5 Rocket Launches That Went Horribly Wrong


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    5 Rocket Launches That Went Horribly Wrong!
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    Rocket launches are one of the most impressive feats of mankind. But, things don't always go according to plan and sometimes you have a rocket launch failure. Here are 5 rocket launches gone wrong!
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    10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures!
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    1. Underworld

      All of these rockets were unmanned. Nobody was inside any of these. We purposely did not include any fails that involved people inside the rockets for a lot of reasons. Just wanted to clarify that for anybody who was wondering!

      1. Major Tom

        I am sure if it was a recent video, SN8 launch might would have been added

      2. Whale Man

        That’s real life people die

      3. Whale Man

        The last few comments are right I don’t know why people care


        Well I was wondering...

      5. Joseph Calhoun


    2. pubg gamer

      China world jokers living that country

    3. Sammuel Williams

      Did y’all know space is fake

    4. Fun With Shade

      2:42 are you sure about that?

    5. Hermann Olai Lind Pedersen

      Video 2 seen out a metiorit bro

    6. Wow Molida

      Omg wow

    7. XD foxy Tate


    8. Eliza McGuire

      Who else wanted to go to space but after watching this you don’t want to anymore?

    9. Shuttle Gaming

      The first one usually when they launch a rocket I can see it over my house and we never saw it so we looked at the live stream and saw it falling down

    10. PK Jimitastic

      You should’ve put in the challenger

    11. JunoKeijsers

      You forgot Challenger disaster

    12. NO NAME BGM

      Then where is my toy rocket😂😂

    13. The Gacha Professor

      The camera man never dies.

    14. sans

      You vs brain out

    15. Danielle Clay

      tats not a rocket ship thats a nuclear bomb

    16. Jennifer Alsindy

      "yea!... oh"

    17. Emir Athar Akmal Saleh

      rockets ( when failed ) nuke

    18. Vxxg YouTube

      I don't want much for myself. I just want reading this be healthy, happy and loved.Wishing you a good day 💗

    19. Nabz_vz 1

      that money wasted making rockets

    20. Arica Swigart

      Omg good grief I hoped if there was people In there I would hope they were still alive

    21. Exitzza

      R. I. P the people on those rockets

    22. Ali TheMaster432

      welp that goes 1 billon dollars

    23. Loingamba Aheibam

      3:42... 'Wohhhh'

    24. MaGmen

      China: Write that down

    25. Ansh Aggarwal

      No. 3 was like " phat ke flower ho gaya"

    26. Joseph Simmons

      3:28 nuclear missile

    27. Nasr Eddine

      China Roket 2021 China - Roket lost Control Moroco: We have 3% chance to die ! We are safe India: We have 80% chance To die (noooooooooooooooooo) U.S.A: We Have Anti-Air Baybyyyyyy !

    28. Kiezerjira

      N1 Soviet Moon Rocket: hahahaha so funny


      Congrats to 600k

    30. SkiiyGacha

      Poor countries, nasa wanted to deliver stuff and it literally exploded, and China launched a rocket that was supposed to come back but the 21 ton and rocket got separated and went into different directions, Russia wanted to launch a rocket and in 17 seconds it exploded 600 ton of toxic gas and toxic substances, JPS-IIR1 (I don’t remember the name-) when it took off it blew up 13 seconds after, and I can’t type anymore my hands are literally tired- I’m in pain but have a great day

    31. 父父亗ďìøñ亗

      U know long march 5b?😂

    32. Blanca Franco

      Not Good

    33. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

      hope everyone who sees this is having a great day and if you aren’t i hope it gets better soon 💖 IM NOT A BOT

    34. tupolev 144

      There's no space shuttle challenger and columbia

    35. woof

      anyone else find this in their recommendations after the Chinese launch?

    36. Faze Nicky FF


      1. Zylice Liddell

        It landed near the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

      2. Something IGuess2

        Here’s your answer. It has, but we are looking for the debris.

    37. I existed since yesterday

      It’s happened again lol

    38. Addie cool

      In the 4 one it looked so little to make the big explosion 😀?

    39. [WWS]brallan_killer4

      3:20 reminds me of a nuke

    40. George Yeung

      This is why I want to be in mission control

    41. Piyush Mittal

      kgup.info/get/qKprYW2qrKhunmo/video To see real footage of falling into ocean🌊

    42. Piyush Mittal

      kgup.info/get/qKprYW2qrKhunmo/video To see real footage of falling into ocean🌊

    43. Osasere Gamer girl_yt

      hi I’m so scared

    44. hen. ledi

      And top 6 china’s rocket

    45. Drk luciferzzz gaming

      6:00😂it's like a fire cracker

    46. ElizaUK Samad

      Poor birds running for their life..

    47. Salty_Tenders_ -_-

      All you can do is just wait for the sonic boom wave

    48. مرتضى الزيادي الحجيمي

      منو اجة بعد سقوط صاروخ الصين

    49. Godzilla

      POV: You searched up the Chinese rocket and found this video

      1. Eron Neziri

        I didn't lol

      2. Joshua Brown


      3. мистер голди


      4. Jesper Svensson

        @schleichUKgirl X i dont find that funny

      5. schleichUKgirl X

        No i searched “twin tower accident“ 😆

    50. DropShot

      Chinese Rocket

    51. Roman Reigns

      Who’s else is here bc of the Chinese rocket?

      1. abdobasaj

        I'm the head of the table

    52. Grace

      Lololol now there’s a rocket falling down to earth. Luckily it landed in the Indian Ocean

    53. Archie Gulizia

      Forgot about the challenger explosion and appolo 13

    54. raaz Knr

      ചൈനയുടെ വീണോ?

    55. Morde Gable

      Currently waiting for the chinese rocket to crash down...gettin out the popcorn.

      1. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        It kinda isnt funny you should take this drill very seriously and not fucking around humanity is at risk

    56. Yummy Marik

      Moments Before Chinese Rockets hits earth

    57. Wepiee

      Who is watching this before the China rocket hits the earth

    58. hans müller

      Starting at 8:22 -> he just keeps on talking, like nothing happened.

    59. SHY SHYLOH


    60. nikki hess

      i watched the first one blow up in person it was awesome lmfao

      1. official_ toluse


    61. War Robots Leader

      DAM IT CHINA!!!!!!😡😡😡

    62. Auritro

      9:31 How do Chinese rockets sound when they take off

    63. Auritro

      5:40 That's not a rocket launch failure, it's just a firework exploding.

      1. Yes Gawd

        @TheRealDefaultBrudda they was joking lol

      2. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        @shionixx kids think it's a firework

      3. shionixx

        @TheRealDefaultBrudda obviously.

      4. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        That is a rocket explode:/

    64. Falcon 454

      Nice ,,, ! Commercials commercials commercials...boobtube 😡tu madre !

    65. Falcon 454

      Wow @3:35 ...where the F##k do I get those “the good stuff “ fireworks from ?💥💥💥😁 but unfortunately someone could get seriously killed 😬😒

      1. Falcon 454

        @TheRealDefaultBrudda 🙄

      2. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        Why the hell do u guys think these are fireworks?

    66. ༒ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ༒

      And the chines rocket :’D

    67. Andrew Bailey

      All the people must’ve died in that big explosion

    68. Hamza Alghazawi

      The 2nd vid is cool it looks like a asteroid

    69. Hamza Alghazawi

      When is Toyota developing a rocket engine????

    70. Sonic シ


      1. Let me live my life and change my name and pfp.


      2. mehran anwari


    71. Jhahah Hwhehe

      China's gonna be on the list soon

      1. Martin Jake mike Fay

        @ClipZy it landed in India 😭😭😭😢😢

      2. ClipZy

        @Martin Jake mike Fay where is it landing

      3. Sulibody

        @Haroun Ali من متى انت اجنبي؟🙃

      4. Haroun Ali

        @Sulibody هلا

      5. Pondsy


    72. Robert Frady

      Absolutely nobody Russia's seeing rockets crash Hahahhahahahahahahhaha

      1. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        Should people be offended?

    73. Din Din

      Amagain being those people 1:30

      1. TheRealDefaultBrudda

        Is this a joke is so it isnt funny people legit died

    74. Din Din

      1:32 looks like a Minh nuke just failed

    75. Obed

      So who is here in 2021 when u hear the news of the rocket falling to us

      1. Janakaj Nansb


      2. Pear


      3. 503 guanaca


    76. callmehniyaah

      Ok so we are not gonna talk about the fact it turned day to night at 1:09

    77. Jswat

      I actually was waiting for the first one but never saw it and soon found out it had exploded.

      1. callmegab

        @Casey Stephens we are safe tho

      2. Casey Stephens

        Now we have a dam Chinese rocket bout to hit us

    78. Travis

      this title shold be "fireworks that are rockets" XD

    79. arronb18

      #5 was were I lived I was scared when that happened lol

    80. Meg H.

      Underworld:it turns from exciting to devastating Me:nah all these fails are amazing except the ones with people in it Like if you agree 👇🏻

    81. Leticia Longati

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    82. Curtis Lui (lui1401)

      sigh... made in China NEVER works.

    83. Laurannys Guerra

      The 4 one is like I don’t like space I like earth

    84. Jehdeiah De Gala

      4:26 is kinda like chernobyl but they didn't have to evacuate 5 countries.

    85. Flávio walter Ansaldi

      Incompetência humana

    86. Nickiller

      its a rocket thats why it explodes dum dum

    87. Ixidor Palalon

      dude 1 i a nuke

    88. Ixidor Palalon

      the won that was 2010 was like a firework

    89. MarsFKA

      4:56 Talks about Proton rockets. Shows a Space shuttle launch. Time for me to go. PS Down vote for you.

    90. Cooper P

      How was it being controller if there was no body inside it?... Was it being controller by the launch pad or somethin?

    91. Keith Faulk

      Shit happens!!

    92. Linus Pog Tips

      i thought these are rockets for space not for war

    93. Brxken_hxters

      If a plane Explodes in space Does everything fall tho the ground-?

      1. YahiaB

        it just burns up before it gets to earth

      2. Apoca

        Pretty sure it just burns up

    94. Brxken_hxters

      How are these people watching so calm tho-

    95. Ranga Ranga

      Excellent work sir my county in india 👍

    96. making house in minecraft xdsmash

      First is space shuttle i saw

    97. Jacky boi

      wow these people are really bad at Kerbal Space Program

    98. lindalewendling

      The AJ 26 is a super old Soviet engine, and it had been in storage for many years. (The Antares is made by Northrop Grumman)

    99. Jamie LaCourse

      You have to admit the Soviets are great at making explosions.....

    100. Mr shawn

      Anna vera level