19:58?

    40. Ruben Chirita

      So how do you fish lake st. Clair. I live like 30 minutes away and I can never figure out how to get the small mouth. There's like no countour lines and it's hard to figure out where fish are in a such a big bowl. Do you drift for them in the middle of the lake or you spot lock and just fish areas?

    41. Gary Phelps

      scott send me a jude shirt no taco bass lol just kidding gl on angler of the year

    42. Lada Lada

      What reel is he using?

    43. paul lovallo

      Awesome job Scott! Truly a graceful runner up! Stay humble my friend and keep giving the glory to our Prince!

    44. Tropical Polar bear

      God first and foremost with out him nothing is possible

    45. Trey Hicks

      Trey hick Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama (423)314-7956

    46. Team ZipperLips

      Way to unZip those Lips...oh so close but Congrats on a great year

    47. KDB Fishing Outdoors

      maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought the bass wasn't allowed to touch the bottom of the boat? or use a net, can someone educate me about this particular tournament? ***oh and Scott Martin, I love your videos, one heck of a dude, and great angler. I've learned a lot from just watching your vids. **

    48. Millers Landing


    49. Jimmy Willis

      Keep up the great works guys. All the best, Jimmy Willis

    50. sly angler

      More ROLAND!!

    51. #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

      Matt's got a NASCAR Jersey... Jk Jk, Matt's awesome and Pennzoil rocks lol

    52. Javier Villanueva

      I'm trying to learn how to fish any suggestions on how to start and what to use

    53. Macdaddy8124U

      Id enjoy a good 20 min, brandon only video, no scott martin talk, just beautiful cuts and music showing off scotts year

    54. Jerry

      Wheres tom been??

    55. Brett Langlois

      Great year Scott! Get em at the cup!

    56. Sitka Cowboy

      Congrats mark rose! Scott you’ll always be a legend you gotta let me shine once in a while! 👊🏻

    57. BigBearFishing

      Big grats on hitting 300k Scott! That is a huge deal man!

    58. Brad Davis


    59. Brad Davis

      It's not god Scott, it's you. You are the one making your world possible. There is no external force making the cut line bro. Your channel is great. Your videographer needs a raise. Leave the god comments out and your stellar. Thanks.

    60. Sus Sus

      This is how you cheese people Read more

    61. Fishing The Odds

      nice video man love the tournaments, great editing too.

    62. Jolly Giant

      Great season Scott go with the FW Cup now!

    63. LuckyStitch Bass Adventures

      Great season Scott. On to the Forest Wood Cup! Woo!

    64. Andrew Gilmore

      Billy caught some bass !

    65. Dwayne

      good stuff Scott

    66. Dwayne

      lol haha its always competition my friend

    67. Joshua Bettin

      what costAS are those, model and lenses?

    68. Jonathyn Polanco

      You’ll bring home the cup champ

    69. colin m

      an you kno1 brandon !!! lmaoo hes my fav

    70. richtiger 36

      Nice job scott, keep up the good work! I sure do hope I'm pro one day. So far I have only been fishing for a year and I'm doing pretty good for a 12 year old with little experience other than fishing at ponds then suddenly going to fishing at a lake.

    71. Hudson Fishin

      Scott when are you going to do Major League fishing? lol

    72. Jimmie Glass

      great season scott you will win angler of the year next year

    73. Me 2

      unworthy woop 🙃

    74. Tony Parrott

      I want to thank you Scott for being such a cool guy and putting my son Jude in your videos. He was so happy that you read his letter back on the Lake Cumberland 20/20 video and then you told him he was your number one fan on this video. Wow! He was blown away. He was even carrying around a Crayola marker just in case he had to sign autographs. He is such a huge fan of yours and loves to watch all your videos. He just told me the other day that we need to look into "those Okuma reels and those really sharp chisel hooks." He just turned 7 and he is hooked! Your delivery works perfectly! Keep pushing the product. Thanks again for all the awesome videos. They are entertaining and hilarious. Thank you for keeping everything clean and family friendly. It's hard to turn your 7 year old loose on KGup, but if he's watching your channel then I know he's good. It all started with him telling me that he wrote you a letter. I didn't even know what it said until you read it on KGup. So naturally we had to make some custom "No Taco Bass" "It's a Biggin' " shirts for this event. He loved the attention! He was even excited so see that you got a grilled cheese sandwich at the same food truck as us. Ha!

    75. Bobby Peterson

      It’s cuz u weren’t using the googan baits

    76. 4orkful

      Thats a biggin

    77. Donald Touma

      You can do it Scott R. Martin!!!

    78. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Great Sport 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 greater anglers 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Mark Rose couldn’t say better, Scott Martin and Thrift are also Anglers of the year every year, you guys work hard, You didn’t make $125k check this year, but you made some money 💰 Scott, hats off to you and people like you, but in my opinion the Best is Brandon, I mean get him on FLW he will win every time 😁👍🏻🎣 lol just kidding, He does better editing then anyone, Brandon your the Best, FLW should hire you because they have yet to make dope Videos like you Brother 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎🤝🎣🎣🎣

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Kevin Timson

      Is it illegal in FLW to have to lures on the same setup, example of having your swim bait and possible rigging a small drop shot minnow above or below to try and get some of the followers as well?

    80. Mid Valley Mercenaries

      Some have said it already but I appreciate you’re great attitude. Good reminder for me. I get too stressed out in tournaments. Thanks for leading by example

    81. mark breuer

      Nice job

    82. miracle man

      you still using pre fishers to find the fish for ya?

    83. Houston Texas

      Billy got a bass

    84. Shawn Dompierre


    85. David Willhoite

      Dropping the fish down quick, to try for the followers...such boss move. I keep gettin my hopes up, that it'll work, lol.

    86. Bandit Dad

      Still pulling for you brother!! Keep up the faith! God bless ! Lake Marion Steve

    87. Fish reaper (rippen lipps)

      Good luck on the Forrest wood cup.

    88. Dudley Fourie

      Brandon you look so happy with life early in the morning :)

    89. Alan Lister

      Brandon morning face, hahahahahahahahahahaah

    90. Bayview Bassin

      Hell yeah way to go Billy on the 2nd place finish man I knew all that hard work would pay off. Go ahead and just win the Forest Wood Cup Scott you’ve won there before so I know you can do it. When you go to a lake you’ve won at before do you try to fish off of memory or just look for all new water?

    91. Cerv 707

      Already liked the vid because of the first 30 seconds!

    92. flikdurbean

      Those waders bro...thats why you lost fish. Never would of happened if you wore shorts and flops.

    93. ItzTheBoogeyman YT

      Scott, everytime i watch a video of yours I get genuinely happy. Keep doing you brother!

    94. Yunng Sachi

      You and Gerald Swindle have the best attitude on the water hands down!! Did Brandon see a ghost when he woke up or what lol

    95. Sepphelm3000

      Brandon is my spirit animal

    96. David Curtis

      Ur a good man Scott. I be blessed to just fish with you some day or just meet you. Congratulations, on a awesome year you've had. Your angler of the year in my book. Your awesome keep up the good work...

    97. Game Changer

      Great vid Scott

    98. Lucas Harris

      At least you beat Matt by 1 ounce...

    99. Luke Charles

      Scott, does Okuma make a left handed Helios reel like you use?

    100. Dirty South Productions

      I like how u keep god in what u do. If u put things in gods hands he will ALWAYS do whats best.