Smacking Lake Trout - Tricks & Toys - Northern Manitoba

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    I realize there is an excessive amount of things and gear going on here. Nothing beats the Aqua Vu for seeing fish behaviour. Enjoy your hours on the water with however complicated you make it.
    ►For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:
    ►Equipment used:
    Otter Resort Hub Shelter -
    Aqua Vu HD7i -
    Kalin's Jerk Minnow -
    ReelBait Tourney Jig 1/4oz -
    40# Power Pro braided line -
    45" Medium Heavy Haat Rod -
    Shimano Curado 71HG Reel -
    Vexilar FLX Flasher -
    Strikemaster Honda Ice Auger 10" -
    Main Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Crappy GoPro Knockoff:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
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    1. Ian Jacques

      The first one is a medium!!!

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      Awesome video that was fun man I wish I was there keep up the great work love your video thank you very much

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      3 years later still watching the goat's vids over and over.

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      fishing in canada is cheating. I swear you could cast into the trees and catch fish

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      Buddy Canadian tire makes the drill adapter for your ice screws. No more hand screwing

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      Why do u let it go eat it

    15. top pebbles

      Why do you melt all the snow off the ice, is it just for visibility? Just curious

    16. Mikael Ranta Outdoors

      Who else is watching these videos getting stoked for the ice season!

    17. FloBass

      If the amount of work that goes into ice fishing wasn't enough, you have to go and throw a full fledged TV show on top of it all by yourself. I'll take some of whatever you're having!

    18. Bo Anderson

      I like yo cut G

    19. Feral Phil

      yew. a lake trout is dfntly on my bucket list for upcoming seasons. For now im mostl fishing browns in local waters. If anyone would like to give my vids a chance. :) Would highly appreciate it.

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      Couldn't watch your video because if your douche bag hiar. Ass wipe.

    28. Sharksafterdarkfishing

      You may never read this but I just got the exact rod (45mh haatrod) and was wondering who makes the case you were carrying your rod in?

    29. xyber6

      Dude you look like a skinnier jack black haha looking great man.

    30. Yo Dan

      I hate when people catch tasty fish and toss it back. wtf

    31. Chain Smoke

      Smart for blowing snow on the ice. Seen for the first time.

    32. SD bassing

      The ice is beautiful

    33. Levi Stull

      So I don’t understand, how thick is that ice? I feel like that heat would break it, but I’m not from the cold so I wouldn’t know

      1. Levi Stull

        Eddie Lu okay, thank you, I’ve seen ice that thick before so I wouldn’t know

      2. Eddie Lu

        Levi Stull it’s like 2 feet or something if you drove a tank on that ice it wouldn’t break lol

    34. Otto Smith

      what depth are you at?

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    48. Tyrelcobain03

      Has anyone told you that you kinda look like Jack black?

    49. David Gearardo

      This reminds me of growing up in michigan, o haven't been ice fishing in a shanty in 35 years, hell I haven't even seen a frozen lake in 30 lol, down south now. But I used to love popping the ice and freezing my balls for pike, and perch, and Wally's.

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      Uncut angling has the best fishing videos, popular you tubers have 19 minute videos and 5 minutes of fishin

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    57. Anton Dahl

      Don't talk about "smacking" lake trout or any fish or game. It is disrespectful to these fine creatures. Grow up. Yet your shows are excellent as is your knowledge. Please take this criticism constructively. Thanks.

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      Anyone know what shelter he’s running?

    65. Robert Keeton

      I realize that this video is damn near 2 years old, but I can't tell you how much I would love to have this opportunity. I live near Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and I am two hours south of Erie, but I have only been there twice and never during the winter, and we don't have too many lakes that actually freeze over in our area, especially lakes that I would trust to walk on. I also realize that you're not on Lake Erie, I'm just using that as a reference as to where I live. It hasn't been that cold for the past 10 years during the winter (even during that polar vortex, we had hardly any lakes actually freeze over), so I've never been ice fishing. I plan to try this year.

    66. James Mckinney

      My question is why aren't u keeping these trout u are catching. Nice thick fillets too? xD I don't get it bro? lol

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      If you look at Manitoba on google maps there are legit no roads or highways or anything. 90% of the region is ALL lakes and forest it’s unbelievable to see an environment like that. I’m from Rhode Island USA and I would LOVE to move out here and join Aaron!!

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      Hey Aaron, wouldn't it work to pull up water and dump it on the ice to make the snow melt?

      1. Uncut Angling

        Grant, maybe on a warm day, but when it’s cold, the water freezes to the ice in a chalky color (no matter how loud the propane heater is singing)

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