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    Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
    Civilization VI offers new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map, active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race for one of five ways to achieve victory in the game.
    See the marvels of your empire spread across the map like never before. Each city spans multiple tiles so you can custom build your cities to take full advantage of the local terrain.
    Unlock boosts that speed your civilization’s progress through history. To advance more quickly, use your units to actively explore, develop your environment, and discover new cultures.
    Interactions with other civilizations change over the course of the game, from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations.
    Expanding on the “one unit per tile” design, support units can now be embedded with other units, like anti-tank support with infantry, or a warrior with settlers. Similar units can also be combined to form powerful “Corps” units.
    In addition to traditional multiplayer modes, cooperate and compete with your friends in a wide variety of situations all designed to be easily completed in a single session.
    Civilization VI provides veteran players new ways to build and tune their civilization for the greatest chance of success. New tutorial systems introduce new players to the underlying concepts so they can easily get started.

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    1. Shaymin Lover

      Here are the languages everyone speaks: Theodore Roosevelt (America) - American English Saladin (Arabia) - Arabic John Curtin (Australia) - Australian English Montezuma (Aztecs) - Classical Nahuatl Hammurabi (Babylon) - Akkadian Pedro II (Brazil) - Brazilian Portuguese Basil II (Byzantium) - Modern Greek (interestingly, he seems to speak a mix between Attic and Koiné, which makes sense since his native language, Medieval Greek, is identical in pronunciation to Modern Greek, but most scholars preferred to speak the ancient Attic tongue) Wilfrid Laurier (Canada) - English and French Qin Shi Huang (China) - Mandarin (with Classical influences) Poundmaker (Cree) - Cree Cleopatra (Egypt) - Middle Egyptian (even though Koiné Greek was actually her native language, she was also fluent in Demotic, a form of Egyptian that was spoken at the time) Victoria (England) - British English Eleanor of Aquitaine (England + France) - Occitan Menelik II (Ethiopia) - Amharic Catherine de Medici (France) - French and Italian (her French has a noticeable Italian accent, and her Italian is of her native Florentine dialect) Ambiorix (Gaul) - Gaulish (An ancient Celtic language. This is reconstructed form that also happens to have a French accent) Tamar (Georgia) - Georgian Frederick Barbarossa (Germany) - Middle High German (the main language of the Holy Roman Empire alongside Latin). Simón Bolívar (Gran Colombia) - Latin American Spanish (he speaks a neutralized form of the dialect). Gorgo (Greece) - Doric Pericles (Greece) - Attic Matthias Corvinus (Hungary) - Medieval Hungarian Pachacuti (Inca) - Quechua Chandragupta (India) - Pali Gandhi (India) - Hindi and English Gitarja (Indonesia) - Modern Javanese Hojo Tokimune (Japan) - Classical Japanese Jayavarman VII (Khmer) - Khmer Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo) - Lingala Soendeok (Korea) - Korean Alexander (Macedon) - Attic (his native language would have been Ancient Macedonian, a register of Ancient Greek which is unrelated to Modern Macedonian, which is a Slavic language) Mansa Musa (Mali) - Arabic Kupe (Maori) - Maori Lautaro (Mapuche) - Mapudungun Lady Six Sky (Maya) - Mayan (probably Yucatec Maya) Genghis Khan (Mongolia) - Mongolian Kublai Khan (Mongolia + China) - Mongolian Wilhelmina (Netherlands) - Dutch Harald Hardrada (Norway) - Old Norse (his rendition of Old Norse has significant Icelandic influences due to the uncertainty of the pronunciation of certain letters) Amanitore (Nubia) - Nubian Suleiman (Ottomans) - Ottoman Turkish Cyrus (Persia) - Middle Persian Dido (Phoenicia) - Phoenician Jadwiga (Poland) - Polish Trajan (Rome) - Classical Latin Peter (Russia) - Russian Robert the Bruce (Scotland) - Early Scots / Middle English Tomyris (Scythia) - Ossetian (This is the closest living relative of the Scythian language, which would have been Tomyris' native tongue) Philip II (Spain) - Castilian Spanish Gilgamesh (Sumeria) - Old Akkadian (his native tongue was actually Sumerian) Kristina (Sweden) - Swedish Bà Triệu (Vietnam) - Vietnamese Shaka (Zulus) - Zulu

      1. Rizki Perdana

        Correction, Gitarja (Indonesia) speaks Old Javanese not modern one

      2. Jõao

        @Elvistheking 0 Sumerian is a very poorly attested language, he would only be able to say so much.

      3. melogranohifi

        @4ana ah yes, ye ole “we can hunt down someone who speaks mapundugun but those snooty Franks are too goddamn expensive”... Glad you agree with me on her accent!

      4. 4ana

        @birdtower i'm french and i can assure you she has a huge italian accent. when i first heard it, i thought civ just lacked better voice actors for french and picked someone who learned it as a second language

      5. Pepe fetora

        Actually Jadwiga couldn't speak Polish - she was from Hungary and spoke Hungarian.

    2. Crone of Arc

      4:22 "When the sun hits that ridge just right...."

      1. ikiga

        *Praise the sun* 🙏🏻🌞

    3. Joe Lowes

      Everyone else: *a warm welcome to their nation and who they are* Tomyris: let’s make things straight don’t betray me and you won’t die

      1. ikiga

        Now that down to the ground honesty and straight instead of being scheming, fake and trickery 😁

    4. Eman Sullivan

      Cleopatra and Victoria's intros be makin me feel a kinda way ngl

      1. ikiga


    5. Kaka Nayaka

      6:23 Trade offer‼️‼️ You receive:gold, lots of gold I receive:nothing

      1. ikiga

        You take gold, here your ring, take this gold too and there your coin everyone get their golds. *World peace achieved*

    6. byron 2456

      oh i was surprised to see chandragupta speak sanskrit it felt just so awesome!!

      1. byron 2456

        @ikiga 😁😁

      2. ikiga

        byron 2456 haha a big big world indeed. Ramadan is nationwide thingie in my country so I'm happy accept the wishes 🤗😁👍🏻

      3. byron 2456

        @ikiga nice 😄😄i thought u were from europe or something but ur just from SEA, its kinda like the extended family of the indian subcontinent happy ramadan to u if u believe in it

      4. ikiga

        byron 2456 Greeting from a Malaysian

      5. byron 2456

        @ikiga whats ur nationality?

    7. Mosh U

      I am so gay for Cleopatra

      1. ikiga


    8. Νικολας Κουστενης

      Why is Alexander the Great separated from the other Greeks tho?

      1. ikiga

        Tbf hes of Macedon origin until later, also he used to represented greek in the past instalments but this time around there are 2 representatives of greek; Pericles and Gorgo

    9. Pail Horse Gaming

      Wilhelmina seems like such a pure bean.

      1. ikiga


    10. Saul Goodman

      Interesting how Mansa Musa from Mali says "Alhamdullilah", which is the Arab/muslim way of saying it

      1. ikiga

        Saul Goodman I see 😊👍🏻

      2. Saul Goodman

        @ikiga yeah I didn't know he was speaking Arabic at first.

      3. ikiga

        Actually, he was a devout Muslim and the first King of west Africa who does so 😅

    11. King Koopa

      There’s so many more sounds humans can make than the 44 English has. There’s at least 100 sounds a human can make, I couldn’t find the exact number. It’s impressive that this game went in depth and actually made them spoke their native language or a language that could be associated with them.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Its great afford to get all the relevant speakers indeed but its also a necessity for a game focused on world culture and heritage

    12. Fist of Ram

      Why is Cleopatra so sexy

      1. ikiga

        Don't know man. The name itself spells sexiness somehow 😅🤭

    13. Dalir Kosimov

      When the Australians talked about fighting hawks of war, they meant actual, literal hawks

      1. ikiga

        LOL! You mean like those cockfight 😅🤭

    14. Куда я попал?

      Пришёл ради Петра.

      1. ikiga

        Куда я попал? не имеет значения, сколько там Петра, есть только один настоящий Питер 😁

      2. Куда я попал?

        @ikiga Урок русского языка. Питер-это сокращение от Санкт-Петербург. Пётр-это имя.

      3. ikiga

        Питер очень рад тебя видеть 🤴🏻🤘🏻

    15. Ann Guerrero

      I never played this game Hell! I didn't even know it existed!!! But the animations are fantastic and the voice actors are great!!! What is this game about???

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. The franchise exist for many many years and its fun, interesting and addictive to play especially if you like turn based planning strategy war game where you play as a ruler of the said nation, nurture your empire, fence off invasion, make allies with other nation, trading, city planning, managing your citizen amenities and etc. Game full name: *Sid Meier's Civilization VI* 😁

    16. HamzaPlayz

      Ngl these animations are smooth

      1. ikiga

        Indeed 😁👍🏻

    17. Barin Tanir

      Teddy Roosevelt was the best one imo

      1. ikiga

        One of the best indeed 😁👍🏻

    18. Jade Lin Lee Chen

      I like that not only are they portrayed speaking their own languages, the VAs are clearly natives/fluent, and they didn't just hire some English-speaking actors to mispronounce all the words.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Yea, each leader and their language sounds authentic altho some of erm were inaccurate but large effort and heart were poured into the project which deserve a good praise 😁👍🏻

    19. Johannes Nylund

      Wow scottish sounded so much like Norwegian/Swedish. This must be how they spoke back in the day. Norwegian sounded super odd, it had lots of R's. Im surprised that Swedish sounded so lame, in text old swedish has a lot of F's everywhere but apparently not in speech

      1. ikiga


    20. Nerdocity

      the only question I'm left with is why the designers made their hands so big 😂😂 like I get it's a stylistic thing but it looks really weird if there's nothing on their wrists...

      1. ikiga

        Because at that time period they don't have smartphone or tablet or keyboard so they move, wave and do alot of hand gestures which indirectly buffed up their hands and wrists 😅🤭

    21. LittleSamu

      I lowkey find Kristina attractive

      1. ikiga

        Kristina does have that lowkey attractiveness 🤘🏻👸🏻📚

    22. The Eggman 456

      Almost everyone: We are the best! You will be our ally, and we will use you for our own dirty work! Simon Bolivar: Hello, this is my land.

      1. ikiga

        Disagree with "almost everyone" but I get it Simon Bolivar is one of the sincerest welcomer 😅

    23. Onion Chan

      5:31 my king

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. One of the coolest King by asian history! 😁👍🏻


      As a mexican, Montezuma is actually Moctezuma here in my country

      1. ikiga


    25. Rozetta Vyper

      I came here just to appreciate the art style, animation and many culture and personality in these leaders. The languages are on point.

      1. ikiga

        Man of art I see 😁👏🏻👏🏻


      Japan: ANIME

      1. ikiga

        ... MASAKA?!

      2. Rozetta Vyper


    27. solaire

      7:22 , probably my favorite because it's the only one I can understand that isn't english

      1. ikiga


    28. KarKaleb

      9:19 9:19 SCOTLAND FOREVEEEER!!

      1. ikiga


    29. --

      Pedro II can have it 🤭

      1. ikiga


    30. Athena Muldrow

      0:34 -- Forgive me, Your Excellency, but I think it's pronounced "Emus..."

      1. ikiga


    31. Kevin Hernandez-Rives

      Gitarja and Jadwiga are best girls

      1. ikiga


    32. Всеволод Комов

      9:05 I must recognise that the voice and character of Russian tsar are conveyed rather well

      1. ikiga


    33. Galactic Magic

      The animation is phenomenal. Blown away.

      1. ikiga


    34. Fire Godzilla 2014 br

      I love how i speak in different language

      1. ikiga


    35. Youth Malikai

      1:53 Hold up, you also the queen of Ireland??

      1. ikiga

        Yea, we aware of your Majesty colonization might but in this one she represents her home country England.

    36. Shazra Tano

      Why is Cleopatra's eyes so seductive?

      1. Gav123

        The West just loves sexualizing ancient Egypt.

      2. ikiga

        Because thats Cleopatra 😉

    37. Vjaĉesláv Ivanov

      8:45 I didn't know they can say „Jam Jadwiga“ (I would think of "Jestem Jadwiga"), thank you for the Polish grammar lesson, Civ and KGup.

      1. ikiga


    38. jacob manning

      4:43 As legend goes, the moment any warmongeror player sees this leader, they are fabled to break out in a nervous sweat.

      1. ikiga

        So much for *Having a weapon is very different from actually using it* 😅😅😅

    39. Aleatorio

      I love Pedro 2 he speaked more than 12 languages,almost was the united states president,was friends with graham bell(he was the first person to give money to graham bell and one of the firsts to use the telephone) became emperor when was 12, and many other things

      1. ikiga


    40. Daniel 28893

      Why these leaders in civ 6 have some punch out waves?

      1. ikiga


    41. B1 Battledroid

      If this game had galactic empire it would be - yo dudes the empire is pretty chill maybe you would like join it or something

      1. ikiga


    42. ぬるぽnullpo

      5:10 如何在る。我は日本国の武士道の信仰者、北条時宗。

      1. ikiga

        それならあなたは侍かソートでなければなりません 😅

    43. Denisowiczak

      As a polisch person i appreciate the fact they made Jadwiga speek Perfect Polisch

      1. ikiga


    44. John Paul Cross

      Bruh we need an audiobook by Mvemba asap

      1. ikiga

        *Mvemba approved* 🤴🏾🤘🏻

    45. Éva Krivarics

      Yay my country is the game😁

      1. ikiga


    46. Ивел номер1

      1:00 He said " You are going to Brazil"

      1. ikiga


    47. Bri’ish European

      3 types of leaders: “Hi it’s very nice to meet you!” Or “Hi, my empire could probably crush yours” Or “Hi, it’s very nice to meet you, my empire and myself are pretty cool and could flatter you at any time. I hope we can be friends”

      1. Felmarge Go

        @Prof. Pie what a tsundere 😂

      2. ikiga

        Prof. Pie thats some *existence-zoned* right there 🤭

      3. Prof. Pie

        @ikiga like that one lady leader, I tried to befriend her and she was like "you flatter yourself, we merely acknowledge your existence, not your friendship" like she didn't just praise my damn navy a literal turn ago

      4. ikiga

        4th type: "Hi, its your pleasure to meet me" me: err..ok I'm...glad..

    48. craigory

      cleopatra giving me the eyess man

      1. ikiga

        *Isis winks*

    49. Dennis

      6:08 Does his...armor have nipples?

      1. ikiga

        *George clooney triggered*

    50. مبصر بقلبي

      كلام جواهر 0:12

      1. ikiga


    51. Wellshem

      Mathias Corvinus 🤔

      1. ikiga


    52. Luke Saltiboi

      Latin class paid off I can understand ceasar

      1. ikiga


    53. Mr.Foxstone

      Am I the only one here who finds the voice of Eleanor attractive nad sexy.

      1. ikiga

        No, your not 😁👍🏻

    54. Ionia Mapping

      Not gonna lie Chandragupta is hot Cyrus and his voice

      1. ikiga

        *Gilgamesh unimpressed* 💪🏼🤴🏼👎🏼

    55. God`s & Heroes

      No Boudica ?

      1. ikiga

        No Boudica

    56. Rincon Ovalle Luis Fernando

      Oh, Vuestra Majestad Felipe II, yo jamás habré de teneros por enemigo, antes la muerte prefiero.

      1. ikiga

        Felipe II: ok siervo mío, perdono y vivirás una vida próspera

    57. nurm nurm

      God i wanna make friends with them all!

      1. ikiga

        Yesterday YOU SAY TOMORROW!!

    58. Wan

      I actually like my Civ, 'Germany' ... except for the U-Boat (wich is oddly enough a legacy of Nazi Germany), the Civ is based on the Holy Roman Empire and the leader is a Swabian. Swabia probably represents Germany very well and the HRE being a legacy of Charlemagne who reintroduced Christian and Roman law across Europe, uniting the German Kingdoms is also a great note to our history. I also like Frederick's voice actor

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Tho am not sure why u boat suddenly get mentioned but hey as long as you enjoyed whats being shown then thats that 😅✌🏻

    59. Matteus Sartre

      I want to value the work, but the voices, most of them look off. I like the Egyptian tho, why did spartans sounded spanish?

      1. ikiga

        I agree some were kinda off but only a handful few otherwise all were top notch voice acting. Gorgo voice actor speaks doric dialect of ancient Greek and its on point, am not a spanish speaker but heard them before and I can't find myself linking them both tho 😅

    60. re6en

      Indonesia pakai bahasa Jawa Krama Inggil

      1. ikiga

        Tepat dan betul 😁👍🏻

    61. Lenovo more

      Де Україна?

      1. ikiga

        Україна недоступна у грі, те саме стосується Малайзії, Сінгапуру та багатьох інших 😅 Зачекайте потенційного випуску в майбутньому 🤞🏻

    62. Jonas Lariosa

      sadly Philippines doesn't belong here, I hope they include it in the future civ game, leaders would be Lam-ang, Lapu-Lapu, Rizal, Tandang Sora, etc...

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing, am sure they would in future OR already did in the past instalment. Tbf, Malaysia and Singapore too are not available 😅

    63. Hlaalu Inc.

      When you can understand Queen Dido because you speak Hebrew

      1. ikiga


    64. Selkie_Maiden

      I like the Dutch queen Wilhelmina. She gives off that warm happy granny/auntie vibe 😊🇳🇱

      1. Selkie_Maiden

        @ikiga What? That's nonsense. Nothing wrong with being wholesome.

      2. ikiga

        Ikr, while some complaint bout her being too "cute" when other leaders were more serious I can actually appreciate Wilhelmina design for her being more humane and lovely.

    65. Comrade

      Dutch is so close to English that even without the English subtitles it was pretty easy to tell what Wilhelmina said lol

      1. ikiga


    66. Dean Wait

      Wish there was a cold war expansion

      1. ikiga


    67. N I N O N G

      4:42 lemme translate it "hi once I got nukes say goodbye to your civ"

      1. ikiga

        In short "GG WP HF"

    68. swordicys

      Твои родственники, когда выиграл 1000000 баксов

      1. ikiga


    69. none

      I love how chandraguptra both says his pride and the result that you think

      1. ikiga


    70. TheQueenJess

      Alexander doing a L'Oreal commercial. What a flirt

      1. ikiga

        Hair care done right by Alex before it was cool 😁

    71. MuhamadNor IDHAM예준

      Where is Malacca ? You forgot our best Empire

      1. ikiga

        Parameswara is not available in this series 😅

    72. Nacho Rodríguez

      Girls voice gets higher when they speak with their crush Girls speaking with me: 8:02

      1. Nacho Rodríguez

        @ikiga Good point

      2. ikiga

        No offense but are you sure those are *girls* 😅

    73. stratgeek

      the canadian french is clearly forced lol ps i'm canadian french i know what i'm talking about

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Some liked it while others disagreed that's life I guess 😅

      1. ikiga

        Krzysztof Wartix aite 😁👍🏻

      2. Krzysztof Wartix ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

        @ikiga No problem ;) I'm not expert of history of Poland, but I'm just pole and I talking in polish.

      3. ikiga

        Krzysztof Wartix Thanks for sharing. I am afraid that I have no comment on this, because my historical knowledge in Poland is somewhat lacking. 😅✌🏻

      4. Krzysztof Wartix ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

        @ikiga Nie wiem jak to określić ale jest taki podniosły, trochę nienaturalny. W dodatku słowa "Król Polski." są wypowiedziane niemalże jako groźba. ;)

      5. ikiga

        dlaczego tak myślisz? 🤔💭💭

    74. Snuggles McSquishbottom

      That Alex is such a flirt! He can unravel my gordian knot anytime.

      1. ikiga

        You guys sure hit the local cafe often by the way you call him "Alex" 😅🤭

    75. Trickster

      "i am isis reborn"

      1. ikiga


    76. Rouge Starlight

      The level of work the devs invested in the languages alone is awesome

      1. ikiga


    77. Caffé Mocca

      That Indonesian speak Javanese. Not even I understood what she says . I'd rather read the english subtitle. There are too many languages in Indonesia lol

      1. ikiga


    78. Simone Paz Simon

      Gandhi: "Please, call me a friend" *while flexing his Nukes ready to target your cities when you decline*

      1. ikiga

        also Gandhi: "Having weapon is difference from using it" *Gandhi smirks*

    79. Amin Kodri

      the indonesian queen used the original jawa language very cool

      1. ikiga


    80. Kevin Kurniawan

      Wow Never Thought There's a Indonesia, Plus I'm Also Indonesia Too XD

      1. ikiga

        Termina kasih atas perkongsian anda. Greeting from Malaysia! 🤗🤗🤗

    81. сергей доронин

      0:35 More like... emus of war.

      1. ikiga


    82. whisperedechoes

      I can remember Alexander's intro word for word because he always manages to show up in every new game I make (until the new update). Me and him have beef because he denounces me every other turn for being at peace. Like he got nothing better to do with his time. 🙄

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Tbf almost every leader does that in deity mode. Even Canada 😅

    83. Yoda

      As a Persian, i can understand 90% of Cyrus the great's dialogues

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. Good for ya 😁

    84. ElJorro

      I really like these animations. They're cartoony enough to be entertaining but they also pay attention to history.

      1. ikiga

        Thanks for sharing. While some hated how leaders become cartoonish in Civ V instead of the Civ 5 realistic model, I actually adored these cartoonish design (I played most of the Civs)

    85. Purple Monkey

      Can anyone explain to my why I can never see or hear these? For me they're always static images and text. No animations. No voices. Ever.

      1. ikiga

        Hey there, try advanced graphic settings on the bottom most theres settings for leader animation, maybe liked others yours were off by default.

    86. Aššurbanipal


      1. ikiga

        Assurbanipal 😲😲😁👍🏻

      2. Aššurbanipal

        @ikiga My Ancestor

      3. ikiga

        *Sennacherib smirks*

    87. Otavio Lelio

      Viva Império do Brazil!!!

      1. ikiga

        Império do brasil viva!

    88. c s d t

      You can make marie antoinette, queen of france please??

      1. ikiga

        Hey there, theres no Marie antoinette, queen of france in this game and no I'm not a modder 😅

    89. Melanrez

      9:05 ОООО ПРИВЕЕТ!!!

      1. ikiga

        Добрый день! 😁🤘🏻

    90. pk5l ouip

      Indonesias leader, she speaks Javanese. Which is pretty accurate, she's from majapahit kingdom

      1. ikiga


    91. Hawhyanus Jiwana

      When Indonesia speak Javanese but doesn't feel Javanese and try guess in Balinese but "Samudra" not "Samudre" *EMERGENCY MEETING

      1. ikiga


    92. TheDiscernmentCrisis

      Why do the character model look like sims?

      1. ikiga

        Because Sims is cool 😁

    93. Mad 1

      Me: playing as the US Victoria: introduces herself Me: declares war on Britain Also me: sorry, it’s a habit I have only with you.

      1. ikiga

        Mad 1 ironically hes the one indirectly resulting that 🤭

      2. Mad 1

        @ikiga haha but in reality George the 3rd would’ve been singing that the US will be back

      3. ikiga

        Victoria: ARGHH!...But as long as its the US we're fine 😁

    94. Alejandro Alejandrín

      Don't understand why the leaders of my game aren't animated. They are just static images and had NO dialogue at all! just texts...

      1. ikiga

        Hey there, you might need to check your graphic advanced settings on the bottom most theres setting for leader animation, am suspecting yours turned off as default. Its odd tho since many of us were on by default.

    95. Fedreric Sanchez Burgoa

      0:54 entendi exactamente todo lo que dijo

      1. Gannie Lukks

        It's portuguese, so it's already pretty close to spanish.

      2. ikiga

        gracias por compartir. Bien por usted 😁👏🏻👏🏻

    96. sam oa


      1. ikiga


    97. Kuno Müller

      I just want to hop in here and say that Eleanor is best girl. Now I shall leave again!

      1. ikiga

        Shes fine. Jadwiga & Tomyris 🤗🤗🤗

    98. Alexander Mains

      Must’ve taken forever to get these speeches u never know if a surprise war is declared upon u while ur getting these speeches

      1. ikiga

        Hey there, its easiest to get the greeting, second defeated then they declared war. Hardest was approval and disapproval as you need to meet really specific set of agenda 😅