Minecraft, But Every Drop is Random...


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    so i played a Minecraft, But Every Drop is Random... 🤪
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    1. REE EEE

      You could've crafted a shield but its alr

    2. Orbitzz

      Technically, you got 5.20224697127 likes.


      What happened to the UHCs?

    4. Kristina Georgieva


    5. Brandon Wirtz

      Me: Looks forward to relaxing Minecraft video. Kiingtong: We get fish from these and obviously we can’t make fish sticks in this game.

    6. Rakshit Sanghi

      but wasnt the blaze rods supposed to be randomized too


      But why?

    8. Alison Thomas

      The romantic close proximally connect because plantation atypically pack unlike a vulgar booklet. precious, pumped actress

    9. Caryn Platt

      Hey bro this is my first vid watching of yours and you seem really cool so I'm going to sub to you I already liked the vid

    10. Nino The burrito

      This vid is so pog

    11. Deven Attale

      You should start off with 3.15 likes

    12. HazelTacy

      can you go back to old skin??

    13. Tewqy_

      We dont have a diamond pick axe me staring at the diamonds

    14. gavin gouveia

      2:10 Will.exe has stopped working

    15. SekkieGaming

      ok, but what did the dragon drop?

    16. Advaith Sajikumar

      when did he get a god apple

    17. ItzSwitfy

      It hurts watching you break cactus because when you break a tall cactus you went from the top

    18. 🏈Austindpro✔️

      I love your videos

    19. _

      Kiingtong is my favorite youtuber ever

    20. Rene Wiley

      PLES whats the seed if u tell me I'll subscribe :

      1. HazelTacy


    21. Mindy Hard-Farrish


      1. HazelTacy


    22. Jacc Jacc33

      congrats on 2.15 million last tme i watched was 235k subs

    23. Elizabeth Afton

      I clicked on this video faster than bakugou beating up deku,

    24. ft. freddy

      This part got me 7:06

      1. ft. freddy

        And this part got me 7:30

    25. tinyturtlett1005

      Pov you mine diamonds and get stone

    26. Ana Juarrez

      Dis anyone else realized that kiingtong had diamond didn't make diamond tools

    27. nurseali47

      Maybe you could get a poisonous arrow

    28. nurseali47

      Why don't you get the first pick sword

    29. Benny Rosenubsch

      brooo I love these

      1. sokin jon

        Hey I am a new subscriber when I watched this video I directly clicked on your channel and subscribed

    30. bayley forbes

      How did you do this you are a pro

    31. Ines Vermot

      I might be the only one but how did he went from 5 to 12 ender pearls in like 2 seconds????

    32. DarkEmo

      How do people do this?

    33. Payed Processing

      Randomizer!!! So happy this is back! These and lucky blocks are my favorite

    34. Reggie Mason

      Who missed the old Randomizer UHC days? Please bring it back for at least one vid.😥😥😥😥😥😥

    35. Lakshya Sharma

      How do you not fall down when you literally are in the Nether

      1. Lakshya Sharma

        When you pearled

    36. Hadzzx YT

      Who else is here at 666k views....

      1. dolita windo

        every gangster until he respawns the dragon using the crystals

    37. WoT time

      Is being a lot of time sins I saw your videos

    38. Firefighter72

      finally another randomizer i missed this

    39. Ali Ali


      1. abbsnn cose

        Kiingtong: let's aim for 6.3 likes Amount of likes: 45K

    40. Shu-Ching Chan

      You speak Chinese?

    41. Shu-Ching Chan

      King tong are you Martin?

    42. Jennie Bean

      Does any one remember when he was at 300k subs He has come a long way keep it up

    43. bilishu aliss

      Ah of course the creeper head is just what he wanted. Cultured man. Happy the randomizers are back!


      Iron golem drops iron block XD

    45. Nada Chidiac

      Hey I am a new subscriber when I watched this video I directly clicked on your channel and subscribed

      1. bilishu aliss

        @Kiingtong can you make a discord server?

    46. Filthy Acts At A D4C

      HmmM.. Yes ice is fake diamonds hmm


      We hit it wil

    48. Xian Doblon

      8:30 lol he is super lucky

    49. Climax Killer AMVs

      13:30 at this point he is more op than the dragon.

    50. hvoojcc .Mohammad Ismail Hossain

      Nice to see good

    51. bilinas mini

      every gangster until he respawns the dragon using the crystals

    52. Samurai XT5 894

      7:32 ELLLOOOO-

    53. Cabbage the Pog Duck

      Did Kiing just get a new skin or have I just not noticed it yet, but hey I like it

      1. bilinas mini

        Nice skin

    54. Josh Chalker

      Hey my name is Kingston

    55. EricPlayzGamez

      Kiingtong: let's aim for 6.3 likes Amount of likes: 45K

    56. Deangela DiMaggio-Willis


    57. Shema TV

      i like your new skin kiingtong!

    58. Chris

      Ruby uhc and

    59. Arthur Schoevaart

      Yesss its back

    60. zombie warfare

      These Videos are so mich better than uhc

    61. Lucas Barfield

      @Kiingtong can you make a discord server?

    62. kiki

      the real question is if you cant beat the ender dragon

    63. WilliamChanWN

      What about silk touch????

    64. Udnaa Chuluunbaatar

      Peck peck

    65. Mummy._.ko._.fallaying._.chappal


    66. Raizhen Jhon Tagle

      Is the skin new🤷‍♂️

    67. alexb2513

      parkour creepers

    68. iuygvv Jansen

      haha c was cool

    69. KoolKidz!

      Nice skin

    70. Tal Rides

      I remember when wisp n kinington played uhc

    71. Saban Kidder

      I am so happy he is back and then I saw him I what to watch him

      1. Saban Kidder

        I love you with your minecraft

    72. Boy Boy

      day 2 of commenting until kingtong pins my comment

    73. Jason Robbins

      i love your vids

    74. Rhanam O’Brien

      It’s good to be back but we need to have uhc

    75. Graham Lee

      E+pric lee

    76. Liam Najarro

      your skin nah i like the other one change it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    77. The Terminator

      So it is like randomizer

    78. RSP SubZeroッ

      I have been watching you for 9 years

    79. Susan Weston

      44k likes congrats

    80. John Cain


    81. Shauka Hodan

      Will: puts down end crystals to use against the dragon Me: someone doesn't watch Dream's manhunts

    82. Tahira Parveen

      Uhc plzz we miss it and also your skin I like yor old skin and vedios fast

    83. Sharna Graham-cross


      1. Shauka Hodan

        like a person with only 2 million subscribers could get 6.3 likes pffft dream on lmao

    84. Lia Morrissey


    85. Manohar Kamble

      He's dumb he should have put 4 beds beside the end crystals

    86. Fox Champ

      That like goal is pretty tough. Even i cant get it

    87. Ghast

      This is 6.3 million likes aim Hit it!!

    88. Paul Lisa

      Wow.. I've been here since 200k Will has Grown a lot.

    89. Eduardo Mascioli de Albuquerque

      You called gamer react

    90. Wizzle

      nooo he changed the skin don’t like this one

    91. Manny mendoza cuba


    92. kITER ツ

      Its been 4 months since I watched him.. man it feels good to watch him again

    93. Rhiannon Samuels

      your videos are trash

    94. aurora lol

      why cant you go back to uhc

      1. aurora lol

        and wat happend to your old costume

    95. Rosey Art

      By “6.3” likes he meant 6300

    96. D Kaur

      Skin looks different

    97. akhil reddy

      WILL can you make a face reveal

    98. Amber Foxi

      Is it just me who noticed but did he changed his skin?

    99. Syncroh 23

      like a person with only 2 million subscribers could get 6.3 likes pffft dream on lmao