The Path to Vasiliy Lomachenko's 3 Belts | 3 FREE CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS

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    Before #LomaLopez this Saturday on ESPN, watch all 3 of #VasiliyLomachenko championship title fights in order.
    The WBA Lightweight fight against Jorge Linares, the WBO fight against Jose Pedraza and the WBC fight against Luke Campbell.
    Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin #TeofimoLopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.
    The Lomachenko vs. Lopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.
    The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.
    In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.
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    1. Charles Pangilinan

      I want Linares vs Lopez to happen.

    2. Marco Túlio Aguiar

      muito bom esten video muito legal kkkkkkkkkkkk

    3. Mohammed Sherif

      you can see this also :



    5. Andre Devon

      Loma ran into Teofimo and lost all of his rings like Sonic the Hedgehog.

    6. Edward Quintana

      Lopez whooped Lomachenko ass!!!!

    7. Juan David Romero Moreno

      Top Rank fucks PBC, this is so much better than those shitty fights of PBC on ppv

    8. Chargers Stan Account

      Path to zero belts

    9. qodxaale qaroof

      Loma 14-2 what a joke 😂

    10. Тамерлан Грозный

      Linares is right after that linares fight loma was declining because his focus was more on mass and power which made him slower and less stamina his body after linares fight looks like of a bodybuilder not a fighter

    11. Average Gamer

      Not his anymore loooool

    12. Из Даунбасса

      Не смог ответить Лопе на его прямой вопрос: Чей крим ? И у пал в нокаут ! Аха-ха-ха !!! )))))))))))))))))))

    13. teddy gumban

      Loma Best LIVER puncher.....GOAT>.......

    14. Djbianca Frost

      Came here after Teo outboxes the master boxer.

      1. Multimedia Productions

        Teo is Neo Cracked the Matrix😂

      2. Lidkas


    15. EASY MIKE

      Vasiliy NoMasChampion!!

    16. EASY MIKE

      Now all the belts belong to LOPEZ!!!!!!!

    17. Rickey Davis

      Here after the loss to Lopez, gotta give credit to him, but Loma will be back...

    18. Iam NoOne

      Now, NO belts. Don't fuck with Jersey!

      1. del boy

        vassy no belts lol

    19. Arty Clutch

      *2 belts

    20. Gerrine Hill


    21. Renong Eder

      Lomachenco doesn't wanna Fight Pacquiao cause he will the End of his Carrer...

      1. del boy

        to late

    22. fqwfwfqfqf eyahhfajfha


    23. Michael Plantus

      Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one!

    24. Swing Trade The Markets PH

      Man, I love the reaction of Dela Hoya!

    25. crisencio ramirez

      loma win...

    26. Matt Gosling

      Pretty sure loma will win the 4th belt off teofimo tonight, the guys very special.

      1. R2F


      2. Multimedia Productions

        Dont bet on sports from now on buddy

      3. Leonard Ellerby

        How you feel now!? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. Ray Gan

      Lomachenko is like a technically sound version of Manny Pacquiao. He knows everything Pacquiao doesn't know how to do. But don't get me wrong it's not like I am saying he's a greater boxer than Pacquiao. He's just a better boxer, fundamentally.

      1. R2F

        Fundamental skills mean nothing if you can't use them to overcome your toughest tests.

      2. michael h


    28. Storytelling by

    29. Kevin Kilgore

      maybe Loma will stop ducking Pacman ? Or wait until Manny is 50 ? Pacman has 4 pets. A snake name Bob. A chicken name Floyd. A dog name Keith and a duck name loma. Manyy has ALREADY said he would come down to 135 for the fight ... and Loma says he is too old, but then asks for a Mayweather fight ??? does that sound like ducking to you ? it does to me, don't get it twisted, Loma is great, Pacman is a PROVEN living legend

    30. Ploh Soe

      Loma doesn’t have a lot of power like linare but he know where to put his punches.

    31. Sir Melvin Buracho's Corner


    32. Anthony Ortiz

      Linares much respect one of my favorite fighter's

    33. beanyman zzz

      Who is here after Lopez press conference

    34. J T

      Not sure what everyone sees in loma. Average fighter. I can’t see pedraza, Campbell, or linares going more than 6 rds with teofimo

      1. potato

        Ho ho ho.... bull eye

      2. PUREGRAPP

        I had Teo win the fight by a single round. He's the man now. Loma started the motor too late. But I give credit where credit is due. Is Loma average? No f....n way!

      3. Leonard Ellerby

        Damn you had the best analysis. I agree

      4. J T

        @PUREGRAPP what happened buddy??? Lmfao 😹

      5. PUREGRAPP

        Average fighter? Really? Hardly anyone has done it better. An average fighter does not win titles in three weight classes and two Olympic golds. Stop kidding yourself.

    35. kratos

      39:23 my gosh 😂

    36. Roy Hemion

      As the world crumbles

    37. Roy Hemion

      Who's next?

    38. Prez1 Incorporated

      Buffer had an off night......😆

    39. dee 40

      Lomas gonna stay close to teo that’s how he’s gonna win

      1. R2F


      2. dee 40

        @Leonard Ellerby whatever loma won that the judges was riding teo ass cheaks

      3. Leonard Ellerby


    40. dee 40

      This guy that loma is fighting is way better than teo

    41. Christopher Clark Chavez

      The next Manny Pacquiao

      1. Multimedia Productions

        14-2-0 vs 62-7-2 Nope unified belts in more weight classes than Lomas ever been in

    42. Christopher Clark Chavez

      Filipino fans here

    43. water fire

      Linares miss his chance..after that have to attack with balls after that. Don't let a boxer get his confidence

    44. My Channel

      Lomachenko is right handed. I hope Teo knocks this phony out.

    45. oddisious kashaya

      lomas work rate is immense. cant see lopez wining

      1. Leonard Ellerby

        Can u see it now😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. Hen Vene

      El único que pudo domar a la bestia fue Linares.

    47. david bailey

      What's interesting about Loma is that he will put his opponent in a vulnerable situation but he won't capitalize right away, he lets his opponent feel comfortable in the uncomfortable and then he takes advantage of that.

      1. R2F

        Really?... :D

      2. Leonard Ellerby

        Astute analysis 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    48. Ivan Walker

      Andre's scorecard? More like a shopping list for grandma!

    49. Ivan Walker

      I'd pay good money to hear Harry Carpenter commentate on a fight. No bullshit with Harry!

    50. Christopher Clark Chavez

      Among Us lang makakatalo dito

    51. cyto gee

      If Loma can apply this pressure to Lopez and get inside then it’s going to be a long night for Lopez

    52. Leonard Ellerby

      I just want to say I don't know who's going to win between Loma v Lopez, that's why I love sports. No scripts, no acting. But I will troll all the know it all's when the fights over.

    53. J B

      Jeez De La Hoya is a scumbag

    54. Rayne reloj

      I hope before the end of pacs career, loma would fight him. Even at 135 pounds. Its a decent game for both side. Excpt the power of pac.

    55. Elliot Cayer

      1:57:15 - "oh you're a wrestler now?"

    56. kaseem abdullah

      Very talented fighter. And the biggest fraud in the history of boxing.

    57. AreLL Lio

      Loma is the greatest. Teo needs to be clear-headed to go into this fight. but I believe he's battling with his own fight with his coach/father. But if he can catch Loma with that right hand it's over baby, Teo for the new undisputed champion and then move up to his norm weight of 140 and unify titles there! Would rather see Loma vs Tank tbh Tank put Pedraza to sleep after outboxing him.

      1. fqwfwfqfqf eyahhfajfha


      2. mrALO

        Greatest what?

    58. Ryan Ford

      He still ain’t fight Devin Haney so he only has two belts franchise ain’t no belt

    59. Victor Bravo

      I don't know how people can say LOMA is so good...LOPEZ will finish what Linares didn't

    60. Wild-Olive Prick

      If Loma fights his fight with Pedra' then Lopez will KO him!

    61. Nagarjunavel R

      Loma was literally trading with Linares....what a fight!!!

    62. Здравый Смысл

      Best in history !

    63. Alcides Fuentes

      Lopez is gonna win

    64. LS S

      Loma showed in all 3 of these fights he got that dawg in him!!! Showed he can take a hard shot and just keep stepping to the much bigger men and proceed to beat them down and even stop them.

    65. LS S

      NOW IS WAR

    66. LS S

      Saturday is gonna be FIRE!!!!

    67. Guzzo Pinc

      how does Loma always know exactly when the bell is going to ring?

    68. Bryant Leiby

      At the 1:10:10 time of this video, Loma turns Pedraza into a wacky waving inflatable tube man.

    69. The Boxing Sciencetise

      Loma is very weak to the body.Thats why when he get hit the body.Loma looks to the ref to bail him out to indicate as if it was a low blow when it wasn't.

      1. Klaus Dauer

        He was letting the ref know to keep an eye out for low blows.

    70. Iwa Pele

      19:54 Free rewinds

    71. RamzanD 95

      Artur beterbiev??

    72. el' Goat

      The only annoying part of boxing is the shitty commentary.

    73. Hubert Elig

      Lomachenko easy for Pacquiao

      1. Anthony Anderson

        Let's b real.....pac would ko that fool.

    74. VNT inc

      Who's watching this before the Loma vs Lopez?

    75. A Maximus

      How do I watch this fight in Australia? Have looked at FITE and nothing. Tried Kayo ESPN and nothing. Been searching through so many channels and we have no advertising for it anywhere

      1. Jimmy Leung

        im also in Australia, go to VIPleague! google this.

      2. A Maximus

        Last of a dying breed thank you but I’ve seen that exact article and even though it tells you how to watch it, when you go to those channels or apps there is zero information about the fight. I’ll check FITE again on the day, hopefully something pops up then.

      3. Last of a dying breed

    76. УБОГИЙ

      Сколько раз смотрю с Ленаросом немогу насмотреться 💪👍👍👍

    77. Arsenal K

      All of Loma’s fights were against bums. The media overhypes Loma because he’s considered as a ‘hope’, similar to Conor McTapout.

    78. Killer Boxing

      sick fight!


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    80. raxmanbox

      Possibly the most under rated body puncher in the sport. All three wins a direct result of Lomachenko's awesome body punching. Maybe he doesn't have the pop at 135 to hurt them to the head? He certainly isn't getting them to quit like he did at 130 - perhaps a combo of better quality opponents, power punching and perhaps punch resistance? If Loma is being hurt more by the shots it would take energy out of him - both defensively and offensively Having said that- he still dominated these 3 fights!!! all those who want to say Loma isn't suited to lightweight should take note of that fact. He stopped Linares and dropped the other two late on the way to winning pretty wide decisions I guess we're going to find out just how much better Lopez is than these 3 were!

      1. KennyCocktailBayless FIGHTNEWZ

        Yeah he was way better

      2. raxmanbox

        @Broe JoGaN indeed! and paid 4-1 proving it!$!$!$!

      3. prime tyson

        Since linares his changed the way he punches and can punch hard now

      4. Jay Pen

        Could of stopped Cambell as well if it wasn’t for Cambell tackling him. But yeah I agree with with with pretty much everything

    81. Sok Pou


    82. Darock Iscooking

      If lopez knocks him down he ain't getting up no more

      1. offtopclub

        the only problem is that will never happen

    83. Mohammad Madid

      39:23 beautiful counter by loma, slipping that right hand and coming back with that left hand of his.

    84. Ampersand McVinegar

      Too bad Bradley's stupid voice is droning over the broadcast. #hypejob

    85. Paulie 247

      Unbelievable chin from Pedraza in that 11th round.

    86. lomachenko

      top rank 最高かよ

    87. Jin Se-Yeon

      Loma scared to M. Garcia.

    88. Cerij Andabad

      Lol, they never fought Mikey Garcia

      1. Ben Layers

        Sadly yes mikey decide to get beat up by spence and raising his hands each rounds Like he did something.

    89. Dave Osland

      Nobody gave Loma anything in these 3 fights. He earned every win by going toe to toe with bigger opponents, just plain outboxing and earning 2 point rounds by dropping every opponent with body shots!

      1. fqwfwfqfqf eyahhfajfha


      2. Leonard Ellerby

        What did too give him? 😂😂😂😂😂.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Néstor Arcila Osorio

        @Jay Cee Yeah like 100 nuttshots; he was eager for the balls.

      4. Jay Cee

        @All Things Awesome Gaming Salido just wanted it more.

      5. All Things Awesome Gaming

        @Jay Cee you misspelled nuts

    90. Ray Cool

      If u wanna watch a preview of the fight Saturday ,watch "Prince Naseem hamed vs Marco antonio Barrera"

    91. Michael B

      2 belts and 1 trophy you mean?

      1. Anthony Anderson

        Lomo want no smoke wit DH

      2. Anthony Anderson

        Lomo want no smoke wit DH

      3. Michael B

        @Alexander Boyko dude, franchise was just created...can't be lost. Face it, it's not a belt

      4. Alexander Boyko

        Did you mean Loma lacks one email belt to his 3 real?

      5. Ben Layers

        @Michael B YDKSAB

    92. Олег Аогач

      Самый. Сильный. Соперник. У Василия. Был. Это. линарис.

    93. Stephen Rodriguez

      That ref at campbells fight always between fighters and rhe Camera cmon man!!!! Gtfo!!

    94. Clint Adams

      French fries Belt

    95. Global War

      Linares was „no mas”

    96. Stephen Rodriguez

      Those narrators are licking lomas ass the whole time and the truth is that he doesnt seem to be as fast nor as humble as before, hope he doesnt drown in his success against Lopez

      1. Darren MacWhirter

        I thought the same thing but as you watch more of his fights you realize his movement and body punching is amazing. I don't think Lopez is that good actually. He may prove me wrong but he seems slow to me.

    97. Viktor Francisco

      Loma the Best

    98. Jack Frank

      21:19 that fookin weasel