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Russell Peters

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    1. Ankit Pant

      Flaming Superman LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO



    3. Kyle Bs.

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣FUUUUU*** Hellacious!! Especially when turning the page hahahaha

    4. Misa Misa

      Darn volume so low cant hear it through car speakers

    5. DJ B-Illy

      24?? Dude is like 40.

    6. Maulana Ridwan

      The lick part 😆😆😆😆

    7. devgowri

      I laughed a lot....U r damn true Russell...😁😁😁

    8. kewl800i

      No offense to people who love tattoos, but as a person in the legal profession, tatoos are just one of those concrete evidence of identity. 😏

      1. kewl800i

        @Late Night Thinker I respect your opinion.

      2. Late Night Thinker

        depends, I'd say

    9. MinatoAce

      The scripture reads, " Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wif..." Ummm! Wait a minute...ya better not be living in mah neighborhood. :3

    10. MinatoAce

      That guy sure had some rough years past had some extra +10 years added to him, lost all shreds of innocence at once with that Superman tattoo. :3

    11. Mayur parmar


    12. Lotta Love

      This will never get old=))

    13. Ashen

      What's a point of muting a swear words, huh? If they are present in your speach, let 'em be! They are part of your perfomance! If you are embarrased to keep 'em in your youtube video, don't use them at all! It's stupid!

      1. Ashen

        @A Man Has No Body Watch older videos - they weren't muted ^_^

      2. A Man Has No Body

        KGup will probably not monitise it if they didn't mute it

    14. pastense

      It's so true...generation X had a completely different outlook on their own futures compared to boomers, who they're heavily influenced by.

    15. Lwandile Dlambulo

      What stand up was this?

    16. Juan Hernandez

      Thats how tattoos are this days just put ink that mean nothing🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    17. Purpose

      3:45 😂😂😂

    18. Yasmina Redzovic


    19. Remington Wharekawa

      That dude is not 24 lmao

    20. The Logical Topics

      Its first time i have heard a joke on religion from russel Now i can die peacefully

    21. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Lol, this was funny af.

    22. Sacchin

      Him turning the page .. hilarious!! 😂😂😂

    23. Robinson Laishram

      Dude don’t fucking make fun of Tattooes

    24. Abdul Hafizh

      50 years and still funny like shit

    25. Ludmilla Gutomo

      me & my 8 tattoos are watching this 😎

    26. Irfan Akbar

      I'm sorry are u doing comedy? It's so bad I didn't laugh once😒

    27. MaungMaung PaingSoe

      The bible thing is one of the best joke ever😂😂

    28. Paul Morrissey

      Daaaamn this was weak af 😂 Bullying a guy cos of a Superman tattoo really, that the best you got? 😂

    29. MrCorbinx

      Aw one of his worst repeat standups. Recycling ♻️ even he isnt feeln it. 👌 Nice suit tho.

    30. Atallah Khalil

      him turning the page killed me LMAO

    31. sophie gueye

      Please turn up the volume on your videos russel it's not loud

    32. Kattar Hindusthani

      Maaan i literally pooped my pants laughing 😆

    33. S V H

      Fucking king of improvisation!!!

    34. revtech

      Always repeat the same joke... it gets boring!

    35. Saran Chamling

      Who worried what their tattoos gonna look like in there 80?

    36. Animation Airlines

      2013: women are thinkers 2020: women dont think anymore

    37. Abhishek Kalra

      You can literally see him struggling with basic subtraction (24 ➖ 17) at 1:22 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Alexis Xander

      Fucking Russell!!! I laughed my shit out! LMAO

    39. Akmal Adhi Baskara

      Gila 🤣

    40. Tushar Ghorpade


    41. Anurag Mazumdar


    42. Chris Copperfield

      Imagine tattooing your Pastor's face on your back. Dont need to go to confession booths anymore yknow 🤷‍♂️😆😆 Your man can just confess when he flips you over 😆

      1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache


    43. styguan

      You shall not pass

    44. muhahahaaa

      True, innit I was born in 1982 in Russia and only prisoners could do some tattoos

    45. Arjun Sharma

      Same Jokes over and over.

    46. Dhruv Jain

      Last Bible part is the best 😂😂😂 LMAO

    47. 【 Strange - Martian 】

      My girlfriend has *Christian cross* tattoo on her butt

      1. LowRider

        how you know that?

      2. Venkat Gurram

        anything's better than scriptures

      3. Avinash Tiwari

        Link for pictures or didn't happen. 😃

      4. saira jabbar

        @Brad Henry best comment ever! Hahahha

      5. mansoor ali

        That's not a tattoo

    48. 【 Strange - Martian 】

      That Bible part is Real incident happened to me 😅 , I was literally laughing too hard at that part

    49. Monaj Roy

      4:55 were I died laughing 😝

    50. Baker King

      Pleas put arbic ❤

    51. Salman Gul

      Old but gold

    52. Kshitij Iyer - Street View Trusted


    53. Tirah5

      Now he's repeating his jokes??

    54. Vivek kashyap

      DO these people just go there to get picked on? cuz his comedy/standup is all about pickign on his audience, his jokes and stories also depend on it. But satire comedy is normal now. so wtv.

    55. Tutan De

      ohh my... last one. absolutely logical

    56. Praful Lidhoo

      Damn 24..... He didn't age well.....

    57. R9 Chari


    58. Abdul Hafizh

      Wait a minutes, is he spit his thumb and flip the tatoo when his fuxking

    59. Gautam Srivastav

      The audio is very low

    60. Partha Mukherjee

      The heck is wrong with the audio dude?

    61. Jupiter Giant

      He turned the page of the Bible while pumping the girl. This Russell is a tortoise.

    62. Jon as it is

      We have lots of stand up comedians now. Different approaches and different materials but RP is the best crowd work guy. He can pull a joke right underneath your skin

      1. Jon as it is

        @Ass Splitter I love him. He was breathe of fresh air from RP but after watching all his videos when I come back to RP, he will remain original

      2. Ass Splitter

        I think anderw scultz has the best crowd work

    63. Osce #959 Official

      The tattoo joke was in one of your older stand ups 😂 still hilarious tho

    64. Cookie Jar

      What's wrong with a Superman tattoo? Nothing.

    65. Pierre C.

      I once saw a girl in shorts with scriptures tatooed on her thighs. I thought "at least you've got something to read when you 69 her..."

      1. Kyle Bs.


      2. Vikas ananda

        @Pierre C. She sounds like a very thoughtful person!! :P

      3. Pierre C.

        @Vikas ananda Would you believe me if I told you... it was!? 😳

      4. Vikas ananda

        haha.. Hope it's upside down

    66. Adnan lexus

      I think about my future 0 tattoos.

    67. Diva montgomery

      I don’t like tattoos but this one looks nice. Russel is just jealous.

    68. Serge T

      IMO one of the best comedians and from my hometown 416 T.

      1. Archeet Chugh

        Toronto is a💩 hole.

    69. Ranjan kant

      P.T.O BIBLE PAGE 😜😜😜😜

    70. dan frees

      Damn 24....he didn’t age well

      1. babz T

        Looks 40

      2. Black Tiger

        Unless he stays like that till his 50-60's which possible and we have countless examples of similar incidents

    71. Char_ 208

      Finally I got a comedian recommended to me now time to laugh my ass off from this guy a few more times

    72. Sarah Edwards

      Don’t you have to be 18 to get a tattoo?

    73. Samar Iqbal


    74. djinn

      Not funny at all this time.

    75. Eduardson de Guzman

      Props to the dude who handled all the jokes as a man.

    76. Fredo Fred

      Some people in the different nations view tattoos is just a part of they native culture like in Borneo (Asia.)

      1. Fredo Fred

        @yfelwulf -- because the tattoo is clear Art but no tattoos and in criminalization peoples no complains .

      2. BIG POPA PUM

        How much old is west btw ?

      3. yfelwulf

        In many its the Mark of a criminal

    77. Felix

      Bible staring in my face 😁😁😁

    78. Jesus Is The Messiah Not Seth Rollins

      Imagine she had a tattoo of bible verses and one of them is Leviticus 19:28 where is says "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord"

      1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

        Lol "Or don't have sex before marriage" lol

    79. Razear

      Flaming Superman...sounds like the type of tattoo that a high school bully would get to make other people think he was tough and could fight, lmao.

      1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache


    80. Stranger

      Love how he flipped the pages at the end.

    81. wow za

      Licks his finger and flips page 😂😂

    82. D_John32

      I KILLED A MOTHERF* , and I couldn’t cry my own tears 😂😂

      1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache


      2. Mom Vaz

        Heard MR T when he said it

    83. Sam Inspire

      He def looked older than 24!

    84. Melo HB

      2:57 felt so awkward, nobody was laughing

    85. utsav parikh

      Can't think of his shows without the front row seats !! 😂😂

    86. Billy Singe

      Nice outfit, he’s become a pretty stylish guy. Who would’ve thought?!

      1. Ankit Shai

        @varun reddy Mothe nope..this was around just after Red, White and Blue..and that was in 10-15 years ia a good estimate

      2. varun reddy Mothe

        @Ankit Shai 6 or 7 years at max

      3. Ankit Shai

        Become?? This video is 10-15 years old!

    87. Rhay mokgomme


    88. Yazan Wali

      There are no more new shows ?

    89. John Bobsons

      I legit thought it was Q from impractical jokers in the audience.

      1. Athul Sabu

        Me too

      2. Rodutchi

        Your right hahah

    90. Cheese Puff

      He’s very repetitive. He’s already said this on another standup.

      1. Stealth Attack

        Yeah well the audience is not the same is it?

      2. Rain Delay

        That is a very standard procedure for every stand-up comedian that ever existed.

      3. MikeTheMailMan


    91. The Grin Reaper

      I loose it when he flips the page on the bible tattoo.🤣👍

    92. 8th Funk

      That tux is grabbing all the attention .

    93. sayan neogy

      Batman : _"Tell me, do you bleed?... You will..."_ _(Starts carving superman tattoos)_

    94. Ricardo Masvidal

      The bible on the back is something ill never get over

      1. Kyle Bs.

        🤣 same here

      2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache


      3. Dhruv Jain

        @No One no it was not

      4. Parth Sugane


      5. Hannes P

        @No One I don’t think he meant he was offended...

    95. Arian Behnami

      Last time I was this early corona was just Mexican beer

    96. Shawn Izekiel

      That dude handled that well! It’s nice to see people laughing along with the Jokes and having a good time , rather than most people who get offended so easily and are just quietly sitting there - making it super awkward LOL!!! This champ was just having a good time and made the best of the situation !!!

      1. Mr. Wang

        Yh, it was quite hard on that Superman.

      2. Zwelibanzi Mthombeni

        Russell is the dick fr always wanting it to be abt the audience

      3. Shawn Izekiel

        @nextari I’m talking about the guy who has a superman tattoo, lol I actually met russel on 3 different occasions!!! and my sister knows his brother Clayton personally, they went to high school together!!!

      4. The Grin Reaper

        @Shawn Izekiel Yeah you

      5. Chakradhar B

        It's the other way round. It would be an honour to get roasted by Russell

    97. Little Kanji

      I die of laughter every time I watch Russel Peters

      1. Jawad Ali

        @Balaji Pandian lol

      2. Balaji Pandian


    98. Aolen Mongba

      "Bible staring at my face" That really got me😆😂

      1. Gul khan

        @Cedar Poplar hey relax. go take your depression pills u r having an anxiety attack over a video. stay away from social media u cant handle it. 😂😂😂

      2. Mind peace

        @Cedar Poplar he meant emo? Guys or girls with hair bleach and nikles all over. Also these who pray to devil as they claim

      3. ိ့ᏜmᏍndᏍိ့

        Right!!! I’m still dying lmao 😂🤣🤣

      4. Rakhi Dhavale

        Lol 🤣

      5. Mom Vaz

        I want to know which scriptures now lol 😂

    99. indian backpacker europe

      best comedian ever.....MR russell peter👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    100. سيف الجبوري