My Winning Moment | Straight Up Fishing Lake Seminole

Brian Latimer

216 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    This is my winning moment from the Lake Seminole FLW Tour win I had in March this year. Check out the links below to see the other days of the event.
    Drone work by Rob Matsura
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    FLW Tour Volgs
    Straight Up Fishing

    The Red Braclet I'm wearing is my Wireless Engine Shut Off Device
    I was fishing the Zman Palmetto Bugz
    This was my rod
    My Rain Suit
    My Eyewear
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    1. Ben Longest

      Absolutely love your videos man this one tops it off. Congratulations man.

    2. Gene Bishop's Bass Fishing Adventures


    3. I fix with rock

      Awesome. That big miss hurt me a little😌

    4. Chris Breeden

      What do they do with the fish after weigh in? just curious

    5. Bobby Crowe

      Love it bro!

    6. A F

      Listening to his celebratory laugh at the end of the "origin story" clip told you that little guy was bit HARD by the bug. Amazing when you find the things you love so young. LOL at his repeated disobedience of his own instruction to preserve his voice. PASSION to go with talent. Last edit- OK his wife at the weigh in killing me. That's......just awesome :)

    7. Charles Hardcore

      And you was hooked for life ❤

    8. Eric Fortner

      If you don't get chills upon hearing the winning weight announcement after watching the home video at the beginning, you're not human.

    9. Mark Carnevale

      God bless you brother and your family! Just getting back into fishing at 55 years old and you inspire me.

    10. Anthony Frey

      Great story!!

    11. Cichlids208

      Absolutely love this video. Brother, I’ve only recently got back into fishing after 25yrs (I’m 39, haven’t fished since I was a kid). Your videos are a help, are being a help and will continue to help. I’m positive this is your main point, show and teach those of us who need more from the sport in both enjoyment and fish acquisition. Thank you, extremely appreciated to be subscribed

    12. Ron Nason Jr

      You are a good man BLat. Thanks for sharing and taking us along with you. Appreciate you

    13. Adam McDonald

      Wow! Awesome man!! Been awhile since a video brought tears to my eyes!

    14. Dedrick Holland

      Great job!!! bro I watch u all the time my dream is to one day be able to do something I love doing everyday and fishing is #1 maybe one day I can get the opportunity to be on the lake with one of the greatest to do it great job!!!man 💪

    15. adv536

      This video is great. Good job man. You put a huge smile on my face pulling out those last two fish. Good for you!

    16. Dustin Broom

      Cool asf. I’m a fan.

    17. Robby Bigtime

      Great story and a great win!

    18. Straight Pepper

      Great content. Cool to get a glimpse into your childhood. Stay bent!

    19. MrJcbuilder

      How can someone not like that video. That’s as real as it gets !!! I have watched it a lot and still love it !!

    20. Nathan Wilson

      Adversity is dope but so is this video. My hats off to you sir.

    21. Tstreet724

      "Adversity is dope"....That hit home man.... Thanks man

    22. ToolforOffice

      This was so good

    23. fishing with D

      Yeah brother!!!! Proud of you! Keep your foot on the gas! Yes sir!


      Yeah... that was beautiful. Beastly!!!

    25. yahya rahaman

      Bro I wanted to cry when I saw you won, tears of joy, could see it in ur family face how proud they are of you

    26. Hatim Mateen

      Keep your rod tip down towards the water the bass can't jump, i never loose them...never

    27. West Meadows 1

      Know this was year ago, but started watching your informative fishing videos. You never gave up on your dreams.

    28. LGNDWOLF00

      Dammit man, I tournament fish with my dad. And you got me sitting at work crying like a baby right now. Keep on keeping on. Good look in your future.

    29. Jonathon Hedrick

      This was an awesome video. Loved the throw backs to when you were young. Congratulations!

    30. Trucker Johnny Mac

      Awesome,,, all I can say

    31. North Star Property Inspections LLC

      You are a inspiration for us all. Good work and congratulations.

    32. themrjameswhitejr 13

      Well that story will make a man with goals cry.

    33. Jeff Steinert

      LOVE this video. You are a man to admire Brian. Cheers!

    34. J BannermanVlogs

      Have yet to cry from a fishing video but this was damn near the one

    35. Mike Badge

      I saw you miss and huge one and then catch that monster - Wow! Thank the Lord that he is good - for his mercies (kindnesses) endure forever!


      Great Story! To many more blessings for you and your family.

    37. steven caldwell

      I watched this entire tournament from day one... Just like Takahiro Omori in the BMC, Brian had something going on that nobody could stop! He had a simple rhythm add confidence, and he became unstoppable! My wife asked me , as the contest was over, why I was crying.... I informed her that I just witnessed a good man fulfill his dream ... I’ve watched Ike, Kevin, Cox, Evers, and all the old timers win... but, nothing is more special than watching/ seeing the underdog put it all together, and become a champion! Love it!

    38. Vincent Querry

      Truly a inspiration thanks for putting out the vid glory to God and God bless

    39. Juan Chaves

      Way to go BLat!!!!! I have never seen more passion for tournament bass fishing than what you have- Truly an inspiration. The difference between you and most people is you did not quit when you lost all those big fish- You kept going, you kept trying...And it paid off! Way to go- I have insane respect for you!!!!!

    40. Travis Bruno

      Man the suspense at the end was unreal..very touching vid brian .i know i shed a tear for you ..god bless again and congrats

    41. Travis Bruno

      Awesome vid brian.. God Bless and congrats ..i know it was a year ago

    42. American Bass Warrior

      Seeing that little guy in the video takes me back to a few days later when I caught my PB 17.8 LBS June 6th 1992. Good video . B. Lat

    43. Dwreck RC

      That's awesome man love the intro

    44. Anthony Johnson

      I am so proud of you man! You are definitely inspiration

    45. Trevor James

      This guy right here is awesome, my new favorite angler to watch and follow. You are a true champion win or lose bro.

    46. Byron Burns

      Dude i can't stop crying 😭😭😭

    47. CatchYaLater Fishing

      i could literally feel the heartbreak thru the screen when that beast broke off

    48. trouble 973

      Idk how i got here but as a black man i just came down in tears because i know he goes through alot..

      1. Merci Steve

        I stand with you bro. 💯✊🏾💪🏾

    49. Jack [b]Ass fishing

      Ive watched this atleast 8 times and it gets me fired up and emotional everytime u are a pros pro and as a African American bass fisherman we dont get alot of representation you inspire me and others that look like us that we can make it in this sport i slaute you KING hope to meet u one day in one these tournaments now go get another one this year

    50. BigBass13 13

      Amazing Video Brian. I’m glad you hung tough.Something yourself,your family, and everyone involved,should be proud of for the rest of your life.Way to stay the course !!!!

    51. Mitch Smith

      This was amazing to watch! I could feel it. Amazing job. You earned it.

    52. Breeze Life TV

      I like watching this video. Excellent job. Do it again.

    53. deejaytrizay

      His wife's happiness for him is so real. Love some B-Lat.

    54. Scottland

      I'm a fan...keep em coming and also the wins!!!

    55. Deltadawg660

      This cat is so easy to like. The sponsors must be lining up for you - best of luck.

    56. Ge Yang

      Too much talking, video could have been shorter. Get the point show the fishing. Congrats on the win

      1. Brian Latimer

        If you wanna see fishing watch the tv show. I tell stories that inspire and teach. Understand the difference. Good luck buddy👊🏾

    57. Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVries

      Dang man I never in all my times watching tournaments. Have I ever got emotional until I watched yours you are a true champion.

    58. M.C. Outdoors


    59. kumaboy Y.

      Awesome video! Found it a year later!

    60. Jame Brewington

      My brother I know this was a year ago that you posted this, but let me tell you I felt that like I was right there with you the whole time man. Congrats homie I saw you felt you shinning!!!!!!!!

    61. The Knockout

      Almost cried myself lol

    62. The Knockout

      Sheesh. Blat looks like his son, b lat jr

    63. Z Duke

      The laugh you had holding that bass up as a kid was funny as hell.

    64. Todd Marvin

      I know I'm late to the game, but congrats! This is one of the best videos I've ever seen!

    65. Kenny Testa


    66. Archery53 154score

      Congrats brian being AA for me seeing your family one love bro.

    67. Del Crowell

      Obviously, I watched this way late, but Man I was with you the whole way, and got emotional with you.....WELL DONE !!!!!

    68. Chris King

      One of my favorite professional anglers. A great ambassador to the sport of bass fishing, but perhaps more importantly a better man!

    69. LTshep23

      I’ve watched this over and over. Never commented but I watched it again tonight and want to say you are a inspiration. That weigh in with your wife and kids watching with so much pride definitely made me feel like I was cutting onions. Mad respect brother👊🏾

    70. robertboot1

      You can’t help but to be excited for BLat! Such a great guy.

    71. frank torres

      Well deserved and awesome victory b lat...

    72. Jimmy Azbell

      Just made my day. Congrats man. You deserve it.

    73. formatr6

      So badass brother! BOOOOOOOMMMMM!

    74. Mike Cervik

      This is an amazing video and I was getting emotional watching it! Huge congrats on the win and you’re definitely an inspiration! God bless!

    75. topwaterfrogger

      Awesome life changing moment. Congratulations brother..!

    76. Verge Skeptic

      Your mom seems very nice and proud of you when u caught that bass from when u were a kid

    77. Everett Hobbies

      Love how passionate u are man congrats

    78. Colton Davis

      Well.....never teared up watching a bass fishing video before! My heart was pounding right along with ya when you were on that stage. Awesome story man congrats.

    79. SJLGG

      Congrats All the hard work. Glad you reached your achievement through all your challenges without giving up! Bless you

    80. Jack Newton

      Thought that was Sal in the background @02:08 and this was abount to be an elaborate prank

    81. Khalil Earls

      The true art of fishing Man U made shred one tear man congratulations and stay blessed

    82. James Babb

      I love your channel! I also love your insight, positive attitude, and watching you interact with kids! I know I am a little late to the party on this video but I gotta tell you, I got a little choked up when I saw how emotional you were. Keep up the great work! I will always be pulling for to get the win!

    83. Ethan Corsbie

      What a moment! Inspirational! Brian you are a great ambassador to the sport of fishing. I have been following your channel for awhile and its always fun to watch you fish. I have been fishing for over 30 years...never really had a desire to get into major tournaments but it sure is fun watching you win this tournament!!! Tight Lines Brian!!

    84. Braden Hauschel

      You know you goated when you where Jordan’s in a professional fishing tournament

    85. Darrin Touchet

      This never gets old, can’t watch without shedding a tear. Good things happen to good people

    86. Chasing The Bluecats

      Awesome video, Congrats and keep rocking my man!

    87. Forrest Lester

      I can watch this a thousand times and still get teary-eyed!!

    88. Michael Heggie

      Wow 🤩 Amazing, start to finish and FULL OF EMOTION 🥲!! Congrats brother, way to get it done! You’re an inspiration bro, keep it going 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎣🎣

    89. Jeff Kindy Fishing

      The BEST video I’ve seen! Congratulations brother. Long over due for a great guy.

    90. HK L

      Congratulations...keep up the good work and keep winning. You have a nice family too.

    91. Anthony Pellegrino

      Absolutely amazing ! Very happy for you and your family !

    92. D. Fox

      Yelp I lost a big bass on lake Anna VA, never left my brain too

    93. Bass Hunter

      I come from Germany and happened to notice you. Your achievement is unbelievable and you really deserve it. Congratulations 🔥🔥

    94. Anthony Johnson

      This is my favorite video to watch on KGup. I can not tell you all how many times I have watched this video. Hard to believe this was almost two years ago.

    95. fort worth, texas

      92 wow , I was 6 yrs old.

    96. Chester Johnson


    97. Uri Orlov

      This is hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen on KGup. I’ve got tears. The passion, desire, and emotion cannot be faked. Thank you for sharing. Nothing says “follow your passion” like the emotion portrayed here. Love it!

    98. Joshua Gregorius

      Man I just found your channel tonight and wow! I just bought my fist bait caster from Walmart tonight (I’ve used my dads forever though) I’ve fished tournaments with my father growing up also, it was a lot of fun for me, he was really serious. Watching you walk on that stage with your wife and sons and knowing how you felt man, that really had me in the feels! Your a inspiration man, keep having fun out there! I hope to keep seeing you making it happen!

    99. Ivory Bennett

      Bless you and your family on your journey 🙏🏾 I have been fishing all my life and watched alot of great tournament fishermens... I'm 60 years old and it was a blessing watching this. Thanks for the inspiration you have given 🙏🏾🙏🏾😀🎣

    100. Carolina Lunker Seekers

      What a win B. Lat! Love the flashback back moments of you as a child and the credit you give to your parents and grandparents their support. To have a wife and family that support your dreams & passions is worth 100 more than the $100k check you received. I can’t wait to see you take the stage at the bass master classic next! Go get’em B !