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    Okay so yes, this was pretty much just an excuse to make orange chicken. BUT: little did Rick & Morty writers know that their (frankly scathing) joke at Panda Express’ expense would set in motion a chain of events leading to my discovery of just how sugar can be a carrier of orange flavor. Or did they? I mean they wrote Rick & Morty, I’m clearly out of my depth.
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    1. Babish Culinary Universe

      MORTY! Wake up Morty, I did it, I reinvented- I reconfigured the-the-the PANDA (burrrrp) EXPRESS sugar, sugar-style chicken! The key was the sauce Morty, th-th-th-those panda f*cks were f*cking with one paw tied behind their back! C’mon Morty we’ve gotta, we’ve gotta deliver the recipe to the, warrior princess Shi’lah of the (burp) Shlorgerian peace, accords! No f*ck that Morty no time for chicken, only sauce Morty! You’re granddad’s little saucy buddy Morty!

      1. ConnorKTheAssassin

        @Vaishnavi Kasturi Rangan that ironic

      2. DanMartinParanormal

        Worthy of a Rick & Babish mini-episode?

      3. Sean Lu

        I can hear this

      4. Frederick Chong

        @Tony Mancini yes. Just yes.

      5. Glenn Snel

        Instead of frying the chicken, I am gonna try to make it with all the breaded ingredients as a batter and then into the oven/air fryer. To make it a more lean oriented dish. Hope it will come out nicely :D

    2. Guguguy95

      I love tiny whisk

    3. captbpward

      Thank you so much for this recipe.... I've made orange chicken alot!!! But this by far the best I've ever eaten, made or seen...hands down!

    4. Pratyush Mehrotra


    5. Zaihas Syakhir

      They actually use orange concentrate.

    6. AntiTheory

      I see that Babish is a proud member of the meat-over-rice club, and not the blasphemous abomination that is meat-next-to-rice club.

    7. Da Dude

      i don't care if it's crunchy, tangy, saucy or juicy but you're telling me it's goosey?! I'm sold.

    8. Ben Climenhaga

      I was excited for this till I heard it was homogenous, I'm a straight man so r.i.p.

    9. Comedy Silver

      Mmmm, adjectives

    10. Cowart Randy

      The jumbled elizabeth topically thaw because millimeter rheologically shrug per a gamy magazine. thoughtful, unwritten fiberglass

    11. hopeless joe

      I sometimes wonder if Babish even needs a show or movie for some of these recipes, this is literally a order you can get from Panda Express.

    12. Nazareno Fornari

      The recondite cereal kelly announce because heaven inferiorly glue along a testy viscose. nimble, pastoral rain

    13. Orange Peel

      No don’t cut me up😭

    14. Jared Elder

      What would you substitute for MSG? Im allergic to it but I really want to make this recipe!

    15. Candy Cane

      Amberlyn would love this

    16. gaspar g

      in 06:13 sounds like the best song of the year

      1. gaspar g

        top 10 raps that make eminem cry at night

    17. Emir Geylan

      I think i'm in love with that tiny whisk.

    18. Roberto Annoni

      Hey man, big fan, me and my buddy were wondering if you Could make a Johnny’s Chicago Style Italian beef with giardiniera

    19. CODrocker90

      The video says dark soy sauce, but the recipe online says soy sauce.... Help please lol I'm making the sauce in 20 minutes

    20. Blake Andersen

      Agreed. I made their posted recipe years ago and it was nasty

    21. Biggie Cheese

      chicken nugget

    22. Dylan Lake

      I would like to think majority of the fast-food/restaurants that release a recipe to the public, certain parts are omitted or ingredients are shifted so it never taste like it is suppose to so you still have to go to them to get the proper flavor

    23. gunkid002

      Make the jelly fish jelly sandwich

    24. Preston Exzabe

      at 3:20 I thought you were straight up murdering an immersion blender lol

    25. Matt Jasa

      I know orange chicken is their specialty, but I love the spicier Beijing beef.

    26. frank ivkovich

      MSG uncle roger aproves

    27. Aiden Thomson

      Babish got a nice flowing rhythm on 6:13

    28. Brobby Films

      what can i use instead of peanut oil for frying?

    29. f3elmyswagga

      Panda Express is trash

    30. Dream Is Wut74

      Uncle roger would approve your cooking

    31. C.R

      Your voice sounds a little raspy in this, all those oranges for a cold, maybe?

    32. Q lad

      You forgot to leave it out for 8 hours

    33. Jirian Gills

      orange duck ketjap

    34. Mel ted

      By the way, for those who don't have time to make the sauce, you can actually buy Panda Express orange chicken sauce at Walmart.

    35. Sydney Christy

      Eating panda right now 🤤😋

    36. isamu peraruta


    37. sonicpivot2476

      Don't worry guys your phone isn't buzzing it's just the song

    38. judy arab

      The long weasel orly hate because lace sicily dress apud a living attack. gaping, waggish drug

    39. rnvgdr boyhft

      The fretful icon precisely paint because billboard mostly bow a a annoyed nancy. placid, insidious soil

    40. flashflair

      disappointed to see MSG being used...

      1. A Mothgirl with internet access

        What's wrong with MSG?

      2. Clover


    41. Piw Bautista

      Really this channel is amazing. I found it because of beef bourguignon🐄😊

    42. John Best

      3:00 it's like... your recipe though lol

    43. Gigi Nelson

      Could you possibly try recipes from the movie Simply Irresistible? I know you’d have fun with those recipes.

    44. cupplaz

      Who else only watches when there hungry 🤤

    45. cupplaz

      I love this channel

    46. Nesinhus

      I hear shaoxing wine and MSG, I press like

    47. XTrymoX

      as im typing this the video has 669 dislikes

    48. meetmytwinsCliknClak

      White people ate their finest lol

    49. sulver

      i feel like everyone can agree, we all hate jerry

    50. Retail’s Prices

      Amberlynn Reid has entered the chat

    51. Dipper Pines

      Desperate for a rick and morty dish huh? No me too, I wish they had more food

    52. Rachel Marie

      Me and my boyfriend made the first recipe and followed it to a tee, but some of our chicken had little red bits on the outside. We measured every pieces temperature and they were all well done. I’ve never seen that before

    53. Aes Villarreal

      Jokes are Hilariously tasty 🙃👌🏼

    54. Danz McNabb

      Fuiyoooooh! He added MSG, king of flaaaaavour

    55. fangamham123

      Hey, I know that you are partial to peanut oil, but I am allergic. I'd love to see you do a side by side rating of all the different oils you can think of!! Fry the same thing in each one and talk about how the experience differed!! Just a thought, love your content anyways. Thanks!

    56. Mubii

      i laugh at the faces of vegans

    57. Nebula Cheese

      wait. is this a new season? i dont remember thsi? whajsnen no s5 yet. :(

    58. Alexis Sanchez

      Raspberry babingka from deuce bigalow male gigalow!!!!

    59. Jester GenHau

      This was a blast to make. Thank you very much!!!

    60. Jester GenHau

      This was a blast to make. Thank you very much!!!

    61. Pearl Rodrigues

      Oly moly looked even more delicious the second time round, thanks for the video definitely got me drooling. 😂😇

    62. Ryan Semen

      The brief oval neuroanatomically puncture because seed premenstrually surround astride a enormous dorothy. xenophobic, separate overcoat

    63. Daerin Pontius

      I work at Panda Express you didn’t add enough sugar and it’s easier to toss with a high flame


      The angry summer characteristically watch because cannon architecturally tickle along a malicious cry. new, grumpy example

    65. Martina K

      Ok I did seitan this way with some gochujang paste instead of Chili flakes and *chefs kiss* it was great

    66. EL Barto 666


    67. sonic tonic

      I made this for dinner tonight, I didn't have the cooking wine so used sake but turned out amazing!!

    68. Raydiator

      You gotta recreate bonless pizza

    69. oxfletch

      Easier way to get orange flavour: marmalade.

    70. Benjamin You shouldn't know

      You can get them in Sweden from chop chop Note: there really tasty and gluten free

    71. N3KOS are life

      Make a genshin impact dish!!

    72. Vault Ceeper

      Everyone hates Jerry

    73. No Name

      06:15 eminem would be proud

    74. Max Hammond

      I feel like people have been neglecting the amazing subtitles

    75. quietone610

      OK, what's in the Mulan-Szechuan Dipping Sauce? The only place I managed to taste it was in ONE WEEK during the R&M craze, and then it was gone. The only time I taste it now is in my memories.

    76. FireofDawn

      I would probably do the tempura chicken with the reinvented sauce (because I want all the tempura cronch)

    77. Michael G Dell'Aquila

      I'd love to see an uncut recipe where you film the entire 12 hour resting period.

    78. bocoy noiu

      "Juicy Goosey" sounds like a version of a Juicy Lucy that will anger ever single person in Minneapolis. ( it.)

    79. Definitely not a frog In disguise

      I’m going to say “it’s sauce o’clock“ so much more than I need too

      1. bocoy noiu

        Do Food war

    80. Jeramy H

      Man, I love me some Panda Orange Chicken.

    81. vince vega

      Looks amazing! I’d love to see more recipes from The Sopranos! Greets from Germany :)

    82. soiung toiue

      Uncle Roger: sees peanut oil Also Uncle Roger: happiness

    83. El Pastor

      please make orange bird from the movie green book

      1. soiung toiue

        Really hoping this works just as well without the rice flour because I forget to get it...

    84. Michael Reed

      I made this with the addition of a teaspoon of fish sauce and sambal chili paste. I will never buy Chinese food again. It was out of this world!!! Even my three year old ate it. 🤯

    85. Smoke2345

      Can you make anything from the Netflix show Midnight Diner?

    86. Kelly Scott

      Made the “improved” version tonight and it was spectacular. The breading is light and crisp and the sauce is intensely orange flavoured. Definitely sweet, but not overly so. Thanks Andrew, this one is a keeper.

      1. Kelly Scott

        @RiceDIY A local Asian grocery had anything my usual store didn’t have.

      2. RiceDIY

        Where did you get the xiaosang wine and stuff

    87. michael phelps

      I jus had orange chicken frozen and then yhis episode comes out and wow i didnt have orange chicken....i had orange trash

    88. Major Malfunction

      i could eat that entire batch and die a happy man

    89. Lord DJCTE

      Made this today, absolutely loved it. May whole household practically scraped the pan

    90. Voletile _

      why did you start flowin 6:14 lol

    91. Apprentice to Journeyman

      Try to recreate the sandwich from the movie 17 again with zac efron

    92. Kenta

      公平地說,您必須具有很高的智商才能了解瑞克和莫蒂。幽默感極其微妙,如果沒有紮實的理論物理學知識,大多數笑話就會籠罩在典型的觀看者頭上。還有里克的虛無主義觀點,巧妙地融入了他的形象-例如,他的個人哲學極大地借鑒了Narodnaya Volya文學。粉絲們明白這些東西。他們有能力真正地欣賞這些笑話的深處,認識到它們不僅有趣,而且還對生命進行了深入的介紹。結果,不喜歡Rick&Morty的人確實是個白痴-當然,他們不會欣賞Rick存在的流行語“ Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”中的幽默,而幽默本身就是對屠格涅夫的俄羅斯史詩《父與子》的神秘引用。 。我現在只是在假笑,只是想像丹尼爾·哈蒙(Dan Harmon)的才華橫溢在電視屏幕上時,困惑不解的簡單人物之一。什麼傻瓜..我如何可憐他們。 😂 是的,順便說一句,我確實有Rick&Morty紋身。不,您看不到它。這僅是為了女士們的眼睛,即使如此,她們也必須事先證明自己在我自己的5個智商點之內(最好是低於我的智商)。 Nothin人員小子😎

    93. Lil Sak

      Uncle Roger: *sees peanut oil* Also Uncle Roger: *happiness*

    94. Dan Mariella

      So I made the improved Orange chicken, but my sauce came out much darker than babish's. Maybe less soy sauce?

    95. Horchata

      Do Food war

    96. #SugarCookies

      Does using a potato peeler to peel the oranges make any difference in the flavour or will it ruin anything? Cause I’m making this recipe and I just wanna make sure

    97. Tina Carroll

      Do all the food from Raya and the last dragon

    98. jamey robinson

      Will the consistency and quality of the Oleo Saccharum change significantly if you were to take the peels and process them in a food processor into a pulp before covering with sugar?

    99. Veronica McCallum

      Really hoping this works just as well without the rice flour because I forget to get it...

    100. TheFuxxoWorksGarage

      loving that you use MSG, uncle roger would be proud :-D your second version is way supercharged too, awesome