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    Immerse yourself in the next chapter of Anno 1800’s industrial revolution with three new DLCs in the Season 3 Pass, adding new buildings, features, monuments and a new residential tier to your cities.
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    Anno 1800 - Lead the Industrial Revolution!
    Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age. The path you choose will define your world. Are you an innovator or an exploiter? An oppressor or a liberator? How the world remembers your name is up to you.
    In Anno 1800, players will take charge of their own fortune as they navigate the rapidly evolving technological and malicious political landscape of the 19th century in their quest to build an empire that will stand the test of time.
    Combining beloved features with innovative gameplay in a memorable new setting, Anno 1800 marks the beginning of a new era for the Anno franchise.
    Welcome to the 19th century, a time of industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery, Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies, and challenging allegiances, this era presents the perfect setting for classic Anno gameplay. Anno 1800 provides players many opportunities to prove their skills as a ruler as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, explore, settle new lands, and dominate their opponents by diplomacy, trade, or warfare.
    Anno 1800 combines the beloved features from 20 years of Anno history. It delivers a rich city-building experience, including a story-based campaign, a highly customizable sandbox mode, and the classic Anno multiplayer experience. Anno 1800 will see the return of the beloved features, such as individual AI opponents’ shippable trade goods, randomly generated maps, multisession gameplay, items, and more.
    Leading prosperous metropolises requires you to always adapt your strategy to new situations. Fulfill the needs of your inhabitants by establishing numerous production chains, deal with other AI rulers sharing your world, and ride to prosperity by building a profitable network of trade routes.
    Join the team from Blue Byte in the creation of Anno 1800. Get the latest news, development insights, and behind-the-scenes content on and help us shape the future of the franchise as we regularly invite gamers to share their feedback, vote on features, create content, and test the game during development.
    Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s video game series including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division. The teams throughout Ubisoft’s worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. For the 2019-20 fiscal year, Ubisoft generated net bookings of €1,534 million. To learn more, please visit:
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    Anno 1800: Season 3 Pass Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Strategist Wang

      All this new stuff and no place to build😅

      1. Strategist Wang

        @Cherub the main reason why I stopped playing this game.

      2. Cherub

        right, they need to work on the shitty island issue. they are all too small

    2. Jackson Soon

      Bought all of the dlc, worth every single penny. People go buy and try the game.

    3. Sitzkrieg

      ahhh why cant we get a bloody combat DLC

    4. Hegemonia Legions

      Anno 1800 is by far my favorite game in the series, and I've played them all since Anno 1602. The 19th century is the perfect setting for the series and you've really done amazing things with the dlc for the game.

    5. Ady Bako

      I love you ALL! This is exactly what we wanted! I am so happy for skyscrapers! 💕 I KNEW IT! :P

    6. Lorenzo Gabriel Tan

      Steam Steam Steam

    7. krix pop

      This Season 3 Pass, and the Docklands dlc is just mind-blowing !!! not only brings more more more of cool Anno features but it improves the overall performance ! Amazing work !

    8. adrian delacruz

      i love the the anno games, but i will say citie builder i prefer skyline, but this is really good none the less

    9. Yogi Thedog

      You've been playing for 8 hours... you do know you can turn this off right?

    10. ToadHamz

      I was thinking, what if ubisoft made season 4 pass, and in it one of the DLCs was a pirate themed DLC, where you played as a Anne Harlow, or Jean La Fortune??? food for thought

    11. Hail

      It was about time guys, really unpleasant, I just deinstalled the game :-/

    12. CADAON Ranier

      The Only game I trust in Ubisoft

    13. Ádám Cakó

      This game has no in-game gambling, and the DLC-s actually feel like complementary meals rather than features stripped from the main game. You have to appreciate these things nowadays.

      1. Julián Németh

        I hope that they support the game as long as the DLC's sell well as would Paradox do it.

    14. Akshay Chugh

      Such an underrated game❤️

    15. Soul Prison

      The islands, besides Crown Falls, are already so small with everything we have now and 3 more DLC's to try and cram into already cramped islands? The upgraded Harbor might be cool but I will have to wait to pay for this DLC.

    16. André Sousa

      Love the new docks content! Finally gonna build a harbor worth sightseeing :)

    17. Spam Me

      Bit torn on the aesthetics of High Life, but the habor stuff looks amazing. Tourists ... probably a bit of gimmick mostly, but, okay, fits with what's already there.

    18. Daniel Fang

      Can you kindly bring Anno 1800 back to STEAM?

    19. Don Dodo

      Finally old world updates!

    20. Matthew Jimenez

      If there's gonna be a season 4 I can't wait to see what it is

    21. Willis Read

      I struggle enough just making my islands sustainable. This is gonna kill me

    22. Khoa Nguyễn

      I came

    23. CaligulaTheGreat

      Are they really applying this season pass business model to all of their games now? Is the full price for a triple A video game not enough for them?

      1. OliverPohl Productions

        Not saying I agree with you but they could make it cheaper...but on the other hand money makes the world go round.

    24. Alaa Abdelrahim

      Back to the game soon, well done Anno team

    25. Jasper Clapdorp

      My god this looks amazing!

    26. LAI ZHENG YI Moe

      I want more military stuff... But hey those skyscrapers will do for now

      1. OliverPohl Productions

        I'd love a dreadnought like battleship or a naval training base that could make guns shoot faster or ships faster!

    27. Ruslan


    28. michael bonaiuto

      The BEST game i have ever played

    29. Pixel

      If Airships cant dock at the Empire Tower and deliver tourists and goods I will be a little disappointed.

      1. OliverPohl Productions

        Realistically that would not make much sense

    30. DurosKlav

      Would have my money, but no Steam, no sale.

    31. Major Luker

      Already pre-ordered! Quick, someone knock me out until the 23rd, i can’t wait!

      1. Levi Me

        was it as lame as it looks?

    32. Chris Hamilton

      Most excited for the Port expansion. NEO VENICE TIME

    33. Nate Weller

      Love these games they are all so good. Even 2205!

    34. sungleong

      Skyscrapers in the 1800s??

      1. Emperor Joshmaul

        They started building skyscrapers in New York and Chicago in the early 1880s, so it's feasible. The game's base story is essentially towards the beginning of the Victorian era, so there's a lot of ground to cover.

    35. Beedy KH

      The music at the end is great!!!

      1. Beedy KH

        I found it, Robber Baron Suite - Dynamedion

    36. Pouestah

      Please in the future have someone fluent in English announcing these trailers. It is by no means an attack on these wonderful people and I respect that English is not everyone’s first language. However, as an official trailer I could not understand a single word from two of the announcers.

    37. Beedy KH


    38. serol

      Some substitles just say [INAUDIBLE], haha. I guess Ubisoft couldn't be bothered to ask the devs for the script?

    39. Furrylorian Lord of crop yiff

      Don't have a PC good enough to run it, but as someone who grew up in the Anno games I'm happy to see 1800 get as far as it has.


      Please add more ships to make trades easier to manage and look a bit more realistic 🙏

      1. Andrew

        I would looove more ships

    41. Aleksandrs Sprogis

      Will season pass 3 get available with Ubisoft +?

    42. Vanlalhriatrenga Pachuau 441



      I do wish it was on Ps4

    44. qwertyuiopqwerty112


    45. Alexandre Dub

      Honestly those DLC seems rather poor compare to SP1 and 2. No new region, and many things that seems to be more cosmectics than usefull. Im a bit disapointed with this announce.

      1. Andrew

        No new region because the point is to focus on the Old World. There have been 3 new areas added since the game came out and I believe they weren't even positive there was going to be a season 3.

    46. Sam Fisher

      Hi 👋

    47. Graun

      High rise apartments look bad... more monuments, please! DLCs are cash grab only! Proper Expansion pack please!!!!!

    48. CPY

      How about some new anno with even better optimizations? My fps is already low with current amount of DLCs.

    49. metallPAUL

      i think that the only thing that is missing from this game now are navigable rivers, the ability to turn rivers into cannals

      1. OliverPohl Productions


    50. Sigismundo Russo

      This game is overpriced 3 dlc. You buy 3 games for the same price

    51. Adam Nowak


    52. Matthew Kang

      아 기대된다.

    53. Beam05

      It's a crime this game is so underrated

      1. badfish5447link

        I don’t believe a crime was committed

      2. VitaKet

        Uh it's not underrated... maybe underappreciated but it's a rather niche genre.

      3. Beam05

        @Beedy KH I still think not releasing on Steam is a mistake.

      4. Beedy KH

        People might not buy it because it's not on steam now, and because of its price! But I think it is a great game and it's totally worth the price.

    54. channel nameless

      great another DLC cant buy on steam

      1. Quastroo

        You can buy all dlcs on Steam if you had preordered the main game there

    55. James The Pharaoh

      Lets goooo! I cant wait for this content!!!

    56. Ridge

      This is my favorite game, thx for the new content.

    57. Giovani

      You guys have lacked on watch dogs legion

    58. EB3

      I struggle with keeping my city pretty already. But I love the idea of a proper shipping district

    59. JonatanIssaPR


    60. Shepard

      Amazing stuff team! Pre purchased right away :D

    61. BlazzingHaste Velasco

      What about land battle? You know, like the one from anno. I really like land battle. Please make this a thing.

    62. Adam Chadwick

      Was hoping for additions to the combat e.g. more ships and RTS style mechanics but I’ll take it! But please Blue Byte don’t forget what makes Anno unique. It is a hybrid game that combines city building, trade mechanics and RTS. You know this! Take one of those elements away it is no longer an Anno game in my opinion and I’m a little concerned the RTS is taking too much of a back seat. Indirectly the RTS actually makes the city building more satisfying as you the player are empowered. You have direct control over your domain instead of a generic city builder. You build an empire that has power which in Anno 1800’s case, is in the form of a war fleet but building up your city enables that. It’s a great combination so nurture that side to the game a bit

    63. IgorFr

      What should i learn to become game developer?

      1. metallPAUL

        A programming language or 2d and 3d art skills

    64. Gkh_ Leo0824


    65. Abdullah Nasser

      pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease ADD ARABIC text to the game i have many friend who wouldn't buy the game because of this. :(((((((((((((((((

    66. Kenny Verkerk

      TAKE MY MONEY ANYWAY. I love anno. I would buy all DLC's for anno even there was season pass 100 ;D

    67. Larry Do

      Steam release when?

      1. Emperor Joshmaul

        It was supposed to be, along with... damn near every other Anno game (or Ubisoft game, come to that), but Steam said "Ubisoft told us we can't sell it because of exclusivity, so... we're not".

    68. MrWilliam DeathEsq.

      If even the captions read "inaudible", that person should maybe try to file on their English pronounciation somewhat. I'm thankful that they're doing it, but if you can barely understand what the person is saying, it defeats the purpose somewhat.

      1. Adam Oosthuizen

        I don't know - English isn't even my native tongue and I understood them fine. I think it's more important and shows more pride and authenticity if they speak in their own accents. It's good that they don't try to hide that.

    69. Doc FuManChu

      Those DLC look great. Going to buy the season pass 3 right away.

    70. Sydney G.

      Please include English subtitles. It's very difficult for me to understand some of the people in this video.

    71. Velimirius


    72. Alfie Quirke

      I love this game so much there’s so much to do, I’m struggling to fit all the new stuff onto the original island I’ve had since the game came out 😂

      1. Cherub

        all the islands are too small imo

    73. Felix Kosta

      Cool DLC but... the highlife... that doesnt look good... I dont know, but i like much more the normal investor houses.

    74. Lasstmichdurch

      Anno 1800 is not only the best german game ever developed...imo it is the best Citybuilder-game of all time...

      1. Cherub

        not with those tiny islands with terrible river placement. you cant ever get a city large enough

      2. Elena Jende

        shame on you! you missed out "gothic 1&2" ! Those are the best german games ever developed^^, but Anno is really good

    75. thijs massink

      Looks amazing! Just perfectly what we need to finish such an amazing game! I've been really enjoying Anno, I was really looking for more height in my cities so these dlc's are a perfect addition!

    76. bmoraski

      Sweet !

    77. Jason Stevens

      This is so exciting! I cannot wait to get started with these new expansions! The Harbor cities and docks look absolutely stunning! Keep up the great work!

    78. Michael Wright


    79. Bandit Doggo

      I didnt even know about this game

    80. SLYCOOPER5

      Can someone tell me what type of game this is?

      1. pioneer

        City building but its more like management and empire building

    81. OmegaValwin

      shame you guys wont let me buy it

    82. Greenbelt Playes


    83. Daniel Strasenburg

      where can I pay for this pass right now ? BEST ANNO !!!!!!!!!

      1. Csanád Farkas

        Yep its preorder, first dlc harbor xoming in febr 23 afternoon

      2. pioneer

        Daniel Strasenburg oh ok

      3. Daniel Strasenburg

        @pioneer yup he's right but my ubistore stuck...

      4. pioneer

        Csanád Farkas are you sure?or is it pre order?

      5. Csanád Farkas

        You can buy season 3 in ubistore. Already done that :)

    84. Chris Gomez

      Anyone else fall in love when the beautiful French lady started talking????

      1. Endy Magyar

        No 😅

      2. Leonard Kiefner

        No ?😂

      3. pioneer

        No I could barely understand what she was saying because of her accent

    85. Mateusz Cetnar

      Yay! :D

    86. Luminous

      Please make a Anno again in Future loved the Futuristic Ones more

    87. Allan Solano

      If i get the complete edition of this will i get the 3 passes? Or only the first one?

      1. pioneer

        Latinkon makes sense

      2. Latinkon

        @pioneer At this rate, I won't be surprised if there will be at least yet another season next year for this game. Unless a new Anno were to be released by then.

      3. pioneer

        Balan Petru it actually was

      4. Balan Petru

        @pioneer well, i don't know, even the 3rd season was a surprise.

      5. pioneer

        Balan Petru what?is there only going to be three seasons?

    88. Veritable Vox

      Good, the game isn't over yet. Maybe this means they'll finally try to fix the ubisoft club items we've been locked out of for the last 4+ months...

      1. Beedy KH

        As mentioned in the new update patch notes, this problem has been fixed.

    89. Esp Inn

      This game has so much content haven't even tried all the other DLC's yet. NGL we need bigger islands :P

      1. VitaKet


      2. Kaleem Ramay

        They want you to scale to many islands instead of building mega cities. To ensure that, the game has royal taxes mechanic. If you go over 1,000 population for any tier, you get hit with 1% tax for every 125 population in that tier. So if you try to build one you sort of get punished for it with taxes and make it impossible to actually build a mega city.

      3. Leonard Kiefner

        Unfortunately this is, as the game developers in the recent livestream said, technically not possible

    90. FrostReaper5

      This looks like a whole lot of nothing looks like what would normally be a free update especially after making sellout money. Just like 2/3 of each of the last passes.

    91. WorldFamous Gamer


    92. Hazeem TheGamer

      I think this game looks clean, like an Assassin's creed brotherhood map and also I think everyone should try this game for that. Much Love From Sri Lanka🇱🇰♥️

    93. Neo Baggins

      Played the base version of this for the few months I was trying out the ubisoft subscription service. It was insanely hard for me. But fun and pretty. If it’s anything like Cities Skylines, the DLCs should make it more complex, but also give you options that make aspects of the game easier. The C:S industries make it super easy to make money in the background to fund fixing your mistakes. Sounds like this might be similar. Might pick this up...

    94. Isreal Rosa

      I have never heard of this game how is there already three seasons

      1. Allan Solano

        @SebastianChan9119oh ok i didnt know that part

      2. SebastianChan9119

        @Allan Solano It does when first release, only then there is issue between Ubisoft and Steam make the base game removed from steam.

      3. Allan Solano

        @Latinkon it never was on steam as far as i remember

      4. Latinkon

        Ubisoft pulled it out from Steam.

      5. Allan Solano

        Its been out since 2019 an its like the twelve game on the franchise if im not wrong hahaha

    95. Evan

      Yaaay pretty exciting! *cOugH* also Erwin is cute...ty that is all

      1. pioneer

        Why do you care?

      2. Fedora Connoisseur


    96. Stone Shifter

      hey Ubisoft.. AC Odyssey is absolutely of the best games ever made

    97. AfterGames

      Looks awesome. Keep up the amazing work guys.

    98. revansgc

      Looking forward to it! Thank you for the continued support of the game!

    99. Edwin Castro

      ANNO 🤣🤣🤣

    100. Neo Neanderthal

      Can I own slaves in this game?