(ALL ANGLES) D.K. Metcalf Shows Off His UNREAL SPEED While Chasing Down Budda Baker


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    1. Real Ki-Adi-Mundi

      When the microwave has one second left at 3AM

    2. Xander West

      DK MEATcalf

    3. Grind Hard

      Easily the best play of 2020

    4. D Runk

      Like a lion chasing a zebra

    5. andrew fauntleroy

      That was like a horror flick. I was scared!!!!!

    6. Andrew Dowell

      dude missed the block on him by at least a yard lmao

    7. ybk


    8. RogueNinja isco

      “I’ve finally caught up with YOU!!! I would like to buy all your chocolate.”

    9. Try hard Leland

      This is why you don’t quit at all

    10. Heel 4Reel

      looks like dk cldve tackled him 10-15 yds before he actually did...dat dude fast!!

    11. Jose Taboada

      Tyreek Hill enters the chat ...

    12. Krazy WhiteBoy


    13. NotKj Squad

      He faster than me

    14. eric wharton

      That's a big man movin real fast

    15. ITRY

      Who cares about budda...how fast is metcslf?

    16. Tone202

      Just to let you know what 4.3 looks like brah.

    17. QC's Finest089

      Dk went fucking Forrest Gump on Budda 🐐😂💯

    18. Greetings

      I don't know about the Seahawks, but D.K. won this game

    19. jaharvis Austin

      He fast but go check out amari cooper in cedee lamd

    20. Herb j

      D.k is a freak!

    21. Math Teacher

      "he just refuse to let it go..." amazing effort.... can't help but respect a man you tries that hard.....

    22. 1760Shooters

      Reminds me of a lion chasing prey. Lions don’t let prey escape. Indeed the guy is a beast! You go DK!

    23. Andrew Wilson

      Here comes the Freak of Nature

    24. Laszlo Meduna

      That's some mamba mentality right there

    25. Tigerguy 101

      “DK hawked my ass! #respect” -Baker’s twitter

    26. Shady Shaderson

      0:46 The "Oh, shit!" moment.

    27. Seun On

      I would have just run out of bounds if I seen that monster trailing me. Holy shit. Stuff of nightmares. Guy runs like how I would imagine juggernaut from X-men runs.

    28. Nate Nizzle

      I was brought here by Bill Burr's podcast.

    29. Kinsley Cora

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    30. Joey

      How about tonight? 100% effort by this man. Built different

    31. Joe Dunn

      He has phenomenal speed for his size..He will drop half of the passes that hit his hands though.

    32. Andrew Marino

      I feel like their legs were moving the same speed. It's just DK Metcalf is 6'4 and Budda Baker is 5'10. The extra 6 inch stride is what caught him lmao.

    33. Lu77Xiaojun

      Dude looks almost as fast as Larry Allen.

    34. Daniel

      shades of Don Beebe chasing down Leon Lett in Super Bowl XXVII

    35. Twan Phanijphand

      To me this is the play of the year. More than the kyler murray hail mary. I have NEVER seen anything like this before

    36. Don Cavallacci

      Mind blowing speed and an incredible hustle play. Metcalf is a great young player.

    37. king tvt

      Boy got some feet on him

    38. tron_moneymaker

      Dk on PED bro your gonna get caught on the next test

    39. Mcgamin lt

      That's a runaway semi truck as what that is lol

    40. SaucyyP

      “Why are you running?! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!”

    41. Marq Ward

      0:43 I love how Russ slows down and starts heading to the sideline as he notices DK flying past in pursuit.

    42. Zorus

      Me with my QB after a interception on Madden

    43. niecey

      This shit so funny and exciting at the. Same time!!!!

    44. niecey

      He walked Budda down like Julio Jones 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love me some football 🏈

    45. David James

      Big dog, woof woof

    46. elijah batazhan

      it was like baker was a freshman in high school and Dk was the senior

    47. Austin B

      Built different

    48. SSD Durdan

      Damn how old is Metcalf tho? Sheesh!

    49. Matthew

      I could see DK making Madden the cover. I could also see him turning it down because EA has ruined it.

    50. pyro pheonix

      The stride difference is unreal

    51. flytii

      he's lucky he didn't get bo jacksoned

    52. william rivera

      "Budda baker" I got this Pick 6.... DK Metcalf NOPE!!

    53. AG Olea


    54. Bit Duck69

      It looks like a cheetah chasing down a rabbit

    55. Young Scott

      My man said lemme show u some real speed 😈😈

    56. Mista _Mask

      This chasedown looks pretty sick. I dont play football, but can someone explain this to me in basketball terms?

      1. Mista _Mask

        @SimplyAS10 oh shit!

      2. SimplyAS10

        Lebron’s block on Iggy in the 2016 finals

    57. Russell Barringer

      D.K will be remembered forever for this move. The guys a beast and one hell of a WR.

    58. DeKaylin Metcalf

      Dat boi stole my ball what did y’all thing I was finna do?

    59. Naz Butt

      Wow, thats truly impressive, more so then prime time running down don beebe who had 4.3 speed

    60. Dee 972

      He chased him down like he owed him money & said something about his mama!

    61. Brody Brault


    62. Victor Shrader

      They’ll be showing this play 20 years from now. And must see for any kid trying out for football or any sport really. This is the effort required to succeed.

    63. brad kirchhoff

      “Howd he catch my ass” was literally the first words Baker said to his team after he got to the sideline. Lol

    64. Wyatt Sisler

      Wilson running after him looks over and sees DK metcalf going 99 Miles an hour Wilson ya you got him

    65. Ratchet Rell


    66. patrick y

      Did Buddah take DJ's football, wallet, money, cell phone or did he just say something about his mama? He must've done SOMETHING for him to give chase like THAT!!

    67. patrick y

      Police Academies all over the world trying to sign up DJ Metcalf.No training needed.Not even a squad car.We just need you to chase down criminals.

    68. Mangotango TF

      That’s honestly scary how fast he can run

    69. Seedilicious

      What is this trailing me

    70. Joe Garrison

      That dude had a 3 yard RUNNING headstart, Metcalf had to catch him from a neutral starting point. Unreal

    71. Kelli Allen

      Metcalf when a interception happens: I’m fast as hell budda

    72. monkeysoldier

      So fast he made fast people look not fast It's like someone glitching this game

    73. Samuel Supreme

      Bully: steals the autistic kids wheel chair The autistic kid who is paralyzed in his legs somehow running for his life 0:44

    74. lou Richardson

      We should have drafted him but we chose haskins bumass

    75. florencefortyseven

      [Not] BREAKING: Metcalf to sign with the Seattle Police Department.

    76. Prince of Mathematicians

      my god. i was thinking of something witty to say but all i could come with up is: what a fucking superhuman athlete

    77. Blue Wolf

      DK ran 4.3 40 yard dash. He is speed demon

    78. Dj Tagiola

      wilson was like “nah ion got that in me no more” 😂😂 “but my dude dk does” 💀💀😂😂😂

    79. christansdad

      Budda Baker runs a 4.45 - 40 yard dash. Anything 4.5 or better is absolutely flying and means you run a sub 11.00 second 100m time. Yes...world class sprinters run 4.2 or better. But Baker is fast...D. K. Metcalf...well...

    80. Var Anthony

      Hawked eeeem down lol

    81. Dude #2740

      Imagine Baker’s internal “HOLY SHIT” reaction when he looked back and saw DK

    82. Brendan Cronin

      The Patriots picked N’Keal Harry over this guy. 🤬

    83. Skottee V

      You ever watched the animal channel, and see a cheetah chase down an antelope..

    84. EBthere

      This is the most impressive effort I've seen after decades of watching football.

    85. nate means

      I just watched a video of a lion running down it's prey and it looked eerily similar lol

    86. J F

      Best part is after the play. Seahawks held them from scoring. Amazing effort.

    87. Young Jesus91

      Looked like a gazelle trying to outrun a cheetah 😂

    88. Tre Kush Renada


    89. Nathaniel Barnes

      CANT COACH HUSTLE!!!!!!!

    90. Zarf

      DK is a afleet

    91. djmrphantastikmusic

      Chris Collinsworrh seems to aways be commenting on some wild SeaHawks shit.

    92. Bro Lo El Cunado

      I’m a die hard niners fan but you gotta love DK. Dude is a beast.

    93. folumb

      This is supposed to be Budda Baker's highlight right?

    94. Reggie Hill

      “What is this trailing me?” I felt him on that ..🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was the best part

    95. ccandrew111

      Every coach in the world needs to show this clip to their teams, regardless of the sport. This is what you call determination

      1. Jerry Kwerve

        100% agree

    96. Carson Boucher

      imagine how terrifying it is to have a 6’3 238 man running a 4.26 after you

    97. Feather10

      Watched a video where Patrick Peterson commented about this video "Budda go!...Budda He comin'! He comin'!!" At about 0:03 you hear yelling on the field, I wonder if that was him yelling to Budda Baker 😂

    98. D N

      Its like trying to outrun the Terminator....lol.

    99. jks6557

      He looked like Barry Sanders on Tecmo Superbowl.

    100. D Me

      Metcalf looked like how Biden chased down Trump in Georgia & PA.