What's The Best Betty Crocker Frosting? Taste Test

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    Today, we're eating frosting. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1888
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    1. mars? ᗒᗣᗕ

      i want frosting now. like, i really want frosting now. ಠ_ಠ

    2. mars? ᗒᗣᗕ

      i could listen to them talk all day.

    3. K C

      Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I love the cherry frosting. lol

    4. Tan Mandms


    5. Brandon Patterson

      Do a dunkin Hines frosting please

    6. Tacey Whittemore

      The fact they dislike lemon hurts me

    7. Aleyna N

      Rainbow chip is the BEST

    8. irThumper

      Where the heck can you get the cherry flavor?? They replaced the cherry flavor in our town with strawberry, which is bleh!!!

    9. Taisha lopes

      😂 i love them

    10. Starliner M. Batista Arias

      They are all nasty too sweet.

    11. Aleesha J

      We use to dip graham crackers in betty crocker icing

    12. david anderson

      Ya uh your missing a few icings

    13. Debbie Flaherty

      I would try chocolate, vanilla and cherry together to see if it tastes like Chocolate Covered Cherries!

    14. Snoople Boop

      Little equation 😮+😧+👄=😲 𓆉☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎☻︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎シ

    15. Snoople Boop

      I love Betty crockers❤️🥰 but I saw someone pretending to be Betty crocker and I didn't know that wasn't a person😮

    16. Kristen Hanlon

      *when you're trying to present your project facts but the class won't stop talking*

    17. The Highlander

      no coconut pecan aka german chocolate.. invalid

    18. Sun in Darkness

      I literally just went to the store and bought this icing. Then i saw this video and was immediately glad I didn’t choose strawberry cherry or lemon.

    19. Janelle Esprit

      Chris Crocker 😂😭

    20. Asha Vere

      For once I actually agree with Rhett's quirk. I don't like straight up frosting either. I will say that the only type of frosting I love is cream cheese. Otherwise they're way too sweet by themselves

    21. Vanessa Kay

      I'm so sad they didn't have Rainbow Chip. It's the OG Betty Crocker frosting

    22. N M

      omg, enough with the betty crocker facts

    23. i luv harry styles

      Who got into the buttercream ?!

    24. Ronni Abshier

      Rhett was so sassy and sarcastic this episode i loved it

    25. Alisha Higbee

      Not a fan of the trivia along with the taste test. Wish it had been before or after. Just too much going on

    26. Milliene Xu

      listen chocolate is the best (non-whipped) and all refutations are not accepted

    27. Ashley Peeters

      I used to put vanilla frosting on Ritz crackers. I should try that again.

    28. Mandi Fosters WW

      The radio show should have been called Crock Around the Clock

    29. Mandi Fosters WW

      Omg Nana shipping cakes 😭

    30. Jennifer Rhodes

      Rainbow Chip is the best all time!

    31. Hidayah Zulkifly

      its the way rhett wipes his spoon but link just went in.. 😭😭

    32. Shurja Welch

      the lady in the back needs to shutup bruh

    33. SmashPortal

      Rhett's five years younger than my mom?

    34. Keaton Ray

      I don’t care about the facts nearly as much as the ratings! Make the facts shorter and in between flavors!

    35. A J

      Lemon. Is. Good.

    36. Kristi W

      What! You don’t even have the German chocolate one and the best one of all time rainbow chip 🌈

    37. Burnt Poet

      “Someone’s been in that butter cream.” Did Link put his #*%! in that butter cream??? “You need that thickness.”

    38. Kayy Mulani


    39. SilverArrow Gaming

      The vanilla tastes like plastic 😭 I'd rather make my own...

    40. Amelia Pérez

      Alguien me puede decir cuáles estuvieron mejor?

    41. MUSICA Italia

      Hello I am doing start wars reviews, please let me know what you think of it Thank you, Thanks, merci!!

    42. Cora Wardleigh

      Before I start the episode I’m going to predict is the cream cheese or strawberry because those are my favorite lol

    43. Diarra W.

      Natural conversation is way better!!!

    44. Maggie McCauslin

      My frosting for my cake is strawberry Crème cheese frosting you actually put Crème cheese in the frosting it makes it really creamy

    45. Kenton Godfrey

      Graham cracker and Betty Crocker frosting sandwiches 👌👌

    46. Kenton Godfrey

      Link, on what planet is plain vanilla better than cream cheese?

    47. Tifalope867

      Vanilla is never better than chocolate 😖

    48. Amber Cox

      Dipping Graham crackers into frosting is amazing.

    49. Elle

      Cream cheese is my favourite and it’s weirdly vegannnn 🥰🥰🥰

    50. Yogirljabbyabbey

      No rainbow chip frosting😩

    51. Captain Charisma

      Chickie shutup!!!!!

    52. Marissa Turk

      Rainbow chip is THE best. Fight me.

    53. Elizabeth Tovar


    54. TheAushta

      How did you not get the rainbow frosting

    55. Give It A Go Baking with Amy

      All right I just have to say none of them are good!! Lol. You gotta make your own. It's so simple everyone can do it! That said, there needs to be more made up facts, they're what's really entertaining lol.

    56. Aliya Fenske

      I haven’t had all of them, but I think my rankings would be milk chocolate, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, butter cream, lemon, cherry, cream cheese.

    57. Michelle Giardino Bast

      BC whipped whipped cream..not every store has it..so good..not sickening sweet

    58. Shelbrina Limkemann

      Rhett looks so hunky with that hair. 🤤

    59. Laura Walsh

      Cinnamon graham crackers in vanilla frosting. So naughty; so good. 🤤

    60. Gwen Hathaway

      this was so strange and american

    61. Lorianna Rush

      The whipped strawberry is so good. I was not shocked that y’all were surprised y’all liked it lol

    62. MrsLilDst

      Best one is rainbow chip

    63. Giselle Gomez

      this recommendation is a little to specific. i just bought frosting come home first video i see is a betty frosting review...

    64. Michelle Vietor

      Former pastry chef here, and I mostly agree: my top 4 would have been cream cheese, milk chocolate, vanilla, then lemon. That cherry really is awful, and the buttercream has fake butter flavoring in it that totally does not work. Strawberry and dark chocolate are usually two of my favorite flavors, but in these frostings they're not great.

    65. Dom Pentlow

      No salted caramel?

    66. mar1na1993

      Vanilla was always going to be the best!

    67. slapshots1982

      Without the german chocolate this is null and void

    68. Keara S.

      I feel like the “my hair goes up” roles have been reversed...XD

    69. Brandon Schockelt

      Good to know I prefer the confetti kind. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    70. Aimée Dickinson

      Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip is the best!!!!!

    71. Trevor Flock


    72. Kate Loves

      Chris crockers great great grandmother omg hahahah

    73. Cassandra G

      Chocolate frosting + Saltine Crackers = Deliciousness.

    74. Robert Franz

      I love how Rhett just gives the back story of Betty Crocker it was brilliant

    75. Meagan Towle

      Rainbow chip is actually the best.

    76. Jessica Rae

      Whipped vanilla not French vanilla is the best

    77. Pandora Nitez

      Umm excuse me where is the coconut pecan frosting?? How could they by pass German Chocolate cakes signature frosting

    78. Tish W

      Cherry mixed with cream cheese all the way.

    79. Makenna Harris

      Noo the strawberry one is so good

    80. Sharra Newcomb

      Personally chocolate and cream cheese frosting is my favorite

    81. Nicole D

      My teeth hurt watching this 🥴

    82. YOurDAILyCRacKHEAdS

      If you freeze the icing in a freezer you can have ice cream

    83. macweenie

      "You need the thickness."

    84. cctwinkles

      I love the facts! Keep them!

    85. sweetmisslaura

      Aww what about the Rainbow Chip frosting? The best one

    86. Marsha Kirby

      Coconut pecan is the best.

    87. LilHeatha Smith

      You should put it on graham crackers.

    88. canaryinacoalmine

      Okay but who touched the buttercream???!

    89. Batoul N

      I think it should be tasted on a cake since it differes a lot

    90. Rosalie Abdo

      Grew up on these. They are all bomb.

    91. Courtney Carter

      The way link says “was it sweet or was is savory” sent me lmao

    92. donna garcia

      We use to get to put the left over fraying on crackers back in the day! Salty/Sweet!

    93. Jason Sulham

      Pretty sure they have lots more flavors then those shown

    94. George Cheliotis


    95. My Sharona

      Made from oil and cornstarch.... they're all gross

    96. WigglyTough_

      this was frustrating to watch, the facts are sometimes fun but this was not one of those instances. It's like you just read a wikipedia article to me for 10 minutes, which is not what im here for

    97. B M

      Why didn’t you include fun fetti ?! What’s wrong with you! Or rainbow chip. I don’t even know why this was suggested to me so much

    98. jessica capizzo

      Let's be honest canned icing is disgusting and home-made is not hard and 100 percent better

    99. Danandbands

      This test is invalid because they didn't even try the best flavour, whipped vanilla,

    100. themiddleones

      Now I want frosting