I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Logan Paul

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    That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Bean The Great

      Seriously bro? 150k On Pokemon. POKEMON? should have donated the whole amount for good.



    3. Kyle Clark

      His son was just sat there like holy fuck lana Rhodes is in my house

    4. M L

      What’s Lana second name

    5. Kunal Goswami


    6. SluggardRaccoon

      Isn’t this the one that’s fake

    7. Lets Go

      Dont sell the card Gary, dont do it


      I got like fake 3 of those in my kid bag.and aye i dont even know how to use it so i dont care if its fake or n hahahhahaha .Just got it for a cent...like 50p is for a dollar and just got it for 20Pesos

    9. Oce Shadow

      Just imagine he loses it the next day.

    10. Vaniko Bolpvadze

      Did Logan forget about KGup ? :dd

    11. Lucas Henneberg


    12. JustMeTheGuy

      Yo shiny hunt a pokemon on pokemon sword or shield with me, it'll be a race, or the next big fight of the century

    13. Lilly Manning

      And I oop

    14. Justin o

      Its a shok when you just know logan from the old facebook videos and see Him now with beard igs weard but funny also

    15. Zachary Gabriel Sy

    16. John Fairhurst

      Take my daughter don’t take my Charizards 😂 wow

    17. richard sandler valle

      It’s FAKE

    18. Eevee Artist

      What a DOUCHEBAG

    19. Gaurishankar Swain

      Hereafter he realized it is fake and some one scammed him.

    20. Kyxer Elion Bernardino

      I laughf so jard when you sed you and gary play barbie

    21. Mark Elkerton

      Gary: “$150k is not enough. I want Lana”

    22. Seth Bakely

      I can’t wait to see Jake Paul overdose on drugs

      1. FlameLash Studios


    23. Paul Hernandez

      Lmfao fucking loser bahahahahahahaha!!!!

    24. kevin burlin

      Why dont you post more videos :(

    25. farai Busu

      that money can feed my family till i got grand children im just 8 !!!!!

    26. FaZe_Billy stevens

      £10,000,000 is as much as Logan Paul’s HOUSE !!!!!

    27. LogischerDaum / SergeantWaffel

      Can you still do a split

    28. Bucket Dog

      Oh god a douchtuber

    29. Mark Aguero

      What made you get into Pokémon Logan Paul ?

    30. Ttv Ducky

      I’m when you going to post

    31. 8onz

      i came here when i knew he got scammed

    32. MiegeMan

      Logan is a salesman first and a KGupr second.

    33. Folsch29

      I sm selling 1 5,000 dollar card and one 10,000 dollar card

    34. Uriel Tellez

      What is up with Logan and Pokémon cards

    35. random guy

      What if he is just holding on to the cards so his son can have them in the future to do what he wants with them

    36. a_n_g_e_l m_a_r_t_i_n_e_z

      I remember I had a huge Pokémon collection in 6th grade and I found out that my best friend was moving away and I gave him my whole collection and I don’t know if he still has them but I loved collecting them and this wants me to start collecting again

    37. Xyithan

      Pokémon and Animal Crossing are the only good stuff of 2020

    38. Macs 1216

      Logan I a geek of Pokémon’s to

    39. Jonathan Diego

      F yeah man 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Jojo Russy

      fuck you paul you suck

      1. pastel squad


      2. I Play Random Games


    41. devi1ish


    42. Ash

      Upload a video and ask for 2 million likes if you get it burn that card

    43. p1gxz

      whres u new vid

    44. LEADERrr

      people are dumb

    45. Alvaro Magana

      Lokey I left Pokémon not because it’s for kids or that’s what people think,it’s because the money you need to waste to have what you want and I can’t just waste loads of money and cards but if I did have the money I would definitely buy Pokémon cards again😁

    46. DomG12 ‘

      We can all agree Logan became the better brother this year in content by a lot

    47. Alex Brekke

      Hey btw you said in 2-3 years you were gonna by a 30-50 million dollar house..don’t believe me go watch your old house tour video from 3 years ago

    48. James Howell

      My stomach turns knowing I had all 150 1st edition cards mint as a child and gave them to a girl for her birthday.

      1. James Howell

        @my music isn't trash you just have no taste even still, the cards are worth quite a bit of money.

      2. my music isn't trash you just have no taste

        i play yugioh and i have a ton of knowledge on card value economics logan poses as a joke for getting scammed like this


      8:00 lana rhodes was like "ahh these idiots.."

      1. my music isn't trash you just have no taste

        the woman is just like "uhhhhhh this man needs a therapist" she is just sitting there and her slow clap is hilarious

    50. Micheal Rodriguez

      Dude there scammers in this day so be careful with security too dude too not lose more money

    51. Ashlyn Pitts

      You literally spend 150k like it’s 20 dollars

    52. Kirito03060304gaming lol

      My man going bald cant wait to see him look like a skippy ball

    53. THE RICH BOY IN L.A 8584

      What happened to zircon

    54. XD66

      Can we see ginger the giant again

    55. Tony Segura

      Volume new video new video

    56. Isaac Perez

      Haha Logan can you post a goddamn video already my head will blow up I need these funny vlogs now

    57. IGLOO VIDS

      Fffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk yyyyooooooouuuuuuu llllloooooggggggaaaaaan fuck tard

    58. Mariskab Mariskab

      Bro it's fake I told you



    60. Dakta Vanwhy

      Fuck longenpaul

      1. Marcu

        Ok stop hating

      2. Dakta Vanwhy

        He is dumb ass

    61. Jefferson

      No face mask

    62. Joshua Renato

      Gary’s son was like: bro, I have Lana rhoades in my house, wtf!

    63. ッKaiPaxDen

      He is just like Yugi muto grandpa

    64. All Rice


      1. Marcu

        @All Rice I'm not a fan tho

      2. All Rice

        @Marcu Yes I am. But doesnt change that all of his fans are stupid for being his fan. Like you.

      3. Marcu

        Ok hater

    65. All Rice


    66. Lazer

      who remembers medium logan paul he is the homie. if logan paul flies him to LA for a week I'm 100% sure he will have the best time of his life. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    67. Zaiden Gaming 4.0

      Yea 🖕u

    68. CyLuS Gaming

      It's so sad that it was fake

    69. Malekhai Fuller

      Me walks out my room sees lana:wtf stay cool bc ur parents dont know u watch the hub

    70. CyLuS Gaming

      Omg he got scammed

    71. Mason Shapland

      The card is fake lmaoo

    72. adamminty6

      U need to shave ur beard logan it's not you tbh

    73. Bilbo Baggins

      Longshot but anyone know the name of the song at the start of the vid?

    74. Boom Bang

      Wow rich people collecting things be like. 🙄

    75. Fan-Tastic

      Logan what happened

    76. xcql

      you've changed alot my man.

    77. Nulzn

      Where is josie??

    78. Kris Dem

      I love him , may Logan ALWAYS have the UT. Most respect, he’s a beautiful human being, you only come across few of them in a life time just like those cards 😉

    79. {Elite Optic}

      Logan are you okay

    80. Floid Sono

      I love your videos bro😝

    81. Theodore van Vugt

      Nobody: Logan Paul: hello

      1. Theodore van Vugt


    82. Theodore van Vugt

      dude, absolutey great content, my daughter was depressed but found joy after watching you and jakey. shes got her vlog belt on and maverick merch on. tysm, jamie

    83. ishu

      i wonder how the son felt knowing who was on his couch

    84. Alexi Moreno

      That's why u dont buy cards for that much

    85. Jake Paul XD is clapping ksi


    86. zTrapKing v

      Was this the fake Pokémon card?

    87. grxn.

      if you read this. subscribe to me

    88. Drachenlord

      Karma :)

    89. pisu


    90. Money Maker

      I wonder if he really not ever goin to sell it

    91. Leticia Rangel

      He hasint made a vid after this

    92. Max Hollestelle

      So he tells gary he wont sell it, but in the beginning of the video he is talking about how it is an investment? How can you do gary like that

    93. Danny Brewerton

      That man needs strict security at his house fammm

    94. Tastes Like Snozzberries

      Greedy idiot needs to give his family a good life and sell all of them

    95. Maniek *

      Ouuu nice scam😢

    96. Imhappybritishboy 2

      Oh if only he knew before buying this pokemon card

    97. mohammed bajnaid

      Ahahahhahaha lol it was fake

    98. hassam seo


    99. Kane Kendall

      Imagine if Logan Paul just ripped the rarest card in the world right there

    100. Yerald Cooper

      POV I’m the first to say it was fake lmao😂