Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande - Don't Dream It's Over (One Love Manchester)

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    Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande perform Don't Dream It's Over at One Love Manchester.
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    1. lorenzo s.

      Miley's the better singer..

    2. The Diesel


    3. SaltyBrains

      Fuck Miley looks like such a slapper and Ariana can't fucking sing, almost at all. This was rubbish. ... and what was with the constant chit-chat between almost every line of lyrics. They totally ruined it. shit shit and shit. 0/10.

    4. Paulo Pereira

      They both are wonderful

    5. Twain Anthony

      Way Miley comes through for overwhelmed Ariana at 3:04 is breathtaking, gave me chills

    6. Renato Fraga

      Lindas maravilhosas

    7. Clarrisa Wilkins

      I love Miley so much

    8. KaTa- Rina

      Miley like a fearless woman with darker make up Miley was so gorgeous with simple make up Miley was beautiful without any make up

    9. Quando Você Ler Os Comentarios Eu Estarei Lá

      Achou que eu estava brincando?

    10. Bart Simpson

      ariana grande que buena que estas

    11. Aerrionah hazen Aurora

      Love you miles.🥰

    12. Paola Rosalez

      I dont know why Ari Made such horrible performance but if you are a really profesional things like that don't have to happening

      1. siena noelle

        Ari didn’t make a horrible performance, she was just still very emotional about the Manchester bombing

    13. J P


    14. Nelz Corvera


    15. John Komugi

      Looks like Ariana started in lower pitch than the original and Miley gradually adjusted.

    16. Inan Imperial

      Fuck you

    17. JustMeBoo Rockstar

      Arianna must have laryngitis

    18. tomasz rzychon

      MIley is wonderful!

    19. Ms Melonie Pinkerton

      Ariana is a kak singer

    20. Moon Child

      Fun fact:miley is the reason why dalton and ariana get together and now they are engaged

    21. Jordan Lee


    22. Jordan Lee

      My heater just kiked On cuz it Knows Im Listening to the queens

    23. Marc de Wit

      Miley Cirus your voice gives me shivers ! wow

      1. JDM FOR LIFE


    24. Tania Edwards

      i cant believe what im hearing..ruining a kiwi bands song...this is awful!

      1. Dhwani Gola

        “Ruining”? You might wanna get your ears checked, hun.

    25. Leonardo Souza

      Voz da Miley é PERFEITA

    26. Sameer Ghali

      Ariana should have been mileys little sister they are very cute together ❤ P.S they are of the same age

    27. Nerea Martínez

      Miley is a Queen😍👑❤

    28. Leonardo Iglesias

      qauhauhauhauhsuhauhaedgb qauhsuhsujsujsuaujsuhuedgd

    29. Shahlat Roqa

      Miku is so confident on stage

    30. Katie and Floyd Studios

      aris heel is so thin lol

    31. Katie and Floyd Studios

      i love miley

    32. Evaldo Junior

      Amo as duas lindas natal RN brasil

    33. nikkobogdan

      Complete shit

    34. Farisyal B.K

      it's too low for Ariana..

    35. Emma May

      Surely I can’t be the only person who would really love to have Miley as a best friend. Not because of the fame or anything but because she seems like the nicest person ever. She seems like she’d always listen to you no matter what

    36. BanjoOz

      While I love the Crowded House version SO much, they totally should have got Miley and Ariana to do a cover for the new The Stand adaptation this year. Missed opportunity, since they didn't use the song at all.

    37. Im Clueless

      its amazing the difference between heavily edited studio vocals versus real vocals.

      1. Senbir Malsin

        ariana was crying and trying to hold back tears the whole time this was 2 weeks after the bombing watch from 0:50 she is crying and even cameras dont show it.

    38. Shayla Chattams

      I love them😍

    39. Magical Lyrics

      Oh gosh Miley voice

    40. Carlos Gustavo Soares

      A vida tem suas complicações.Se não soubermos trilhar as dificuldades vai virar quebra cabeça interminável,preciso de pessoas que veja o antes e o depois,causa e consequência,andar,progredir tudo bem,cair,ter necessidade sem dinheiro outra.

    41. Carlos Gustavo Soares

      Pior coisa do mundo viver no cativeiro,pensei e repensei o que era melhor para mim,sinto muito gosto das pessoas,mas o que fazem de errado,estou de fora, não quero envolvimento.

    42. Sarah

      miley couldn’t walk downstage cuz she didn’t have the lyrics over there😂🥰

    43. xtian xtian

      I love you miley!!

    44. Elijah Yellowbird

      I remember my mom watching this concert on tv and I watched this with her ahah

    45. Carlos Gustavo Soares

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    46. nea laakso

      If u are here 2021 u are amazing

    47. fodam se

      Lembram disso Petrópolis? Exatamente!

    48. Reuben Cantrell

      Iya ya Allah.


      YES ITS OVER .

    50. rookere

      Ariana Grande is the most overrated singer of the last 10 years, and i'm not saying that based on this horrible performance.

      1. Amna Majeed

        Hehe kinda true

    51. Huy Ban

      0:11 xx

    52. margy ritchie

      I'm 57 and I love them. They're timeless.

    53. Shaniqua Boyce


    54. Adrian Ciuchi


    55. dalia salapi

      The reason why I really like Miley Cyrus...

    56. Adrian Ciuchi


    57. p r a d a b a e

      Miley is daddy

      1. quiet One

        fr ☺️


      that's insane Miley! hahaha...

    59. DocFake

      I watch something different in Miley however in ariana is completely different more happy

    60. Paweł Ryś

    61. Aybars Üstünler

      0:01 Ariana: where are you doing 😆

    62. JusDa-Official-Brada

      rub it in why don’t ya

      1. JusDa-Official-Brada

        before 2:00

    63. Dominic Smith

      Fricking awesome NZ. Well done guys, and I'm Aussie!

    64. Antonio Sferruzzi

      Meglio Venditti

    65. Marcela Sifras

      Como asesinar una bella canción

    66. Michelle Stevens

      Awful..they cant sing. Pretty girls being used.

    67. hening indah

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    68. McPufferson

      Anyone beginning of 2021?????

    69. Lene Markestein

      The amount of phones...

    70. Ginar Januar

      I miss that

    71. Holoday

      i miss the times when we could go to concerts, i miss our normal lives so much

    72. Lougene Reyes Serna

      They should do Barbie and The Popstar 💞 Miley as Tori Ariana as Barbie ✨✨

    73. Augh Bable

      Miley make it like a tribute showcase and true professional covering Ari when she was overwhelm and almost bursting into tears. This is very sincere performance

    74. chandrasekhar chand

      I just want a best friend like miley...

    75. Marina

      Miley tava com voz de gripe. Mas ainda sim saiu bonita, que ódio

    76. Junior Miranda

      Perfeito, muito lindo, emocionante essa performance.

    77. eurasian55YOUTUBE

      Miley always kills, even if you can't stand her. She can sing.

    78. No Name

      I usually like Ariana Grande and remember when Crowded House originally did this song. The song used to, and still does, play across a lot of 80's radio stations There is something about Crowded House's version that just cannot be replicated. And sorry, but this is one song Ariana CANNOT pull off. I understand this was a charity event for a tragic incident, and emotions can overcome a singer, but honestly, some songs play better to a singer's strengths. This is not a song that plays well to Ariana's usual vocal strengths or typical runs. Vulnerability or not that day, Ariana should have just left this song off the setlist. I just don't think she could have done justice to this song even if she did this song on a good day. Miley helped out a lot that day and turned this song from a trainwreck to listenable.

    79. MONICA x

      They both have amazing voices

    80. ituned you

      Hey now, hey now no autotune to save you Ariana :)

    81. Vaidehi Viney

      Ariana grande, my favorite singer my heart ❤

    82. Teddy West Side

      Ummmm... Yeah... This performance suked. Neither of them have the voice for this song. They are just on stage acting stupid.

    83. Iwona Filipowska

      Miley is the born performer, beast scene

    84. Leslie Goldman

      They sound really good together

    85. Russell Thompson

      Pukeworthy performers. Utter girly crap.

    86. Jay Jo

      the angle never falls

    87. TheJamie42

      Ariana Grande = sings on phonics.

    88. Paul

      Wow - Ariana not much chop without Auto-Tune.

    89. Maria luiza Dos anjos

      1:39 what did she say?

    90. Maria luiza Dos anjos

      1:15 what did she say?

    91. Hesley Gonzalez

      I need Miley to cover this song solo like NOW!! Like I need this yesterday!! She sounds AMAZING singing this song!!

    92. A Lee

      The girls did a beautiful job with this song 😍😍😍

    93. Fabiano Fonda

      To School, now!

    94. Wallace Garrett

      They didn't do this song any justice. I'd pass on this song for them.

      1. K K


    95. felipe tovar alvarez

      This is a shit

    96. felipe tovar alvarez

      Que basura es eso

    97. SuperJourneyer

      Fuckin Te Awamutu represent!

    98. Florencia Escubilla


    99. JusDa-Official-Brada

      suspitsion is good sometimes.

    100. Pinky Perfect Princess

      I aspire to have the same energy, coolness, confidence- whatever it is that Miley gives away. That woman is... just everything and nothing else is like her.