Fiend in the Trap! w/ Karlous Miller Clayton English & ATL Top 20

The 85 South Comedy Show

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    New Orleans hip hop icon Fiend pulled up to the trap with ATL top 20 to laugh and tell the story of New Orleans gangsta bounce music. Fiend got the stories from the No Limit Days with Master P, Snoop Dogg and more. Fiend is the OG dropping gems and giving investment advice!
    Plus Karlous Miller and Clayton English talk about the wypipo running up in the capitol and the #hasbrownMoulie #85Southshow #fiend

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    1. Jetavon Caldwell

      This podcast is fo da females dat smell like onions rings after a certain amount of time or just smell like it periodically!!!

    2. Naomi Reed

      I love his voice

    3. Eric Edwards

      Maybe they thought they wouldn’t shoot her lol

    4. Kendall Patton

      2:03 i aint peep cuzz dreads was in they jacket😂😂😂

    5. Hunger Pains

      Marvin Luther King😂🤣 Im actually crying , I would love to see them do a skit on that character.

    6. Brejay Patton

      "Im higher than a clown hat"

    7. Big Money

      Marvin Luther King 😭😭😭

    8. Clay Thompson

      be by equator nor cali burner hand down the best jungle boys is up there but burner ppl know the proper way and never rush process and ✈️💯 but dry sift99% heads low temp rosin mix with 30%fire bay has the best

    9. Clay Thompson

      Red light district

    10. Clay Thompson

      Dogs are loyalty, blue or red heller are good watch dogs my red heller bear protect my house and wouldn't let no one in our yard even family all I had to day was sic em and he would be ready to f*** who ever but and never turn on us either

      1. Clay Thompson

        He chase my cousin and broke a fat chain he barely got over the fence and my uncle got it just cuz he stand up love that dog

    11. Clay Thompson

      Movation and real life knowledge thank u the n.o best music state

    12. Clay Thompson

      JetLife Fendi p aka corner boy p and fiend project fire

    13. Clay Thompson

      Dad's r cheat codes

    14. LevelUpMedia & Design

      Bring me on the show as an editor, I would have cleaned all this up

    15. XHAUSTEDgamer

      YO Where yall get that dope ass coffee table!!!???

    16. Kiesha Rodriguez

      These young'uns don't know that they have to build a village so that they can have the right tribe members in their village to help raise their children right. We need the village because it really takes a village not just any village to raise children

    17. Sean Dafny


    18. Acolyte

      Y'all talking bout Megan thee stallion,should have asked him about Mercedes!!!!!

    19. I am Rell

      2:03:00 great camera play editing with the "who is they" Joe 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

    20. Quentin Brown

      One of the best interviews...much love. Be careful who you call your crew do a review on them bitches that you call ya boo. FIEND!!

    21. seanpaul hayes

      Green Trees? It goes oregon/Washington/cali/then denver...!

    22. ODB

      HARDHEAD 4L ⚜️

    23. Ryan Tyree

      I'm not tryna be him but did bro say "king von"?

    24. Cassidy Brown

      Get Chris Brown on here

    25. #3 Tre

    26. Kwasi!!

      This episode is definitely slept on!!!

    27. Ty Val

      can we get B.G. son ( T.Y. Son of A Gangsta) in the trap

    28. Claudel Noel

      Karlous is the shows for me...

    29. Since92Tv

      My nigga look like a healthy Trick Daddy

    30. Devin Smith

      Man this is probably one of my favorite interviews, I was 15 driving a delta 88 bumping mr.womp womp with two 12’s in the back. Underrated legend!!

    31. kevin stephens

      Randomly said we were smoking her 😂 wtf at 2:01:08

    32. Vincent Nash

      Why my nigga say Meg Thee Stallion "smelledid good"? 😂🤣😭



      Check out Fiend video Wap feat Mike Lord

    35. Tiffany Chandler

      It’s on the walk back to Atlanta...🤣🤣🤣. I’m dead!!!

    36. Adonis Zues

      1:37:00 give bro a Budweisser contract or sumn

    37. SexyLadyK07

      🤣Not Arkansas karlous. Yo ass is hilarious ❤️

    38. phillyfan

      Can someone please timestamp me when Los was talking about his parents being too much in his life as a kid

    39. terry minor

      Man who farted tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    40. Von Collins

      Clayton laugh is everything 😂😂😂😂

    41. Kenneth Haywood

      Mr. Whomp,Whomp

    42. Anonymous Souls Always Praising

      omg.....the "hashbrown" references! Love u Lous!

    43. ToneDef Marmalade

      Whenever lous and Clayton are together lous gets in his bag Clayton feeds of him and lets him go off man that’s real best friends right there

    44. Quita Moon



      Also we got bishop 😂😂😂

    46. GQ Auto Sales

      Man you can do a show just talking about album covers. Im over here crying for real. "You ever see the intro to Conaan"! Im screaming.

    47. GQ Auto Sales

      I can't stop laughing! Yall killed this show Karlous always funny but he was on fire with this one!

    48. GQ Auto Sales

      This episode too dope, soo dope, dope as f$ck, all the dope and I don't even say dope!!!! Mannnnnnn! Fiend one of the realest brothers on the earth! Rapping or not!

    49. Vidal Harris

      "This feind potna" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Tim London

      I know DC and Chico wouldve been giving bruh in the Reds hat hell. Dude aint know where he was

    51. Taurus Ringold

      That nigga bishop too high for the show

    52. Vidal Harris

      Karlos when he was speaking on school kids in Mississippi...that shit hit me too hard 😂😂😂😂 the accuracy 💯

    53. Jamesonjtfunny

      Los said: "U eva seen Conan when it 1st come on?!?!?"....Mann nigga funny on tha smallest think of that shit of all shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Slimmy Hendrix

      MR. WHOMP WHOMP!!!! Yurr Me

    55. AyMoKe Hawk


    56. 9Mill MFBL

      MFBL Mill -Luigi's Fiji ...Thank me later💯

    57. Lex Ely

      Louse was in rare form this show

    58. jube ivey

      Clayton!!!!! "hide in the bushes"😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Maurice Robinson

      Who makes the table?

    60. Chamarcra O

      I 💜 Fiend = Thank Yall I.e 💋


      This Podcast is for the Ngas that ride to this shit in the car 🚗 and still be trying to watch the phone screen 📱 😆 fuck around and wreck 😂

    62. Lex Ely

      I keep hearing that i smell like cocoa butter i just dont know if it a complement or not 🤔🤷

    63. clayrichard22

      Did he say king von at the beginning of the interview 🤔

    64. Trill Sp

      🔥 episode bring Mystikal next. Song playing in the background¿

    65. Panky Dean

      BIG DOG BABY!!

    66. tone bone

      On everything yall are the barbershop of coming to America....Clayton is the Irish man karlous eddie Murphy...dc yf Arsenio Hall..and Chco..Mr "No he did not!"

    67. The Empire Strikes Back

      Karlous :Capitol Hill - These White folks going crazy..-They climbed a 40 ft wall and the steps was right😂😂😂😂🤣

    68. james juice

      Karlous a fool I swear 🤣🤣🤣🤣 tht hash brown

    69. Melanie Martin

      karlous is crazy as hell just too funny

    70. Collin Spinner

      Used to get my haircut in the same barbershop as this dude. STAND UP GUY. 1000% real. A true OG (offering game). Everything you see here is authentic 💯💯💯

    71. JaySouL L

      Mr. International himself!! 💪💪

    72. LonelyHomiesTV

      Sounded like yall was farting in the backround around like 2:10:15 lol

    73. Chano

      Ain't gon lie, I love it when it's only Los and Clayton

      1. Mel S

        @Chano true DC does the most sometimes. I just l like that vibes he put out there lol extra is what people need rn and positive is chico always. And yeah I give you that show chill karlos and clayton more laid back vibe. feind damn i could listen to him talk about his life for days his interview was 💯.

      2. Chano

        @Mel S in the live shows I fuck with DC but something like this he be doing the most. And I fuck with Chico, but I think Clayton and Los feed off each other better

      3. Mel S

        And you know fans love loose legs... low key we hate when he eats on show 🤭🥴

      4. Mel S

        Agree/disagree love clayton back on here more. Man always need chico on here

    74. Michele Paul

      I watch all there stand ups. And I adore chico but I have to say this. LET SOMEONE ELSE GETS SOME SHINE. DAMN!!!!! everything they are in stage he never lets. Someone else get jokes in. It's annoying. Karlos would start a joke then he would cut him off. Like let that man finish.

      1. Michele Paul

        Hard to watch some times

    75. Charles Sparks

      You 3 are bridging the gap between the BLACK AND BROWN communities with your comedic ingenuity!!!

    76. Jazmine Jalecia

      I’m starting a KGup / “podcast” and I pray I blow like these 3 legends 🤞🏽 pure talent & comedy 🤣

    77. ehigh84

      That track at 1 hr is hard asf 🔥🔥

    78. JuJu Baby

      New Color - Hash Brown

    79. StoneyYoung

      Safe to say this is Los best one to DATE. This man is a scraight up clown 😭😭

    80. B Str93

      I'm glad they said meg smell good make me feel a lot better about her lol.

    81. Alex Turner

      #hashbrown. Drop the mic 💣

    82. Levy McLain

      Fiend homeboy ain't wanna hear all that political shit he rather talk about fake liquor in the club.


      🐐If im relating to you im talkin to me too🐐

    84. candice Miller


    85. kay pizzle

      You showing out Carlos

    86. N8palm Anderson

      Fiend is my all time favorite no Limit soldier hands down wodie!!! 😎❤️✊🏽 This is a dope ass podcast frfr 💯

    87. Kevin_Wilson334

      I almost choked on my food twice watching these fools damn they stupid

    88. Jermaul Yolo

      No front no cap#chicoBean

    89. Jermaul Yolo


    90. Jermaul Yolo

      Fake hen dog???wtf???

    91. Jermaul Yolo

      &then what?? & then what....

    92. Mildred Brown


    93. JaLisa Dessanay

      Okay @HelloFresh!! 💋💋💋

    94. PJ KICKS

      That beat J.O.N play toward the end of my favorites.

    95. Hanan Yamini

      That New Orleans accent 😩😍

      1. Athenz Minz

        I KNOW!! these southern men when they talk lawwwwwd

    96. Bobby Watson

      Thanks 85 South Show for bringing Fiend to the platform. Los and Clayton grew up in my era of the dirty and I relate to them. Them No Limit LPs was life back in the G💯 P.S. s/o Chico&DC

    97. PJ KICKS

      Karlous: I wonder if they was gettin hoes in the Civil Rights cousin Melvin got a spot......walk down to Atlanta........Naw Martin, that my cousin.....IM MARVIN LUTHER KING!😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    98. PJ KICKS

      Karlous: Look how Marvin Gaye looked at you when you said it was, "yo grandaddy fault" yo grandaddy ain't did shit, tried to be a stable in yo life and you gon get on this goddamn podcast AND LIE ON YO GRANDADDY😭😭😭😭😭

    99. PJ KICKS

      Karlous: I went to school in Mississippi, there were plenty of days I roamed the hallway. Clayton: niggas say some shit just to be free.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    100. PJ KICKS

      KARLOUS: Man one time my coach gon yell at me!: WE LOST! I DIDNT PLAY!...yall LOST! IF YOU DONT WANNA BE PART OF TEAM! WELL I'm not gon be part of the game!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣