FLW Toyota Series Championship - Lake Cumberland

Wheeler Fishing

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    Tournament VLOG for December 2020 FLW Toyota Series Championship on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

    #FLW #Toyota #BassFishing
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    1. Wheeler Fishing

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      1. Southern Heritage Outdoor’s

        Figured, wanted to let you know, I was messaged on Facebook about a contest that someone is using your account to scam

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        @Southern Heritage Outdoor’s Imposter's, unless it comes from this KGup account or a Verified account it't not me, and I will never DM request people

      3. Southern Heritage Outdoor’s

        I think one of your social media accounts got hacked

    2. Rick Garavaglia

      You should have gave him a monkey tail beard!

    3. Tom Guertin

      Love your positive attitude Jacob. Best of luck in 2021..

    4. David Jessee

      Thought about coming to the weigh in. But it was too damn cold..and then that corona thing... My home lake. But I'm on the big side Russell County

    5. Brad Me

      Dont be censored, move to Bit chute

    6. DaLatino_Rider

      Happy holidays

    7. Russell Zoller

      Great finish. Know how bad you wanted to make the top10. Thanks for slipping me in your video. Made my day. Best of luck in 2021. Always rooting for you

    8. Larry joe Summers

      Howdy from patoka lake

    9. Anthony Cox

      Just wanted to say thank you for making my dads Christmas by sending him that merry Christmas video clip on dale hollow today . Made his Christmas thank you so much for taking the time to do that. Best of luck during the 2021 year hope you win them all !

    10. Edwin Jonkman

      New sub. I couldn't come in with the link on your FB, that one is corrupt and spreads a virus.

    11. Cheez miller

      Your the man ,Wheels and deals

    12. old mcdonald

      chicken soup for me

    13. VDWeetjes

      Really like the epicness in this movie

    14. Sarah Fairman

      The abiding larch crucially smile because crowd reciprocally hand beyond a outrageous asphalt. abnormal, vague invoice

    15. Sean Dorman

      Is the guy with the beard Andrew Luck? Lol!

    16. Pink Pond Princess

      Hey!! Great video 😀 New Female KGup Fishing Video Out. 💖😀🎣👸 “Pink Pond Princess “ Stopped By.

    17. Jim O'Connor

      Hope you, your family and Ted have a Merry Christmas!

    18. Banks 420

      I have a ? What kind of rods are those can u please respond

    19. Darren A

      Gave them a heck of a run dude! still the best in the country!! Excited for the fb give away. Happy holidays buddy.

    20. Tony M.

      Merry Christmas Jacob!

    21. Adam Connelly

      Brant looks like a really nice dude

    22. Captain Ron

      123 hours since July my lord j you riding not fishing lol lol nono picking YOU ARE THE MAN

    23. Scott West

      Did Jacob leave MLF

    24. John m

      Your buddy brent ? He is always smile n ! Happy dude !your right I live in pa and have a ice scraper in the truck in july never leaves the truck !! Your lucky to be fish. n ! Just got a foor of snow ! Done till ice off !!happy holidays jay !!

    25. Patricia Guenzler

      Thanks for the video

    26. Bass Raider

      Congrats on 100K!!!!

    27. Mark Fuller

      What gloves do you wear? I need to find some good fishing gloves

    28. Dakota Posey

      Hey if you don’t mind me asking what gloves were you wearing on the 2nd day?

    29. Robbe Mahaffey

      Jacob - huge fan - never commented before - went to CoLin Feed and Seed in Brookhaven,MS - about an hour away from my home in Brandon, MS - to buy some deer hunting supplies - walk in and they have WALL full of Jacob Wheeler Accent products - needless to say - found my Christmas gifts!!! All the best - stay safe - Merry Christmas and best wishes for an amazing 2021!!!!

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Really appreciate the comment brother! Hope you and the family have a merry Christmas!!

    30. Jeremy Gilreath

      😂😂😂 he afraid j wheels done shaved that satchel with that razor

    31. M Jones

      What A rig do you use, I'm trying to find some that won't break so often and are castable

    32. M Jones

      Pink on 1 side chartreuse on the other, mistake. Caught my PB spot at Logan Martin on it 5lbs 12ozs. I wanted to mount that fish so bad but my pops shamed me and I let her go, I was probably 12 or 13. Didn't even get a picture

    33. M Jones

      A lot of pros have a signature rod but rarely use them because they aren't as good as they would like them. It goes to show you J wheels is either trying to sell these rods or they are definitely a good rod.

      1. Tagg B

        duckett makes some great rods. They got the best jig/flipping rods, swear.

    34. Steve Hogan

      Wow, what a day... that's a nice day, especially after that practice... Love that lake... Cumberland and Dale Hollow... Beautiful lakes.

    35. bent rodguy

      lets see some shirts , that say ummmmmmmm"DING!"

    36. St.Clair Eric

      Amazing Year ,You Keep raising the Bar Higher and Higher ,We just sit back and watch the Best Angler in the Game do amazing things every derb ..UNBELIEVABLE!!

    37. Thomas Collins

      Old poor boy tip for de-icing windows. Lay a cardboard box over them the night before. Whole truck will be frosted but the windows are clear. 👌🏻

    38. Addison Anderson

      I actually work in somerset. Trim and cut trees for power lines and it was cold. Couldn’t imagine what it was like on the lake

      1. Addison Anderson

        @Wheeler Fishing Been out there a few times when we blasted off and it was cold

      2. Wheeler Fishing


    39. Perry Rushing

      Really really enjoyed watching your shows throughout this year. Maybe you might make a video previewing this coming years MLF tournament schedule. Would like to hear your thoughts. Congrats on a great season!

    40. Daniel Nies

      Thanks for taking us along Hell merry Christmas and happy New Year keep up the great work

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Merry Christmas to you as well!

    41. Zac Pearson

      Have a local tourney in 6 hrs watching the vids to hopefully get the mojo from you Jacob 💪🏼

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Good luck!

    42. Guntucky

      That was a tough weekend, we fished Fri through Sunday, it was Sunday that the clouds parted and the fish were hungry.

    43. owen outdoors

      Whoever doesn’t like this dude is crazy

    44. Mike Patterson

      When DC released his tournament video I saw him talking to JW then on this one saw JW talking to DC😂😂

    45. Lewis Edens

      Cumberland fishes like summersville in wv

    46. Victory Bibeau

      Jacob haven't fished much last few years, including this year. Watching you all year has lit a new fire in me. Looking forward to 2021 with your career. Thank you. Go kick some bass.

    47. Jason Mausteller

      What rod did you throw your jerkbait on? The 6-10?


      Next time scrape your windows with a old credit card. No waiting around

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Solid tip!

    49. Lumpiest of Coles

      I thought you couldn’t use nets during tournaments????? Or is that for a different style of bass tournament?

      1. Tony Pascale

        Not to mention I noticed the old A-rig got pulled out and that's nuts for a big tournament like that paying out 200k! 😂😂

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        There are Co-Anglers in these events as well which is different than the Pro Tours

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        This is the Toyota Series Championship (Toyota Series = FLW Opens, which is a step lower than the Professional Tour and the Bass Pro Tour)


      top water baits wow 🔥🍻

    51. Bassinwith nick

      Get ya a bag fill it up with hot water and wipe the bag with hot water on the windshield it works I do it before I go to work

    52. John Oglesby

      Jacob, It was a blast watching your tourneyment year great job. More important than the fishing seem like a great dude. And making Indiana PROUD! Happy holidays.

    53. David Price

      Merry christmas J W and family!

    54. FBOutlaw


    55. Adam Savage Fishing

      Keep Grinding big dog!

    56. Serious Angler Podcast

      Brent Butler! The Man!!!

    57. Nicholas Bingham

      Carry a little nip of blackberry brandy on the boat with you that’ll warm you up when you get cold

    58. Blue Line Fishing

      You had a great season Jacob, congratulations!

    59. Logan Gilbert_97

      Merry Christmas.Hope you do good next season.Good luck next year.Love the vids


      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, cant wait for next year

    61. Colby Currier

      Big tip for defrosting your windshield. Warm up a couple cups of water in the microwave and pour it on the windshield. Super quick and works every time.

      1. M Jones

        Can also cause it to leak around the seals fron the same deal expanded too fast and pulls the seal apart. Won't happen the first time but over time it will

      2. M Jones

        Also very bad, it can cause your glass to shatter. Glass contracts when frozen and pouring hot water on it can cause it to expand too fast and crack.

    62. Fish and Fishing Activities

      Awesome content !!! Keep it Up !!!

    63. David James

      Great video Jacob but how can your editor misspell Somerset?

    64. Jjonathan Hamby

      I grew up with Brent

    65. Coty Higgins

      Gotta love how humble you are and how you treat everyone like a friend. Such a stand up dude.

    66. Bassamatic FPV

      I didn’t know there was MLF guys fishing the Toyota series this year. Seen em fishing the pro circuit super tournaments, but since deer season I haven’t really paid attention to fishing.

    67. Philip H

      I'm glad you did well. You are my favorite bass fisherman. The best always get the crap from the rest but apparently you are just smarter than them.

    68. Wade Ford

      Jacob bro..... you kill it everywhere you go. Love watching you fish brotha

    69. Marlon deere

      Now that I'm retired I watch more KGup. You have this production down. Very high quality. Great job! As always... Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.

    70. imyoungp

      J wheels out their dinged up!

    71. Tex Mechs

      Top water action in late fall early winter🤯 I need to rethink my life atm🤣

      1. Tex Mechs

        I'm in Texas, and was out 3 weeks ago, my wife starts throwing a whopper plopper! I look at her and say "if you catch a fish on that, I'll kiss your foot." Low and behold she throws out 25 ft of water and catches a bass🧐 I know wasn't impossible, just highly improbable 🤷‍♂️

      2. chris B

        Same.... Live in KY. 20 yrs of fishing Cumberland... never once have I throne top water past Oct.

    72. Briery Creek Lake Fishing

      Have a great Christmas and New Years look forward to BPT 2021

    73. Price Watts

      Man that’s my home lake you gotta fish the point off of wolf creek and then hit the slips at Jamestown

    74. TheRecon1a

      Dude You, MDJ, DC and Edwin Evers along with B.Lat are my top 5 channels to watch for fishing...You guys make it fun to watch and you seem genuinely happy even when you have a bad fishing day. Wishing you and the family a safe and Happy Holidays...Tight Lines!

    75. Steven Bernard

      Yes. The small mouth bite when it's cold. With the right presentation.

    76. Steven Bullard

      Coffee is good anytime. Can’t handle 20-30 degrees but won’t be long I will be back on Geist.

    77. Spinner Bait

      Merry Christmas Jacob, to your lovely wife, and to your daughter. Cherish the time with the family. Good luck Jacob.

    78. Tony Parsley

      Sorry buddy. I watch your videos all the time. Have a great Christmas and a great new year. I live about a hour away. Hopping to meat you one day. I’m a plastic bait maker and disabled but I somehow fish Tim’s Ford ant Normandy and woods all around the great town of Manchester ten. If you need any plastic let me know I will send them to you.

    79. Bart Grider

      Whose those your manscape2.0 trimmers??

    80. Blaine Bennett

      can you make more what i put in my boat videos

    81. Jordan Spalding


    82. MKF

      Great year keep it going looking forward to seeing your many adventures next year..

    83. Mark Steffen

      Shout out from Indianapolis! Keep representing 317!

      1. Dustin Weddle

        Right here with ya

    84. cameron batt

      26:46 look at that multitasking

      1. Sol1dus2

        that was an amazing series of events very optimal

      2. David Price


      3. David Price

        I saw that to, J W came in with the assist.

    85. Luke Vaughan

      I’m huge fan and I’m also from Indianapolis. Have you ever fished lake brookville?

    86. adrian moreno

      I wish to win something Jacob ive been a big fan of yours for a long time good luck and continue to be the goat!!

    87. Louis Hernandez

      Me and wife are huge followers, especially my wife lol. You’re an awesome fisherman and you’ll do great. Happy Holidays and Tight lines

    88. Braden Fuller

      Where is the banana toy

      1. Braden Fuller

        @Derek Kaalberg yea

      2. Derek Kaalberg

        Agreed. Really missing Ted & The Nanner Shenanigans.

    89. Braden Fuller

      Yo wheeler love the videos

    90. John Gullotta

      Happy holidays and tight lines!!!

    91. glenn sumter

      123hrs on the motor! Gawd dang, I probably haven’t even fished that many hours in my life.

      1. Nick Dawson Fishing

        A lot of those hours isn’t from fishing lol. A LOT of it is just idling and scouting

    92. Keenan Stewart

      Points in lily

    93. Beezy Fishing & Outdoors_216

      First.... JW for the WIN... 👍🏾👍🏾💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🎣🎣🎣🎣🤙🏾🤟🏾🤙🏾🤟🏾👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾✌🏾

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    95. Shelly Burrus

      Yooo wasup first comment

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    97. Woody _865

      Merry Christmas Jacob I pray I can win this giveaway you got! I’ve been asking for them rods!

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      Love the vids

    100. glenn sumter

      Ha first!😘