Jake Paul vs Ben Askren - Official Weigh In [FINAL FACE OFF]

Jake Paul

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    1. Freddy _

      You ain’t no boxer get yo ass back into the line😂

    2. Leo Peri


    3. Suat Aktekin

      Take a good look at my channel 😩😩😩🙏🙏🙏🙏

    4. Suat Aktekin

      Take a good look at my channel 😩😩😩🙏🙏🙏🙏

    5. Suat Aktekin

      Take a good look at my channel 😩😩😩🙏🙏🙏🙏

    6. JoeyYT

      Look how FAT ben askren is

    7. Muffin

      I love how 2 to 4 people cheered for Jake.

    8. yousuf zavery

      Jake i think is no taller than 6 feet and no shorter

    9. alphasxsignal

      Jake WINS

    10. Comedy tall gamer lol

      I almost weight as much as Ben at 12 😬🔫

    11. Hope ats

      The beat at the start is fire I just have to say it!

    12. Coach_Suave Rico Valentin

      Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

    13. ShAaN 148

      When Ben said "this is gonna be Easy" Me:🤣🤣JAKE KNOCKED YOU OUT🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    14. Banksross

      When they said in Atlanta Georgia 🇬🇪 that’s where I was born

    15. Hi 🤡clown

      1. ShAaN 148

        Your the clown Jake could one punch kill you🤣

    16. Joshua Mccoy

      We all know Ben was like that a nice ahh robot

    17. Kaitland Goodwin

      Let's talk about something you also have a talent for -- SAing women and then pretending it didn't happen...

    18. A Topel

      Bruh BEN FAT

    19. Beast cello

      Ben Ned to cut out on that McDonald’s doe

    20. Erik Nino

      12:59 you’re going to get rick roll trolled 😂

    21. Tonya Crosby

      Jake Paul is the best fighter, woooo

    22. Lyons Ericf8tl.0vxczx1 pzEw

      Jake Paul you better than this

    23. StarWillowmaria Ye ye


    24. eioshen boboi

      Never underestimate a beer belly Tyson furry is a beast with a massive belly

    25. The Lyons Den

      24:38 white shirt guy from airrack

    26. omg._tnt yt

      What a clown

    27. Emanuel Falu-Vasquez

      you are my favoriteKGup versus

    28. Kayla Brown

      yoour got to win😎😎😎😎

      1. eioshen boboi

        Video starts at 4:46 Your welcome

    29. tttaattyy

      Does anyone know who the chick holding the belt is?

    30. Brethren JC.

      I actually want to see jake paul go against a actual boxer or atleast one who's on his level

    31. Brethren JC.

      damn askren had a fat belly and and didn't shed and gain muscle.

    32. qopoy dnon

      My wife cringed so hard at Jake that she has to go lay down for a little while now.

    33. •xxsoundzxx•

      ’’hes asking for a beat’’

    34. Outrageous

      Even if Ben is the worst MMA fighter at boxing (I mean, he doesn't even know how to boxe...), Jake Paul is just a trash against him

    35. Heather Kushum Sheedy


      1. qopoy dnon


    36. Daniel Garcia

      Ben hast to shut up

    37. Marcos Rivera


    38. asioe kiou

      I love how they put Jakes fight vs Nate Robinson on there like it was some huge achievement

    39. R Lee

      hes gona bully a bum to honor his dead bodyguard? guess he didnt like him very much.

    40. michael evans

      Cringe level over 9000.

    41. Elijah Relucio

      Ben Askren has the physic of Michael from gta

    42. Jonathan Flores

      Video starts at 4:46 Your welcome

      1. asioe kiou

        Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley next..

    43. Evangeline Dominguez

      Jake Paul here we go

    44. Evangeline Dominguez

      Rest in peace shadow I do for you jake Paul for shadow for shadow!!!!!!!

    45. bcvbb hyui

      Never underestimate a beer belly Tyson furry is a beast with a massive belly

    46. Carcajou

      Ben just got his paycheck and got out

    47. GameplayMaster

      jake leave youtube

    48. abbsnn cose

      I love how Ben just comes out with some flip flops and a t-shirt and jake comes out with a while robot

    49. Jamezz007

      22:59 tf? Now it makes sense why jake beat him..

    50. L C

      Well that was ✨embarrassing✨ he continues to trash talk McGregor but it’s clear he is the biggest ‘wanna be’. From the his cringeworthy pic in the thumbnail and copying McGregors stance (for a what is supposed to be a boxing match nonetheless 🤦) to the lame attempt at trying to copy McGregors trash talk... again, nothing short of ✨embarrassing✨

    51. Lincoln Goodfellow


    52. VintageRobotech

      What gets me is Jake stupid robot 🤖 🙄 When Jake yelled it look like his robot was scared of him just knowing that's his owner.😳 💀

    53. mikea hiooi

      I love how Ben just comes out with some flip flops and a t-shirt and jake comes out with a while robot

    54. Andy

      Venmo AndyS5

    55. Stepas Clips


    56. xanix

      Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley next..

    57. bilishu aliss

      I love how Ben just comes out with some flip flops and a t-shirt and jake comes out with a while robot

    58. Face H1 higusky


    59. Face H1 higusky


    60. Anthony Wayne

      WELCOME TO THE SHOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. E S

      I could probably take him with about 6 months boxing training. Dude hasn't really shown much... 5' 9" 165, he never would though, he picks nothing but smaller and less experienced fighters. I could be that.

    62. bouytt guyt

      29:12 “Fight club, brought to you by...TRiLleR🥴

    63. Choo Choo234

      You fought a fat bum a non boxer

    64. chantel rhine

      Ben looked like hes never threw a punch in his life

    65. Loui Mane

      Starting to think. With the money the paul’s brothers have i bet these fights is a huge investment and all is staged

    66. LoneWolf

      He trying to be like McGregor 😂😂 get choo

    67. Coco Loko


    68. K Patty

      That freestyle was ass😂

    69. A RJ

      Ben “dad bod” Askren

    70. BeanOBlock 600

      stop fookin tryin to b megregora

    71. A I S A N

      31:31 thanks me Later

    72. callmebruh

      Ben askren: Jake Paul faught people that didn't know how to box Neck minute Takes 30 seconds to get knocked out, bad at boxing, chubby

    73. Julián 311


      1. Julián 311


      2. Julián 311


    74. Hernan Perez

      Congrats on being a real boxer 😆😅😂🤣😃😀😄😁 I mean wow look at his fights as a boxer. A KGupr a NBA retired player and now a MMA retired fighter. All those boxers 😂 you guys better take this ‘boxer’ serious I mean look at who he has beat 😆

      1. Cole Anthony

        U try to fight him

    75. Keith De Cesare

      Told you. I predicted it exactly.

    76. Aaron Allen

      How did prograis go from main eventing a card over chisora and price to a opening fight on a jake Paul card

    77. Alph4 T1tan

      This weigh-in seemed so unprofessional

    78. Keren


    79. Captain Haley


    80. JK F1

      Um, Jake is a fool.

      1. Kaiden-101


    81. Anakin Cortez


    82. Anakin Cortez

      I believe in you

    83. YCC Entertainment

      4:42 when it statts

    84. Brian Lature

      This reminds me of when justin bieber was supposedly challenging Tom cruise to a fight. A man old enough to be his father and a youthful kid near his prime yet this is supposedly a decent match up lmao

    85. Jake Farm

      But honestly anyone could knock out Ben Askren in the first round.. its Ben Askren he’s a chump LOL

    86. tuketsu 07

      Bruh get him a real fighter

    87. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. What scientific breakthrough would have the biggest effect on humanity? TERRANCE OUT

    88. McBaller 69

      Now fight for an official company that doesn’t have one of the announcers betting on it.

    89. Dan Philbert

      This whole fight was staged for money.

    90. Tyler McPherson

      Jake Paul stages fights by paying off the other fighter. It’s pretty obvious.

    91. chris money

      He’s definitely gonna beat your ass Jack Paul

    92. bocoy noiu

      "He's got a beer belly so clearly he didn't take training camp seriously" Obviously he's never seen Ben's physique before.

    93. Josue Lopez


    94. ChadillacTV

      I’m sad Jake survived!

    95. Josh Haddix Vlogs

      4:40 your welcome

    96. Olly _

      What a goon

    97. joseph burnias

      That boy kicking ass and taking names

    98. Jeremy Salinas

      Joke show all for money and making fun of the real boxers out there and people actually watch this

    99. HazWasTaken

      "Ben's got that beer belly" LMAO

    100. ttv_rafa3206

      The robot is just dancing while the fight is going on like