Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends

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    A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
    Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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    1. Kawa Sounds

      “We can’t defeat him alone”... after my teammates feed him repeatedly

    2. Ivailo Ivanov

      Such an awesome cinematic, gotta love Leauge and Riot

    3. Andrew Gampal

      THIS IS A CINEMATIC, if u know what I mean

    4. NowILayTheeDown Malekith

      Arthas ... is ... is that you...?

    5. Kung fu Hustle

      After that senna's has been nerf

    6. Venof Inn

      어둠땅 개따라했네....

    7. OmmarCG

      She looks like keke palmer

    8. Manuel Cubilete

      “The mist is because of the ruination of Viego”... Isn’t that what the spirit is saying?

    9. Sparring Bible

      notice how the myst spawns outside of demacia's gates, a very good detail that demacian buildings nullifies any magic of any sort

    10. 아니진짜저거

      2:27 0/6/1


      We can't defeat him alone.

    12. Quân Nguyễn


    13. pluto kong


    14. Jass Faith

      Quick question! Hmm who is she?

    15. Peter Mikhail

      sooooo no one's gonna make the castlevania season 3 correlation?

    16. Jack Magnell

      i want to see viego interact with vladimir

    17. KazaKi

      3:42 There must always be Lich King

    18. Zack

      That is NOT the blade of the ruined king homie that’s an Armadyl godsword

      1. Wojciech Pabijan

        Runescape vibes, i see

    19. CaptainMcNoob

      Man, the Ruined King looks dumb. Not really sure how I am supposed to take him seriously. He looks like an edgy teenager who never got over his hot topic obsession and plays too much Final Fantasy.

    20. Rivialı Geralt

      Bi sn bir şey dicem hmm tmm dvm dcm 🤨😍😇

    21. Alessia Cambiali

      How cool is Vayne.

    22. Xentox 501

      We need a League Movie!

    23. Bloodking

      been scrolling for an answer but couldnt find it, mind filling me in? who's "her"?

      1. xD

        She's Isolde. Viego's wife

      2. Ruqqus

        Looks like hes able to draw it out and control senna what ever it is, he also seems to know her personally maybe its an aspect of her.. the ruined queen of the zombie king lol

    24. justina velasquez asencios

      Joder saquen una serie!!! ME encantan sus cinemáticas♥

    25. Journey Beyond The Veil

      Need to just turn this into a Movie series. Fire!

    26. Robert Jones

      Samira and Darius i guess i can ship it.

    27. Elias Oberbeck

      Next trash Champion wp rito

    28. Sasha Blight

      Wait wait wait Where is the cinameticcc!? Where is the song that Im gonna listen it 2833626 times

    29. james logan

      These animations are amazing, will there ever be a League anime? Rito pls, give the people what they want!

    30. Shythalia

      Wow, Karma almost got defeated? Ruined King is so emo tho. lol

    31. Mo Fofana


    32. dewi raema


    33. Medramon masque de cendres

      Swain said something about a king in the mist if rememeber correctly.

      1. xD

        We know about Ruined King since 2014

    34. SJAD IQ IQ


    35. RICHARD M

      imagine a fraction of the budget going to balance this god awfull game ;D

    36. Trijay Santos


    37. Lewtoons

      paused the video to celebrate. @1:04 ghouls running out of a dark mist. oooooh baby my boy Yorick bouta get a sick cinematic!

      1. Allison Corona


      2. Derek Maldonado

        Sad news

    38. brahem sbhea

      We need the Arabic language to be supported

    39. midnight memos

      Third time the charm i guess, to corrupt karma’s head

    40. Impackt


    41. xCorruptedStudio

      Why leomord phantom's is here??

    42. Banana Zoo

      What a boring design

    43. cocaïne lee sin

      Senna : we have to go back for her ! Lucian: no senna he is a new op champion wait for the nerf.

    44. Kryoex

      Shadowlands looks great

    45. Gerom Larayos

      Why is this man simping for that one elf from the monster manual?

    46. Martin Cabrera

      "We don't run from darkness" Well, you should've.

    47. Martin Cabrera

      Thank you for showcasing Senna! She's finally getting buffed in 11.2

    48. Shann Eearning Geviaz

      Rest of runetera;busy fighting of monsters Meanwhile in piltover;seraphine helds an only fans concert..

    49. Psiwielder 01

      What did he take from her body?

    50. Veronica Aragon

      yo my girl poppy showing up

    51. Nolan Murphy

      Please make a coop league mode for this, where you fight a boatload and then some of ghouls a la the SG event and Odyssey.

    52. 영월

      이런 거 만들 시간에 롤 버그나 고치세요. 아까 랭 돌리고 있는데 평타 안나가는 버그 걸려서 아무 것도 못하다가 젔습니다. 화가 너무 많이 나서 200만원 정도 되는 컴퓨터 박살냈고 롤 지워버렸습니다. 소수의 사람들이 왜 롤을 그렇게 욕을 하는지 알 거 같네요 ㅋ 진짜 수준 나오는 게임입니다

    53. Hirai Momo's Husband

      What tf is going on at Zaun. I can imagine jinx getting hella confused but still having the time of her life shooting those things

    54. San Coca

      Can't wait for a modern cinematic with Master Yi.

    55. mhat wafu

      we dont run from darkness morde user: really?

    56. Sony Sides

      Lucian: "We dont run from darkness" *Literally 3min later* : "Nigerundayo Senna!!!"

    57. Rock girl

      How many Lucian in cinematics you want? Rito: Y E S

    58. Lorya Music

      my gooooooooood samiraaaaaaaaaaa

    59. Jordan Arellano

      She is my world 😍😈 oh yes

    60. Максим Ричмен

      "We can't defeat him alone", if ADC says this perhaps this is GG

      1. Rock girl

        POPPERS Poppy otp here :D

    61. Sigurt Olsen

      Imagine how cool viego could have been if this wasn’t a anime game like seriously if he was released 2014-15 he would’ve been as cool as the Lich King from WoW

    62. NDK

      music >>>>

    63. Eka Kurniawan

      Father of brody ML

    64. Edyta Czarnik

      This is not a cinematic 😭 worst ever...

    65. Ensar Emre Tuna

      It’s been 6 months quitting this game but cinematic trailers are so good to watch 😄

    66. gabriel assis brasil

      Nice cinematic! Great interaction with Arthas and Froustmorne!

    67. Σωκράτης Δελγας

      karma can deffinately 1v1 viego lmao GO KARMA

    68. Sippycup Samurai

      Well now I'm reporting Senna for using a 3rd party Client

    69. ragıp özçelik

      Sorry to bother you guys but Arthas and Frostmourne was better. Nice try tho.

    70. Victoria Adler

      Why is it soooo short? D: I'd like to watch the League of Legends Movie :D

    71. 96nairrA

      Viego: You can't defeat me Lucian: I know, but he can Nasus: 1000 stacks

    72. Elton Wayne Williams

      I like this Champion reminds me of Celebrimbor of shadow of mordor.

    73. Lemming Overlord

      Why does Lucian’s cadence sound like he’s trying to do a Solid Snake impression?

    74. Tim B.

      Funny how they still make trailers for a game that died years ago

      1. xD

        @Tim B. For example. This video is teaser for upcoming single player game.

      2. Tim B.

        @xD what kind of argument or question is that? the video title says League of Legends.

      3. xD

        @Tim B. But you know that videos are not only about LoL?

      4. Tim B.

        @Le Predator sorry, I meant for people who only enjoy quality games... even trash like fifa or need for speed, that are just copy paste games from year to year make lots of money.. has nothing to do with quality btw.. but i know that rejects like you and little kiddies get hyped af from every video and events and need their dopamine fix

      5. Le Predator

        the game that made the 2nd highest amount of money of all pc games in 2020 the game that is CONSISTENTLY in the TOP 3 of most viewed on Twitch so yeah dead game kappa

    75. Arvi

      POPPERS Poppy otp here :D

    76. Sheran Hanel

      Lowkey Arthus vibes

    77. Visza

      Q: Summon 100 zerglings W: Teleport to enemy champion E: Steal enemy champion's stats R: Take control of 3 enemy champions until the end of the game

    78. Mark Joseph Jocame

      I think i just saw the unite symbol. Maybe they're all gonna team up to defeat viego

    79. Lucid Artz

      They could made something like avengers and solo animation films if they want to.

    80. Jon Glover

      Everyone’s that’s watching and not knowing what’s going on 😣

    81. Blood Reign

      So much potential wasted on a MOBA game, RIOT should consider making an open world or story-driven game. The lore is just so amazing, just imagine being able to explore the world of Runeterra. Or at least they could make an animated serie, I'm sure they'd make good money with that.

      1. Austin Chan

        Theyre making other games involving lore. They also have a lore animated series in the works. Riot games isnt just LoL :)

    82. Morgana Jax

      Wow this cinematic is cool🤍🤍

    83. Nas Shadow

      That show senna need a buff

    84. Kempdog

      Vayne Poppy reminds me a little of LOTR with Legolas and Gimli.

    85. Liv Spencer

      ''we dont run from darkness we light the way'' WAKANDA 5EVER

      1. Liv Spencer


      2. Liv Spencer

        ACAB 1312

    86. Sachin

      Where is Jax?

    87. tokyo

      report Darius for griefing.

    88. Evans Fariña

      Si pusieran al menos la mitad de lo que invierten en cinemáticas pero en el juego seria uno muy grande.

    89. benjie ksodododod

      why her gun bigger than her husband:?

    90. Ne hAz

      What a cool name of AG AME. XD luving it trully xd

    91. Morvic

      And I ask where is Mordekaiser in this?

      1. Morvic

        @xD Yeah I know but he's supposed to return at some point, think it would be a fit moment

      2. xD

        He doesn't live in physical world

    92. Evad Aniraloc

      Ah, hello, good to know Karma and Poppy has their own spotlight. 😘

    93. JacksTip

      Lucians wife is a baddie tho 😍

    94. Gian Hendrace Paguia

      this animations is better than the season 4 wrath of the gods of the seven deadly sins

    95. MrBossWizard

      League of Legends featuring Dante from Devil May Cry series

    96. Ricardo Andrade

      Things got hard for Arthas after the events of Frozen Throne.

      1. Priceless Hero

        i just laughed way to hard at this im, goinjg to bed now

    97. Axel

      I still think that senna return made lucian lose his purpose in lore...not linking the direction riot is taking

      1. xD

        They still have purpose. Fighting Mist.

    98. TheWoodOne

      sad that they did ruined king some soyboy croped shirt and all that anime style bulshit. Missed oportunity for a very cool loooking champ.

    99. Caca Dian

      so, who is the queen

      1. El Niño

        The Queen's name is "Isolde"

    100. Clifton Despanie

      Dope as ever They should have they’re on series 📺🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫💫💫💫🍿🍿🍿🍿let’s Go