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Ice Cream Sandwich

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    I just talk about technology / inventions / gizmo / gadgets / innovations / whatever in this one. I think technology is cool. With all of the information we have we can learn to create whatever we want. I love watching youtube videos of new inventions and technology but I can't really participate in that world, only observe. I found out when I was young that I am much more creative than anything. I love being creative and pursuing art so I am happy, but still can't help but to be dazzled by the science world. I love thinking of invention ideas though. I often day dream invention ideas with absolute no regard to if it could actually work. It's just for fun and a good way for me to kill time/procrastinate.

    This video was made in kind of a sloppy way but honestly I think it might be my best I've made yet? Regarding jokes at least I feel I did pretty good. I have a problem where I ramble on when I tell stories in other videos, and I think I went the other direction in this video where I did less rambling and more funny honk honk. Hopefully It didn't come off as to directionless though. I showed some of my friends and they seemed to like it. hope everyone else does too :)
    This video was just prompted by day dreaming. It's more stream-of-consciousness rather than a big story. I kind of liked doing that because it gave me a little more wiggle room to be creative in a different way. I might try that out a bit more. just short goofy stuff. I hope you don't mind that it's shorter. I felt if I tried to make it longer it would just end up being rambling. Short and sweet is what I was trying to go for.
    I have another video I'm already working on that will come out really soon. I am pretty pumped about that. I am bad at upload schedule and uploading in quick succession is something I'm excited about.
    Stay safe ❤️ see you next video.

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    1. Ice Cream Sandwich

      Follow this link to receive 68% off plus 1 month free a 2-year plan of NordVPN. NordVPN link: Thank you NordVPN for sponsoring this video

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        The sandwich fills you with determined

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        1% more then 69

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        Should’ve been 69 😤

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        Okay coach love you bye

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      Imagine a car powered by voice ...and like the louder you get, the faster you go, people with upset babies/toddlers/ young kids would be gta5-ing down the road

    3. Princess Kitty Cat

      Ice Cream Sandwich: "You can do *anything* online!" ... *Gacha Heat childrens are dOwNloaDiNg*

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      The ahhh sound of the rocket XD

    5. WaTeR LeMoN

      0:50 HMMMMMM

    6. Riley Greathouse

      wait just here me out... warm fridge, like a fridge that instead of making things cold in makes them warm

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      a turret that shot blankets in public

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      3:49 I fixed mine by dropping my switch onto a carpet no joke the drift is gone

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      Like... M i n e c r a f t

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      Fun fact I’m his arch nemesis michal reeves that is

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      Ironic how Nord VPN was hacked

    12. A Rock.

      i want a depression powered car but... whats the point anyways.

    13. angent m ,súper epic

      Depresión: no You can,t just do that

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      And I created... GARBAGE -Icecreamsandwich 2020

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      Can someone please help me, I’m looking for a KGup I used to watch (I’m pretty sure had a low British voice) a male, animator (sort of “bad animation”) the character has a giant underbite. I completely forgot what the channel name is if someone was to help me that would be great. He does “comedy” sort of videos and goes on about whatever.

    16. Jackson Mulivrana

      I thought of an idea for his card swiping machine.

    17. Blank Gaming

      I love Icecream Shortwitch so much Just bopping his head going BILL MAYO BILL MAYO BILL

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      this man is literally able to make an ad funny

    19. CODEX

      here is an idea: QUADRIPLE stuffed OROS.

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      I have an invention for you... I present to you... THE BAGEL SPREADER!!! it spreads your bagels... ; w ;

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      Ok the popcorn one is good

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      3:43 *yea*

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    26. AVenomousEntity

      The Oreo idea the popcorn idea and the rgb dishes are all things I would totally buy

    27. The Roblox Secret Noob

      i would invent a robot thats so cute that cant be drawn

    28. wDelirious


    29. Mea Games

      3:49 I clipped this because my friend told me that there’s nothing wrong with the *6 PAIRS* of joy-cons I have and I’m accidentally pushing the joystick. Oh yeah let me just get onto Minecraft with my joy-cons detached, *OOH I WONDER WHY MY CAMERA VIEW IS GOING DOWN WITHOUT ME TOUCHING IT* Nintendo probably owes $1,000,000, maybe more to the people with *EXTREME* joy-con drift who bought another pair, and another pair, and another pair, and anot- you know what fuck it I’m getting a switch lite, that way the joycons can’t torture me anymore. Edit: Yes I have 6 pairs of joy-cons, a pro controller, and 57 or more games, including the digital games. No wonder why I’m broke as hell

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      If you had infinite money and could invent anything what would you make? A plate that appeared your favorite food whenever you want. Anyone else?

    31. Aidan Lane


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      “A me petting machine so I don’t get lonely” -Ice Cream Sandwich

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      M Y F A N T A

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      I want depression powered car bc my car will drive so fast to kill me in place when i will crash on tree

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      About that oreo thing, what if instead of only the cream. it had a thin cookie exterior

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      machine that pops your entire body and all of its joints then have arthritis

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      JUST FOUND OUT THAT ICE CUBES ON FIRE IS AN ACTUALLY POSSIBLE THING AHAAA (There’s this planet with a surface compromised of water but with a gravitational field strong enough to keep the water’s atoms dense enough to stay ice, yet is so close to the planet’s sun it is burning hot)

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      40% comments: joy cons 50 % comments: depression car 10% comments: random

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      Math is not demon text. You're the demon.

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      Yo that popcorn idea is great and probably possible too.

    63. error 404 and sudden changes sans

      Depression powered car Kids when they lose their ice cream I AM SPEED

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      3:22 WAIT. MATH DOES THAT?! Oh no...

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      If I had infinite money and could invent anything I wanted, I would invent a machine that just fabricates food out of nowhere, like in that one movie, weather forecast meatballs or something like that.

    67. A-Z Twins

      Depression powered car... No one: Me: I’lol show you some real sPeEEeEeeEd

    68. Simply Stupid


      1. Simply Stupid


      2. Simply Stupid


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      what drawing pogtam do you use

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      There would be no joycon drift if you washed your hands properly and if you didn't use your sticks with such strength that a gameboy crosspad would have spit in half on you! Oh yeah. Every games need you to do fast and strong movements with the sticks. Like minecraft. Or Mario kart. Or dark souls. You get it. And I wash my hands so much that I have coarse dirt as skin. THEN WHY THE HELL IS IT DRIFTING!?! Oh hey bro. You playing the switch? Did you wash your OH MY GOD DID YOU PUT YOU HAND IN SHIT OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?! GO WASH YOUR HANDS!

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      A jet powered engine that shoots Doritos

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      Depression powered car is my favorite

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      Creative people: I’m the most creative Inventive people: I’m the most inventive Lazy people: I can do both

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      I think the wheel was after fire