If Lockdown Saves Just ONE Life...

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    How can anybody value the economy above human life? Should we be willing to halt economic progress if it saves just one life? Well, as Ron finds out, the "economy" is just the name we used to describe the actions of millions of human beings, producing and trading goods & services with each other.
    All of our lives DEPEND upon the economy.
    When people aren’t allowed to work and produce, they’re made poorer, unhealthier, and unhappier. Also, slowing down production has major consequences, like rising rates of global and domestic food insecurity. In this sense, lockdowns may be causing more deaths than they’re preventing. If that’s the case, we should end them to save lives.
    Written by Seamus Coughlin, Tyler Brandt, and Sean W. Malone
    Animated by Seamus Coughlin
    Produced & Edited by Sean W. Malone
    fee.org/articles/4-life-threatening-unintended-consequences-of-the-lockdowns/ (edited)

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    1. I don’t like humans Shut up

      Not only that but there is only a 0.00001% chance they you would actually die from covid

    2. Douglas Strother

      "How To Be More Obedient" ~ J. P. Sears kgup.info/get/g35mm22xkWt6gHs/video

    3. Douglas Strother

      "Lockdowns Are Serial Killers. End them Now." ~ David Solway November 22, 2020 www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/lockdowns_are_serial_killers_end_them_now.html

      1. Douglas Strother

        "Can We be Allowed to be Adults, Please?" ~ Shawn Antoine July 6, 2020 www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/07/can_we_be_allowed_to_be_adults_please.html

    4. Dennis

      Rightwing: Intellectually honest truth seekers Leftwing: Willfully blind virtue signallers

    5. Burnt Krow

      Feed the Algorithm!

    6. Goattacular

      This video is proof that propaganda can be used for good. Remember, just because something is propaganda doesn't necessarily mean it's untrue.

    7. Florida Man

      I LOVE IT! Saving just one life has never been so freeing.

    8. Gemini66

      So, I guess at this point we should just reopen everything and whoever dies, dies?

      1. Dennis

        So, I guess at this point we should just stay closed and whoever dies, dies?

      2. Common Sense Soapbox

        We should allow people to take precautions that make sense for themselves, their families, their customers, etc., and stop trying to impose a one-size-fits-all solution on everyone everywhere all the time. It literally doesn't work, and the costs are astronomical. We should also recognize that almost half of all the deaths have been people in nursing homes, which most states with the worst problems have not only done a *terrible* job of protecting, they've proactively sent infected people into those facilities (NY, NJ, PA, MI, etc. all did this). With a more targeted strategy, we can protect the most at-risk people without causing such incredible destruction everywhere else.

    9. Crabby & Chips

      Wow, I've never actually heard fron this side of the lockdown, good to know I guess

    10. Йосиф Сталин

      This shouldn’t even be a debate The government has absolutely no right to lock people in their homes

    11. In Otter Words

      Are the mental health crisis really more likely to be caused by not being able to go out to restaurants, rather than, say, the virus raging throughout the country?

    12. Mr Bubble

      The representation of the Earth was not Earth-chan... 0/10

    13. Raul Pestonit Jr

      when the USA of all places is starving you know everything is screwed

    14. karlazeen

      You didn't answer how we keep people safe while at the same time keeping the economy from crashing, why?

    15. NEST Media

      Hi bob, Im currently in highschool that reasearching. Also love this video. By the way I watched the homeschool video and I agree. Im in homeschool right now and I learn more because of that. Im going to be a religouse parent one day and the need to be educated or morally educated.

    16. Khurana Evan

      Simple solution. 100% reopening, everyone can pick and choose exactly how careful they want to be. The government should be used solely to provide information and keep the supply line open. Yes young people are going to spread the virus but given their strong immune systems will be safe and create herd immunity.

    17. Julie

      But it will be okay to possibly kill or injure thousands with a rushed poisoned vaccine to save a life.

      1. original character

        Better they have autism instead

    18. You can Do

      This is a good balanced "other side" to this whole debate but I implore everyone to really take the "there's no solutions, only tradeoffs" VERY literally. Re-opening everything will not necessarily save more lives. We won't know what the best path was/is until after this is all said and done. And I say this as a student who has become depressed and burnt out (and has seen other people become a lot worse than I) over the course of this pandemic.

    19. Hero Slippy

      I don't like people that claim every life matters, and they do nothing to work towards saving lives. People die, that's life.

    20. MidNightArcanaCentral TV

      Another lockdown is gonna happen! Hurray! That means we can finally end the virus once and for all! (Sarcasm)

    21. Jordan Suwinski

      You cannot CONSUME unless you first PRODUCE. EVERY job is essential to someone.

    22. Jonathan Kiehne

      its honestly true

    23. Fyrgon

      Wouldn't those "essentials" collapse altogether if the infection climbs certain %? Can't we look at lockdowns like measures preventing total breakdown?

    24. eric90230

      I guess everybody supports the proposed 5 MPH speed limit on every street and highway in America. If it saves one life ... #ATWhatCost

    25. Edward de'Lisle-Tarr

      How did KGup NOT strike this?! Great video. Completely agree... but I'm surprised it was even allowed into my feed.

    26. A Thermos

      it's been 10 months, they said 2 weeks

    27. PoodleScone

      If it saves one life... Leftists: Just not those lives!

    28. Swank Man


    29. Mike Andrews

      Joe Biden is going to shut the country down again. Thanks Libtards!

    30. Mike Andrews

      While 100 people commit suicide..

    31. launch4

      No solutions, only trade-offs. Ain't that always the truth. But the big question is, how do we determine the value of a single random human life? What price would you be willing to sacrifice a life for? People say that human life is priceless, but only a madman would restrict all activities that could potentially put human life at risk. What's the point of living without quality of life?

    32. Surprised Char

      Bob sure has grown as a character.

    33. Kasrkin elitexv

      Thanks youtube algorithm. Im glad I found this channel and I hope this blows up quickly. This was very well put together, and very educational. Already spreading this channel's name to others

    34. Jen Doe

      A friend and I did an exercise about the essential vs nonessential issue using our local prisons and jails as the main hub. An arguably essential task to keep inmates fed, clean, safe, and all that. First off is keeping inmates fed. Most of the time a lockdown will warrant sandwiches until the mess halls are opened again. However, you need more than bread and sandwich meat to keep a bunch of people healthy. Food producers are essential for this supply, who then need their own essential branches like wrapping, boxes, ice, etc for transport. Those suppliers have to reach out to their suppliers to get those materials and if they can’t, the prison can’t get the food. General maintenance and upkeep of the prison unit is also a must. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc issues can make a unit unsafe for both inmates and employees. Part and labor suppliers are essential in case something breaks down and can cause safety issues. Those suppliers need their own chain to either manufacture parts or be the main contact for other manufacturers. All essential. PPE and cleaning supplies is a big thing, so units order big bulks for inmates and employees. Some can be produced within the system, but a bulk needs to be ordered through suppliers. Those suppliers need their own materials like clothe, chemicals, string, bottles, equipment and all that to make and then distribute all that PPE, and then has to work more whenever they run out and places the prison on backorder. Essential steps with many clogs working together. Will also say this, Biden talked about banning oil in the last Presidential debate. He then stated businesses must have plexiglass installed to ‘slow the spread’ and not having it will mean they can’t open. How is plexiglass made? With OIL products! How about most plastics (including parts that need to be used for general maintenance)? They are created with OIL! How do transport vehicles keep going? With OIL! What does the oil industry provide? JOBS! Those jobs then provide the incentive and security for other areas of an economy to keep moving and running so there is an adequate supply for what is demanded. The fact that people really think only fast food and certain businesses should be ‘essential’ ignores the numerous and often unseen clogs in a large system. Picking and choosing is way beyond the government’s control and anyone with a big head for being considered “essential” does not understand they are only hurting themselves in the long run (except feminist studies degrees, those types of jobs really are nonessential 😉).

    35. Luminous Lentil

      Should've put a woman in cuffs when you mentioned domestic violence, send a feminist into deep cognitive dissonance

    36. xanrethan

      I like this cartoon. I know the bubble boy is a straw man. I still like this cartoon. My opinion lies somewhere in-between, but closer to reopen than lockdown. Cheers.

    37. C W

      This is what I've been saying for months yet Left-wingers didn't listen.

    38. Herb Derbler

      That is one of the best parting shots I've seen in a long time. I'm stealing it.

    39. Mark Proffitt

      QUARANTINE is only 14 days so back in March everyone could have stayed home including supposed essential workers and in just 2 weeks it and a bunch of other diseases would have been gone. Same thing would have worked with proper masks in March.

      1. Mark Proffitt

        Or everyone take Vitamin D + zinc and properly protect high risk individuals.

    40. Xác Ướp

      What is this garbage? Why did KGup recommend me this?

      1. TSDamiano G

        Because is educative

    41. TSDamiano G

      Why create a separete channel ? Upload in FEE original

    42. psychologyman

      Ha! That ending though. Got a legit laugh out of me.

    43. Stan Kolodin

      The end killed me harder than the virrus or the quarantine.

    44. Jer F

      Saves one life.... Kills 1000 from suicide and depression.... Left: worth it 😂🤣😂🤣

    45. CGanimated 1227

      Oh no, it's not like people could grow their own food en masse outside of capitalism and provide the surplus to the community free of charge, that would be *Terrible*!/s Watch Noncompete instead, not this shill.

    46. joseaca

      I think lookdowns have one simple and very specific purpose, to buy time for health services to increase capacity and/or avoid collapse, nothing more and nothing less, they are not a long term solution against the virus, the solution for the time being is live with it until the vaccine comes, but if health services are not collapsed then the mortality rate drops drastically Is a terrible situation with no good solution, all we can hope is minimize the deaths without imploding the economy

    47. Brando White

      People die in car accidents too. NO MORE CARS!

      1. Dennis

        @DSS Singh Yes you can. Someone texts while driving and accidentally hits a pedestrian, that pedestrian contracted a car accident.

      2. Brando White

        We’re talking about stopping people from doing normal things because they’ve been deemed “dangerous”. I’m pointing out that there are plenty of things as dangerous (or more so) than the normal things people do that have been said to spread COVID- so why don’t we just shut down everything that happens to have a higher death rate than the flu?

      3. DSS Singh

        You can't contract a car accident You can't touch a car and then accidentally spread an accident to some else

    48. AndreasIndustriePro

      the fact that there is a second lockdown proves that lockdowns dont work

    49. The RedNeckEngineNerd

      Haha thank you people seem to believe cartoon over hard data

    50. Slavic Science

      got banned from r/sino for this lmao

      1. Slavic Science

        @DSS Singh They are very pro lockdown.

      2. DSS Singh

        Why was you putting this on the subreddit anyway

    51. Robertx Ortiz-Wilson

      That last line was really good lol.

    52. Lukasz Baldyga

      The sad thing is that if everyone took the initial lockdowns seriously, corona wouldn't really be a problem. We wouldn't have to make trade offs. But hind sight is 20/20, and its so much easer to tell what we should have done than we actually did.

    53. osmacar

      Yeah that's correct, but the WEF want a global reset... Which will kill billions and kill ALL economic anything, but that's what they want, and it's why we need to fight against the globalists, and now, am fully goading for war against them

    54. Huck Mart

      Even after the summer im still contemplating suicide lol. I haven't seen my friends in over a month and i haven't been able to find a job since i got laid off in march. All of the goals i was working to acheive either got put on hold or cancelled. My anxiety has skyrocketed to the point i feel phisically iil, and the best care i can get is over the phone therepy. The lockdowns completely obliterated my life and all the momentum i had in it... but at least we saved a couple lives... possibly 🙃

      1. Dennis

        This too shall pass.

      2. Common Sense Soapbox

        Please hang in there... It's a pretty bad time right now, but it will eventually get better.

    55. avengah

      If lockdowns are enforced, the state enforcing them should pay everyone affected a livable income to cover their expenses over that period. Leaving people to starve while enforcing lockdown is repugnant. Stimulus payments can work quite well in countries that control their own money supply without causing inflation. So the UK, US etc. but not the EU. Modern Monetary Theory shows printing money to give everyone doesn't cause inflation - only when supply dries up is inflation caused, which is unlikely to happen unless extremely large amounts of money are given out and subsequently spent on limited products.

    56. Commie_Killer 76

      Lockdowns are unsustainable, we need to be open but people need to take precautions - sadly most people are morons

    57. Sky Jay The First

      You and Freedom Toons should team up.

    58. Bryce Carbee

      There has been an increase in suicides alone that has exceeded COVID deaths which would have been completely avoided had the government never overstepped it's role into becoming a nanny state.

    59. OldManNixon

      we might better luck next time in 2024.

    60. Joshua Yow

      If 150 million people are put in a state of starvation with 12 million of them dying over a virus that has only killed (supposedly) 1 million than you can see the lesser of two evils is to just ignore the virus and go back to normal.

    61. Choose Freedom

      Protip: you can't commit suicide if you wear your MAGA hat to a riot..

    62. TiquonoTheSwordsman

      Lockdown taught me how serious depression actually is... By putting me through it.

    63. crf450r bullet david

      That guys in the blue hazmat suit was annoying.

    64. Sai Dutt

      I never got a notification for this wtf

    65. NathanSifuGaming

      Wow, what an excellent video! I’m surprised it hasn’t been yeeted, too much truth.

    66. The mighty œuf

      What we need is just one short lockdown to eradicate the virus with minimal economical impact so hardly any people die from covid or economic failure. But if people don't want to follow through with lockdown many people will die from the virus, and then many more lockdowns will be needed to control the virus destroying the economy further only to realise because people don't stay indoors the virus can't ve contained anymore and the economy is dying too. Just look China and New Zealand both got rid of covid with one huge extensive quarantine and the economies are now growing again, I know this cause I live in New Zealand now and just recently came back from China, so I saw what's going on in both countries with my own eyes. If only people listen then the world wouldn't be in this mess, minimal amount of people would suffer of covid19 and of economic impact. Just stay indoors guys for a few weeks and we're finished with covid. If covid stays then more people will suffer in the long term than a short economic impact which we'll recover from in two months.

    67. Kenny Yeti

      Bob is such a good character. I’m really happy to see this character development.

    68. FuelAirSparkTime

      Thank you for this breath of fresh air .. Rational, objective, no bullshit fresh air. The things you're discussing are far more important than the newest propaganda about number of NeW cAseS . Yeah.. Most people seem to conflate mortality rate with case rate

    69. touofthehighplains

      The screw tube algorithm is definitely playing with your channel. I just got the notification for this video five days after it published.

    70. J N

      U.S. "Federal" Reserve banks are all pressing the dislike.

    71. Bowie's Tea Pot

      I think that there may be way more deaths due to suicide and drug overdose than the virus sadly.

    72. Mitochondria C

      Here is the one issue I have with this argument: hospitals follow the same supply and demand rules the rest of the world does. What happens when a hospital gets overloaded? What happens when the staff gets infected? Compromises will have to be made, and death rates will skyrocket. While I do agree that keeping things shut down for too long will create more problems then it's worth, if we just hard shut down preparations we could see a level of infection that takes out many people from the ability to do ANYTHING, including work.

    73. Maximillion Bucks

      Can't wait until this channel is removed for Covid denialism.

    74. Robert Baur

      Gee its almost like we need to both survive and not be thrown into poverty. It's a strawman that liberals are ok with poverty because of the lockdown maybe financial assistance for the people instead of just major corporations would be useful just a thought

    75. Nunovya Biznez

      ...FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!

    76. Benjamin Abruzzo

      Bob has been so much more well read on topics since his trip to the future.

    77. Marcus A. Brown

      People love to use that line, but they hate when the same line is used on them. When I hear "If it saves just one life..." I hear "F**k all of the other lives affected." Now those are fighting words lol.

    78. Carl Sonkoly

      Because of the lockdown suicide rates have increased, alcoholism has increased, drug overdoses have increased. We are saving 10 lives with the lockdown but caused 50 other deaths. The long term health effects will never truly be known but I can guarantee that all death rates will increase over the next few years.

    79. Random Picture of a Jellysandwich

      When the means to save a few lives starves people, government needs to be eradicated

    80. KC9UDX

      All our lives DEPEND on oil, too. Remember that when covid goes back to global warming.

    81. Ethereal Dweller


    82. timmd909

      That ending blew my mind more than Sixth Sense. 🤯

    83. St33lStrife

      I work in hospitals for clinicals for paramedic cert. The Covid isnt the thing killing people. The isolation is.

    84. MidNightArcanaCentral TV

      Every business is essential because no matter what business is operating, it provides food for the individual or the family to eat. Under lockdown, people are not only not allowed to work, but they can’t meet friends/family, go to gyms and exercise, and most importantly, provide food for their loved ones. Edit: I’m also glad stimulus checks were mentioned. What good is that money if you can’t use it?

    85. Caleb Barker

      You go bob!

    86. bob Hertz

      My name is Bob... and I approve of this message. 🧂🧂🧂🧂

    87. Jack The Pokexpert

      Maybe having a business man in charge will help us.

    88. Ricardo Juliet

      This is like a Thomas Sowell primer. Awesome and on point!

    89. 4444Ferris

      Beyond what jobs and services are "superfluous", the thing is that any job looks like and is an essential job if is your job the one they are closing

    90. realParadox

      Your not wrong

    91. Josh Revelo

      That outro with Bob looked like the Obama logo. Does anyone else see that, or is it just me?

    92. Rachel Nichols

      Search engine "Great Barrington Declaration" on how best to reopen while still protecting the vulnerable.

    93. Ramjambammam Dude

      As Andrew Cuomo said: "Domestic abuse? Not death. Starvation? Not death. Suicide? Not death. "

    94. Pan Lis

      I wish everybody who say "Human life is more imporntant than economy" would watch this video. Economy isn't just about rich white men in suits multiplying their multibilion companies. It's also a key factory in whether you get to eat dinner today or sleep in a warm bed

      1. Angry Virgin

        Well yeah often times a good stable economy and human life (or at least the quality of it) are dependent on each other

    95. amommamust

      Well done!

    96. praise the damn swordfish, you heretics

      No wonder your country's #1 in deaths and COVID cases.

    97. Victor Jones

      To sum it up, I rather be dead than broke.

    98. The Real TK-Dragon!

      Of course we need to reopen but people can't just act like the virus is well and done with. We need to wear our masks, maintain distancing, and keep work places sanitized.

      1. Angry Virgin

        Yeah a balance needs to be struck between keeping our economy running and safety

    99. jackgunski

      I appreciate the Bob is smarter than he used to be. Like a reverse Homer Simpson.

    100. xx21beastmode88

      This has better character development with Bob than star wars sequels.