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    Filmed at Prairies Edge
    Slot Machines Include: 88 Fortunes, Super Lantern 8's, Wonder 4 Stars Timber Wolf, Stack Of Gold, Gold Class, Elvis Lives, Buffalo, Green Machine, Icy Wilds, Lock It Link Huff N' Puff and Jackpot Stampede.
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    1. Vu Le

      I watch you play the jackpot very much enjoy the game. I really want to try but can't. because I live in Vietnam. Look at the skill you play very well.

    2. The Craft Hawg

      I stop that green machine quickly to win more. You can lose fast but can win bigger.

    3. Lucas Lisch

      Damn! Congrats, I’ve never saw a Huff n Puff bonus with that many golds!

    4. Sweet T

      It’s the singing and the brick houses for me! ❤️👍🏼

    5. Lliam Jurdom

      Fucking adverts

    6. Lliam Jurdom

      Fucking adverts

    7. Chuck Discuillo

      You have some funny antics

    8. superml2000

      Wow! ☘️☘️☘️

    9. Austin Seder

      Good lord, that gold class feature can suck ass

    10. nikki dolinsky

      Way to go my guy$!!! Love to see the big win.

    11. Dane Crawford

      LMAO Epic win!

    12. Brian Sefring

      Oh great..its SD Guy.

    13. Benjamin Sagmoe

      This is my fave bonus of all of em

    14. Jayden Smith

      Why do you always make that god damn farting noise. Kinda annoying

    15. Ron Corbit

      foul mouth

    16. Smacster88

      What is wrong with this guy? This would be so much more enjoyable to watch if anyone else hit it.

      1. SDGuy 1234

        110,000 beg to differ

    17. Chris

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    18. tom dimartino

      Nice hit bitch!

    19. norban2

      Ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding hahah so funny

    20. Evo Maldonado

      Fantastic Huf n Puf!!!!

    21. SLOT ANGEL

      That was awesome on Huff N Puff

    22. Kathryn Vogel

      I saw a comment on another video that noted Brian was so sweet and calm coming into the casino and then the verbal assault begins. LOL. perfect description.

    23. Wiz Wisdom

      Holy shittttt. thats alottttt

    24. robin traina

      you are 1 lucky fuck

    25. The Original Aboriginal

      Don't you have to be an Adult to play these games ? Lol Good win though.👍

    26. Ray thornton

      Ahh, I can't listen to your 2 year old talk. Soo freaking irritating.

    27. Vicki W

      fun to watch. thank you

    28. Adam Deutsch

      Love it when you sing to the train spins. Ring a damn ding!

    29. Carey Brandon

      He has to be the Luckiest guy I've ever seen

    30. Lisa Itsallthesame

      Good morning SD❤️

    31. Bubba Matrix

      Best Huff n Puff ever!

    32. Demonstar1254

      4:40 hey 5x is still better than nothing .

    33. Steve Joseph

      Is there something wrong with you?

      1. SDGuy 1234

        Where do I begin??

    34. carl jon

      peter griffin with a gambling problem

      1. SDGuy 1234

        Shut up, meg

    35. Jeff Goldblum

      4k congrats SD

    36. Mr Facts

      We day this tl4mom5hsvago

    37. serries ones

      You have skills!!!

    38. darnellt74

      What city did you play here

    39. Dean Langer

      Have you been diagnosed?

      1. SDGuy 1234

        Clearly no...

    40. ALicat 1957

      My heart was beating so fast during this. Wow!!!!! Nearly hand pay before Mr. Wolf even came out!!! Huge numbers too and 3 minors!!

    41. Suzanne C.

      Is this paranoid schizophrenic chatter and style typical of this channel? (first time viewer) Good action though :)

    42. Mavsfanj


    43. David Macias

      Awesome Video's love Watching Your Daily Video's and Watch u go live

    44. Lawana Miles

      Now I have to say that was an AWESOME win.

    45. Cathy Everitt


    46. apachekeith

      Throws $100 in another machine while he waits for his $4K+ handpay from the one almost next door then hits another bonus in 3 spins & wins only another $810 & his reaction is "fiiiiiine" dismissively. LMAO! Keep it up. This is why I watch this channel.

    47. Chuck

      Out of this world!!!

    48. Benjamin Bartle

      God your si fkin ugly and disgusting but I really really like you sd

    49. chad c

      That was awesome

    50. Nate Elkaim

      You’re absolutely nuts, but nice win on Huff n Puff.

    51. brian Blodgett

      Comical for sure.

    52. sam pokkinen

      is guy for real. only thing you hear from his mumbling is his farting sounds that he makes!! this kind of bullshit should be banned from KGup and the rest!!!!

    53. sam pokkinen

      are you doing all right there, it sounds like you have some issues in your life?!?!

      1. Tony J Enterprises

        Somewhere there is a mental home with an empty room, where are the guys in white gowns with the straight jacket?!

    54. Rosa Ruiz


    55. Audi's Jackpots

      Ring a Ding!!! Nice handpay bro 😂🙌🏾

    56. Romey Luke

      Potty mouth

    57. Dandaman Slots

      Malibu 😂

    58. Carol Johnson

      Oh my goodness WTG SD Guy congratulations thanks for sharing ❤️.

    59. Angel Saurage

      Maybe you would win more of you would stop touching the screen so much.

      1. SDGuy 1234

        Nah.. my hand has skills

    60. ilikebenis

      You need help💯

    61. james d brown

      Great run SDguy

    62. Steve Roberts

      What an A HOLE

    63. Andy Danko

      I have watched at least 100 huff and puff sessions and never seen that many mansions... good job🤗🤗🤗🤗

    64. Lorenzo Pearson

      I love your energy!!!! very funny and entertaining. I can't wait til Winstar Casino(Oklahoma) opens back up later this month. I'll be right on Huff and Puff. I discovered it myself a few months ago. But I only bet $0.75 and the most I won was like $200 something dollars. You're gonna make me increase my bet cause when you hit the bonus on this game and you have a decent amount of brick houses it seems to always pay well.

    65. Rob R

      Most annoying I have ever seen on KGup

    66. bobby khan


    67. q g

      Is this guy talking to himself all the time? Is he high on sth

      1. Lorenzo Pearson

        Just a super level of energy and trying to be entertaining. I talk to myself when I play as well. Now it's time to get this kind of luck.

    68. G.D. Romanov

      This was a fun watch. Great win!

    69. 헛소리하면짓는개


    70. Gamblin Granny

      Sweet ass bonus. Amazing. 🙌🙌

    71. Pattie Shepphard

      I love your sense of humor! Very entertaining!

    72. Stephen Ireland


    73. Robert Fowler

      Ring a fucking ding

    74. Marc rap

      Would be so much better if you didn't sound like an idiot

      1. Marc rap

        @SDGuy 1234 😁👍

      2. SDGuy 1234

        But i do. So there

    75. Charlie Harley

      Brother when I've a bad day.. all i do is watch your vid and bust up your f"ing great dude funny as hell !! Meow meow meow...

    76. Vivian Brett

      Your great

    77. Marc rap

      I start the video hear the voice and think to myself oh this friggin moron and done lol

    78. robin traina

      good for you

    79. Hafeez Ismail

      U jerk rubish hand and talk.

    80. Christopher Wilson

      Imagine sitting next to this dead shit in the casino

    81. Eddy Schonfield

      Nice huff and puff hit i see what you was talking about

    82. Música Sin Copyright

      Saca las manos no deja ver nada

    83. kim thomas

      Omg that wonder 4 wolf gave me aneurisms !! Good win ! And that handpay ??! Holy shit ballsz 😂 helmets for days

    84. Thomas Carter

      *when Jack Black plays slots* ROFL! Bruh! you funny as hell!

    85. Slotty Murse

      you are so on the spectrum and I freaking love it. you are so funny. North Hollywood!!

    86. As If Aye Mate

      I like this dudes energy.

    87. SamDazzle & Co.

      Love watching you. Just FYI on the panthers slot. You can stop each reel if you touch them. Well at least on the one here. We have won big on those.

    88. Ray thornton

      You sound like an idiot. I couldn't listen to your gay babbling.

    89. Tree Nation

      Badass comeback you always get it done sd

    90. David Payne


    91. Van Dinh

      You sound like a crazy idiot

    92. Brent's Lucky Slot Channel

      Mary, i came by to watch again. **points at mansions** "That's MALIBU right there!....." **points at straw house** "Yeah that's North Hollywood". BWHAHAAHAHAHA Mary, I can't!

    93. Cathy Clark

      This guy is a nut job,foul language flipping the machine off,he talks to himself makes funny noises he needs a padded cell.

      1. SDGuy 1234

        im sure one of my NINE MANSIONS Has a Padded Cell....jealous ass....

    94. Just Julie Sette

      Great hit

    95. Francisca Arroyo

      You are enjoying the train!!nice ride..

    96. Cathy Rodriguez

      I can’t stand you

    97. Marc Atkinson

      If this guy didnt mumble so much, it wouldnt be so annoying to watch. Cant take it, gotta go.

    98. Scott Gawthrop

      Got 8 mansions on Huff n puff yesterday on a 5.00 bet at Hinckley yesterday.

      1. SDGuy 1234


    99. Jeff McCormack

      Sorry that was mean. Hope you keep winning

    100. Jeff McCormack

      I feel bad for this poor guy. Could only stand listening to him for about 45 seconds