Starlink Mission


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    SpaceX is targeting Wednesday, January 20 for its seventeenth Starlink mission, which will launch 60 Starlink satellites from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center. The instantaneous window is at 8:02 a.m. EST, or 13:02 UTC.
    The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission previously flew on seven other missions: the SXM-7 mission in December 2020, launch of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission in June 2019, launch of Crew Dragon’s first demonstration mission in March 2019, and four Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean. One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously supported a Starlink mission and the other previously supported two.

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    1. Jean-Jacques Nantel

      I don't understand why Spacex doesn't use an helicopter with a hook to catch the parachute and, as a consequence, the fairing? If, as reported on wikipedia, a fairing half really weighs only 850 kilograms, any heavy-duty helicopter could easily do the job. Since the fairing falls slowly towards the sea, the helicopter would also have enough time to repeat the maneuver in case of failure. By doing that, the success rate of the fairing recoveries would reach almost 100%.

      1. Jean-Jacques Nantel

        @Jack Whitlock No, they fish them out of the water when they fail to catch them with a net.

      2. Jack Whitlock

        They fish it out of the water, it costs less

    2. sensory hoax

      so they provide internet in the thir world ?

    3. JulianGoesPro

      Is this the 17th Starlink Mission and/or NOT Starlink 17? @06:05


      none of those didn't go boom in a while :/ seems bit unrealistic

    5. Mohammad ali Mohammadi

      Amazing space x

    6. Felix Kushime

      An other perfecto launch. SpaceX you rock

    7. Miraç Murat

      Ulan speysekx Roketide amma abarttınız ha Alt tarafı İçinde 30 Litre LPG , Tuz Ruhu , 50cc Motor ve Fitil var İstesek daha iyisinide yaparız

    8. константин гуров

      постоянно при посадке первой ступени на платформу возникают помехи в изображении

    9. Yo Mama


    10. 네모네모

      착륙시키는거 언제봐도 신기하다

    11. Nodirbek Abduvaxobov

      How to contact Startlink for wholesale business?

    12. The End_AR

      النت هذه راح يدخل العراق لا

    13. therhythmslave1

      33:28 and 33:34 woohoo some space cowboys

    14. Viktori Nilsson

      Dearest Space X and all its fantastic hard working employees. Why dont you stick to Orbital placement of satellites and to transports for the ISS? You are a great bunch of thinkers and doers but ask yourself, do we really have to go to the Moon and Mars, two dead and desolate places? I beg you for the sake of mankind, please stick to what you are good at and what is ethical defendable in front of the Judgement of time, the Judgement of mankind. LOVE.🌌☯🔮♥️ Scrap Spaceship.💋

      1. AstroPlays - Among Us

        It's not desolate. Both Moon and Mars have so much. They are not giving up. Look, if they did this, they basically just gave up. SpaceX is not giving up. Look, back in 2008 SpaceX nearly gave up, and they still tried: they are now the current space program to recover their first stage and will make Starship: a fully reusable rocket. So, if they gave up, nothing would happen. They won't stop, ever. They will still do the orbital placement of satellites and stuff, but they will never stop pursuing their dreams to go to Moon and Mars.

    15. RUSHER


    16. Lucas Olivera

      Soon Internet in the space!

    17. -TheRogueOne45 -


    18. ritwik legend

      Noice amd noice

    19. Alset Tecnology

    20. Charlie

      Just so amazing and cool!!

    21. German Architect

      what happend to the "of course I sitll love you"? love those droneship names ^^ "Just read the instructions" awesome.

    22. Demahom 957


    23. Quinnipi

      The rocket FLIES BACK HOME AGAIN

      1. My Guy


    24. My Guy

      30:40 classic FAKEX. This always happens. Either blackout or complete CGI fail. LMAO people eat it up too

      1. My Guy

        @TimePro How what?

      2. TimePro

        @My Guy Alright then how?

      3. My Guy

        @TimePro No.

      4. TimePro

        Or ya know... The antennae's feeding the video were shaken up by the booster landing directly next to it?

    25. this person

      This is bad

    26. oiuet souiu

      Thanks Elon Musk for being our life time motivation

    27. Sérgio Henrique garcia

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    28. Maxo

      starlink 18 might launch today

    29. vbddfy euuyt

      Am I the only one who watches these just to see them stick the landing, AGAIN.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Stronger winds than ever before. Big deal? Nah... Just an "envelope expansion." You guys are amazing.

    30. 3dv1n G4mer

      I hope starlink allows me to have 2 google chrome tabs open

    31. rapierwhip

      Tried to shazam that music at the start. anyone know what that is?

      1. rapierwhip

        @Dan Severns Thanks Dan

      2. Dan Severns

        They usually use music from Test Shot Starfish.

    32. Mike Mellis

      @SpaceX, when will Beta Testing be available in the North East of Scotland?

    33. dsdaviddse

      Un buen boom !!! Fuegos 🔥

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Does anyone know the name of the song and how made it in the beginning of the video??? Please and thank you 😊

    34. Bao Vuong

      I bet Elon has TSLA printed somewhere on the rockets, so he can claim his stocks are flyinng

    35. Ailsa Ni

      Am I the only one who watches these just to see them stick the landing, AGAIN.

    36. Tearstank

      Spacex is great but I have to say that Starlink is less great, it will have a negative impact on astronomy with visual pollution in the images that cant be removed. Do we really need internet everywhere at the expense of science? Hope Elon and co do what they can to minimize this downside of tecnological developemnt. Astronomy provides a window into all the big questions and it would be sad to loose some of the insights due to this initiativ from Spacex!!

    37. 7hlli20

      29:24 true vision of earth 29:33 fish eye camera fack vision of Erath

    38. Ranjith.M Bsc Cs

      When starlink comes to india??

      1. Ailsa Ni

        the landings are really becoming routine

    39. GETH_ _COMMANDS_

      bigfoot claims he once saw chuck norris

    40. Faisal Kamel

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    41. O1st Aw

      what is the rocket height?

      1. O1st Aw

        @Miha Novak unfortunately it is never been sure

      2. Miha Novak

        @O1st Aw it's reusable

      3. O1st Aw

        @corslyn I just wanted to adopt this model to imitate it ..... BUT! By the way how much did it cost,do you have any idea?

      4. corslyn

        @O1st Aw it's never too much

      5. O1st Aw

        @corslyn too much

    42. aola wili

      Stronger winds than ever before. Big deal? Nah... Just an "envelope expansion." You guys are amazing.

    43. Uberman69

      anyone know where I can find that song at the start?

    44. bilishu aliss

      Stronger winds than ever before. Big deal? Nah... Just an "envelope expansion." You guys are amazing.

    45. Marcus - Roblox

      Do you think I’m able to make a falcon 9 launch animation? I don’t think so..

      1. aola wili

        space jams are good work/study music!

    46. Reality Check

      Still zero email response. (I'm rural and need this) Would like to see 1st stage landings too.

    47. J Hartman

      Does anyone know the name of the song and how made it in the beginning of the video??? Please and thank you 😊

      1. TimePro

        @J Hartman That is a bot.

      2. J Hartman

        @bilishu aliss what are you talking about??

      3. bilishu aliss

        i need to know what font spacex is using, say the one they use for "starlink" on their boxes

    48. Maria Valle

      Estos son los que se robaron el canal de Alfredo Valenzuela???????

    49. TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos


    50. TERRA JOVEM 6000 anos

      Poe um satélite spacex sobre a Antartida ou um balão a 30 mil metros latitude 85⁰ Não podem vai mostrar o plano!

    51. LIM EE RAIN Moe

      22:17 For Launch

    52. Shauka Hodan

      Musk: hehe Rocket go up brrrr Money come down brrrrr Stonks go up cha-chingg

    53. Josiffrank

      the landings are really becoming routine

    54. Ludovico Lanzanova


    55. Reluctant Enthusiast

      At least in North America and Europe, Amerindians are the only race to have racially-exclusive territories. We should all be so privileged.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        She is so gorgeous

    56. Charles Ford

      wow cool haha

    57. Rajdeep Dey

      This has to be the Most Interesting thing on Planet Earth in recent times


      World: SpaceX has created record of launching 143 satellite at a time Me: How much my Space gets polluted nowadays !!

    59. Thomas Chow

      space jams are good work/study music!

    60. AY777 Tube

      Imagination takes us to the future😎 This seems not real until it was conceived by Elon Musk mind🤓

    61. Thomas Chow

      i need to know what font spacex is using, say the one they use for "starlink" on their boxes

    62. abbsnn cose

      The drone ship needs a Starlink satellite because it always looses connection while landing

    63. Azamat Ashenov


    64. Frank

      Hi, what's that sound from T- 4:13? The timestamp is at 18:05.

    65. Әмір Бахыт

      26:12 что эта

    66. rj31789

      24:00 same with me M-VAC.

      1. abbsnn cose


    67. STEM Success - Digital

      Finally Internet for all

    68. amir sadeh

      pooor sed ali khamenei this is america .... not that thing who you say to the people about america ( doj man ) .... clap for america . i hope enjoy from my comment . im from iran . we are free humans .... damn khamenei we are not your slave .... in iran people are living under huge pressuer sir musk you are my hero , after sir tesla (god bless him) , dear elon musk ( im python developer now cause u say python is fetrue) sorry for bad writing 😋😋😋😋😋😋😍😘😘😘❣❣❣❣❣

    69. Burak Kuzu

      She is so gorgeous

    70. Олег Старченко

      Ещё 5 тонн мусора на орбите. Экология, однако!

    71. Taz247

      I’m watching now almost all your flights your achievements are amazing I love spaceman it’s and joy to watch him in space

    72. Aditya Raj

      you all are doing great

    73. Clear Vision

    74. Clear Vision

      Texas will be waiting for you

    75. Clear Vision

      Well start with a steel factory 🏭, Mr Musk?

    76. Clear Vision

      We can plant forests + we have water 💦 rights

    77. Clear Vision

      We can build steel factory’s, start changing our gasoline stations to electrical.

    78. Clear Vision

      When should we start our master mind group?

    79. Clear Vision

      Everything is bigger in TEXAS, how about it?

    80. Clear Vision

      Mr. Musk, I have a deal for you

    81. Ignito

      Hi elon musk give me 1million dollar plz I'm not much rich

    82. drake emmons

      please hurry. spectrum sucks and brighthouse oh and comcast...

    83. Mad Hatter

      what a cracking landing spacex redefining space travel

    84. Roshan Speaks

      Musk: hehe Rocket go up brrrr Money come down brrrrr Stonks go up cha-chingg

    85. Daniel Pessoa


    86. Lonely 0utsider

      It would be funny if Elon took the higher ups in the government and a doctor Mechanic a buildings such and such and the ones left behind either stay here or gets nuked 🥱

    87. Ace

      A little suspect how the camera cuts out just before the landing, then suddenly there is a rocket ... I could probably do a demo like that

      1. corslyn

        You do know that there are a lot of other landings on this channel right ?

    88. Thomas Lénaïg


    89. PATT GAMER1

      33:35 bird

    90. David Partow

      They can spend billions on launching rockets and satellites but can’t get a strong data link on the ship when it lands on the deck. That tells you something.

    91. Mark Joshua Lauren

      33:35 a space bird?

      1. corslyn


      2. PATT GAMER1

        or alien

    92. hoiy vinosa

      Oh, i want it! :)

    93. László Szalai

      what is blue line orbit?

    94. goodfart 1

      Good job Elon

    95. ChungWei Wang

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    96. Tony Sever


      1. PATT GAMER1

        33:35 space bird

      2. hoiy vinosa

        esse é o segredo, pessoas com propósito que mudam o mundo de milhões, senão bilhões de pessoas

    97. Alice Robo

      Who is watching and enjoying now?

    98. Dan Pascu

      Brilliant !

    99. Renjitha Sasikumar

      Space x. was launched. The target

    100. Mcdonald